Liverpool vs. Manchester United analysis: IT’S OVER! – Ale Moreno | English Premier League

After Liverpool’s 2-0 win vs. Premier League rivals Manchester United at Anfield, ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Ross Dyer recap the Reds’ 39th straight match without a loss in the league. Moreno questions if the VAR decision that overruled Roberto Firmino’s goal was clear and obvious, and feels that while Jurgen Klopp’s side aren’t as dominant as last year, they’ve learnt how to do just enough to win games and seal the Premier League title race.


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Bahire Germain
Bahire Germain:
Vandijk a defender, having more goals than Lingard
Ginger Scholes
Ginger Scholes:
Assists this season, Allison - 1, Lingard - 0
Kwambi man with sum power
Kwambi man with sum power:
Forgive them lord, they were comparing Maguire to VVD 😂😂
ala' Arabyat
ala' Arabyat:
Myths broken by Mo Mo salah :
-One season wonder
-Selfish player
_Can't score against Manchester United .
Manash Saikia
Manash Saikia:
That's 7 cleansheets in a row
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia:
VVD embarrassed Maguire on that first goal
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed:
When Phil Jones earns more than Andy Robertson and TAA then you know how bad united are
Aries Flow
Aries Flow:
Only 2 teams from the top half of the table won this week:
Wolves and Liverpool
Wolves vs Liverpool this Thursday. Coincidence? I think yes
Jeff Mint
Jeff Mint:
The fact that United choose captains by the size of their heads shows how badly this club is ran at the moment.
Ami Colo
Ami Colo:
You know, the fact that Salah felt the need to take his shirt off after scoring against us shows how far we’ve come, I’m proud of the lads

-Ole after the match
Liverpool not destroying teams but winning is apart of their game management. When there is urgentcy, they up their game
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
Van Dijk is colossal, a monster among men
Sangjoon Ryu
Sangjoon Ryu:
All the Liverpool haters coming and just hating loooo
Steven Soar
Steven Soar:
I thought hendo was playing left back today .. just shows how committed to the cause this man is .
Serena Poketeen
Serena Poketeen:
Maguire cost more than Van Djick lol.....
David Redgrift
David Redgrift:
Henderson brilliant again as he has been all season
whitey 604
whitey 604:
Firmino destroying Wan-Bissaka was my favorite part of the day.
Gav Lyons
Gav Lyons:
This many people think Ale Moreno is a terrible pundit.

I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy:
That'll forever be the title for every Liverpool game now
United : Mo Salah can't score against United
Mo Salah : Hold my zamzam water!
El Dio
El Dio:
This is Van dijk’s era
Jam Mmoud
Jam Mmoud:
Van Dijk have more goals than Maguire+WanBissaka+Lingard+Fred+D.james combined this season and he's a defender.
Years ago Henderson use to frustrate me but recently he's earned my respect
Tsi Moi
Tsi Moi:
Wonderful Hendo and the rest of the midfield ♥️
Parviz Dzhalolov
Parviz Dzhalolov:
We are Liverpool this means more YNWA
John Lyons
John Lyons:
9-2 would have been a true reflection
Liverpool already know they will beat Wolves and West ham somehow.
Erik Litsenius
Erik Litsenius:
So in their last 31 premier league games, Liverpool have won 30 and drawn 1
nfr legend
nfr legend:
Its pogba fault
Viggo Stokholm
Viggo Stokholm:
This means more.
Kin Buki
Kin Buki:
Liverpool on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I just can’t believe that we have this team, just thinking back to the Roy days with Konchesky, Jovanovic, Joe Cole and thinking of how we fell since that 08/09 season, you just wondered how long it would take to come back. This team is far better than anything Liverpool team of recent years it’s incredible
Ryan Rosenmeier
Ryan Rosenmeier:
And to think they started the season with an injured Alison Imo Liverpool proved they could survive and deserve it
2 - 0 vs Man united. 16 points ahead at the top of the table. The golden sky seems so near.

You'll Never Walk Alone
Tonic Shondlani
Tonic Shondlani:
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
Liverpool are so Relentless🤙🏾🔥
Alfred Malam
Alfred Malam:
Fist of all, I want to thank you all for Loving the team that I love and that is the one and only Mighty! Mighty! Liverpool
Liverpool werent good? Did he even see the game?
Jonathan Biafra Python
Jonathan Biafra Python:
It will take 7×7=49 years before United might recover because the situation is so bad😜
gus xwazt160
gus xwazt160:
This version of Liverpool is INSANE !
Best Achiever
Best Achiever:
30 points clear from Man U !!
Joshua Sinclair
Joshua Sinclair:
The reason Liverpool are an unstoppable force this season is Van Dijk, he is the immovable object in that defence which in my opinion for another 5 years could grow to even higher heights.
Dat Boosted Ute
Dat Boosted Ute:
I knew it was over before today, nobody is catching them as much as it pains me to say this
Watches of London
Watches of London:
Klopp has learned over the last few seasons to pace the team for the distance of the Prem League...... the high intense press took a lot out of the team and we drew and lost games. He’s pacing the team so we can kick on in the league run in
loverboy arshad
loverboy arshad:
King mo!
USA&EGY American
USA&EGY American:
Mo Salah Egyptian king 👑 💪🏼✌🏼👏🏼👍🏼🙏🏼🌹❤️❤️
OG Cookie Monster
OG Cookie Monster:
Yeah the title race is over, Liverpool will lose eventually but the chasing pack is horrible, congratulations come May, Liverpool. They spent well & invested in what they needed, this year they deserve the league.
It was always over don’t they get that🤔😡
T K:
Moreno loves a random outburst.
bob jones
bob jones:
Ale doesnt know how to end sentences.
Selwan Al-Amin
Selwan Al-Amin:
Gini was awesome.
lunga lunga
lunga lunga:
Did moreno see Leicester 0-4 Liverpool
Michael Pinholt
Michael Pinholt:
To think that Utd paid 5 mio pounds more for Maguire than Liverpool paid for Van Dijk!
thomas obuya
thomas obuya:
Bruh we done out here man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 congrats to Liverpool to say that this has been a dominant season is playing cute
Will get you next time though
Uzayr Hadi
Uzayr Hadi:
Just end the season now.
Uilliam Dante
Uilliam Dante:
Liverpool has been playing at such high tensity the last two years and they're getting jaded around the 75 mins but it only takes Liverpool 75 mins to batter teams. Best team in the world. 🙋🏻‍♂️
Ahmed Heensaleey
Ahmed Heensaleey:
King 🤴 Salah did it again
7 clean sheets and counting YNWA
citiboi kidd
citiboi kidd:
"How on earth was it 1-0 going into injury time..." Liverpool was like a predator playing with its prey before going in for the kill!!
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson:
30 points ahead of United with a game in hand after 22 games played. Just Incase any utd fans missed that.
Klopp AllTheWay
Klopp AllTheWay:
Espn keeps saying it’s over in all videos lol
biniam mersha
biniam mersha:
Its over really😂😂 its been over before new year
Rohit Vaishnav S
Rohit Vaishnav S:
Here for the Lingard jokes.
in the dark
in the dark:
How fitting is it that Liverpool got 2 goals disallowed by VAR against their very own bitter rivals...
Abdi Hassan
Abdi Hassan:
What an assisted from Alison 🔥⚽️
What a great finished from Mohammed Salah ⚽️
❤️ YNWA ❤️
Polak Tein
Polak Tein:
mosala has taken advantage of the opportunity well ... his solo run was amazing
M Sader
M Sader:
When Harry met Van Dijk 💪🏻 case closed
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Wonderful Hendo and the rest of the midfield ♥️
Anthony Clegg
Anthony Clegg:
Liverpool champions of all ynwa <3 96 <3
Game over Mancs!!!!!
عالم الرياضة
عالم الرياضة:
It's over See you guys later 😁😁
Energy G.J
Energy G.J:
Triggered MU fans incoming...
The Goat
The Goat:
United needs a complete makeover because as it stands all they have is a name which carries achievements of the past
VARchester getting favours again
The Egyptian King put them to sleep nicely 😁
Karl Kelly
Karl Kelly:
Ale just kept repeating himself
Zubz-LFC YNWA!!!
Zubz-LFC YNWA!!!:
7 clean sheet in a row not 6
Don Dinero
Don Dinero:
Firmino doing AWB dirty 😂
Sam Sam
Sam Sam:
Man U even in their haydays were never this good they used to win league with 25-26 wins 85 points
Tip your takeaway driver, england !
Tip your takeaway driver, england !:
good point about the virgil a de gea coming together , was it clear and obvious ,answer no
Compilations Lounge
Compilations Lounge:
Mo Salah is in great shape 💪
Yvette Kasongo
Yvette Kasongo:
Well done Liverpool
Frieza 223
Frieza 223:
Feels like Ale has been speaking for an hour or something
Andrew Adam
Andrew Adam:
We were dominant today, and we've been much more dominant, keeping the ball better than last year, sometimes I think Moreno doesn't actually watch many of the games.
Ultra Trump
Ultra Trump:
Sweet 16 Points 💯 Clear winners EPL 🏆🥇🤗👍😎
Daz Fitch
Daz Fitch:
7. Clean sheets in. A row
Ebbe B
Ebbe B:
The Red Machine
3:42 pretty much sums up Moreno
hello my lovelys
hello my lovelys:
Maguire lol
LeMan 02
LeMan 02:
its over since October ! lol
Congrats liverpool
Roger Wallace
Roger Wallace:
"The consistency of putting teams away hasn't been there for Liverpool" how on earth can you say this with a straight face, not to mention getting paid for it
Ognjen Popovic
Ognjen Popovic:
7 clean sheet's in a row* hehe
azman daud
azman daud:
sallah the best
Mo Mo
Mo Mo:
Krass was der Klopi aus Liverpool gemacht hat!!! Liverpool 4ever👍👍👍
Carlos Nelson
Carlos Nelson:
Ally Say Lakaku Lakaku Bruh 😂😂😂
Modern Soccer
Modern Soccer:
its not over, dont forget United must avoid relegation first
F. Rafique Zayn
F. Rafique Zayn:
What's happened to the studio?
Sammy Crestha
Sammy Crestha:
Now red dragon era begning
Sam Knight
Sam Knight:
I was just waiting for ESPN FC Liverpool v Man United game analysis.
We Are Liverpool.