Liverpool 4-3 Leeds - GOAL REACTIONS!

Liverpool 4-3 Leeds United was the epic start the Premier League wanted. True Geordie and the lads react as the goals go in.

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M & M
M & M:
I'm a Chelsea fan, but I love seeing Rory get put into his place when he makes ridiculous statements based on his "feelings".
The Rory Hugh Dynamic is so entertaining to watch. Doesnt even matter if their opinions are way off sometimes
Time stamp people are now unemployed
qizar 6
qizar 6:
rory with his arrogance, nothing new really...
Diallo Wilson
Diallo Wilson:
Everyone who watches the premier league: it's going to be great having Leeds back.
Rory: I'm sick of Leeds, their going to be bad.
Everyone: stfu Rory.
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne:
I find rory hating on leeds constantly so annoying
Cameron Bierman
Cameron Bierman:
Didn鈥檛 realise Hugh is a Leeds fan..
First time here, I've heard Rory for all of two seconds and I've heard enough about him and all. What a complete tit he is. See Klopp's reaction after the game? That was one of the hardest home games they're having all season. In Bielsa we trust.
Receding Hairline
Receding Hairline:
The look from Hugh and just goes 鈥淩ory...planet to Rory鈥濔煠p煠
Hugh Wizzy is an Arsenal fan btw I know its hard to notice
The Bosman Viewing
The Bosman Viewing:
One of the best Kick Offs I鈥檝e ever watched filled with passion from everyone involved, this is what Soccer Saturday wishes it was
E. Rhae
E. Rhae:
LOL I have missed Rory. Even when he makes absolutely no sense, he's entertaining.
JV Music
JV Music:
Fun fact: Money made football club Chelsea FC, have won more trophies pre Abramovich takeover (12) than legendary club leeds united, in their entire history (9)
Aneesh Menon
Aneesh Menon:
As chelsea fans we dont claim rory, just to put it out there
Rory showing his level of ball knowledge within the first minute
abdullah hussian
abdullah hussian:
I don't think Rory even watches football
Socrates Alopeke
Socrates Alopeke:
Rory is a fraud.
LBS 41
LBS 41:
Rory ~ if bamford thinks he鈥檒l get a better chance than that in the prem he鈥檚 mistaken 2 minutes later bamford gets a sitter
Joe James
Joe James:
Laurence man. I swear he comes off as such a class A twat when he does the whole "I'm not celebrating bc we might still lose" bs. If u cant be happy supporting the best team in the league ur not a football fan.
The Peej Moses
The Peej Moses:
I can鈥檛 wait for Leeds to beat Chelsea two times this season.. just to shut Rory up Lol 馃槀
cam amis
cam amis:
Hugh celebrates more when Leeds score than Laurence celebrating for Liverpool
Michael Devaney
Michael Devaney:
How Laurence managed to blag his way on to a football channel amazes me.
Salty Soul
Salty Soul:
Leeds are insane to watch gonna be so much fun to see how they do
Kevin Fern谩ndez
Kevin Fern谩ndez:
2:30 Penalty to Liverpool
3:06 Liverpool goal (M. Salah)
3:50 Leeds goal (J. Harrison
4:54 Liverpool goal (van Dijk)
7:00 Leeds goal (P. Bamford)
8:00 Liverpool goal (M. Salah)
8:31 Leeds goal (M. Klich)
10:47 Penalty to Liverpool
11:44 Liverpool goal (M. Salah)
Dhruv Kharayat
Dhruv Kharayat:
Rory:鈥滻t鈥檚 norwich all over again鈥濔煒傪煒傪煒傪煒
Drew Mitchell2000
Drew Mitchell2000:
Rory was doing my head in this whole game
Tyler Randles
Tyler Randles:
Rory is clapped, the constant hating is just making him sound like a bitter little prick.
8:00 Just Stop. Jesus that was cringe.
Oliver Sharratt
Oliver Sharratt:
Bored of Leeds? We play some of the best looking football in the league
Callum James
Callum James:
Rory is clueless, can tell he only ever watches top 6 games, terrible 'football fan' doesn't know a thing
Jake Connolly
Jake Connolly:
Rory and Hugh two legends of the sport talking out their arse let鈥檚 be real 馃槀
dazi Ti
dazi Ti:
I swear it鈥檚 embarrassing as hell having Rory rep us Chelsea supporters on this show
The AFC Agenda
The AFC Agenda:
I absolutely piss myself laughing with the interactions between Rory and Hugh, I could literally listen to them argue all day.
sam samm
sam samm:
The Jeremy lynch bant at the end is undefeated
鈥淩ory? Rory? Planet Rory?鈥 馃槀
Avishek Das
Avishek Das:
Rory has no clue...respect bielsa!
Ryan Beckett
Ryan Beckett:
Love True G and love this show .... but the guy in the blue t shirt (Don鈥檛 know his name) is a proper mug man. Similar to the Talk Sport guys - says controversial stuff for the sake of it. Idiot
鈥淚t鈥檚 not gonna be a hard game what are you talking about鈥

He鈥檚 so deluded convinced he doesn鈥檛 watch any football he鈥檚 not had a good opinion about the sport once
Leeds putting 3 past Liverpool at Anfield is so impressive. They鈥檙e here to stay most likely.
Ashton Condie
Ashton Condie:
Rory genuinely gives me a headache, he doesn鈥檛 have a clue what he鈥檚 talking about
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins:
Even though Rory is wrong all the time, him and Hugh really do make the show.
8:35 how did Hugh go from so excited and animated to...

鈥淩ory? Rory?鈥 馃槀馃槀
Harry Ennis
Harry Ennis:
Hugh being an idiot all game how can he think the second one wasn鈥檛 a pen
Bradley Pearman
Bradley Pearman:
Rory is so out of his depth talking about football; how he makes a living from it baffles me.
This game exposed how little some of these lads (other than Hugh) knew about Leeds coming into this season. Anyone who has seen glimpses of Bielsas Leeds knows that this was never going to be a straight forward game for Liverpool.

Also I'm glad that Rory isn't emblematic of the average Chelsea fan - people despise that club enough.
0:50 How stupid does Posh Spice look after his little rant here ahahaha
Matthew Launchbury
Matthew Launchbury:
They made us work that game was intense to watch
Rahmad ihmad Nashad
Rahmad ihmad Nashad:
Love that Loz is representing France
Dirty Leeds Scum
Dirty Leeds Scum:
鈥淚鈥檓 sick of Leeds already...鈥

Oh, you will be! 馃榾
Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee:
Going to be fun to see Rory face when the cause mash Chelsea at elland road
Jack F
Jack F:
Hugh knew how good that Jeremy lynch dig was at the end that he had to repeat it cos no one heard
Oliver Howlett
Oliver Howlett:
Rory exposing himself entirely within one minute
Never, EVER have one of these without Rory and Hugh. I know True Geordie and Laurence know how essential they are to this British spice mix that is the Kickoff Show. Love from Bangladesh. Always an absolute pleasure to be doing watchalongs with you fellers. Great entertainment and insightful and hilarious conversations is what makes this show stand out. Keep em coming
HYVE Media
HYVE Media:
3:29 when the guy wearing the Liverpool shirt is laughing at you saying it feels Norwich to you, know you should have just let it go... even though his team JUST scored in the 3rd min, even he knew you should pack it in 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Jack Fletcher
Jack Fletcher:
That Chelsea fan ffs really pissed me of he鈥檚 so clueless why is he on the show he鈥檚 way to negative bringing nothing to the show
J W:
Change the title of the video to "Liverpool 4-3 Leeds. Rory getting owned over and over."
Adam Shearer
Adam Shearer:
can we get a "Best of Rory vs Hugh Moments" Video please?
KTN Glucas
KTN Glucas:
What is the point of rory...
Gaza Vw
Gaza Vw:
Hugh: I was playing against the best ball player at arsenal in the invincible season. Hard to argue with that.
Daniel New
Daniel New:
Hugh does know he鈥檚 not always right on everything?
Ian Miller
Ian Miller:
8:39 Hugh at 3-3 got me 馃槀馃槀馃槀 'Rory!? Rory!?'
Dan Harrison
Dan Harrison:
Love hugh excitement for leeds
Rory being exposed for the absolute fraud he is. You love to see it. The perfect example of a man who thinks he鈥檚 far more intelligent than he is.
feels a bit Norwich to me tbh
William lillicrapp
William lillicrapp:
Who would of thought Leeds would score 3 past best defence in the premier league 馃槼 Tbf I think Liverpool midfield was problem in 1st half which klopp sorted in the 2nd half + if bobby fancies scoring some goals that would help too. Defensive striker 馃う鈥嶁檪锔忦煒
Samuel Robson
Samuel Robson:
I don鈥檛 like Rory he鈥檚 so stupid and deluded
Rory makes this so entertaining
Plucky Chicken
Plucky Chicken:
Hugh was brilliant on this show. One of the best shows in a while, it being a brilliant game helped no doubt.
Tom Cole
Tom Cole:
鈥淭he best on the ball player of the invincible generation鈥
Loved that 馃槀
Leeds fan here- amazing game and even though we lost think about what we could do for the rest of the season
When everyone wants you to lose (Liverpool) you know you're doing something right.
I love Rory and Hugh. It's always great fun when they go at each other.
Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash:
This was probably the best Kick Off ever 馃榿馃憦馃槀
Harry Way
Harry Way:
Two of football鈥檚 biggest wafflers going head to head, you love to see it
Abijit Ganguly
Abijit Ganguly:
Rory is basically Jerry Lawler to Hughie's JR.
Big up the king of Fraud who adds the sauce in this cool crew
soinu foig
soinu foig:
That Chelsea fan ffs really pissed me of he鈥檚 so clueless why is he on the show he鈥檚 way to negative bringing nothing to the show
Irish Atheist
Irish Atheist:
This Rory guy literally doesn鈥檛 know what he鈥檚 talking about ever 馃槀 Leeds鈥檚 are not good before The start of the season , Kane isn鈥檛 in discussions when talking about best st in the league , Werner will score 40+ goals this season literally just shut up and COYS 馃挋
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn
Lego Qui-Gon Jinn:
Rory got beat up by Ian beale, he cant say anything
Z H:
6:10 that smug look on rorys face when Leeds鈥 miss a chance. Fraud 馃槀
Mark Atherton
Mark Atherton:
Highlight reel of Rorys most ludicrous moments
lilmanjessepi 317
lilmanjessepi 317:
9:46 even hugh knew he was wafflin 馃ぃ
Harrison G LFC
Harrison G LFC:
When rory laughs as you see geordie laughing i thought brian was having a stroke 馃槀
*Cant believe he actually said Harvey Jones*
Weird G
Weird G:
This Rory guy has no knowledge .. they've just hired him as a clown
Joshua FilesPodcast
Joshua FilesPodcast:
Hugh is just simply entertaining, I can tell he has missed football 馃槀
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
Rory and Hugh two legends of the sport talking out their arse let鈥檚 be real 馃槀
N K:
Adam "Thats not a penalty".
Sees Replay : mouthed zipped shut.
Mini Dan
Mini Dan:
Love Hugh and Rory鈥檚 friendly rivalry, it鈥檚 so entertaining 馃槀
Aman Kumar vlogs
Aman Kumar vlogs:
The kick off Is such a great motivation for me on my youtube journey,I am glad I was motivated by this man
Mr. FOOTage
Mr. FOOTage:
Great Performance by Leeds 馃憦鈿斤笍They will give Big teams some trouble
Steven k
Steven k:
someone needs to clip the reaction to leeds 3rd goal 馃ぃ馃ぃ
Jonluc Germain
Jonluc Germain:
Hugh Wizzy is the most entertaining man on God's great earth 馃槀
James Clark
James Clark:
Rory is such a wanker I can鈥檛 even watch this
Dominic Carney
Dominic Carney:
Hugh only watch once due to Arsenal playing them in the epl cup when Leeds should of won
Al3X_ 0nline_
Al3X_ 0nline_:
鈥淩ory? , Rory? , planet Rory?鈥 馃槀馃槀馃槀
These guys are unbareable to listen to. Non stop shouting, I felt like I was having a stroke.
Wagwan4 Battyman
Wagwan4 Battyman:
鈥楬arvey Elliott or Harvey Jones鈥 馃槀