LIVE Thomas Tuchel press conference | Chelsea 2-0 Real Madrid | Champions League

LIVE stream of the post-match press conferences from Stamford Bridge after Chelsea knockout Real Madrid to reach the Champions League final, under Thomas Tuchel.

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100+ comentarios:

What a night for Chelsea, what a job Thomas Tuchel has done... 👏
Ahmad Qaffaf
Ahmad Qaffaf:
"We will build a team that nobody wants to play against" - TT
Jeremiah Kari
Jeremiah Kari:
I have a feeling Chelsea will beat Man city in the finals
Punyo Tadii
Punyo Tadii:
Monixh Kd
Monixh Kd:
Kante just cost £6 million when Leicester signed him from Caen.
Chelsea brought him And hold on to him last season when other clubs were trying to sign him. What a pleasure to have him in the team.
This Chelsea squad will dominate the next 3-5 years. Young core with the perfect mix of veterans
Samsung Saracen
Samsung Saracen:
Thank psg for TT
Thank RM for Hazard
Thank leicester for Kante and Chillwell
Thank cech for Mendy
Kante was a beast tonight!!! At a totally different level!!! But it's unfair to leave out the others, what a performance!!
Qaran Doon
Qaran Doon:
Kante destroyed those Madrid midfielder' kai, Timo, and Pulisic woow
Oscar Killua2
Oscar Killua2:
too excited to sleep tonight 😂

Both Women and Men team in the UCL Final...that's just INSANE
damion fletcher
damion fletcher:
It's the most nerve wrecking moment of football I have ever watched. Up you blues
Senninha mcl
Senninha mcl:
Hazard was completely absent today. I didn't even know he was on the pitch.
Tuchel's tactical masterclass.
wobbuffet 17
wobbuffet 17:
John cena was having the press for the first 5 minutes.
Thank you
Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu
Sibusiso Enock Cebekhulu:
Thank you Thomas Tuchel, thank you so much boys, definitely made us proud!!

HaytersTV, I see you! Love from South Africa 💙💙💙
Warrior J93
Warrior J93:
Congratulations to Thomas Tuchel Side from a rival spurs fan 😅😅😅😅

It’s weird since before this game started I was playing a fifa game that’s chelsea vs Real Madrid and Timo scored in my game and Timo scored today’s game😂

But srsly tho congrats
Izuchukwu Oliver Onyia
Izuchukwu Oliver Onyia:
Wermer I waited and waited for that ball to come down so I can head it into the net, it took an hour or so lol 😂😂😂😂 legend have it that he is still waiting for that boll to come down so he can score on 29 may
Arjan Ndoj
Arjan Ndoj:
Thomas Tuchel have tranformed Chelsea in such a short time. They beat Real so easy. What e team performance. Very compact and clear ideas.
Natа Vyhrist
Natа Vyhrist:
Thomas Tuchel ❤❤❤💯💯💯💥💥💥
Proud of the players and manager tonight back in the UCL final lets make it 2 titles for the club in Istanbul 😁
عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques
عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques:
I hope than chelsea will won the final game vs man city Because club chelsea is the world club with the world coach tuchel !!!!! superb and Strong players.
Tarik Totti
Tarik Totti:
It was a lucky periode for Chelsea to play Real Madrid with to many injuries .i wish Chelsea wins the champions league this season
Athay Phom
Athay Phom:
tuchel and abrahimovic are the perfect match
Lawrence H
Lawrence H:
Instant legend. Imagine the reception the fans would be giving him too!
Faceless Nine
Faceless Nine:
A true fan of football this admin is. Love from Nagaland ♥️💙
Orishaaba Harnningtone
Orishaaba Harnningtone:
Thank TT for making us happy,,,at least we are now feeling the real Chelsea fc...May u live for more than 1000 yrs
Josedavid Soler
Josedavid Soler:
Tuchel coming 💙💙💙💙 let go Mason 🥶🥶 timo 🔥🔥🔥
Finals here we come 💙💙
Tim Tum
Tim Tum:
Lets all appreciate the first 4 minutes 😂
Sam Fryer
Sam Fryer:
How bout Mendy? What a keeper!
Quabena Monster
Quabena Monster:
Tuchel is tactically Genius 🤝💙
Sle Pompata
Sle Pompata:
Chelsea,Chelsea,nobody can stop us now 💙💙💙
Munib Rishad
Munib Rishad:
Chelsea could have wraped up the night a long time ago if they did not miss 6 chances due to poor finishing but up the chels congratulations MY TEAM
Ian Shack
Ian Shack:
Thanks for always bringing content so fast!
Jay Dizzle
Jay Dizzle:
Not Chelsea fan at all but well done, glad to see the PL dominating Champions League and also Hayters always giving us the post match interviews TY 😀👍👏
Nathan Assegnew
Nathan Assegnew:
We could have easily scored 5 with a better finishing.
Torvald taake
Torvald taake:
I love this team💙
UCL winners, calling it
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
TT is Amazing 👏😍❤
We love TT ...
Faresz K
Faresz K:
TWO FINAL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mendy was giving me mad Peter Chec vibes
D.P 06
D.P 06:
Kante = naruto
zach Meech
zach Meech:
We love kante!💙
Agent E
Agent E:
We’re about to see UEL & UCL finals of EPL clubs... 😋
Pussy Slayer69
Pussy Slayer69:
Chelseaaa was so good
Sakib Rahman
Sakib Rahman:
Any other team trying to play 3-4-3 against touch opponents would be short in midfield. Kante really makes a difference. Pep might have finally found his match in the premier league for next season. Chelsea has deep pockets and a great coach.
Sahabi Choudhury
Sahabi Choudhury:
@HaytersTV Now do you see how far superior Tuchel is to Lampard?
Vaibhav RK
Vaibhav RK:
Fraudiola will be caught in final 🤣🤣
Baroz Noma
Baroz Noma:
HaytersTV Can you ask if he can work on scoring from set-pieces?. Mount is dangerous with corners , he is the best with 5 assists this season🤔
Paul Teo
Paul Teo:
Tuchel has just become a Chelsea Legend in 4 months
Nelson Nogales Arroyo
Nelson Nogales Arroyo:
C'mon Blues!! Blue is the colour!!!
Anant Shukla
Anant Shukla:
starts at 5:17 :)
Lester Arthur
Lester Arthur:
2 finals in a half season 😳
The A Entertainer
The A Entertainer:
We Chelsea FC we gonna Win the Champions league !
Come on Chelsie! italy is with you
P_K_D Football
P_K_D Football:
Yesss get in Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel masterclass, their third ever champions League final, Real Madrid in the mud, Perez in the mud and haters in the mud, the whole team played so well defensively.
Ketan Khurmi
Ketan Khurmi:
Laasssgooooooooo 😭😭😭
Norman Batees
Norman Batees:
Thomas Tuchel - Six Times against Zidane - NO LOSS.
Izanny Majid
Izanny Majid:
Last february I said before ucl or uel belongs to english football...
💪💪💪😂😂😂 ...
Eddy Sylverstin
Eddy Sylverstin:
Price PSG has to pay for sacking Thomas Tuchel! He turned to be the missing puzzle 🧩 for Chelsea FC. Another prove it was a right decision to let go Lampard.
Naman Sharma
Naman Sharma:
You know the team is dangerous when the only regret is that we didn't win with a greater margin 😆💙💙 that too against real madrid.
Hfhdj Jtiir4u
Hfhdj Jtiir4u:
Chelsea🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪 is back
naldo immortal
naldo immortal:
Both man a woman made it to the final🎉🎉
Omar Marin
Omar Marin:
Couldn’t crop out the first 5 minutes 😂
Mr A
Mr A:
Took Pep 5 years and 1 billion to reach a final. And it took Tuchel couple of months to reach a final.
il capitano
il capitano:
Azpilicueta was unreal
Ritwik Mukhopadhyay
Ritwik Mukhopadhyay:
Massive credit goes to Thomas Tuchel... Man doesn't get enough credit.. Underrated
Ikechukwu Obikansi
Ikechukwu Obikansi:
In the beginning of the match today in a married group chat, someone promised a give away of airtime if Real Madrid won & immediately I got angry and did a give away if Chelsea won and for every goal, I gave away airtime! 💪🏾 So Happy!!!& Proudly a Chelsea Fan!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Thank you Chelsea!!! Thanks Thomas Tuchel. You said it and has done it!!! "You've built a Chelsea Team difficult to play against! 💪🏾 Up Chelsea!!!!
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
-Give Tuchel a 5 year contract
-Pulisic is back to PEAK form
-Werner has 22 goal involvements. What a 'flop' in his fist season
-Mount and Havertz will terrorize europe for years to come
-I'm so proud of this young team. We can dominate europe and our players will only keep on getting better
Robinson Bobi
Robinson Bobi:
Go tell them, that the sky is Blue and will 4ever ramine Blue.. in TT army we trust ✊✊
Anvay Sharma
Anvay Sharma:
No one is appreciating tibo he was soo amazing and no matter who wins Madrid will still be the best in the competition congratulations to Chelsea
N'GOLO KANTE is the best footballer in the world for me, am a gunner but I have to give Credit, would i want Kante or Messi in my team? Both but Kante any day.
Ni Xi
Ni Xi:
King Kante
rowan fernandes
rowan fernandes:
Chelsea we got it 🏆
omer salih
omer salih:
Kante is the best player
Two tickets to Istanbul Hayters, wanna come ? 🎫😂
The beard father
The beard father:
We absolutely battered Madrid 🙌 we missed enough chances to be 5 up easy but the way we press and attack was sonethink else
Wolf Fang Division
Wolf Fang Division:
Super happy. We should have won by 6
Me In Public
Me In Public:
Werner, Mount, Ziyech, Havertz, Pulisic, Giroud, Abraham and more attackers omw
R K:
Create song for Thomas Tuchel 😋 now Guys we have to before final Champion league Thomas Tuchel Deserve even Thiago Silva ..Azpilicuta ..Kante ..jorgeniho ... Rudiger all other guys.if we would have been clinical 6-0 was the score ..As Chelsea 💪 Fan we r proud Respect Roman also ..Roman always right to bring Thomas Tuchel Proffesor we will win champion league players should win win for him for us Come on Chelsea
adesuyi abbey
adesuyi abbey:
Chelsea is winning the champions league, 2012 repeat, common Chelsea 💪
Łôvę Àłwáÿś
Łôvę Àłwáÿś:
And many of Arsenal fan’s said they don’t want him to be our manager, now he is taking Chelsea to champions league final #Trust the the process🤷🤦
Raj K Kingsley
Raj K Kingsley:
We are unstoppable we are chelsea Fan's we are blue's we are moving train I do say these but dey never believe me I'm super excited tonight 😢😢😂😂😅😅💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
Sad French Git 😢 Zidane
Not shake hands with TT
Zidane a Sad Loser - like Perez
Real Madrid Bankrupt 😝
Abhishek Trivedi
Abhishek Trivedi:
Class manager TT.......
But can he look into the eyes 👀 of the mighty Pep
Johnny Tran
Johnny Tran:
Kante was the one that destroyed both madrid teams. Kante should be top 3 highest paid player in the world. Without Kante, chelsea got 0 chance to reach this far.
all anti chelsea people mad now love to see it
TT! We, it's all about team. Chelsea!!!
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
Zidane such a sad loser, 😥 Not shake hands with TT ? 🤔
Just like Perez ...losers,
Real Madrid Bankrupt
Shawn Kristoferu
Shawn Kristoferu:
I would like to see the face of the leadership pf PSG if Tuchel wins the UCL. Now that would be ironic sacking the guy who won the UCL & replacing him with a professional expert in losing, Pochettino.
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford:
Matt law in the mudddd
Yelkal G Addis
Yelkal G Addis:
Arsenal has missed this Guy really.. i suggested him as soon as he left PSG now poor Arsenal.. they are stucked with little man Arteta.
Josiano snoopy
Josiano snoopy:
The funny thing is Hazard and courtois all left so that they can win champions League in Madrid but the gods are against them because there previous club has knocked them out in the semi's to go into the finals I pity them for that reason 😭
Colin Hughes
Colin Hughes:
Ask that bald headed French Git Zidane " how he feels? "
Abdiweli Jama
Abdiweli Jama:
Kante was a beast tonight with out kante Chelsea is nothing we can beat city but it’s hard to beat them in EPL and the final we still have work to do in top 4 and winning the FA CUP we trust TT
David Heaven
David Heaven:
I bloody knew it it just made sense that Chelsea would go threw PSG let Thiago silva leave and fired tuchel Chelsea let hazard go to Madrid it just all made sense I’m praying city win it but i just feel like Chelsea go this sadly city are like arsenal always bottle it against the English when it comes to Europe
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali:
4 all Chelsea haters get out of this video ASAP..this is for true Blues [ppl with blue blood]
Paddy P
Paddy P: