Liverpool - Arsenal ⚽ Match Review

Liverpool - Arsenal ⚽ Match Review

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100+ comentarios:

Alastair Ben
Alastair Ben:
It's not that arsenal was bad it just Liverpool are just so so good .
There miles ahead of everyone including city .
Caballero Oscuro
Caballero Oscuro:
Liverpool is once again the biggest club in england
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Why would you not expect Jota to do that. He has been playing the past couple of weeks and he always looked energetic amd quality.
najma said
najma said:
This moment when Jota scored and almost the entire team embraced him to celebrate with him. This moment right here was so special. That is what TEAM is about.
Doom Man
Doom Man:
You know why Monster is a chief. The man went missing when Chelsea got served up last week and comes on to talk smack about Arsenal. Donut!
Ambessa Workout
Ambessa Workout:
Congrats to Liverpool they outplayed us! Not one Arsenal fan expected to win this game maybe a draw, but I’m proud of the team we will comeback stronger! COYG🔴⚪️
#Cult_ Personality
#Cult_ Personality:
Terry tries to use every other teams loss as justification for Uniteds poor performance. The league is tough, nobody had a pre-season, everyone is looseing....bla bla bla..

And then he critisizes troops for making excuses. Great.
eoghan cummins
eoghan cummins:
Even if lacazette took his chance theres no way arsenal would've gone on to win.they were lucky to still be in the game at halftime.
Scott Chegg
Scott Chegg:
Laca had 1 chance , let’s not pretend Liverpool didn’t miss chances
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Egal, dont talk about my manager out, as I call.other managers PE teachers and what not. Some are delusional.
Strictly Football
Strictly Football:
Monstar is like the TY of Chelsea fans,
Edited: in fact after second thought, Ty is even more level headed
Vinod Fernando
Vinod Fernando:
Liverpool played in second gear and are still finding their feet like all the teams, due to the short pre season. All these London teams need to calm down, no where near Liverpool. Liverpool and Byern are the two best teams in the world never mind the PL. Liverpool will run away with this league and that's not being cocky, that is simply reality.
Abhra Talukder
Abhra Talukder:
nah man i could see arsenal's gameplan, came to anfield for a draw or try to hit liverpool on the counter
Dan Dadda AFC
Dan Dadda AFC:
Terry threw Egal to wolves in this stream, it's fuckery 🤣 he backed though 🤘🏿
J Gooner894
J Gooner894:
What’s all this talk around the 35min mark about Arsenal fans thinking we’re a sure top 4 team, we’re gonna win a bunch of titles kind of attitude? I doubt you’ll find many like that, most are just optimistic about the future. Terry, Elite KJ and Indiana pushing rubbish there.
Marshall Aviles
Marshall Aviles:
To be fair about Ruben. Hes recovering from a serious injury and needs game time to do that. I rather he do it for another team than ours
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
It is difficult to press, when you are pinned back in your own box for so long. Rushing up the field to press is not the right thing to do at that point, only wasting energy.
Faizal Zaidin
Faizal Zaidin:
Liverpool won the game but what I can see is Chelsea and Arsenal fans fighting each other... 🤣
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.:
Hahaha after 30 years laughing 🤣🤣🤣 even more at the Scousers
We need to have a conversation on Arteta and hair dye
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson:
The elephant In the room..

Liverpool's relentless focus on our own club own plan and tactics/systems

Have multiple ways of winning games counter/high press/controlled pressure/pace even set pieces do you know jurgen even employed a throw in coach and our goals from throw ins increased

We are not perfect by any means but when you look around all you can see is shot gun approach from all the top8/6 desperation signings with no plan just hope like it's 2006 all over again you've got managers without any real pedigree or obvious tactical approach working with a mixture of thier players and previous managers players.

Liverpool under 15s train and play the exact same system and style as our first team our board clearly communicate and trust our coaching staff and our negotiator's are allowed to do what they do and do it well

Arteta and arsenal are the only team in my opinion who seem to be actually looking to implement this with a good tactician in arteta who is installing a mentality shape and recruiting players that fit what they want and the rivals want to pull them down to a level from 2005 style banter it's madness and the only other guy is ole who is fixing the mentality and working on some kind of patterns of play but the board is Harry and loyyd from dumb and dumber so I feel for them the rest need to just focus on thier team throw banter that makes sense and get real
Vibes FC
Vibes FC:
Ole parks the bus: 'PE teacher with no tactics'

Arteta parks the bus: 'Look at all the triangles and shit Arteta does what a genuis'
Waki Melts
Waki Melts:
love the intro terry... ❤️ ❤️
Lee Mo
Lee Mo:
Abamyang retired the day you started paying him £370k.
Leon Dale
Leon Dale:
What language Sonny speak I can understand a word he’s saying
Watching the game as a neutral it was like watching a cat who is full up playing with it's food.
Stronger Civilian
Stronger Civilian:
9 points from Leeds, Chelsea and Arsenal. I will take that any day.
Gary morgan LFC YNWA
Gary morgan LFC YNWA:
YNWA Who’s going to win the league T
Family Tree
Family Tree:
Sour gooners! 🙊🤦🏽😂😂😂... You man are begging it! 😂😂😂
sajid ali
sajid ali:
Lacazette missed less chances in his last 2 league games against Liverpool as Diogo jota did in his debut 10 min cameo
Umair Khalid
Umair Khalid:
Genuinely think Monster is paid by Terry to be a clown and a laughing stock for his outrageous comments
Talk of London
Talk of London:
Yo this guy just having a full meal
Hashim Rahman
Hashim Rahman:
Arsenal are going to continue to suffer until they can get two world class midfielders.
Ilir United
Ilir United:
O'daine Bennett
O'daine Bennett:
Samuel deserve it. Arteta will always be Pep's assistant. Put some respect on Pep's name. 🙄
Riswandha Maulana
Riswandha Maulana:
And u think aouar wanna come to mediocre arsenal? In ur dream bro
Strictly Football
Strictly Football:
Remember last week when Chelsea and Arsenal fans on here had LFC to finish 3rd and 4th😂😂😂😂
Reiss Sato
Reiss Sato:
What's this guy on about, a beating, could have been 4-5, is he high ?
Magrin Barrie
Magrin Barrie:
its all ifs & buts with gooners.
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo:
Josh has to close the tube of glue!!
Alastair Ben
Alastair Ben:
Arsenal lost to a league champions.
And was still in it until 80th min.
Liverpool just has an amazing team.
Colin Kehoe
Colin Kehoe:
I love how Terry tells everyone in the watch along to not tell them when there’s a goal scored cause they’re ahead but then roars and plays sound affects himself when there’s a goal scored.

And then in this video he tells people not to swear and he swears a few minutes later.😂
Lee Mo
Lee Mo:
Eating on the job.
Arteta Flops? Screw you Terry. I can't wait to face Man United in October.
Ishaddiah God's Chosen
Ishaddiah God's Chosen:
KJ. That face you make when Arsenal fans are speaking iis the face I make when you are speaking.
Arthur Everett
Arthur Everett:
That shein tells cŕap saying London
If only aubameyang played
pablo danilo
pablo danilo:
In the first 2 years of kloop he didn't play like the play today. So don't ask for artefacts do this
pablo danilo
pablo danilo:
In the first 2 years of kloop he didn't play like the play today. So don't ask for artefacts do this
That troopz is an embarrassment
Amitanand BS
Amitanand BS:
Sadio Mane straight red card. He literally elbowed Tierney on the cheek.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Chillwell is not good defensively. He does not have good CBs tonhelp him like he did at leicester. Maybe he will improve, but if he does what he did at Leicester, you guys will struggle.
Egal Arsenal took the lead that changes the game it did indeed change the game Liverpool got stronger.

Liverpool didn't really get out of first gear for the majority of the game.
It was Men vs Boys.
Chelsea who played with 10 men for half a match against Liverpool put up a much better performance.

So even if Lacazette equalized i can Liverpool would come out of first gear

Public Sector Direct
Public Sector Direct:
Sonny talks sense, egal though is a bitter and salty twat. The two ends of the spectrum of football fans right there. Good luck to the grounded gooners, of which there are plenty (football terrace liverpool vs arsenal preview)
Arteta didn't flop, he just doesn't have the players he wants to work with.
Wait.. I thought aubameyang was on 250 grand a week.. hes on 375 grand a week?!? Hes on more than ozil and hes getting old 🤣 arsenal never learn from mistakes.. aubameyang has pace and has scoring Capability but his stamina is suspect.. he couldnt handle the high press arsenal were trying too do against us that's why he was non existent.. he can only do short sprints from centre too box, cant run for 90 mins
яѧɢňѧяoҡ YNWA
яѧɢňѧяoҡ YNWA:
Liverpool 3 Arsenal 1

✅ 66% POSSESSION 34%
✅ 946 TOUCHES 555
✅ 772 PASSES 395
✅ 2 SAVES 6
✅ 16 SHOTS 4

Arsenal only got one shot and one goal in the first 45 minutes thanks to Robertson. Look at the stats and talking again and again mane red card or no card. SERIOUSLY.!! 😂 11vs11
Stuart Holehouse
Stuart Holehouse:
Good show. Anyway you can identify visually which club each person supports.
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ B҉E҉A҉T҉D҉O҉W҉N҉
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ B҉E҉A҉T҉D҉O҉W҉N҉:
Arsenal are back to default settings. 😂😂
Henry Minjoot
Henry Minjoot:
Its Liverpool 3 Arsenal 1 @ Anfield
NOT Arsenal 1 Liverpool 3
Do you know how to present scores???
khawaja bilawal
khawaja bilawal:
Liverpool will win the League again easily.
Auba who? Auba what? Auba gone missing again!
Darren R
Darren R:
Unleash Jones, Taki and Jota Thursday and bury the Gunners
Ash Ssagala
Ash Ssagala:
U man have a agenda against Arsenal kmt
sajid ali
sajid ali:
Elneny and xhaka didn’t do nothing as they are defenders only when playing Liverpool
J Gooner894
J Gooner894:
47:25 Terry what Arsenal fans are you seeing that are saying this? A bunch of berks being silly in someone’s twitter replies predicting scores for one game? Seriously this is where you’re getting the general feel for how a fan base is feeling where they’re heading for the season? That would be a case of ones opinion going off the rails.
Ishaddiah God's Chosen
Ishaddiah God's Chosen:
egal is neck to neck with Ty in being delusional
The Football Connect
The Football Connect:
Arsenal and Chelsea are suffering from one problem. Buying players because Liverpool are interested in them. Until they stop, They will be Introuble
Priyank Patel
Priyank Patel:
Is it me or is terry really salty about arsenal
We needed this. Signings needed.
Nothing can stop a full flowing Liverpool performance. Salah and Mane were at it.
Just one ceballos who could beat a man and find a pass, look how much difference that made.
The very thought that we were excited to see our team showed the job mikel did.
And btw, it wasn't a poor decision to drop Gabriel. Tierney almost overlaps niles in attack and plays like a fullback.
And also, Liverpool, second gear????
Fucking hell, just hear what klopp said in the after match interview.
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020:
Indiana chap so salty about Liverpool 🤣🤣
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta:
Arsenal was playing like Burnley was waiting for a lucky drop
Noxious M
Noxious M:
Second gear. Liverpool were going HARD tonight! They were playing this like a final! And reminds you of Emery??? Mate if it was Emery we would have lost 10-0
Aravind kumar
Aravind kumar:
from "we cant beat top teams" to "we could have done better" this itself shows our progress and yeah we still trust our maager and yeah elite_kj and terry when man utd sustain this liverpool attack like we did lets talk..its bollocks they talk as they want the likes...pathetic
it could have been more? really? Liverpool were better first half what threat 2nd half and all Liverpool goals were mistakes and easy not proper goals
Unbearable 2020
Unbearable 2020:
And Sonny thinks Liverpool won't get top 4 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
TOP 10
TOP 10:
An absolute beat down
Hans Oreva
Hans Oreva:
Terry is a flipflop...he is as deluded as Monstar
Scott Chegg
Scott Chegg:
Morteta schooled by klopp
Biodun Savage
Biodun Savage:
Arsenal should also get some credit, they gave a very good account of themselves and I see them making the top 4 ahead of ManU because of the quality in the new Arteta team. They have really improved. On Salah not allowing Jota to score I beg to differ on the allegation of greed, it was just a misunderstanding between 2 stickers that are just playing the league together for the first time. Salah thought he'll leave the ball for him so he could use his left to finish it off. I hate hearing people saying Salah is greedy, that's a great misconception. If you watch the recent games you'll see that Salah is the most generous with passes. Mane often ignores Salah when he's in the best position to score. Plz watch the 3 matches we've played Mane ignored Salah and if this development is not addressed by Klopp it might affect us in any game where we need plenty goals. But I can understand Mane trying to match Salah but it has to be done constructively with the interest of the club as No1 paramount. I love both of them bad of course Firminho they're exceptional but will be more exceptional if they cooperate to make the right decisions, placing the interest of the team above their individual interest
charlie Molly
charlie Molly:
Arteta beat KLOPP in 2 games. Klopp just beat Arteta once. And then people are going crazy about Liverpool. Season is still young.
Bruno Miguel
Bruno Miguel:
This starting to feel like bullying for Egal.. shameful aftv hater
Yung Scarlxrd
Yung Scarlxrd:
Arsenal back at it again bigger themselves up and just smashed & they laugh at us losing against Liverpool oh the irony 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jenny Bodin
Jenny Bodin:
The 1 arsenal fan cant defend against all these idiots that know nothing about football
Leon Dale
Leon Dale:
Bro the the season is still early no one can predict yet if Liverpool lose Van dijk and Mane through injury it’s a different story what am thinking this season going to have a lots of injuries so it’s too early to predict
Ish LFC:
Arsenal need to realise this was not a drunk Liverpool side celebrating the title or playing in the Mcdonald's cup
Abhra Talukder
Abhra Talukder:
plz Arteta is 100 times the manager lampard or ole
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ B҉E҉A҉T҉D҉O҉W҉N҉
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ B҉E҉A҉T҉D҉O҉W҉N҉:
Mikel Arteta: They had their SAGS walking around Anfield during the game in full commando mode the ground smelled just the same even behide doors it didn't help our new away kit looks like it has been splattered in sister juice.😂😂
Arsenal aren't flops. Liverpool are just a lot better. Lfc worked hard for win, arsenal stayed in the game for a long time and put in a good performance despite loosing.
Alex Winton-Roberts
Alex Winton-Roberts:
All the Arsenal fans focusing on Lacazette's missed chance saying that could have changed the game, if Liverpool were more clinical tonight they could have been 4 or 5 up before that chance with some of the chances we created and missed!
Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC:
To think that 3 games in, fixtures against leeds, chelsea and arsenal... promoted leeds were the only team to attack us. Kinda irritating seeing park the bus counter tactics, but hey.. if that's the only way you dont get spanked, sure
Rian Kelly
Rian Kelly:
Areta Flopped Jesus this lad knows absolutely nothing I’m sorry un subbed.
Jota was ok why all this hype for the goal that was lucky
A K:
Park the bus football
Simon Sheffield
Simon Sheffield:
Arsenal will still finish above Chelsea and Manchester United with ease wait until after this transfer window the rest of the Premier League are not ready for what Arsenal are going to do in this transfer window. Partey Aouar only the start.
Arsenal are no more a top 5 club no pL titles for 16yrs and no ucl for 5 yrs
Akash Thomas
Akash Thomas:
You are blaming arteta and putting arteta flop title for your vedio. Since his appointment they are overachieving with their squad. Ole has got a good squad and even if he does terrible mistakes and if anyone criticises him you go after him.
Gunner Talk
Gunner Talk:
This is comedy ppl saying Gabi cebby should of started well if we can't take them out the team why have more than 11 players at the club? Only good squads win league not starting 11's n we struggle to play out from bk n auba laca etc struggled, why NO MIDFIELD!!!!
people always thinks that liverpool fans are scum, but after winning the league they all look the most genuine and has the most sense. they other fans has turned into scum.