Liverpool v Manchester United Build Up | Talking Reds Live

On today's Talking Reds live, Gareth Roberts and Craig Hannan look ahead to Liverpool v Manchester United at Anfield...

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33 comentarios:

Calum Stone
Calum Stone:
A lot of the predictions had us 4th lad! Don’t remember seeing any non-red “journalists” having us even in the top 2. Tuchel fever was ripe lads, some must’ve forgot how class the proper German fella was!
Marc Jennings
Marc Jennings:
5:30 when the sound comes on, lucky it's not a five minute preview show.
storm thomas
storm thomas:
This game is NOT a given nor Everton- both clubs will want to spoil our run
Patricia Mattock
Patricia Mattock:
Would love the crowed to be buzzing and rocking Anfield stadium tonight, our boys deserve it. Mane, Mo & Keita to sign new contracts would be better than new signings for me. A new song for Konate loving his goals right now. How lucky are we having this team to watch week in week out??? Had a meal with my Brother yesterday, who’s a Mancs supporter, great when he said you guys will win, he’s not even going to watch it😂haven’t heard that come out of his mouth for years I was buzzing 😂🤣
A J:
Some people are just refusing to see what Keita gives. I think a lot of people expected this all action midfielder dribbling past people and scoring goals which has affected how they view him. He's almost like a more dynamic Wijnaldum these days, there's definitely a place for him in the midfield.
Luke Byrne
Luke Byrne:
Absolutely rippin into united and all facts. F*chin love it Robbo 💯💯😂😂
Adrian H
Adrian H:
Keïta was brilliant at old tractors. Superb performance and should play again.
dj evo
dj evo:
Naby always comes back from injury, takes time to get back up to speed then gets an injury again. He seems to have got past the injury problem now. He gets taken off at a Madrid not because of his first half but for tactics.

I agree about the maguire criticism. We seen it at Liverpool before. All the criticism from his own fans won't help him get any form back but long may it continue
Allen Czelusniak
Allen Czelusniak:
Naby should get a 3-year deal with a club option for a 4th. Hendo is getting older. Milner is done. Thiago is also injury prone. The cost of replacing him would be far greater than the cost of keeping him.
Sid Cannon
Sid Cannon:
When Wimbledon beat us in the FA Cup Final in '88 they were roundabout 4/1 or 5/1, so United being 13/2 for tonight is like bloody hell ...
Gilly Ian
Gilly Ian:
Come on Craig…Naby has been underwhelming but there’s still time for him to be a success at the club.

Has the ability but it’s consistency and availability is questionable.
The Anfield Lark
The Anfield Lark:
I like how when you meet a Man u fan these days and ask who they support they mutter it under their breath and roll their eyes 🤣
steve sasha
steve sasha:
3 homes games coming up .......crowd got to be on it !!!!
like craig said we need to be all over them and everton .......
I keep asking myself "Are we this good, are we really this good?" and it's always the same answer "Yeah, why, worra you asking for? ". Gonna have a word with meself.
John L
John L:
What a time to be alive
Jamie Hunter
Jamie Hunter:
I love how Ralf Rangnick talks like he's not the current Manchester United manager. It's all so easy on paper isn't it, Ralf.
Anthony Parker
Anthony Parker:
Gareth said there will be some tired legs in the Liverpool side after saturdays game, but the same can be said for utd as they threw a 2-1 lead away and it was only Ronaldo that rescued them as he put the 2-0 up before having to score the winner to save the embarrassing torment and Ronaldo is not playing tonight after the tragic loss of his new born son, and i reckon SALAH will end his goal drought against them tonight as he likes scoring against utd
James Tracey
James Tracey:
Oh lads ye missed it McGuire's Instagram post yesterday was him making three long range passes to united prayers 🤪🤪🤪
himself again
himself again:
High tempo, attacking, aggressive football required. United will struggle if we perform
Kop man99
Kop man99:
Up the reds 🔴🔴🔴
Aaron T
Aaron T:
05:35 start
Will probably be a minutes silence tonight in respect of Ronaldo. We can show those Man City supporters the meaning of the word class.
John McGahern
John McGahern:
Won't go 30 years? Why not, you came pretty close before with 26.
Scott O'hare
Scott O'hare:
Have you heard the one about the reds are all on PED,s coz yer can't be that fuckin good😂
Scarlet Fever TV
Scarlet Fever TV:
United had a saying for their arrogance or cockiness. "Not arrogant, just better" Its prime to use their own jibe against them Robbo.
James Tracey
James Tracey:
You lads ship shirts to the US?
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan:
Think about goal differanse
Richard Lefaive
Richard Lefaive:
Midfield of :

Jones, hendo, keita

Will work and get the job done.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams:
Final word on Utd is they could only get worse if BoJo the Clown was in charge.
Let's just destroy them properly this time. Take no prisoners.
James Tracey
James Tracey:
Typical boring school teacher Ralph with his points but he didn't have any of the personality to get his points across where it matters on the pitch
David Lambert
David Lambert:
they forget Man City are buying Haarland. Lol
Russ 62
Russ 62:
Faith in Naby is misplaced and I hope we don't rush into giving him a new contract. Get a good transfer fee for him on current form. I agree, Saturday was one of his better games but one swallow does not make a summer. On a consistent level, Naby can't or won't tackle. He can't head and recently can't shoot to save his life. How many times does he pass an opposition player with the ball at his feet? What exactly does he offer that is memorable in a game? A stand out moment that made a real difference in a game? He has had over 3 years to learn our game so one has to question his football intelligence. In all honestly, both Naby and Hendo are just not good enough for this team to progress and evolve. I wish we still had Gini to rely on at times. Hendo as Captain has credit in the bank and should be coming off the bench far more next season with his role as Captain now being more important. We need far more energy, speed and technical ability in our midfield ( Bowen and Conor Gallagher come to mind ). Klopp needs to clear out bang average players and take us to the next level. This team deserves that for what they have achieved thus far and potentially what they could achieve in the future. We cannot carry passengers because other teams will certainly strengthen over the summer.