LIVERPOOL vs BURNLEY LIVE - Premier League Reaction

Watch Liverpool vs Burnley LIVE Premier League Reaction with Thogden and Thogdad! Liverpool Burnley Live in Premier League. Predict the score in the live chat to win today's giveaway... #LFC #BFC #EPL
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Candela Mattys
Candela Mattys:
And there were laughing when Arsenal lost to them 😂😂
Danny BFC Ormerod
Danny BFC Ormerod:
1:41:32 divocks missed chance timestamp for those asking
LTV gg
LTV gg:
1:13:06 is a moment ill remember forever
karwan hassan
karwan hassan:
America have two presidents since last time Liverpool Score
Luiz Henrique Grincevicus
Luiz Henrique Grincevicus:
how sad the situation at Liverpool. hopefully it gets worse
KTalk StuDio
KTalk StuDio:
Kloop " we don't have enough pen"
Ref " say no more"
Give pen against Liverpool
Max Hyman
Max Hyman:
2:42:00 VODKA SHOT
Ghost David
Ghost David:
Atleast we Chelsea fans have something to be happy about this season. Our home record is secured
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
As a Chelsea fan I have positive news for us we have been TERRIBLE lately but we have beat burnley and liverpool couldn't haha that's good that liverpool lost
Partthasaratthy Nelai Tambi
Partthasaratthy Nelai Tambi:
Klopp's ignorance of not reinforcing the defence and attacking departments to replacing Firmino & Origi before the start of season he decided to buy Jota as backup instead to challenge the front three and playing midfielders in central a pathetic approach.
This is Premier league not German Bundesliga, Mr.Klopp.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Gala8y)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Gala8y):
You look at Liverpool's current form, if they continue missing big chances then there is chance they won't even be top 4.
Shays studio
Shays studio:
Time stamp:
Burnley(goal 1-0) 2:38:30
Unbeaten run over
Porsche 9XI
Porsche 9XI:
city, united and Leicester fans rn *cue jeremy clarkson laughing meme*
Banna banna Nanna
Banna banna Nanna:
Lucas Fajardo
Lucas Fajardo:
Darrell Brown
Darrell Brown:
You’s aren’t so confident going to old Trafford on Sunday now lol
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
Let's gooo Burnley well done barnes and Pope had a great game too
KTalk StuDio
KTalk StuDio:
And Liverpool fans get worked up saying that MU won against Fulham, Sothon and Burnley are lucky only while Liverpool lost to 2 of them and struggle to draw with Fulham
Neutral fan
I'm just saying what i saw
James Chen
James Chen:
Oh dear Liverpool what will you try next? Cheese? 😂
tom jensen
tom jensen:
Can't wait for Everton to beat them!
Max Hyman
Max Hyman:
2:38:40 Barnes goal
Luke Carr
Luke Carr:
bring back the epl round up
Good luck burnley❤️🤫
And Lolerpool were saying: Its BuRnleY, ItS ez, UnitEd only wOn 1 - 0, xD
Ryan Spurs10
Ryan Spurs10:
Can't believe Burnley beat Liverpool and Tottenham need Burnley to win because we got Liverpool next I am confident that Tottenham will beat Liverpool what is going on with Liverpool
Brilliant result Burnley! Wheels have come off the Kloppmobile
48:00 'More Irish supporters following Liverpool because of George Best'.. a Man Utd Legend, huh? Take it that was just mistake and he meant Utd or am I missing something obvious.
2:38:44 ASHLEY BARNES SCORES there you guys go
unknown Unknown
unknown Unknown:
Well played burnley great result
Liverpool will regret selling Danny Ings this season!!! Would have scored that chance origi had.
Cameron Rice
Cameron Rice:
Frankie De Goat
Frankie De Goat:
I thin’ firmino should play as a false 9
Ryan Spurs10
Ryan Spurs10:
Arsenal 0-1 Burnley
Liverpool 0-1 Burnley losing to bloody Burnley 🤣
Klopp is not out, you forgot what he has done for us
Total Control
Total Control:
Wtf has happened to England Premier. Haven't placed any bets for a couple of years, thought I would give it a go, postponed games, crazy results, etc...Liverpool owes me $65!
Rob United
Rob United:
Are they actually part Russian ?
Eliza Evans
Eliza Evans:

Ecco un vivido esempio delle tendenze moderne: la struttura esistente dell'organizzazione non lascia la possibilità di rafforzare i valori morali. Il significato di questi problemi è così ovvio che il vettore di base dello sviluppo è una fase qualitativamente nuova nel progresso della comunità professionale.💕
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Icon Canada
Icon Canada:
Wtf Liverpool. Blowing it. We can't let man u gloat to the top.
Come on Burnley
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid:
Barnes takes the shot Allison tries to save it then runs into Barnes does nothing in the play it would still be a goal kick
Where's Paul Cooper?
Where's Paul Cooper?:
Good luck livarpool 😂
boi does it
boi does it:
Burnley were the only premier league team not to lose at anfield last season
burnley 1-0 liverpool not watched the match yet btw
jim weir
jim weir:
Usa have had two presidents since the dippers last scored pmsl
Josh Hesketh
Josh Hesketh:
UTC I’m on dream Land Little old Burnley Taking That unbeaten run at home away from them
cba kmn
cba kmn:
How fast this guy run if there was a fight probably behind his dad to
Epic Zak
Epic Zak:
I’m done with klopp sack him now
Frankie De Goat
Frankie De Goat:
Lezpig are gonna kick Liverpool’s asses
glazers out
glazers out:
Burnley 1-0: 2:38:38
Elton John Tribute Dean Torkington
Elton John Tribute Dean Torkington:
We stuffed you! Team built not bought!!!
Footie Donut
Footie Donut:
I'd rather watch Aston Villas under 10's than our team recently. Shocking.
adam newman
adam newman:
liverpool vs man u at old trafford this sunday
mohd syamsyir
mohd syamsyir:
Timestamps origi's chance?
J J:
As a Chelsea fan, I could not be happier. Our unbeaten record will last for longer thanks to Burnley. Liverpool 68- Chelsea 86. COYB💙💙💙
Alan Amaya-Ochoa
Alan Amaya-Ochoa:
o my god 2:37:33
Klop out 😆
Alfie Fitch
Alfie Fitch:
Lol no time stamps for you
Nelson Arblaster
Nelson Arblaster:
What language are these guys speaking?
mayank salvi
mayank salvi:
29 more years
Biko Makaula
Biko Makaula:
Nelio Terra
Nelio Terra:
Sai dai aestalhado
talha Ali
talha Ali:
7th whatever i am
Rían Forde
Rían Forde:
Kill orgi 😫👿👿👿
David •
David •:
that wasn’t a pen ...