LIVE Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting With TB Joshua (23/04/21)

Join Prophet TB Joshua in a special live broadcast where Emmanuel TV Partners from Nigeria have gathered to freely receive The New Anointing Water and New Anointing Sticker.

“Viewers, the manner in which we receive the New Anointing Water and the New Anointing Sticker matters. I give it to you freely, for the salvation of your soul. Give it to others freely as you have received – for the salvation of their soul. Once any selfish intention or motive is involved – that is, if money exchanges hands in whatever way – the anointing in the bottle will go away, leaving only ordinary water in the bottle.” - TB Joshua

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100+ comentarios:

Nas Daily
Nas Daily:
"He finished the race. He fought the good fight of faith. May you rest now in peace with the Lord"
hello kitty
hello kitty:
For the past 3 weeks I had been uncontrollably grieving, sad, depressed, anxiety, like losing an old friend, like someone is dead, but nobody was dead. But today I heard this news about TB Joshua’s death.😭😭😭
Rafael Rijos
Rafael Rijos:
Hard to Believe,we Will see each other Prophet of the Most High
God Bless your Family & Legacy
Yvonne Motswiri
Yvonne Motswiri:
I feel very sad deeply, he did not die but he lived happily with Jesus in heaven and his home has been provided in heaven. We love you Pastor Joshua♥️♥️♥️. Our condolences to whole Family and Emmanuel TV partners and subscribers.
Simmi Joshua
Simmi Joshua:
Very heart breaking news of man of God tb Joshua. Really appreciate your work in the Lord, your labor not in the vain. Great man of God. RIP🙏, remembering you from India 🙏.
I’m so deeply saddened to hear about TBJ’s passing 💔
Transformation Gospel Fire Mission Int'l Inc.
Transformation Gospel Fire Mission Int'l Inc.:
Forgiveness gives our heart peace before God and man!
Michael Ikechukwu
Michael Ikechukwu:
Thank you for the previllage to receive a miracle from you my father in the Lord,its my first time getting in contact with you Daddy and I anchor unto your faith because distance can never be a barrier in my case
Kingston Thabang
Kingston Thabang:
thank you LORD of mercy for this blessed sunday.i give myself away lord to you witholding nothing thank ypu for the gift of life today my father my saviour GOD
Pauline Mcleod
Pauline Mcleod:
I’m so thankful for TB Joshua making himself available for the work of God, people’s life is made immensely better because of his total dedication to The Kingdom of God. I love the out of door church scene, reminds of the feeding of the five thousand except they have chairs, and I love the humility of no shoe on your feet Praise God for this Mighty Man of God. Love you Prophet TB Joshua.
Anicky Mchunu
Anicky Mchunu:
What a message?? My God I learn new things every day what was my life going to be without this channel thank you Jesus
Sharon Chipoya
Sharon Chipoya:
Thank you Lord for this opportunity that you have given me to be part of Emmanuel tv (scoan).I grow every time I watched or pray with prophet TB Joshua things are changing upon my life
Oh, Lord coming in to my heart rescue me from the evil one Amen
Chibuike Uzochukwu
Chibuike Uzochukwu:
how can I register as a partner,or a visitor bcoz I want to visit synagogue church of all nation
Paul ariemebi
Paul ariemebi:
Thank you for your powerful 🙏 message Emmanuel.
Zamiwe Ushibantu
Zamiwe Ushibantu:
The greatest love God has given me is "The opportunity to correct my mistakes" Thank-you Lord 🙏
Blessing Brown
Blessing Brown:
Thank you Lord for giving me time and LOVE for watching Emmanuel tv. Father l feel so blessed every time l watch Emmanuel tv. Lord l pray for Prophet Tb Joshua .the way he moves amongst people when praying ,they is always Holy Spirit vibes and your presence. Thank You Jesus 🙏🙏🙏
Sharon Chipoya
Sharon Chipoya:
Thank you Lord for this opportunity that you have given me to be part of Emmanuel tv (scoan).I grow every time I watched or pray with prophet TB Joshua things are changing upon my life
Mercy Baluwa
Mercy Baluwa:
Amen, thank u jesus Iam really blessed with the words of lord. May god bless u my father in the lord prophet tb Joshua, may u live long.
Lizza becky
Lizza becky:
Rest in perfect peace daddy God done his wish 🙏 My deepest condolences 🙏
Isaac Anaan
Isaac Anaan:
Watching from Ghana, the beautiful town of Teshie. Thank you man of the living God for allowing yourself to be used as a blessing to us. I believed that my family and I our past is over in Jesus mighty name Amen Amen Amen.
Promise promises
Promise promises:
This is a very powerful message. The greatest law is love.. "Where there is life, there is God", amen... 🤳🏾♥️🇿🇦
Thank you Lord Jesus for the water anointed by faith I receive it here in USA California
There is a way out in every situation indeed Sister Angela.Thank you so much for wonderful counsel.God bless.
Zamiwe Ushibantu
Zamiwe Ushibantu:
Thank-you Lord for speaking to my heart through your woman servant Angela.."if I miss LOVE i miss life."
Colleen Ross
Colleen Ross:
God bless you servant of God Prophet TB Joshua and your team. Love you my family
anderson shirima
anderson shirima:
`thanks to the lord on how far he has bring us I thank him cos he took our family out of the devil's hands
Joyce Kusi
Joyce Kusi:
In every situation God has something to say , Emmanuel TV God is doing something new in our life. It's well with us
Uauanisa Kandukira
Uauanisa Kandukira:
Emmanuel God with us hallelujah finally connected thank you Jesus and Prophet TB Joshua amen
Michael Odotei
Michael Odotei:
I thank God for keeping us all through pandemic,yes God has make it possible for us .May God mercy locates me ,my family and Nation, Amen
Lourdes Tanawe
Lourdes Tanawe:
Wonderfull message, where there is love , there is life.your nation is so blessed and favoured having Prophet Jb Joshua with u and his team. God is with us. Distance is not a barrier. Watching from the philippines.
Michael Ikechukwu
Michael Ikechukwu:
The Grace and Power of God will forever remain sufficient in your life Prophet T.B Joshua
Juicy Dubai Divorce Saga
Juicy Dubai Divorce Saga:
Dear TB,

I watched your videos in 2014 when I had chicken pox at school. I was isolated from others, couldn't attend classes and I had exams. Your videos brought me laughter joy. May you rest in perfect peace. I just remembered how you touched my life.

May your legacy live on. Amen.
May God comfort your family. Amen.
Dear people please pray that God will cure me of folliculitis staph infection in my bloodstream, body & that God will destroy this curse of rejection that's been in my life.
Rita Da Costa Sarmento
Rita Da Costa Sarmento:
How to be a partner with the Emmanuel T.V. so that I may receive prayers from man of God Prophet Joshua. Please, help me how to sign in to be partner, in the Mighty Name Jesus Christ. I pray. Amen.
Vida Teenbia Vida
Vida Teenbia Vida:
My HIS wounds on the cross!
I am healed.
I am deliver.
My family is healed, deliver and restored in the name of Jesus'Christ Amen!!🕊🙇‍♀️🙏
pumla gwenxa
pumla gwenxa:
Thank you Holy Spirit for your unfailing love🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇿🇦
Irene Kartopawiro
Irene Kartopawiro:
Watching from St.Maarten. THANK YOU,EMMANUELtv team,Prophet TB JOSHUA and SCOAN Evangelists.What a nice ,peaceful place GOD gives all you, to listen to HIS WORD. GOD's time is the best, pray for You Tube and blessing to all the viewers🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Daisy Kola
Daisy Kola:
Good morning and win today thank u for being part of this spiritual and holy channel. Feel blessed beyond measure 🙏🙏🙏
Madam Colletha
Madam Colletha:
Florida Muyambango
Florida Muyambango:
I just learnt the death of my prophet this morning . Very disheartening my condolences to the family and all Emmanuel tv followers.Go well my father in the Lord.I will be always remembering yo encouraging words that I should not hold offence whether am wrong or right in every situation I may find myself.RIP oh my God I can't hold my tears!!!!
Laury Jerry
Laury Jerry:
Who is here after the news ?? Cant believe this!!! He is like knew about this and call all Emmanuel TV Partners !!! Am one of them who was blessed by this ..May God comfort His family!!
Dereje dessalegn
Dereje dessalegn:
God will save me. I believe this. God knows my worries and thoughts. Remember me in your prayers before the Lord.
wandile simelane
wandile simelane:
God bless his servant, TB Joshua..... Watching from Swaziland
Charell Pilarca
Charell Pilarca:
We will be missed you Prophet ...😢
Heaven is rejoicing of your coming.....if u already there Prophet please pray for us to our God Jesus...
We love u and we will treasure all ur deeds...😊
high voltage
high voltage:
Please anybody, is the synagogue church fully opened now?
Michael Odotei
Michael Odotei:
Thank You Jesus I'm healed immediately after Prophet T.B prayed for the viewers all over the World, I'm free
Janet Kanu
Janet Kanu:
Am kindly asking for assistance on the process to follow to be a partner of the Emmanuel church because I need to get prayers from the man of GOD.
Ruth Mukatulwa
Ruth Mukatulwa:
Emmanuel God is with us,good morning and win today,I put a demand on the anointing for my freedom in Jesus christ name, Distance is not a barrier 🙌🙌🙌🙏
Shirie Nadia
Shirie Nadia:
R.I.P daddy I will always love u
Max Nuss
Max Nuss:
The enemy will never prosper in fighting against the God of t.b Joshua. In Jesus name. Gods message will fight its way through this demonic forces.
Fanny Banda
Fanny Banda:
Thank you jesus powerful service, God forgive me all my wrongs as I have forgiven all my offenders and those I have offended in jesus christ name amen 🙏
Laby and Shadow
Laby and Shadow:
Please upload more of recent videos and live.I want to watch my Prophet Tb Joshua 😭😭
Felix Ntoua essoh
Felix Ntoua essoh:
Thank you my Lord and my Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.
Asiimwe Catherine
Asiimwe Catherine:
Thank you Jesus for the love you have for me Lord i need change in my Life and a good Job pray for me Prophet in Jesus Christ name Amen
Chris Tin
Chris Tin:
I notice "TB Joshua Official" channel also terminated, I wonder why? God Bless TB Joshua!! God doesn't recognize platform limitations. God may create His own platforms. May His seeds planted in various land (platforms), because God's blessing is unlimited!
those gazelles are so cute....running around freely... they didn't have them there 2 years ago when i was there.. i love it!!! scoan- be blessed! tb joshua- be blessed, my daddy! i love you! xoxo from new york usa
Nkonyeasua Sunday
Nkonyeasua Sunday:
Thank you Jesus
The way out for my life has come in Jesus name amen
Brian Mbesa
Brian Mbesa:
The command from God is living our neighbours as we love ourselves
Ndi Zelma
Ndi Zelma:
Good evening,my name is Ndi Zelma,and i am student actually preparing for an exams,and it is very difficult for me to read,please help me,i need wisdom and understanding it is very difficult study for me and it is affecting me please i need prayers
Jane Onegi
Jane Onegi:
Watching from DK locate me and my family Lord Amen
Ntukem Dora
Ntukem Dora:
Thank you Jesus. I am a viewer . I connected on the tv screen in Faith. I placed my left hand on the screen and my right hand on the chest that is paining and recieved my healing. Thank you Jesus. Help me Jssus to maintain my healing and not to go back to sin again. Thank you Rmmanuel TV. Thank you Jesus Christ . Amen
Miriam Mbelu
Miriam Mbelu:
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for healing me and delivering me from every evil attack tormenting my life...
Thank you Man of God for availing yourself to be used by God in my life through the medium of Emmanuel tv🙏🙏🙏
Helen Hmar
Helen Hmar:
May you Rest In Peace Prophet TB Joshua. You were a blessing to many.
victoria musau
victoria musau:
Prophet T.B Joshua, I heard about you and good things you did here on earth. May your soul dance with the Angels in Heaven
Chris Aikore Osezele
Chris Aikore Osezele:
Thank You Lord for your mercy
God Guy
God Guy:
I had a dream dogecoin will go to 125k then drop to 20k. I’ve had six dreams about this in total and talk about it on my channel I believe it will bless you! This doge bull run will last for over a decade but in a year or two xrp will flash crash to .40 cents buy it then they lock trading it’s going to .02 then to over 1000+. Make sure you can get it to a cold storage device after it rips. I’m using uphold buy xrp as the others halted it. They have doge to buy to and can export to cold wallet.
Channel is Jacob Alexander McMichael
Also watch now daily bread youtube to confirm this word
Real Talk
Real Talk:
We love you prophet tb josbua and thank God for you!!!🌍💙❤
Mandung Yilbuk
Mandung Yilbuk:
Oh great savant of God, you're Lifted may God bless you and Emmanuel TV crew, Amen. Pls sir help Tell me something concerning my life and my immediate family. Something strange is going as my siblings turn against me as am the only remaining male child. I believed distance is not a barrier sir
Thank you.
Tamara Msiska
Tamara Msiska:
God bless my national Malawi in jesus name
Esther Opinion
Esther Opinion:
Thank u Jesus I am free from the oppression of the devil
Rosalia Penda Peendapara
Rosalia Penda Peendapara:
Hallelujah good morning people of God glory to God I need help please pray for my life in jesus name
Yen Hoang
Yen Hoang:
Share the sorrow in peace for the passing of TB Joshua to the kingdom of Heaven!
Gasd Smart
Gasd Smart:
Dea God bless me with life, money, rentals, twins, future husband, land, house, wholesale business, rentals, wisdom and understanding amen.
Маия Мамбеткасимова
Маия Мамбеткасимова:
Дорогой наш Церковь Эммануил,мы в ожиданий выхода прямого эфира с русским переводом.Спасибо Богу за вас,за ваш труд.Аминь.🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿
Taurai Machisvo
Taurai Machisvo:
Thank you Jesus 💕❤️❤️
Cristo Vision del Rey
Cristo Vision del Rey:
Emmanuel TV es una bendición para el mundo.
Terimakasih renungan firman Nya.🙏
Living Water
Living Water:
My heart is trembling, I'm sorry for not be able to hug you at least once. You are one of finest Example how to serve Almighty GOD Jesus. You have finished your race and The Angels Gloriefies your coming to Heaven. Father, Lord, I Pray for TB Josuah (Man of God) to have Perfect Rest in Peace. I love you TB Josuah (Man Of God)
Mercy Bejikimbo
Mercy Bejikimbo:
I want the man of God to pray for me and my business
miss Johnson
miss Johnson:
My prayers are God please restore my version eye please dear Lord
Linda khatijah Khatri
Linda khatijah Khatri:
Beautiful women with beautiful voice..beautiful words...
I refuse to keep taking excuses as a way of getting along with my harden minded life.
Simon Malatji
Simon Malatji:
Rest in peace daddy you run a race may God be with you
Emmanuel Umunnakwe
Emmanuel Umunnakwe:
T b Joshua, you are only prophet is seeing far.May God bless you and your families in Jesus name amen. I love you.
God bless Prophet TB Joshua and Prophetess Angela
Tamara Msiska
Tamara Msiska:
Amen we are connected
Praise The Lord My Dear Spiritual Dad Prophet TB Joshua please Prayer for me I am Pastor Arfan Masih City Batala Punjab India please Prayer for me I am hungry for The Anointing of God please Bless my family and Church Ministry holy fire Jesus Ministry please Prayer for spiritual Growth for his glorious work Amen
Younas M Lal
Younas M Lal:
Dear Pastor, I am a Pakistani servant. I often watch your programs. The request is that my mother has been in a wheelchair for five years. She can't put her weight on her knees and feet. Wants to stand up again please pray that he can walk on his feet again i believe you will pray then she will definitely get healed thank you
Jaan jaan 123
Jaan jaan 123:
Papa plz payer for me and my all fimly memoirs God stop evil attack last 25 year and blessed hell restores prosper and give me faniec a my house belt in the name of jesus ameen Naseem Rashid sialkot Pakistan
Elizabeth Ajigo
Elizabeth Ajigo:
Lord Jesus Christ deliverer healer restorers repairer blessings provider redeemer protector keeper deliver evils attacks devil attacks demons attacks hindrance disappointment setback hardship poverty night mare bad dream causes confusion to my career my work place my job be disconnect be free be cancelled be removed be uprooted be put in cage catch fire of holy ghost in mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray deliver every spirit of hatred rejection betrayed envy jealousy at my work place my job my career be cancelled be removed be uprooted be put in cage catch fire of holy ghost in mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray grant hatoon with her kids JoJo hatim hearts of love care peace unity calmness kindness humbilty obedience in mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray grant hatoon heart of love favour towards me, Jesus Christ grant JoJo hatim hearts of love favour towards me and deliver them from spirit of confusion generation curses disunity familiar spirits catch fire of holy ghost be ceased in mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray thanks for answering my prayers let your divine mercy and favour speak for us let your divine willing be done in our family son of David locate us oh holy spirit locate our family.
Chosen Sinchembe
Chosen Sinchembe:
Thank you Jesus Christ. We give all the Glory to God we can feel His love presence all over from the Mountain of Prayer. Thank You Jesus.
Tamara Msiska
Tamara Msiska:
Please pray for my church proverb centre ministry and my family
Ebenezer Rajakumar
Ebenezer Rajakumar:
Dear Emmanuel TV, let the work of God through Prophet TB Joshua continue forever, be kind enough to upload all the videos in youtube, which was there in the suspended account. May God bless you guys in Jesus Name!!!
Evelyn Perez
Evelyn Perez:
My dear brother Tb Joshua, God is in control. Jesus went to the cross with no guilt and came out victorious. You will see the power of the Great I am. God bless you, your family n your members in the name of Jesus.
Emelia Darko
Emelia Darko:
Thank you Jesus for everything you have done in my family
Anne Wanjiku
Anne Wanjiku:
I am so blessed to see captivity being set free and affliction being terminated by the power of Holy spirit honour and adoration to our master Jesus Christ
Younas M Lal
Younas M Lal:
Dear Pastor, I am a Pakistani servant. I often watch your programs. The request is that my mother has been in a wheelchair for five years. She can't put her weight on her knees and feet. Wants to stand up again please pray that he can walk on his feet again i believe you will pray then she will definitely get healed thank you
Aaron Hale
Aaron Hale:
God has patient for every situation in life