The Irish Guy takes a look at Liverpool's humbling against Manchester City, amongst the other football stories from the week.

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Farhaan Ahmad
Farhaan Ahmad:
Irish guy is the only saving grace of this shambolic year
FC Danny
FC Danny:
Little do we know there’s a united fan behind the camera holding Irish guy at gunpoint
Reminder: You're sleeping in a tree if Chris Wood scores against Wolves
Brighton are all but confirmed safe so...

You have to wear a 'I Love Paul McShane' t-shirt
Ved Shetty
Ved Shetty:
Rip to those who didn't watch the video past the intro 💀
Sweet Pepino
Sweet Pepino:
Liverpool: Loses second game in the league all season

Everyone: *I'm boutta end this club's whole career*
Mohamed Essam
Mohamed Essam:
Every club's player that couldn't play out of the premier league
As a Man U fan all I'm gonna say is this about Liverpool's defeat: They're still sobering up after partying their behind off. Their fitness must've gone down by a half after all the champaigne and dancing
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos:
I really do miss Irish Guy's weekly reaction rants. Videos like these are pretty rare nowadays.
Better Channel

Like:HITC Sport

Serby / Alon
Serby / Alon:
"Liverpool is embarrassment"
Southampton 1:0 man city
Predicting your clubs player's who wouldn't start in a championship Team.
Simon Matthews
Simon Matthews:
I feel like anyone who was calling them embarrassing or rubbish really doesn’t understand hangovers
That fella Delph congratulating is City's ex physio or something like that... that's why walker and delph like that photo.
Oshojeme Adelemoni
Oshojeme Adelemoni:
I'm a Man U fan and I'm delighted, but the reason is obvious: they didn't care about the match
Hawkeye HCS
Hawkeye HCS:
If people want to compare Liverpool with Man City here you go: over all 183 meetings Liverpool have won 88 games to Man City’s 49 games won and there’s been 46 games drawn. The largest victory in all games played was a 6-0 victory to Liverpool.
Ehab Al-Otibi
Ehab Al-Otibi:
as a Liverpool fan, my reaction to man City game was, Meh... So what LOL
Patrick Shea
Patrick Shea:
“you’re trying to eat a box of frosties and he’s accidentally spunking in your milk” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
bg atamart
bg atamart:
Remember when you said that if Brighton stays up you will wear a t-shirt saying I love Paul McShane. Well mate.....
dat guy 123
dat guy 123:
Day 18: the premier league table if only players aged under 25 could play
Mikan Yarou
Mikan Yarou:
Liverpool were still recovering from the massive piss up of the previous couple of nights. I’m sure normal service will resume
Aayan subhan
Aayan subhan:
mate Atalanta have scored 80 goals in the serie-a . they are one of the most entertaining team to watch right now
Liverpool gave Man City a 'guard of honour' while keeping their post open when they were running towards their goal.
Daniel Esteves
Daniel Esteves:
all i’m saying is who hasn’t city beat 4-0 in recent memory
bigpapa EBEN
bigpapa EBEN:
2 am upload? Christ above
Akshar Jindal
Akshar Jindal:
Irish guy video suggestion---
Champions legue predictions i mean who would me quarter and semi finalists
And then the final prediction
James Atlas
James Atlas:
with Sane and Aguero that game could have ended 7-0
“They had us in the first half not gonna lie” 😂
You should do these every Monday, so entertaining!
Use Code Nehix
Use Code Nehix:
1:15 united do that every game tbf
Beat English team of every decade (premier league and old first division)- day 9
Shubham Atul Kumar Joshi
Shubham Atul Kumar Joshi:
You got me there😂🤣😂😂
Bt Liverpool deserves respect...
It hurts being a united fan...
But yeah they have been sensational past 2 yrs...
They beat them 3-1 earlier in the season.. 1-1
Shoubhit Daftuar
Shoubhit Daftuar:
I completely agree with Irish Guy... Everyone is overreacting...Every team has hiccups during a season...No team experiences a perfect season.. without any bumps on the way... City played really well...Pep is hands down the best manager of the world, and this is coming from a Liverpool fan...We have suffered a lot...The painful experiences of 2014 can never be forgotten.. Now that we have finally got the glory...please do not take it away from us...We want to celebrate the title that we had been waiting for 30 years .
Rodney Higgins
Rodney Higgins:
Man Utd 5 -2 Bournemouth... leaking 2 goals against a team with Solanke up front is the story there.
The worst thing for other teams is Liverpool needed that slap and it will make them work even harder now.
Alxndr lol
Alxndr lol:
The last time I saw a league champion being slapped that hard was Leicester 1-6 spurs
Crown master
Crown master:
That 'cow' at the start tho😂
Kundai Chirozvani
Kundai Chirozvani:
As a Liverpool fan this video looks like it’s going to hurt ☹️ (nvm the intro shook me at first 🤣)
Henning Munemo
Henning Munemo:
I love how they put their best 11
Paresh Jailall
Paresh Jailall:
0:40 maannn ugoottt meeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂 #YNWA
Whittar 2
Whittar 2:
3:50 Finally someone with common sense!!!
Angel Santiago Ramirez
Angel Santiago Ramirez:
it curently 2 in the morning in america and i a tried
ALA_Legend 02
ALA_Legend 02:
Hey say what u want about my team but NEVER INSULT THE SIMPSONS MOVIE IT WAS QUALITY
Liverpool: Looses their second game in the Premier league

Haters: *Laugh*
Like they haven't lost their 2nd Game yet. Smh.
The Element of Surprise
The Element of Surprise:
07:10 another reason. The club that sent Klopp to Liverpool.
Jack H
Jack H:
Hardly they lost two games
Against teams as good as City and Liverpool, sometimes you just get battered. Saw it plenty of times in El Classico, both teams fairly even, yet 3-0, 5-1 etc are all part of normal variance
People seem to have forgotten very quickly that Liverpool actually played with energy and closed players down against Man City. It was just that we had the passing and finishing of a diabetic cow.
Emperor Prinzy
Emperor Prinzy:
4:11 damn united were 14th when mourinho was appointed to spurs gosh the midtable is a weird struggle
Liverpool just wanted to let City feel like they closed the gap
Jamie Grimes
Jamie Grimes:
When you're 20 points clear but you lose a game
leah Johnston
leah Johnston:
Liverpool FC were drunk sleeping through the game GLORY GLORY GLORY MAN UTD ✌
Yussuf Motala
Yussuf Motala:
I've been waiting for this lmaoo
amal rosh
amal rosh:
The fist 40 seconds were awesome
6:31 Did you say selfishly extreme instead of extremely selfish 😂😂😂
Jarryd Wilson
Jarryd Wilson:
Predicting the who's in and who's out of your clubs dressing room
simon caton
simon caton:
Okay Michael😂😂 you almost had me with that intro. I was waiting for you to pop off
Formerly known as ZamDd
Formerly known as ZamDd:
Day 34: Premier League Table with every premier League clubs best all time XI.
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards:
Irish Guy " if Brighton stay up"
Thetrueblue 17
Thetrueblue 17:
We need more of these videos
Niall Cummins
Niall Cummins:
Undefeated at Anfield past 2 years, only lost 3 games in two whole seasons 😂 yeah yeah liverpool are a joke 😅🤣
Yep , remeber when Arsenal lost Ramsey for free and everyone was like , "why didnt arsenal sold him while they could?"
Well thats City and Sane , he wanted to go to bayern and was at his last year of contract so ,either sell him cheap or watch him go for free
Zak Gibbs
Zak Gibbs:
I was about to go in on this guy 😂😂
Ngl you had me, a Liverpool fan, on the ropes in the intro
Alxndr lol
Alxndr lol:
Hello there
Liam Talks Football
Liam Talks Football:
I was waiting for this
Squirrels and Chestnuts
Squirrels and Chestnuts:
I love these types of videos (as well as the other ones)
Gideon Blackman
Gideon Blackman:
So we're going to pretend that man u never lost 5-0 to runners-up Newcastle and Chelsea 6-3 to Southampton in 96/97!!
JJW Gaming
JJW Gaming:
Last season Liverpool only lost one game and that was 2-1 against man city. In the last 5 premier league matches Liverpool have lost 3-0 and 4-0
I finnaly can be happy after we lost againts Chelsea
The photo that delph liked is of Lee Nobes, former City physio who moved to Liverpool. He was at City at the same time as Delph and Walker, so that's why they're friends. #context
Ronit Chourasia
Ronit Chourasia:
First intro I completely loved
Super Stars
Super Stars:
Man U fans 34 seconds into the video:

Finally Liverpool are being talked about as being as good as us.

Everyone else:

They have been drinking for seven days.
2 draws and 2 losses and now we dont deserve to be champions? Sorry everyone, cant remember that every other team has lost more games than us
42 gp
42 gp:
Most one sided city rivalries such as Liverpool and Everton, Juventus and Torino or Barcelona and Espanyol.
VR. banks
VR. banks:
Atleast we actually won 😂
@9:17, goddamn that outro was almost scat-like! That was blazingly fast!
Juks Leo
Juks Leo:
Liverpool: loses 4-0/ suffers a comeback in the same season

Barcelona: well, well, looks like Karma is a Sick bastard
Ho My Anh
Ho My Anh:
7:39 Man Utd isn't even interested to Meunier, why should they when they have Wan-Bissaka playing on that right flank
Elliott Holden
Elliott Holden:
Can we have more vids like this
buttplugs and mastadons 1988
buttplugs and mastadons 1988:
Lol when it mattered liverpool won 3- 1 says plenty in my books
Sane will be getting 350k per week, wheres city offered a max wage 270k. Also adding to the fact that bayern is an easy ticket for german squad. no doubt sane left.
Gabby Badajos
Gabby Badajos:
Predict every club's two players, one on who will be released (except contract expiry) and and the other the next club signing.
Ryan Fraser wasn’t on Aberdeen’s bench... I miss him 🥺
He says wife a lot 😅
Nathanael Sadgrove
Nathanael Sadgrove:

Irish Guy: Jose has inherited a stale squad. Give him at least one full season before you chant Jose out.

*Ole also inherits a stale squad*

Also Irish Guy: Sack him!
James Laverty
James Laverty:
We need Irish Guy’s full review of The Simpsons Movie
After 7-2 the intro doesnt sound like a delusional united fan
Deeman Thakali
Deeman Thakali:
The tea pot got me 😂😂😂
Notorious MiGZ
Notorious MiGZ:
When Leroy Sane costs 4mil more than Alex Iwobi...
Tyler Clifton
Tyler Clifton:
I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading this video
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson:
Every major international competitions underdogs the last 7 years
Declan Gill
Declan Gill:
Your thoughts on Stephen Ireland wanting to play international football again?
Csongor Ferencz
Csongor Ferencz:
He had us in the first half, not gonna lie 😂
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos:
1:00 When they roasted Gabigol by copying his celebration after the Club World Cup final LOL
Steffan H
Steffan H:
Ox at West Ham just reminds me of that guy on Twitter
ThomasDaDank Engine
ThomasDaDank Engine:
bruh the simpsons movie is great wdym
Congrats on 400K Michael! 🥳😎
Irish guy I've missed you where have you been
lee barber
lee barber:
you got me for a min there lololol