Liverpool FC - We Shall Not Be Moved

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A compilation dedicated to the restart of the Premier League season and Liverpool's first league title in thirty years.

Part 1: Todd Burns - Redemption

Part 2: Ravenia - We All Died For Honor



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I've got tears rolling down my face, this is your best ever vid mate, you have outdone yourself once again.
Dublin’s Finest
Dublin’s Finest:
There’s not much passion you would get from any other club then Liverpool the things I would do for this and some people would call me a glory hunter because I don’t live in England or Liverpool but I’ve live a breathed this club from the age of 2 and so has my family and seeing from down in the dumps and coming from that to this is called a vision and belief in this club thanks to the staff the owners, the board, the manager and the players without them we could be like arsenal or worst like Everton there’s passion and it sheds a tear to my eye Y.N.W.A
Duo Maxwell
Duo Maxwell:
After 30yrs of pain, The Throne has finally be retaken, and we intend to keep it.
chaco ren
chaco ren:
Pls click thumbs up if you are here after Liverpool win the 2019/20 PL title.
Andy Mullen
Andy Mullen:
This video makes me proud to be a red
Franck Liverpool Reds
Franck Liverpool Reds:
“If you’re a member of The Kop, you feel as though you’re a member of a big society, where you’ve got thousands of friends all about you. They’re united and loyal”. Beautiful...
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy:
Outstanding video truly amazing.
cendur kumaran
cendur kumaran:
No, I am not crying! I’m not.... crying!
Tom Jones
Tom Jones:
You have outdone yourself again. This video is art even Picasso couldn't paint something this beautiful.😢
Daiyan Khan
Daiyan Khan:
you made me shed tears,thank you so much
Joris Clinck
Joris Clinck:
Anonther masterpiece!!
Ste Trabs
Ste Trabs:
Thanks for this vid mate , sat in me garden with tears in me eyes . I’m a 45 year old father of two from walton and a lifelong red .
Yerrrrsssssssss fuckin get in 🔴
Comrade Yoshunov
Comrade Yoshunov:
LFCBenh : *posts video*
Me: Oh so it's time for my goosebumps and cry!

You're a great You Tuber and deserve thousands of subscribers ❤
John Secker
John Secker:
YNWA, Come on Liverpool, will win the Premier League this season!!! The Premier League Title is coming back to Anfield and the Premier League Title Will be in our favour when we get the crucial wins against Everton, Crystal Palace and Man City!!!!
jelle stroobants
jelle stroobants:
Watched around 20 times allready since it was uploaded but seeing this today, the day we could finally win it, has me in tears. Can’t wait for it! And can’t wait for the masterpiece of a vid you are going to make when we finally clinch it! (That one must have been a few years in the making allready 😅)
Olivier Potdevin
Olivier Potdevin:
best video you-ve ever made mate, wonderful
I am currently sobbing on the ground after the Chelsea game Y!N!W!A!
heiner lauter
heiner lauter:
Im german, follow lfc since Klopp is there, cant believe im cryin
Celal Akkalye
Celal Akkalye:
The greatest of England is back FC LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!
50cents Warlord
50cents Warlord:
This video click is too short but still another masterpiece and it’s epic enough to trigger my goosebumps... YNWA
Glorious. Goals from anywhere in the team. 19. We’re coming for 20.
Joel Dinic
Joel Dinic:
Let's make the most of it when we've Klopp on our side. Let's give the man the respect and love he deserves 🔥
XIX Is on the horizon…next video put up the final music from lion king
The best team in the world 😍⚽❤️
budi mulyadi
budi mulyadi:
The giant wake up from HIS sleeps
Paolo Benecchi
Paolo Benecchi:
Something special happening here at Anfield this season....❤
Pro Scouse Griffo
Pro Scouse Griffo:
so amazing spine-tingling stuff
lamp man
lamp man:
Perhaps the best, the most stirring LFC vid out there. Thank you. Greetings from Oz
Sumayo Luula
Sumayo Luula:
Tell The World, we are champions of England

YNWA 🏆❣🔴❣
Lyubomir Hristov
Lyubomir Hristov:
Fantastic vid mate I have got tears on my face proud to be Liverpool fan
Great work... again :)
Jasdeep Singh
Jasdeep Singh:
Please make a vid covering all four titles that we've won over the past year :))))))
mohan bachhao
mohan bachhao:
Jurgen Klopp is the best signing Liverpool has ever had in my lifetime
Himon Bhattacharjee
Himon Bhattacharjee:
12 years of being a fan of this club. 12 years.
Never been to liverpool, most probably wouldn't ever make it in the future either. But seeing the club, this team finally winning the league, made me feel like I got a part of myself I never thought I had missing.
Shafiz Iqbal
Shafiz Iqbal:
When the heavens took Shanks, little did we know that they kept his spirit in Klopp...
anonymous cricketer
anonymous cricketer:
One step closer😢❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Antonios Loizides
Antonios Loizides:
Another great one lads. thnx.. cheers from Liverpool FC Cyprus Fans
Frederik Sommer
Frederik Sommer:
Who is that talking from 2.50 until 3.11 and where is it from? Boss that quote!
kevin tinegate
kevin tinegate:
Absolutely brilliant put together, I think Shanks will be looking down, feeling proud. 🙏💙
Paris Regan
Paris Regan:
proud to be a red❤️ the clothes at the end are unreal too!
Darren Ross
Darren Ross:
This is awesome mate. Tears everywhere
Nike Munir
Nike Munir:
You deserve more subscribers
Watching this after we won the league 😭
Hrishikesh Deshmukh
Hrishikesh Deshmukh:
This Video Made My Day Man
Loved the Thought ❤️
#Liverpool YWNWA
adam c
adam c:
Lost my dad in march this year and the start of the video really touched me all those great days my dad seen 😔 but we carry on the torch for the love of this beautiful amazing club it gets passed on generation to generation! Always love you dad YNWA
F 150
F 150:
This hit home for me. THANK YOU 😊. Something amazing has happened to this club !
Half man Half God
Half man Half God:
Well done from The Arsenal. On this video, The Champions League win, and the Premier Leagie win. 🔴⚪ #COYG #Invincibles 🔴⚪
Julien Revest
Julien Revest:
Amazing video as always, a worthy one for worthy champions! ❤️ #YNWA
Ashley Lam
Ashley Lam:
We won the premier league!!!!! #19 United we're coming for you.
Gentry Hayes
Gentry Hayes:
Beautifully done as always.
Sara Cook
Sara Cook:
Simply amazing. YNWA
Dishant Deepak
Dishant Deepak:
Brilliant video! Crying like a bitch! Wow! Thank you so much for this!
brendan daly
brendan daly:
Brilliant thank you ❤️
Dave Mochaccino
Dave Mochaccino:
Unbelievable video. Your videos never cease to amaze, but this one in particular was just beautiful. YNWA
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez:
Liverpool the beast team in all united kingdom , i love liverpool, i love liverpool !
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson:
Stunning, purely stunning! YNWA
Kris mac
Kris mac:
Just one thing to say... Thank you JURGEN♥️
S.A.W Pixels
S.A.W Pixels:
Terrific work. The amount of tribute videos pouring in even before the season completion is just outstanding. Imagine the videos and articles once Hendo lifts the cup ..
faz Patel
faz Patel:
Im almost in tears .
Cant cry my kids are with me at the moment 😔
Naila Izabelle
Naila Izabelle:
Goosebumps ❤️
DrMacca - previously lchandr3
DrMacca - previously lchandr3:
I cried like a baby. Thanks for this. What a team, what a club. YNWA
Phillip Benavides
Phillip Benavides:
Incredible work here mate. Keep em coming!
s19 lfc
s19 lfc:
Mate you are the best Video Maker ❣ Can't wait for your Video when we finally win the Premier League
Niaz Petkar
Niaz Petkar:
Success Has Many Fathers 🔥 YNWA 🔥
Gabriel Sinclair
Gabriel Sinclair:
Klopp has gone and made the greatest team of the 21st century
Jason Govender
Jason Govender:
Thats silence from 4:59-6:12
Rebekah Pillay
Rebekah Pillay:
Top class video! As good as there is out there!! YNWA
andy Liverpool AELTS
andy Liverpool AELTS:
Thank you for this beautiful video......... Listening to Shanks is so empowering🙏🏼
Souradipta Chowdhury
Souradipta Chowdhury:
Spellbound and astound🤐
So-ean heartrockz
So-ean heartrockz:
Long time in come.
Alan Jones
Alan Jones:
Shanks voice gives me the tingles !!
Biggy Infectious Styles
Biggy Infectious Styles:
❤️ 96 ❤️
Subash Karki
Subash Karki:
thank you mate for this beautiful video.♥️♥️♥️
Edmund New
Edmund New:
A masterpiece video. Thanks for making it
Sourav Sandil
Sourav Sandil:
You just make tremendous videos, Thank you
Our players should watch this vid to know how much it really meand what they have avheived after 30 years. It will motivate them to keep going and dominate this era
Jonathan Africa
Jonathan Africa:
Rico Chandra
Rico Chandra:
Thank you..
Watching this again and again and again......the background music is so good ........... i am lucky enough to be able to appreciate and feel this. YNWA. TMM
Jeffrey Tsao
Jeffrey Tsao:
Still get chills. I still remember May 7, 2019. Took a day off work out of solidarity with the club, but feeling, deep down, that we were there to lose with pride. Won't ever forget the magical feeling of exhilaration I got from the lads kicking Barca down and wiping the floor with their teeth.

Then they had to go and dominate the League. When I heard "we're gonna win the league" for the first time, still brings tears.
great video!
Unai Ramirez
Unai Ramirez:
Khayyam Khan
Khayyam Khan:
Shanks words.....greatness personified!!!
If he were alive today maybe we wouldn't have waited 30 long years....
But now the wait is over with only new chapters being written!!!
I know it’s probably not possible because you put a lot of effort into your videos, but I would love to see more regular uploads like once a month. That’s would be insane 🤩 Love the video!
Okki Taufik
Okki Taufik:
Lfc benh, are you admin of Liverpool FC YouTube account ?
This club is magical
mamadou adama diallo
mamadou adama diallo:
Amazing video🥺🏆
Fernando Nunes
Fernando Nunes:
Meu 💙💯
Anupam C
Anupam C:
Ronan C
Ronan C:
Every Mancs worst nightmare 😁
Sapta bitel
Sapta bitel:
After 30 years
I Shed different tears ...
Tears of proud n joy... YNWA
freds 18
freds 18:
bill shankly once said " if you dont believe me.. you will believe me now".
JK said " we must change from doubters to believer "
We believe you both... #Believe19
osnola ibax
osnola ibax:
Bloody hell man that was epic
Ricky Hill
Ricky Hill:
You are the king Ben ! Thank you
Carthy Momin
Carthy Momin:
I'm literally crying mates