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56 comentarios:

Abey Bawe
Abey Bawe:
40:10 0-1
48:36 1-1
51:15 2-1
2:23:02 2-2
Yung N 0161
Yung N 0161:
Right back down to planet Earth for us, lads.
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell:
2:23:00 the mighty saints equalise 🤣🤣🤣
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2:
Last 25 minutes I could see a 2-2 written all over it. I am disappointed we threw it away let them equalise right at the death! We had a chance go 3rd we blew it away. We seriously bottled it today
Jay R
Jay R:
Was to good to be true
Niki Ennis
Niki Ennis:
Has De Gea ever come out to claim a corner??
Shubhrajit Saha
Shubhrajit Saha:
2:26:36 did I hear bc?
And we're back to normal lol.
Vince Vlogs
Vince Vlogs:
absolutely gutting, such a big opportunity blown
Max K
Max K:
What is that substitution rule where we can’t bring on a player after 90 mins after 3 subs! We were playing with 10 men and we didn’t have a player sent off it’s bullshit
Michael Jacobs
Michael Jacobs:
You should get a sub for a head injury
J W:
You guys are so tame compared to Troopz and DT from AFTV
Q S:
Should have brought on ighalo. Just to hold up the ball.
Rashford and martial both messed up easy finishes today. And they scored the corner when Williams was off the pitch and that it the zone he normally marks
Blaine o hare
Blaine o hare:
Pogba and fernandes were off the pace.. just shows how important they are. We will still get top 4
alexendre john
alexendre john:
Welcome back to planet earth mates
Claire Fontaine
Claire Fontaine:
my god we need depth
Nathan James
Nathan James:
Convinced that joes the funniest bloke on the telly
Bruno Fernando Tate
Bruno Fernando Tate:
Hhgh the same time as a bike but the one in the paper and I was talking to a friend and every day I am available math homework and the funny 😂😂😆
Vinit Jain
Vinit Jain:
Adam Mckola saying behenchod @2:26:39 just summed it up for me. 😂
Dellor Stream Highlights
Dellor Stream Highlights:
Bottle Job FC tonight
Not felt like this in a long while, absolutely fuming with that performance! Passing tonight was abysmal and Saints out worked and out passed us pretty much all night. Ole needs to learn from this tonight as there is a reason we haven't played the same team for 5 matches on the spin since 1993 and especially against argueably the hardest working team in the Premier League. Changes were needed tonight as this always going to be a harder game than Palace on Thursday, we needed legs in midfield and at CB, Bailly, Fred and McTominay should of come in from the start and it may of been a different game but hinesight is a bitch I know. Fuck sake!
Garik Hakobyan
Garik Hakobyan:
Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in! 🤭 5th! Tbh I would rather Liverpool compete with MU than those cheaters.
Red and Whites22
Red and Whites22:
Aj S
Aj S:
what a disappointment!
Berry Driver
Berry Driver:
Brilliant lol
Rohit Roy
Rohit Roy:
Adam at 2:26:39 going Bhenchod is a mood tonight. FFS
Another f*cking draw against Southampton 🙄🤦‍♂️
Cheese Teeth
Cheese Teeth:
Bruno Fernando Tate
Bruno Fernando Tate:
The parents and I'm going to be late to office today due to some people are just talking about that with you guys heard anything about it but I'm not going
Ibraheem Ali
Ibraheem Ali:
Need to forget the fa cup, can't miss out on top 4 again
Q S:
Like last year. Bottling it when top 4 is up for grabs.
Matt Trustain
Matt Trustain:
I should not laugh but the bit where howson says why have u sat back like that when I re watch it made me laugh
Norn Iron
Norn Iron:
Lol. United were back. Lol
Dylon vR
Dylon vR:
finesse merchant
finesse merchant:
Keep the faith lads.
Nick Fox
Nick Fox:
It’s an absolutely fantastic day for Manchester City today, the pride of Manchester.
The Great Metropolis
The Great Metropolis:
Palace will win 1-0 in next game
That wheel that OGS is at, I think its the pedals that's the problem, he can't take his foot off the brake can he!...ha ha!...back to 5th then!.
Matt Trustain
Matt Trustain:
Keep saying it but Maguire will go down as our biggest waste of money ever
rashy cost us that goal
Adil Dekate
Adil Dekate:
Unlucky tonight with the chances missed and riding out the last minutes with 10 men. But Chelsea still have Liverpool to play and Leicester are piss poor. We still got a chance!
Innasoul Φ Music Φ
Innasoul Φ Music Φ:
Howson's fault.
Dylan Bradley
Dylan Bradley:
Still got top 4 in our hands, but presumably no Shaw, no Brandon, no Bruno & possibly no Matić next game, so wouldn't stick my neck out. Consistent only in cocking up every chance we get to overtake teams around us, and may ultimately carry through to missing out on top 4 entirely. Mental block been in place since 2017, "Typical City" has become "Typical United". Need a lot more time & signings before we're anywhere near where Ole should be able to take us.
Ole has himself to blame.Taking Pogba off too early at 63th min and he had another sub to use didn't he?I thought there was 5 subs till end of season.Why didn't he bring on Bailly?
The Ghost
The Ghost:
United played into their hands all night, they pressed us high with a narrow front three on our CB's, creating a 3v3 (including De Gea) and their midfield four pushed up to press Pogba and Matic, a 4v2. They wanted us to go wide because a) you typically can't cause much damage on the wings, especially during buildup and b) because Wan-Bissaka and Shaw don't exactly have much quality on the ball.

I thought the idea behind signing Maguire was that he's a good ball-playing centre back, he isn't to be honest. Every time the ball went into Pogba, they pounced and had four players around him at all times. Pogba isn't a #6 and shouldn't be playing on the same line as Matic, Pogba needs to be pushed higher up the pitch and we shouldn't be relying on him for our buildup because as seen today, he's a genuine threat and cutting supply into him causes United a lot of issues.

A way to rectify that would be to literally just hoof it long and avoid the press altogether, we haven't got the most aerially dominant attacks so we would have to counter-press and win the second balls and look to play high up the pitch, which would have been best suited to the players we have. Or, if we were to persist with playing out from the back, we need overloads, Bruno should drop deep and assist with the buildup. As we saw with the goal, Greenwood dropped deep, attracting Romeu's pressure which freed up Pogba to pass to Bruno. It was nice but we didn't see a lot of it.

I am also fuming that Ole took Pogba off and defended a 2-1 lead at home. It was straight from Mourinho's playbook, Southampton were there for the taking, we've been on fire recently and we were still creating solid chances. That substitution gave Southampton the chance to dominate. We blew an opportunity to take third. In our ONLY league game that had any significant consequences post-lockdown, we blew it and that to me is very typical and very much expected, it's why I think we're not going anywhere under this manager; we're not performing when it matters.
Mad Ting
Mad Ting:
Bottling is in our DNA now... another false dawn for us. Palace will beat us now, Leicester and Chelsea will smash it and we'll be back to square one next year. I never thought I'd say this, but I truly believe now we're going in the direction of Liverpool. We'll go another 20 years without a title now, Greenwood will leave eventually too.
hmm m
hmm m:
Is anyone going to talk about how Southampton should get a RED?!
Hope Ole learnt his lesson to save a substitution
Yash Mufc91
Yash Mufc91:
The Channel View
The Channel View:
No penalty for you that's why you draw
alfie gray
alfie gray:
Banter FC. The gift that keeps on giving. Hideous club 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Walter White
Walter White:
United couldnt beat a team that got destroyed 9-0 at home haha the real United without VAR on their side