Lo-fi Summertime Beats to Social Distance To

Summertime is here! Let's social distance... while we chill to these lo-fi beats. Get my Bel-Air hoodie here: http://belairathletics.com

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0:00:00 | Don_solo - Sentimental Feelings | https://spoti.fi/2zQjeEm
0:01:41 | kota - パイナップル | https://spoti.fi/3hTR1Oa
0:03:15 | NumbrXII - F4TH3RHOOD | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk
0:03:58 | NumbrXII - MOTH3RHOOD | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk
0:05:45 | Seedless - Tape 616 [a] | https://seedless4.bandcamp.com/
0:07:21 | j^p^n - timepiece | https://spoti.fi/2Z5sihl
0:10:09 | yungmaple - TWO DOOR COUPE | https://spoti.fi/2ZA8JOj
0:11:55 | NumbrXII - SINN3R | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk
0:15:14 | M!NT - Versions of You | https://spoti.fi/2V2prnV
0:18:09 | Seedless - Tape 616 [b] | https://seedless4.bandcamp.com/
0:19:27 | NumbrXII - FALL (IN) LOV3 | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk
0:21:00 | Cookin Soul - Fallin | https://spoti.fi/312yHMD
0:22:34 | Don_Solo - Tokyo | https://spoti.fi/3hQDoPR
0:24:34 | Cookin Soul - Consenusal Rap | https://spoti.fi/315wAYi
0:26:56 | Cookin Soul - Creme de la Crema | https://spoti.fi/3fGNikZ
0:29:09 | Turnawai - Why | https://spoti.fi/37H9zwk
0:30:37 | j^p^n - aaaah | https://spoti.fi/2zKXCZR
0:31:50 | Cookin Soul - Korean Chick | https://spoti.fi/37L5Bmm
0:33:36 | Size d - Canal 93's | https://spoti.fi/3dUg3cA
0:36:11 | Sum Total - Sonic Adventure | https://spoti.fi/2Yjl61T
0:39:14 | NumbrXII - Endures All Things | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk
0:41:45 | Size d - Cosmic Lines | https://spoti.fi/2Nadus7
0:44:12 | smartface - Navigators | https://spoti.fi/37GHkhk
0:46:23 | NumbrXII - S4CRIFIC3 | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk
0:47:43 | ipo & babu - Snuffles the Chain Breaker | https://spoti.fi/2D4qqho
0:50:33 | akiba - Sweet Stuff | https://spoti.fi/3fGxUVP
0:52:26 | SPEECHLESS - alone forever | https://spoti.fi/3eis3ph
0:53:38 | rinse cycle - Solitude | https://spoti.fi/37KIlFd
0:55:58 | Homieunculous - Cozier | https://spoti.fi/2Nj1ZOR
0:57:14 | Zeus the Elevated - Beach House Blues | https://spoti.fi/2VEX7bJ
0:58:19 | Cookin Soul - Butter | https://spoti.fi/37L6Thc
0:59:14 | HONU - KONA | https://spoti.fi/3efFgiQ
1:01:19 | brandonhult. - Dawn | https://spoti.fi/2UZFdA4
1:02:49 | ZOD1AC x Moonside - Lumination | https://spoti.fi/3ejqlnx
1:04:16 | goosetaf ft. steezy prime - shellshock | https://spoti.fi/30ZDgHu
1:05:32 | enluv - jaune | https://spoti.fi/2BqF0iw
1:07:48 | souldrifter - Moongaze | https://spoti.fi/3fEOCEX
1:09:59 | Don Solo - Straight Up | https://spoti.fi/3hLQnSP
1:11:35 | brandonhult. - Warm Glow | https://spoti.fi/2UZFdA4
1:13:25 | Cookin Soul - Lifesaver | https://spoti.fi/37L5Bmm
1:14:31 | bloopr - Cold History | https://spoti.fi/2UYA4Im
1:15:44 | rinse cycle - Cherry Blossom Bike Ride | https://spoti.fi/37KIlFd
1:16:55 | David Chief - Yellow House | https://spoti.fi/30XQyo3
1:18:00 | mndbd- Death | https://spoti.fi/3dkYKkG
1:19:55 | NumbrXII - Atmosphere | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk
1:22:24 | Cookin Soul - Naan de Coco | https://spoti.fi/2V1xSQr
1:25:09 | enluv - petrichor | https://spoti.fi/310hvYm
1:26:55 | NumbrXII - Wishing You the Best | https://spoti.fi/3fxXNHk

► Created by Westbrook Media

Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez
Producers: Turner Barrowman, Jeff Blank, Jas Davis, Lukas Kaiser, Behdad Sami, Aidan Tanner, Key Williams, Brandon Scott Wolf
Music Curation: Ryan Celsius | https://fanlink.to/RyanCelsius
Illustrations: Heng Leng
Editor: Squid
Asst Editor: Jonas Dickson
Inspired By: ChilledCow

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HumansOnly Podcast
HumansOnly Podcast:
Will is helping us chill but who is helping Will chill? stay strong my man bless up
Topi Syrja
Topi Syrja:
Wait Lo-Fi beats from Will Smith??? Don't mind if I do.
Nicolas Vallejos
Nicolas Vallejos:
Next time for the title, "Chill with Will", waay better. Love to everyone
Home Cooking Lifestyle
Home Cooking Lifestyle:
This is cool, love it.
Hamad Al Ali
Hamad Al Ali:
Man he's an inspiration. Will Smith for president. Hit that like button if you agree
R y a n C e l s i u s ° S o u n d s
R y a n C e l s i u s ° S o u n d s:
An honor to be a part of this 🙏😎 hope everyone enjoys these incredible artists 🌊🌊
Little known fact: When Will Smith says Lo-fi he means lowkey-fire.
Jada Robinson
Jada Robinson:
I swear, these beats make me do my homework 3x faster!
James Charron
James Charron:
so great to see that this isn’t loaded with ads
Zayed Khaleel
Zayed Khaleel:
Will should now make “Fall beats to chill with uncle will.”
Noah Reinke
Noah Reinke:
We got your back Will don’t let anyone break you.
Will Smith still giving to the world even when he's in pain. We don't deserve him.
Zach King
Zach King:
People can say what they want about this man.

The entirety of my childhood he has been the same role model he has always been. Everyone’s got a life’s journey, but what he presented/presents to us always seems so pure.

We all got demons, who am I to judge?

May blessings find you all today 🙏🏽
Relaxed Things
Relaxed Things:
Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day. :)We are waiting for you on our channel💕
Gotta give props to the attention to detail with the background changing and the beautiful yet subtle transition of the sunset to the sunrise that flows with the music. Thank you.
Thanks for the love Will and Ryan for putting multiple of my tracks in here !
Stay safe yall !

Peace !
This man will always have shown us real life without hypocrisy without egoism. he should be the president of the united states, because he will always be with us in all circumstances. I feel it's so big by his side.
Adam Bishop
Adam Bishop:
RIP UNCLE PHIL "James a very" Legends will never be forgotten
She Thinks Purple
She Thinks Purple:
Anyone else notice the interview snippets with Kobe Bryant throughout? Got a little misty at the subtle tribute.
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson:
Hearing Kobe's voice is always going to bring a tear to my eye
The Alkebulan Trust
The Alkebulan Trust:
Facts or facts?...Will Smith is a legend
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn:
Should’ve had Carlton in a chair but half the size of them 😂
Jeno Jimena
Jeno Jimena:
That moment where you realized Will Smith posted this.
Nob the Knave
Nob the Knave:
Stay strong, Mr. Smith. You will always be a class act and the King of Summer.
12:23 Gundam hailing frequency sound
Mariah Fleitas
Mariah Fleitas:
i feel bad about the whole "entanglement" situation
Greg Keel
Greg Keel:
S/O to Will for being the GOAT of everything. Love the Kobe snippets
Mr. Smith, I appreciate the contribution of your gifts to our world.
I need this while the world is upside down and hurting...
Big Papi Jose
Big Papi Jose:
Even though everyone needs an Uncle Phil, I think right now, everyone deserves a Cousin Will
Luke Ford
Luke Ford:
Sounds like is like a good student of lo-fi.... Ever hear tell of AKIRA THE DON!
Bri Broekema
Bri Broekema:
Every time the music goes "hey!" My dog gets so confused lol
Nigel Charles
Nigel Charles:
I want to thank Will for this Afrocentic, Hiphop, Jazz, chill, Neo-soul, Philly, Chicago summer music feel. I love hip hop and soul music and this gives me Jill Scott, Bilal, Common, Eyrka Badu, Amerie, MaryJ Blige, Biggie, kim, Jay, Mos def, Nas Motown 60s . Other than that too it just gives you a good feeling with sounds that are produced. Honestly this is Art to me.
Emma Eichholz
Emma Eichholz:
Me: *sCrOlLiNg ThRoUgH tHe CoMmEnTs- looking for a comment Will replied to so I can reply to him them tell my brother that i talked to Will Smith..*
Everybody needs to chilllllllll, thanks Will.
Mr G
Mr G:
Everyone’s always says “Thats hot” but no one says “Will your attractive”
Ryan Cuvillier
Ryan Cuvillier:
Thank you Will! Blessing us with LoFi greatness!
Math alves
Math alves:
I can imagine Will chilling through the beats, if that was the purpose, gotcha
Selena -
Selena -:
The "She caught my heart". You could tell it came straight from his heart. Is that not the sweetest thing ever to hear from Kobe about Vanessa? 🥰 Rip Kobe
Magic Within
Magic Within:
3:58 wtf, did i just hear SORA FROM KINGDOM HEARTS?!
finally lo-fi is being listen to more in the coming months
Jaime Murillo Espejo
Jaime Murillo Espejo:
When I was way younger, my parents— anyone and everybody older, would boost about you. Seeing you in those films and hearing your charisma was a necessity in my growth. Thank you, man
Alvaro González
Alvaro González:
You can be cool, but you can never be Will "imma upload 1.5 hours of chill beats without ads because I want to" Smith cool
Yasmine Rico
Yasmine Rico:
Thank you so much for this playlist. Had this playing in the background while my husband and I spoke about our goals with each other, and as individuals. Stay safe!
Selena -
Selena -:
I mouth the first part every time. Makes me feel some kinda way. 💕
Digital Adloniant
Digital Adloniant:
One of the hardest working, nicest entertainer out there. Live is hard, even when you are doing everything as best as you can, murphy's law dictates everything that can go wrong will go wrong. We must embrace stoicism. It is the only way in this world. A man does what he ought to do, regardless of the circumstances.
lofi panda
lofi panda:
It’s sad time once again boys . . .

Life can be cloudy sometimes - Days are uncertain, circumstances are darkening, and everything seems to be taking a turn for the worst. Despite the shift in weather, things can still turn out for the best, even if it isn’t your best: You can find a reason to smile, you can have a friendly conversation, or you can reach the night without feeling so down. It’s okay to be uneasy, but if you can try, don’t give up - There’s so much waiting for you when the sky clears. Until then, in the mean time, listen to some music.
Sending positive V I B E S to all 💚
Ugly Monkey
Ugly Monkey:
Kinds worried for my guys, they just sat there moving their heads up and down for two days not doing anything else
Sir Spooky Mo0Fus The 1st
Sir Spooky Mo0Fus The 1st:
“Aha that’s hot, that’s hot”

-Will Smith 2019
Would be funny if the ad-lib in the beginning was "ahaha, for rewind i want Fortnite, and Marques Brownlee" and then it just cuts to the Epic lofi
Yooooo..... So glad that I was finally able to get back to this from my Watch Later playlist. (Mompreneur life is demanding). Anyway...It was relaxing to listen to after one of those days where you just did not feel like being productive yet you got through it and now cooking dinner and even freestyling to this mix and it feels good. Thanks for the chill hop vibes... And the visuals are on point too! Peace and righteous prosperity. ✌🏽🖤
How many People love Will?
This should be a *DJ JESSY JEFF MIX!*
Adekunle Owolabi
Adekunle Owolabi:
I'm literally entangled with this beat
Will smith is like that cool uncle that you always want to be around when you go to your hometown in the summer, stay strong everyone and see you later.
Luis Vasquez
Luis Vasquez:
Love the kingdom hearts samples. Amazing additions
Lol y’all worried about Jada and aug meanwhile will is over here chillin to Lofi with Jazzy. Love it.
Please make another one of this, Will! I love the display and the mix🙌🏽☺️
Grzegorz Lewczuk
Grzegorz Lewczuk:
hey Will please make new mix, I've listened to this one more than 100 times!!!! Maybe some autumn vibes?
dude this is awesome will has been a part of my life it feels like ive watched the good and bad with him all his movies love this dude made me cry when i so young crying with Uncle Phil
Y. G.
Y. G.:
You know what i am sayinggg?
Only OG'S wil remember it
LightOfSouls s
LightOfSouls s:
If you're reading this, hope you have a great day.
preston McCain
preston McCain:
thanks for the beats Will...."He's The DJ..I'm The Rapper" was the first album (cassette ) I bought!!
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin:
Me: outside
Also me: sees someone 10 feet away.
Me: Hold up, I gotta put on some music so I can social distance
Alpha Bros
Alpha Bros:
I love the “That’s Hot” plane in the background 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daedra House
Daedra House:
Amazingly put together!! Sounds like the whole family helped! Fantastic to my ears!
This man is a King...
Raise your glass high
Keep your hopes up
Wear your crown proudly
Like Snoop Dawg said, "It felt like Jada Cheated on all of us". Bounce Back Big Willie!!!
Lifted Noise
Lifted Noise:
Damn Will! That thing you said at the beginning. That's me!
Moises Vasquez
Moises Vasquez:
I’m going to finish off my summer semester of college doing my final project to this. Thank you 🙏
Message from Monnie
Message from Monnie:
"Chill beats to quarantine to" was cool, but I like this one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. I don't know why, but the other one was distracting for me after awhile. I knocked off to-do list items with this one.
Bkoym King
Bkoym King:
This Is Fiah!! I listen to this when im creating , working, chilling, walking, vibing my kinda vibe all day salute
Mila Goussard
Mila Goussard:
i would absolutly love to meet will smith He is my idol and a freakin icon Everything about him is just so cool en i could only dream of meeting him
jeff kifer
jeff kifer:
I remember watching fresh prince when I got out of school. I loved the one were will and a woman he was friends/lovers did the straw jokes and they turn towards each other in the end with straws in their face. To funny 😄
Well, there's chill smith back at it again
Don't chase people.

Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard.

The right people, the ones who really belong in your life, will come to you and stay.
-Will Smith
Stormchild 17
Stormchild 17:
The day of my 🎂🎁🎈, I look and find new lofi music from Will!! Yeah, my Day is made 4 sure 👍
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson:
I’m loving the Kobe interview segments mixed in this mix 💪🏾!!! Gems!!!
Stuart da Penha
Stuart da Penha:
Nunca ia imaginar essa incrível playlist de lofi no canal do will Smith, pqp que aleatório e satisfatório
Nathan V
Nathan V:
Everyone's talking about Will, but I'm seeing no love for my man, Jazz. Those beats don't just come out of nowhere, you know.
Here in the mountains we have a saying: It's better to have a horrible ending than to have horror without ending!
Lavender Life
Lavender Life:
Appreciate you bro. Could have used these tunes in undergrad. But now i'll tune in on my commute or maybe when i get off from work. Perfect music to relax to. Perfect music to study to. Keep making these. Its something about instrumental music that clears your mind so you can study. It blocks everything else out. The butterfly was a nice touch. And Jazz was eating his sandwhich.
Mind Hacks
Mind Hacks:
"Ridiculous workforce" your brain knows when you're working hard.. and when you give yourself no way out. You must get whatever you want..
Gay Conservative Boyo
Gay Conservative Boyo:
I love this, will smith pushing out lofi beats.. yus!
Chris Scott
Chris Scott:
34:00 - Size d - Canal 93's

Idk what sorcery this song is but I'm playing it from my laptop speakers and it sounds like it's surround sound in my office. It's freaky & trippy! It legitimately sounds like there are speakers in places that there are definitely not. How cool.

I hope more musicians take advantage of whatever bizarre frequencies this song does.

Then the very next song has this weird inverted bass sound which is pretty cool too. I love when artists try different things with music.
Bandile Bertrand Leopeng
Bandile Bertrand Leopeng:
Will Smith is no longer 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"....He is now the "Fresh KING of Bel-Air"
god damn Will...When I thought you couldn't get any cooler, you pull this out! Lots of Love!
Paulo Rinaldi
Paulo Rinaldi:
Love the '"Gundam beeps" at this playlist
ILikeMyMusic Guys
ILikeMyMusic Guys:
1:49 Mafia the city of lost heven (1st part - music from) sound very similar chage my mind
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison:
Shoutouts for having some Cookin Soul tracks on here. All the real ones know!
1 sub before 2021?
1 sub before 2021?:
To the person who is reading this:

You’re amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day!✨
Will you the man always have been i appreciated everything u give to this world. RyanCelsiusxWillSmith
SIMPL-[OG] Life:
Tell my Cousin Alfonzo, I said don’t forget where He came from, With Love From Pasadena, Ca
Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf:
I love Will Smith so much that since I was a kid I felt like he was a part of my family like an older cousin or a cool uncle. I love you man, you're such a positive force on planet earth!
Jens Francois
Jens Francois:
Stay strong and make everyone wonder how you're still smiling
Meanwhile that 'thats hot' plane got me floored :D
Vonny Love
Vonny Love:
These vibes is dope and perfect. 🔥🔥 a good mix was needed.
Koty Benedict
Koty Benedict:
Detective Spooner....keep the content coming my dude you know we're always here for your support!
Lynda La Rose
Lynda La Rose:
The attention to detail in this video is AMAZING--love how Jazzy Jeff's sandwich disappears bite by bite! Music is equally amazing too! More videos please, Will Smith! :-)
Currently chilling with my girlfriend two home made ice coffee's do the job!