LIVE: Manchester City 2-1 Chelsea | City Take The Lead After Falling Behind


Following defeat to Liverpool, Manchester City are looking to bounce back with a victory against Chelsea. Will they be able to get a win? Or will they follow further behind in the title race?

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Premier League Matchday 13:

West Ham vs Tottenham
Arsenal vs Southampton
Bournemouth vs Wolves
Newcastle vs Bournemouth
Brighton vs Leicester
Crystal Palace vs Liverpool
Everton vs Norwich
Watford vs Burnley
Manchester City vs Chelsea
Sheffield United vs Manchester United
Aston Villa vs Newcastle


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12 comentarios:

Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith:
45:28 Chelsea 0-1
52:55 Man City 1-1
1:00:55 Man City 2-1
2:14:50 Man City disallowed goal
We can't call ourselves Big if we can't win against top 6
Emmanuel Michael
Emmanuel Michael:
I am not happy with the match today.
I wish it was a draw.
Sw1 Zzy
Sw1 Zzy:
hail Mahrez
Pretty Dube
Pretty Dube:
chelsea needs prayers if they want to win against the big teams
Ndamboseh Akow
Ndamboseh Akow:
Mahrez ur de best
Younglee Soccer stuff
Younglee Soccer stuff:
Man city are going to take the Epl for the....... time?
Мелих Мюмюн
Мелих Мюмюн:
Eee maybe draw will be better but OK
the king
the king:
He name is Riyad mahrez
Sick and tired of Chelsea getting underestimated by these clueless clowns on FD, only Pat and Joe have knowledge on football from both a tactical understanding and know how to interpret statistics. No mention of how well Chelsea played, they had 53.3% of the percent of the ball against Guardiola at the Etihad, City got very fortunate in this game, two miss placed passes by kova and Jorginho in the first half, result in two goals which both were pretty lucky chances to score. Look at the pressing Chelsea did in this game, 3 players went of injured, don’t tell me that’s got to do with city being unlucky. And then to top all off that knob says Chelsea won’t finish in the top 4, when Chelsea have the same Xg as Liverpool and have been the most unluckiest team this season from the goals being considered, where Chelsea haven’t given up high quality chances, most var overturned chances in our favour, most own goals so far, second most injuries to our key players. Yet Leicester get spoken of about how good they’ve been, when zero of their key players get injured, no european football, according to xg should have 17 goals and conceded four more goals, Xp has them in 6th. I swear I can’t wait till Chelsea proves you degenerates wrong.
why look at this show. when you can see the game with out them talk over the game and dont show eny of the game!
Man City didn't play well. Aguero needs to be sold and replaced. He's finished. Why did they buy Cancelo from Juventus? He's pub.