LIVE: Chelsea and Real Madrid teams arrive for Champions League semi-final clash

Chelsea and Real Madrid team buses arrive at Stamford Bridge stadium in London on Wednesday, May 5, ahead of their decisive UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg game.

The two sides met in Madrid for the first leg match of the tie on April 27th, which ended 1-1 after Christian Pulisic’s and Karim Benzema's goals.

The game marks Real Madrid's first appearance in the last four of Europe’s elite club competition since 2018, when they won their 13th cup. Chelsea is playing their first semi-finals since 2014, when then were knocked out by Atletico Madrid.

This year’s Champions League final is set to take place in Istanbul on May 29.

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Gamer Blazer
Gamer Blazer:
Should have streamed the post celebrations but good work lads
Okay. Where was everyone trying to head for when they got turned back on Fulham Road?
Dashamir Buci
Dashamir Buci:
Chelsea 💙💙
Asian Minox Journey
Asian Minox Journey:
I got the short heighlights of the games if y’all want to check it out
George Sowerby
George Sowerby:
Football 👍👍💗🥃
Abdul Mughits
Abdul Mughits:
Knp gak boleh masuk ya... di luar juga berkerumun ,, apa beda nya nonton di luar sama di dalam,,,,,, masih adakah Corona ??
Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet:
Howard the psychic parrot says Chelsea 2 Real Madrid 1
frank Owidi
frank Owidi:
tuna win bluez
Eugenisz Pekala
Eugenisz Pekala:
Ludzie śmieszni są hmmm
Eugenisz Pekala
Eugenisz Pekala:
O co tu chodzi
People who wear masks without it covering their nose: 🤡
Man uuu
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