Logan Paul Takes The Win Against Floyd Mayweather!! **KSI, Jake Paul, Canelo React**

Logan Paul Takes The W Against Floyd Mayweather **KSI, Jake Paul, Canelo React**

Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather tonight and managed to last 8 rounds (the whole fight) against arguably one of the best boxers of our generation. Logan Paul didn't get embarrassed by Floyd Mayweather and didn't take a loss. In my opinion Logan Paul comes on top with the W, he gets a tonne of money and gets to say he lasted a whole fight against Floyd Mayweather.
KSI, Jake Paul and Canelo all react to the fight.

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Don't take the title so literally, Logan takes the W for lasting 8 rounds with the best, getting that fat pay check and not getting embarrassed. He did very well
Internet Purpose
Internet Purpose:
The commentators were ass
The real winners are the ones who didn’t pay for this fight
As a boxing fan, it sucked so bad, felt like all logan learned in boxing went to trash but i guess that's what happens when you face a legend! Anyways GG Logan!
Comfortably Numb
Comfortably Numb:
“Win” what win? He nearly got knocked tf out, and Floyd kept his bot ass on ease son.
The commentator's were so terrible as u said, really disgusting to listen tho Floyd and Logan showed respect to each other
Chris swann
Chris swann:
Definitely agree, a win for both. They made so much money is doesn't even matter who hit harder
Nabil Rahman
Nabil Rahman:
0:33 The fact that he even won 3 rounds that’s even more of a bragging right.
Charlie Vinten
Charlie Vinten:
Floyd doesn’t KO people. He is the best defensive boxer in history.
Will Manning
Will Manning:
Imagine going the distance with Floyd Mayweather but losing to KSI 😂
I mean everyone is forgetting the weight difference hence why the have it in boxing. Take logan down in wright to Floyd's weight and he probably would have been knocked down.
Ngl he’s right about the commentators they did shit on him the entire time
A .dizzle
A .dizzle:
Maywesther was litterally just toying with him the whole time. This had to have been a set up
Sabastian Duke
Sabastian Duke:
You sound dumb. He’s a 150 lbs, 40+ fighter.

Mayweather most likely couldn’t knock someone his size out in his prime. The size difference is massive lol
Ifat Baig
Ifat Baig:
If Logan Paul Fights Ksi again Logan is gonna win no doubt!
The fight should of been a lgbtq fund of how much hugging they did
Logan Paul didn't get ko'ed because he was clinching 80% of the "fight"
What did people expect Floyd's the most boring fighter ever, he collects data lets opponents win a round and wins the rest he's fought the same way his last 50 fights. Do people actually think logan Paul won this 🤣🤣🤣
Louise Newberry
Louise Newberry:
Floyd may weather landed more punches so floyd wins if there were judges floyd would have won
Mr.Cringe CNG
Mr.Cringe CNG:
This is the most positive I’ve seen kavos
karon bethune
karon bethune:
I didn’t realize how good Floyd was till now
Kavos you missed..Logan lasted 8 rounds but clearly lost
Adrian Navar
Adrian Navar:
Pov: You see this after watching Floyd knockout Logan and hold him 💀
Needless to say he didn't actually last 8 rounds, this is such a shit take
Now floyd understand what hugging all the time feels like..
dan tsy
dan tsy:
Should've been a pride fundraiser with all the Hugging
PayPal me bigboi7
PayPal me bigboi7:
Logan the whole fight: I’m a hugger not a fighter
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez:
Dam floyd didnt knock him out when logan was holding for 4 rounds L floyd
The whole fight logan keep hugging him
Rei Raii
Rei Raii:
it's good to see logan grow into a different person through these years.
Kada DaMonkey
Kada DaMonkey:
How’d Logan win? He literally landed 13% of his strikes
Mike Xacha
Mike Xacha:
Tha Backround Was Just Amazing 🍻 😂
Ksi prob didnt Lie when he Said he slept while the match was going on. When the Fight started it was 2 am here.
Christian Brooks
Christian Brooks:
So true about the commentators. By far the worst I’ve ever heard in any sports event.
Logan didnt win 😂😂😂 legit floyd won hit way more shots and everytime logan just hugged him like a carebear
D r i x
D r i x :
Floyd was never known for knockouts he’s obviously not gonna ko a bigger opponent but he will wash them when it comes to points
Angry Panda
Angry Panda:
At times Floyd literally let Logan hit him.
It wasn't a real fight, it was a friendly spar.
Santiago Williams
Santiago Williams:
It not hard to last 8 rounds when you hugged floyd the whole time
lljacobll TV
lljacobll TV:
Logan legit just hugged the whole round that’s why they didn’t hype him up nobody likes to see a fight of 2 guys hugging
JenniferBaby K
JenniferBaby K:
There wasn’t supposed to be a winner though! Lol it was in the rules! We who didn’t pay for that trash are the only ones who really win!
Even though there was no winner we all know floyd won
Dvjt vjn
Dvjt vjn:
Everything aside Logan deserves respect for the balls to get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather.
Captain Balls
Captain Balls:
Logan hugged Floyd to death ☠️
That’s how he lasted
Let’s be honest Floyd was being nice to that guy
He could’ve taken him down if he wanted to
Let’s be real
the stream was great! stayed almost all 4 hours!
big nick sally
big nick sally:
My favorite part about youtube boxing is the after affect. Once all the drama and chaos is over, everyone just shows respect to each other.
GS Warriors
GS Warriors:
Boxing is so rigged and fixed it's just not even fun anymore
Roshan Sundram
Roshan Sundram:
Your thumbnail is freakin genius
cac 2s
cac 2s:
mayweather just running and hugging whole match probs threw 3 punches. logan paul looked like a moron
Kavos just because lasted don’t mean he did a good thing
I love your reaction. You are very respectful and factual. I might even consider subscribing..would you recommend?🤔😉
Tihetris Weathersby
Tihetris Weathersby:
Take a shot everytime Logan throws an empty punch, You'll be wasted
haey thgir
haey thgir:
Logan schooled Floyd 🤣
W. E. V
W. E. V:
Mayweather “beat his ass”! No dispute on that!
Benjamin Nash
Benjamin Nash:
Mayweather has never really been a knockout artist
Taheem Lewis
Taheem Lewis:
desus and mero on commentary: is it hogan or logan, he's wrestling out there.
he did get embarrassed all he did was cuddle floyd for 8 rounds
Nice Hugmatch, so when does the Boxingmatch start?
Matthew Holm
Matthew Holm:
Haha "I'm now the greatest boxer in the world" what a troll😅
C.J Halliday
C.J Halliday:
Logan definitely took the "W"
I enjoyed watching this fight on someone’s phone recording someone else’s phone while they were recording their tv
Ben Guest
Ben Guest:
All I remember was logan clinching and leaning on floyd
DeShonn B.
DeShonn B.:
RIP to the people who bought this clown fight yall got ripped off just to see a sparring clown match
Ranilo Dicen
Ranilo Dicen:
We need a rematch
Do it one more time!
I bet logan can stand 8 round when he face manny pacquiao 😂🤣
SGU Sapling
SGU Sapling:
Mfs really complaining about the hug as if that wasn’t the main think he had over Floyd thanks to his weight.
Jake paul calls out Canelo 🤣🤣🤣🤣, Jake wouldn't see daylight ever again.
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation:
So we just gonna ignore how bad the event was literally
Jackson 97 Gaming/Reactions
Jackson 97 Gaming/Reactions:
Hey Chad Johnson was impressive
damn that tittle screams desperation, you fell kavos, deep
Man just said floyd lost 😂
Tihetris Weathersby
Tihetris Weathersby:
Floyd looked really good for his age, Logan threw so many empty shots
Elijah Elias
Elijah Elias:
I lost respect for Mayweather after he beat Manny Pacquiao by hugging the entire fight
Commando Master
Commando Master:
Logan looked a lot better than expected, and Floyd look good as always.
Bull D
Bull D:
Floyd said Logan was fighting for his life yet he was just playing or the show. I call BS.
Gavin gg
Gavin gg:
I feel like going 8 rounds with someone who's 50-0 would be more impressive if he wasn't twice your age and way smaller than you. Floyd won.
Georgia price
Georgia price:
Logan lasted 8 rounds with the one of the greatest boxers.... hats off to Logan (no pun intended)
Andrew Dowling
Andrew Dowling:
Logan was literally KOd on his feet and held up by floyd so the fight continued. Idfk HOW it wasn't stopped then.
David Cruz
David Cruz:
amazing event? I wouldn't stretch that far
Ksi wouldnt last a second with mayweather. Mad Respect for logan💪
Sir Nutaku
Sir Nutaku:
For a second I thought he did actually win
Ryan Carlo
Ryan Carlo:
I thought Logan was very good tonight. He took punches and kept going. If Logan fights Jake then it would be a great fight.
Oscar Llanos
Oscar Llanos:
Yea man, SHOWTIME was being super BIAS
Michelle Daley
Michelle Daley:
Good positive comments here regarding Paul’s achievement 👍🏼
Sade Lisette
Sade Lisette:
I just remember Floyd slipping almost every jab then Logan would just clinch
ofc jj didn’t watch it, I hope no one in europe watched it, the fight started around 05:00 AM 😂
🥊high level for an exivition fight, Congrats💪👊

Toddrick Francis
Toddrick Francis:
I seem to recall you challenging Mike during the livestream. Is there any truth to that possibility??
Kristopher mcauley
Kristopher mcauley:
At 26.29 minutes in to the fight at the end of the 3 round Floyd hit logan with a elbow
Christine The Spartan
Christine The Spartan:
I alway watch you, best vlogger of 2021🙏🏼
Trap Star
Trap Star:
Let logan fight some one his weight and 50 -0 he would get put in a wheelchair ♿🤣
Jordan Nelson
Jordan Nelson:
Should have been a fundraiser for the lgbtq+ community from all the hugging they did
How’s it a dub floyd drags out Every fight
Pizza time
Pizza time:
Y’all talk like Mayweather is some knockout artist, he don’t hit all too hard. He stopped McGregor cause he gassed and that Asian cause of the weigh difference there. Before McGregor stopped it had been 11 years since his last stoppage
Wonderly NoN
Wonderly NoN:
Logan landed 25/25 hugs, so give him some credit.
Star Boi
Star Boi:
Logan was so a happy earning 20 mil that he kept hugging ......
Kyla M
Kyla M:
Respect for Logan and floyd good fight some crazy hits from you guys 💪
Brandon Ivey
Brandon Ivey:
The fight was literally for the money; the longer the fight goes the more money they make.
Josef Santos
Josef Santos:
I feel bad for people who actually paid for that crappy match
Rock girl
Rock girl:
Imagine going the distance with Floyd Mayweather but losing to KSI 😂
Normal Homosapien
Normal Homosapien:
Was fun being there for the watch night :)
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC:
I love that your fair! Great fight. Both winners!