"Liverpool will be nervous but should beat Man Utd!" | Graeme Souness previews Liverpool vs Man Utd

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Graeme Souness insists Liverpool will be nervous going into a game against Manchester United for the first time in years, but should edge it.

Speaking on the Sky Sports' Pitch to Post Preview podcast, Souness provided an in-depth preview for the Super Sunday clash, which could see United stretch their lead at the top of the Premier League to six points.

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100+ comentarios:

Yeasin Ahmed
Yeasin Ahmed:
Get Souness Evra Keane on the post match panel, will be epic either way the result goes
Taryn Estabon
Taryn Estabon:
With all the hype this games getting you just know it's going to be a 0-0.
Chris Lacey
Chris Lacey:
Strange that when utd were doing poorly at the start of the season it was because they were terrible and going nowhere and yet when they're top it's because of a "strange season with unprecedented covid times". Moving the goalposts there I would suggest!
aby modayil
aby modayil:
Really want pogba to score the winner to see the look on souness’s face!
teemu pukki
teemu pukki:
why does the interviewer sound like he’s trying not to wake up his parents 🤣🤣
Jennai Shirow
Jennai Shirow:
Souness is typically poor at predictions so I'm even less optimistic for Liverpool now
Danny Sane
Danny Sane:
Say what you want about souness, but his house looks amazing
Lord Claude GoonerTV
Lord Claude GoonerTV:
Greame souness: Progba's blond hair will make Liverpool nervous
Opinion Unpopular
Opinion Unpopular:
7:54 he just couldn't resist a dig at Pogba
I hope Souness, Keane, Carra and Neville are post match.
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
They're nervous but on the surface they look calm and ready
Jack Le marechal
Jack Le marechal:
Feel like souness is the nervous one😂
JP Martin
JP Martin:
liverpool 1 - man utd - 2
Donnie H Gill Jr.
Donnie H Gill Jr.:
*Host:* "So, what do you think about Bruno Fernandes' impact at Man United since he signed last January?

*Souness:* "Well, firstly, I think the important thing to remember about this whole thing is that Pogba's been nothing short of a disgrace this season. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that he has been the worst signing in Premier League history. I mean, he's a number 10 playing as a DM. Why is he dropping so deep?"

*Host:* "Graeme, I think that's to do with Ole's formation rather than Pogba just deciding to...

*Souness:* "Excuse me. Excuse me. I'm talking, okay? You asked me about Pogba, now let me speak.

*Host:* "Sorry. Go ahead."

*Souness:* "Thank-you. Rude. Anyway, I think Pogba has been complete and utter crap since he signed. His attitude stinks, he walks around the pitch like a life-sized ragdoll, his career has been a total failure, and in all honesty, would we miss him? Let's be honest, if Paul Pogba got Covid-19 tomorrow, would anyone really miss him?

*Host:* "You mean would anyone miss him if he missed a few games, not would anyone miss him if he died, right?

*Souness:* "Huh? Oh, right. Yes. Sure."
John T
John T:
Graham Souness reminds me of a short-tempered sports teacher with whom you would never misbehave - unless you had a death wish!
Cant wait to come back here after a masterclass with a Bruno peno winner
John Adams
John Adams:
Aged well after getting a níl all draw 😂😂😂
I bet Souness has been loving Pogba’s recent form 😂😂😂
Joel olssonTV
Joel olssonTV:
💀💀💀💀😭😭😭 He’s soo washed
I'll be back here to reply to Souness in about 10hrs..🤔
Bishen Maragh
Bishen Maragh:
People acting Liverfool as been world beaters for ten or more years it just been the last 3 to 4 year that they became relevant again untied will beat Liverfool and this assclown with be crying
Abdullahi Abdikadir
Abdullahi Abdikadir:
Say No To The Vax!
Say No To The Vax!:
I love to see the bitterness of this man talk about United 🔴⚪⚫
Graeme Souness, more like Sour ness, man hates United
Leon Daly
Leon Daly:
It sounds like Souness is already preparing his excuses.
Interviewer is lifeless😂
Vikas Hakda
Vikas Hakda:
Three points clear of the most greatest Liverpool team in the history 😂 with a pe teacher for a manager.
Nigel Thomas
Nigel Thomas:
Grimmy Graeme being all salty
Phil Stephen
Phil Stephen:
Confidence starts to what through the team??!? Premulate?? 😂
Ishit singh
Ishit singh:
liv 2 - united 2
Nathan Lhoni
Nathan Lhoni:
I know it's hard cah it's the biggest game in the league every year n especially with the positions that both teams were in going into this one👍🏾👍🏾 but we shouldn't have hyped this game up like this ffs🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ when games get hyped up they always end up 0-0 n I'm commenting this after the game n guess what it ended 0-0 smh😪😪
benito tommassi
benito tommassi:
Souness and Keane are the best two pundits. Rarely use stats (the go to for the clueless), just honest as they see it.
San Miguel
San Miguel:
This could go either way or it could be a draw!!!
Shoulda, woulda, coulda 🙂
TT 97
TT 97:
I have to say I‘m surprised by the relative lack of Pogba comments🤣🤣🤣
Bishal Baskota
Bishal Baskota:
I think it was the way opposite 😅
TT 97
TT 97:
Two of the first ten comments I saw predicted a 0-0😂😂😂😂😂😂
Talal Chowdhury
Talal Chowdhury:
Want a pogba dive and bruno penalty
Sir Soppy Balls
Sir Soppy Balls:
Least its not a chunkz upload...
aby modayil
aby modayil:
Hahahaha souness got it wrong again!
Liverpool YAWN
Klopp might pull out a "list of facts" at the press conference
Getting the most bias pundit. Good job Sky
Stephen Looker
Stephen Looker:
3-1 Liverpool.
ro ry
ro ry:
Poor man doesn't even realise that liverpool have a shoddy defence
dan brayne
dan brayne:
haha love listening to ex liverpool players thry hated to say utd playing well
Gareth Reid
Gareth Reid:
This has 0-0 all over it hope I'm wrong
Aaron T
Aaron T:
lfc legend
Markus Kivi
Markus Kivi:
As always, Souness talks sh*t and he's wrong again 😂😂😂😂😂
Put your medals on the table
Trini_ Bang
Trini_ Bang:
What’s the predictions?
Liv-1 MU- 3
His house 😎
A Tight game
Daniel Paton
Daniel Paton:
Nothing to do with Covid Liverpool injuries yes
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson:
We 3rd now
Dasika Sairam
Dasika Sairam:
This was a really good chance for Man United to lay down a marker... especially given Liverpool's shortcomings at centre-half and the lack of fluency among their famed front three.

Nonetheless, Solskjaer would rue the sluggish start made by his side especially as Man City starting to cranch it up a notch.
I think that Liverpool's recent poor form has been a bit exaggerated by media and fans.Liverpool could've won at least 2 of those games on another day. worried about City tho.YNWA
Denis Njeru
Denis Njeru:
With all due respect West Brom gave Liverpool a run for their money and they are relegation contenders.

And Liverpool are third in the league
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
عالم كرة القدم
عالم كرة القدم:
liverpool 😘😘
Tho a united fan , but I know livs gonna win most probs go united!!!!!
please bring neutrals to the conversations
Prediction: Liverpool 0-2 Manchester United
Pogba will make your day Souness
He talks some Shite. Citeh won from two set pieces.
P.E.M. Run Balance Wheel - RBW
P.E.M. Run Balance Wheel - RBW:
🧐: Graeme Souness, 👍🏾.
Big Draco
Big Draco:
He’s trying so hard not to insult pogba lmao
Maxmillan Nongrum
Maxmillan Nongrum:
Souness is the Pele of prediction
I fancy united Today
Big pants
Big pants:
Martin Tyler bores me with his 20 year old anecdotes. I pay to hear a commentary on the match. He misses so much on the pitch while he jabbers away over times gone by.
Wagner Pedro
Wagner Pedro:
Maybe it’s not that Liverpool isn’t playing at its best. Maybe teams just figured out how to play them. Same happened to city and Pep changed the way they play slightly that’s why the improvement. For sure Van Dijk is a big lost no doubt but remember they lost 7 against Villa with Van Dijk in the team so.. chill out, cause the truth is, it’s anyone’s game to win today
Make it make sense
R W:
Man United have nothing to lose at all. Absolutely nothing. Noone expects them to win, they are playing away from home and they dont need to win the game or even get points. They have had their good run. They are in a far better position than anyone would ever expect. Liverpool? Well take all of what I said above and think the exact opposite.
Josephat Kabera
Josephat Kabera:
am gonna beat Liverpool United fans in Kenya
Aloyce Junior
Aloyce Junior:
Manutd need to finish chances to succeed against last Liverpool
M35 shahツ
M35 shahツ:
I support united
dinesh goh ram
dinesh goh ram:
Cmon united........bruno penalty cmg soon bois.....ezzz
It will be a draw 1-1 or 0-0
All these big matches have been disappointing this season ( city v Liverpool, spurs v Chelsea, Manchester derby, Chelsea v united)
Lee fitz26
Lee fitz26:
All ex united players think united will win all ex Liverpool players think Liverpool will win 🤔
Sadif Rahman
Sadif Rahman:
I still don't think United have enough to win at Anfield
Old School Gamer
Old School Gamer:

I apologise if you’ve already read this, as I have pasted it a lot ; This is for those who haven’t already read it.

People will try to downplay what Ole and this team are doing, by saying things like “Mourinho had more points, by this time, in the season he finished second” which is true; However they won’t mention that we had played more games, by this time, in that season.

Or they’ll say things like “United are only top, because Liverpool and Man City have digressed”; However, they won’t mention that this is because all the other teams have improved and are taking points away from them; Therefore making it a far more difficult and competitive league this year.

PLEASE PEOPLE; I implore you, don’t let the haters twist facts, too fit their anti-united agendas. We need to stand together, by supporting our team and supporting our manager, because this team is on the way back up and rivals can’t stand it.

I will support Ole as long as I see progression and If you look at the United squad now, compared to the squad that Ole took over, it is night and day.

Plus we are playing the best football since Sir Alex Ferguson left (I actually enjoy watching us play again); so any clown, who still thinks that Ole doesn’t know what he’s doing, has no tactics, no style of play, or hasn’t improved the team, is either lying to themselves or has a ridiculous and unnecessary AGENDA.

When Ole took over (permanently) 19 months ago, 99% of true United fans, all said that we needed a major overhaul and that we had at least a dozen deadwood players, that both needed too go and be replaced.

Plus we also said, that we needed a 3 year rebuild; and since that first six months (before Bruno signed) Ole has finished 3rd in the league, reached 4 semifinals and has a 70%ish win ratio, all at less than half way through those 3 years and without getting his number one, marquee summer signing (Jaden Sancho).

Plus look at how many players have improved (significantly) under Ole’s management, Shaw, Martial, Rashford and Fred are unrecognisable from the players we saw under Mourinho. Not to mention his success in the transfer market; other than Dan James and arguably Orion Igarlo, all of his signings have been successful; improving both the first team and our squad depth.

I’ve also been extremely impressed by his handling of Mason Greenwood; His integration into the first team has been executed perfectly; allowing him to perform to the best of his ability without over playing him or putting him under any unnecessary pressure. Plus Ole’s taken him out of the limelight this season, due too him struggling after his friends suicide; Whereas a lot of managers would’ve still played him despite his head not being in the game.

There has been a clear change of culture at our football (something else we all asked for) plus this squad of players, all clearly respect Ole and are playing for both him and the badge. I’m sick to death of the vocal minority on Twitter, constantly trying to undermine him and derail the players, plus overreacting every time we lose, like impatient, whining, crybabies.

Don’t get me wrong I still think Liverpool or City will win the league again this year (unfortunately), however I don’t think either one will run away with it this year, I honestly believe that we are not that far away them anymore and that we could push too within 5-10 points of them both.

I still think this team are 3 players away from winning the league or the Champions League, a CB with pace (that can stay fit) to play alongside Maguire or Lindelof, a DM too allow us to play two CAM’s, because Matic is too old now, too do so regularly, and a true RW ie Jaden Sancho. I’m also 99% certain that Pogba will leave in the summer, therefore he also needs to be replaced; my choice would be Jack Grealish.

If all of those areas are addressed, in either January or the summer, I then believe we have the possibility to push past Liverpool and City next season. However I do believe this team could finish 3rd, maybe even 2nd, plus win a trophy (this season); whether that be the FA Cup or Europa league.

I understand if your not sure YET, whether Ole is the right manager too bring us major trophies consistently; But If nothing else, he is the right man to fix the culture and mentality at our football club; He is without a doubt, leading us in the right direction and will leave the club, in a better state than when he took over; Therefore he deserves our backing and credit for doing so.

This team is going somewhere, (which is because of Ole) you would have to be blind or have no football knowledge whatsoever, not to see it, so to all the muppets in the Ole HATE crew; I have just one thing to say.

Back the team and back the manager (win or lose) or f*** off and support another club. BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR NEGATIVITY WON’T BE MISSED
Klopp influencing the refs before the game about pens...
Allen Jiang
Allen Jiang:
Sadly you are wrong.... teams know how to frustrate Liverpool now... all i need to do is to play my defence deep... your fast wingers can’t exploit the area... when that happened, your Salah looks like a garbage... you can throw him away into the bin for good...

Putting in Curtis Jones and Milner? How were they going to influence the outcome when they are fringe players? Lol

This result is lucky for Liverpool... Man U should have won the game with having more clear cut chances...

Wanna win the league? Fix your boring midfield first... lol
Ziggy Murphy
Ziggy Murphy:
Man Utd will win 2-0
Liverpool are one hit wonders. Won’t win another premier league for years. They will be 7th when the games in hand are played.
Couldn't of chosen a worse person to interview about this game LMFAO. I hope United proves everybody wrong including myself. Lets goooooo.
Atikur Rahman
Atikur Rahman:
United are in very good form, i, for one, am nervous about the game but if both teams played at 100%.... we should come out on top! YNWA
Aidan Potterton
Aidan Potterton:
Rashford every game always offside, always fouls, cant tackle, never jumps to win headers. Shite.
tahiti treat
tahiti treat:
I don't know which one of these two I hate more. Keane definitely more.
Nunca Olvidaré
Nunca Olvidaré:
Only 1 Graeme Souness 💙🙏🏼❤🙋🏻‍♀️ always loved in Glasgow.....at last we see the 55 could be incoming Sooouuunnnnesss
Slobadan Mikôcyábych
Slobadan Mikôcyábych:
Fun fact. Utd have won 68 points to Liverpool's 62 since they signed Bruno. A fact buried when the media wanted Ole out..
William Jones
William Jones:
Get that dinosaur off the tv
Fgcfh Eggcup
Fgcfh Eggcup:
In injured animal is when it’s at its most dangerous
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil
Dr.Nikhil Dhorepatil:
Another rattled former Liverpool player ... love it
toney Marshall
toney Marshall:
Don't worry we'll c today 5,0 about bla bla bla attack attack attack 😋😀😄
Vaughan Kaos
Vaughan Kaos:
No preseason, the worst start in history and are top of the league, 🤣🤣
As long as van dijk doesn't play United have a chance
M35 shahツ
M35 shahツ:
Na United could win