Logan Paul won...

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Chael Sonnen talks Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather on this episode of Beyond the Fight.

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Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen:
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Birthday Batter
Birthday Batter:
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0:00-overpriced wallet advertisement
1:07-video starts
1:35-leg cross
2:06-leg cross
3:16-leg cross
4:06-leg cross
5:11-leg cross
6:45-leg cross
7:25-leg cross
9:01-leg cross
Chael “The Paul’s are Good for Business” Sonnen
Percy P
Percy P:
Chael “ that’s very cowardly”
Also chael: “ I would’ve done the same thing”
F. E.
F. E.:
To be honest, I enjoyed every minute of the spectacle and I was all in. At the end I did feel robbed even though we illegally streamed the damn thing.
It’s a a close tie between Jon Jones and Floyd Mayweather for who Chael shits on the most
Street Soccer International
Street Soccer International:
Floyd openingly said this was daylight robbery in the media, can't fault them for taking a big paycheck but if one of the fighters is saying that I wouldn't be buying into it.
HipHop Anonymous
HipHop Anonymous:
Doctor: Mr Sonnen you have minutes or hours to live - any last words?
Chael: *The Paul Brothers are Tough Guys*
When the talk around a fight is “but they made money” you know it was a shitty fight
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald:
Uncle Chael is saying the “gig” is up instead of the correct word, the “jig” is up.

Doesn’t matter. Now that the undefeated and undisputed has used the word “gig”, the new phrase is “the gig is up”.
Jameson Aleman
Jameson Aleman:
Respect Logan for fighting a 45 year old Floyd? Uncle charm you clearly underestimate what I’d do for 25 million. I’d take an uppercut from a young mike tyson for 50 bucks and 10 quart crock pot.
MrMysteryMan Ktk
MrMysteryMan Ktk:
Ah. Finally, the official decision is here.
Brown Mut
Brown Mut:
The kid stood with floyd for eight rounds. RESPECT
Austin Del Toro
Austin Del Toro:
“50 times up to bat, 50 perfect games” love the analogy Unc
Uncle Chael is a self-professed troll. Keep that in mind.
Chael when Tyson CLEARLY beat Jones jr. in their exhibition match: Neither man won. It's a tie.
Chael when Mayweather CLEARLY beat Logan Paul: Paul won!
It was a glorified sparring match. Floyd legit got paid so much to just spar in front of us.
He should make a 10 minute video explaining why he crosses his legs every minute.
John Cornette
John Cornette:
This is actually such a good take on so many levels
Jesse Thompson
Jesse Thompson:
Logic goes completely out the window when old Chael speaks. I love it.
JPG racchi
JPG racchi:
06:45 ...the look of a master troll gloating at the height of his powers. You are at the very top of your game, sir.
Legendary Saiyan God
Legendary Saiyan God:
Logan Paul won the moment Chael didn’t predict he’d win.
brian poland
brian poland:
Floyd looked good, He was playing with Logan but there were some good tactics on Logan’s part
Injured Spike
Injured Spike:
I really don't know what anybody was expecting it went exactly how I thought it would go. That has been Floyd's style for many years and he basically stated from the beginning this was just a cash grab. Can't fault them for playing the idiots who willingly paid for it.
Chase Harmon
Chase Harmon:
I’m sooooo confused on what people were expecting when they “paid for this shit” learn the sport. This shit was never gonna exciting w a bunch of punches landed. But the fact Paul went the distance made it interesting
Danald Tramp
Danald Tramp:
In my heart, I know that we're ALL winners. All of us who didn't pay and maybe haven't even bothered with highlights.
You're asking a almost 40 year old man to drop his Ninja Turtles wallet and pick up a ridge wallet? No, no sir.
Jeffrey Anderson
Jeffrey Anderson:
That’s crazy Floyd carried in the whole fight and actually knocked him out and had a hold him up till I recovered. Logan is a loser
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
Every time I watch one of these circus shows it makes me appreciate the UFC so much more
Chris Lemacks
Chris Lemacks:
Chael - “I think it’s cowardly” “ I can see where I’d do the same thing”!
Crowd erupts in support of the American Gangster!!!!.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson:
“Cage control” means absolutely nothing if you don’t do damage or land your strikes. A for effort on the amount of strikes thrown, but you need to land your shots to consider it “outworking” someone
They both won, finessed all the idiots that payed for that shit.
Floyd and the circus brother's, it was a good circus act that paid them both.
Last Chance
Last Chance:
Chael leg crossing are so violent and the technique is so perfect, i envy him so much
Siege Life
Siege Life:
I love how you sir, Chael Sonnen, turn "I" into "we" when "we" never said such a thing. "I", as in me, said Floyd would dance and toy around for 8 rounds and Logan would hug.
Benjamin Hansen
Benjamin Hansen:
Floyd carried Logan, especially when he knocked him out.
Kendra Anton
Kendra Anton:
I watched the fight on YouTube... I won.
Vin Jane
Vin Jane:
Every fight I've seen in high school or at a bar, I've always knew who won.
Iceman 316
Iceman 316:
I would love to see a welterweight in the ufc walk down a heavyweight for 8 rounds and not even get hurt .
Fat Boy
Fat Boy:
Floyd was walking toward him almost the whole fight Logan just grabbed him after every punch thrown
Dominic Thomas
Dominic Thomas:
Chael your too nice haha 😂 giving the positive dad speech
Norman Guzman
Norman Guzman:
He will always be remembered as as running Mayweather. Ali was the greatest of all time.
“Floyd needs to keep doing what he’s doing and fighting complete tomato cans. I never seen anyone in the history of the US become so rich and famous from wimps throwing punches at your face, and I know what you’re thinking ‘well it’s happened before look at Rihana’”
Nick Smyth
Nick Smyth:
100% accurate. 🔥
Chael, my man...you're reaching here.
Tony Silva
Tony Silva:
If only we could quantify missed punches versus landed ones. We could even give this value a good name. Let’s call it accuracy.
Honest Lee
Honest Lee:
I love how you call him a coward and say he has balls all in one video
Sazabi MSN-04
Sazabi MSN-04:
Chael reading off a prompter for the promotion XD
"Even the shrimps" hahaha, you heavyweight savage.
“As a community, we all agreed that if Logan went all 8, he would win.”
Me: I didn’t shake anyone’s hand Mr Chael “leg cross” Sonnen
I didn’t like this channel when I first seen it, but after watching it a few times I am amazed what he has learned (to quote Mark Twain) now its the best channel on YouTube.
Tiffany W.
Tiffany W.:
Thank you for breaking this down to where I actually get it.
Bronson Z-1
Bronson Z-1:
For Floyd it was just a fight, for Logan it was THE fight.
Andres Ortiz
Andres Ortiz:
Cold take Uncle Chael, Mayweather was moving forward after the 1st round Logan was fighting on his heels.
Christo Mac
Christo Mac:
So Logan looked far better than he did in his first fight, the kid has clearly put the work in the gym, for that I tip my cap, no pun intended.
When an amateur YouTube boxing star stays on his feet against one of the greatest ever... that's a win!
Hacobi Nash
Hacobi Nash:
The jealousy for floyd mayweather in combat sports has reached an all time high
Majik- ballz
Majik- ballz:
This was a hugging session 😂😂😂
male person
male person:
4.45: Chael: "I think it was a chicken move. I think it was a very cowardly move that Floyd did."

8.42: Also Chael: "You get a few guys with balls and that's what Floyd is."
Abigail Ponce
Abigail Ponce:
Paul brothers offering you a commentary job for the next fight?!
“We all agreed that if Logan went the distance we call him the winner”
No Chael, nobody agreed to that.
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football:
chael sonnen has a great perspective on life
Mohib Elahi
Mohib Elahi:
He's the Ian somerhalder of the fight game.
Luis From Texas
Luis From Texas:
"I dont care if your talking good or bad about me, just keep talking about me".
-Floyed Mayweather Jr.
Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen:
With all due respect... no chael, YOU won.
Tayyab Warrach
Tayyab Warrach:
I would highly appreciate it if uncle chela would do his promos in the middle or end
John H
John H:
the fight went exactly like they wanted it to go. Except for the second Logan was about knocked out.
Warren Dredge
Warren Dredge:
I want to see both brothers actually fight a current active pro boxer in their weight class.
Chael: I will never click bait you.

Also Chael: *this video*
Hahaha I love uncle Chael , so real..I agree Logan won.. And he may have even tied Floyd with "real boxing rules" I had Logan won round 1,2,6, and 8... Possibly 7?
Jacob Bruch
Jacob Bruch:
“That wouldn’t fly in MMA... we’re gonna call you a fool.” Why’d he have to do Anderson like that?
double slit
double slit:
Even Joe Rogan thought this was a legit fight lol
Miguel Alamo
Miguel Alamo:
🤣 Chael is one of the biggest trolls! 😂
David Crupe
David Crupe:
Actually, Paul got knocked out, and carried the entire fight.
Uncle Chael loves trolling his subs with "they're tough guys" ha ha and I'm not saying he's wrong i'm just saying he takes immense pleasure in irritating whoever he can.... and I still think he was talking about True geordie in that video lmao
Are we forgetting it was an 8 round fight
Greg Hernandez
Greg Hernandez:
Okay My first impression was "did Uncle Chael just lost his mind!?"
Tom Pentecost
Tom Pentecost:
Could you imagine Logan going the distance with GSP?
End of the 6th, I think, it was getting effed up. The guys a youtuber taking a beating, then floyd let up a bit again, i.e. throwing no punches, and within two rounds it turned into some crowning achievement for Logan.
It looked to me like Logan was knocked out at the end of that 1 round and Floyd was holding him up
Seth Greenwell
Seth Greenwell:
Chael I know you love the Paul’s but Floyd literally knocked Logan out and held him up, you are DEAD WRONG
Sifid Channel
Sifid Channel:
Chael "I am offering for you" Sonnen is back😂
Grassroots Football
Grassroots Football:
but tbh I was dissapointed with logan, I assumed he was at least remotely skilled, he is tough tho
Nails Kelly
Nails Kelly:
Chael has looked at his own videos too many times...
Wes Miller
Wes Miller:
Everytime I watch a Chael video I buy a wallet. I'm done after buying my 53th wallet. Chael is Uncle
mason branton
mason branton:
I really like Chael but occasionally he comes out of nowhere with a real smooth brain moment.
Punching the air and hugging confirmed to be an effective strategy to win a boxing fight.
Абдулла Б.
Абдулла Б.:
I didn't even know that fight happened before this vid.
Mark Goddart
Mark Goddart:
First off let’s keep in mind the SIZE difference Logan is a damn heavyweight, an I know I’m not the only one who watched Floyd knock him out an pick him back up till he recovered 🤣
I'm pretty sure it was the strategy from the get go to have a draw. That way they can create hype and controversy for the rematch they are going to have in a year or so.
Dane Schell
Dane Schell:
Chael gunning for that promoter spot in Floyd's camp.
Lugubrious Australia
Lugubrious Australia:
Chael, world class spin doctor
Jan Heberle
Jan Heberle:
eh this is the first time imo that chael missed...i still think mayweather is the greatest
Emerson Perez
Emerson Perez:
It seems like ridge wallet has had 30k 5 star reviews for like 5 years now
mike campos
mike campos:
Chael actually thinks this fight was real
Floyd started beating Logan on the 4th, then the hugging started. By the 6th both fighters wanted to go home.
Chael " lets unpack this thing " Sonnen
James 2020
James 2020:
Floyed never lost , Logan done himself proud
Greg Murray
Greg Murray:
Making your opponent miss is scored favorably, it's called ring generalship.
“A guy that has never done it vs a guy that has never won doing it.”