Logan Paul's IMMEDIATE REACTION to Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Fight | Showtime Boxing

In this video Logan Paul gives his thoughts on his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

#floydmayweather #loganpaul #boxing

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100+ comentarios:

I won this fight cuz I didn’t pay for the fight
Alexander Guevara
Alexander Guevara:
Everyone here arguing about who won the fight when in reality this was a circus fight. Both of them could care less, they just made easy money of the dumb ppl who paid for this crap. This was embarrassing. Can't even call this a Boxing match.
Kaleb Robinson
Kaleb Robinson:
Logan: “I didn’t get my ath whooped mike”
*nervously surveys room*
Marco Aguirre
Marco Aguirre:
Sounds more humble then his lil sis
Canada_ Wet
Canada_ Wet:
Logan Paul is lucky to be even sitting in that chair and he’s really sitting there mocking Mike Tyson.
Notorious 777
Notorious 777:
Real winners are people's who didn't pay to watch 🏆
logan was fighting a 44 year old dude half his size and he still kept hugging every 5 seconds
Imagine Mike Tyson was in the back of the room chilling whilst Logan was talking about him. 😂😭
Alexander Ruano
Alexander Ruano:
Logan face look messy while Floyd basically has no scratches on him
yeezy legit
yeezy legit:
Floyd beat his ass, he's so delusional lol
Gorilla Ballz
Gorilla Ballz:
Logan Paul: "Who Next" nervously looks around the room.
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro:
This sad, meanwhile we still got fighters in the Ufc only bringing home 30 grand.
PayPal me bigboi7
PayPal me bigboi7:
Logan the whole fight: I’m a hugger not a fighter
Larry Brandon II
Larry Brandon II:
You can see the inner kid in him come alive he’s so happy rn
Lol, this dude doesen't even realize that he has no points in that match, he got 2 clean shots thru the whole match and that's it. In real boxing match with score cards he would lose big time
Eldridge Felder
Eldridge Felder:
2:30 I wouldn't recommend mocking Mike Tyson. There's a few reasons he would come out of retirement, and that could be one of them.
M L:
Delusional! Logan is in a different weight class and look at Logan's face... Mayweather is fine. Logan kept resorting to MMA and clinch all day. Logan probably thought he could use his body during clinches to tire Mayweather. Logan loss but I guess he lives with his own brownnosers to feel validated.
Going the distance isn’t winning. You lost all 8 rounds. Floyd isn’t a knock out artist. You were dead, hugging every round all round.
Meme Unicorn
Meme Unicorn:
“I was grabbing him” more like hugging him lmao
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones:
Did Mayweather even break a sweat? If he did it was due to Paul being so big, lots to carry.
Thrasher x Thrasher
Thrasher x Thrasher:
Logan’s face during the whole fight and even after the press conference literally tells you that he got hurt...
Imagine paying for this fight
Eldridge Felder
Eldridge Felder:
0:35 "I knew if I went the distance, I'd won." How do you figure? A guy who weights about 40-50lbs less than you, shorter than you, and landed 3x as many punches than you, clearly did a better job. The fact you went the distance means you "survived". Not won.
The grappling comment went right over his head! 😂
Christopher Frazier
Christopher Frazier:
Free huggs during the fight!
Mike 99
Mike 99:
For some reason I got nervous when he spoke about Mike Tyson. Be careful Logan lol for the both of us.
The way he answered "No no no" to getting hurt, all lies
Mike be right, Floyd did beat his fucking ath
Yacoob Modan
Yacoob Modan:
Logan did not win. Floyd won, no question
The man from room fiVe
The man from room fiVe:
Whoaaa pump your brakes logan, don't let a fight with Floyd Mayweather hype you up into saying anything foolish about iron mike
RiceyBhoy 89
RiceyBhoy 89:
"I love entertaining"

Real talk- I love making millions 🙄
phone jack
phone jack:
Well, they made the bag from fools who actually bought the fight and that’s all that matters

To them
Carl Am
Carl Am:
I would love to see him get In the ring with Tyson
Please make this his 3rd fight.
Miguel Estrada
Miguel Estrada:
Who is next ? How about, "see you soon boi." Soldier of God would be an entertaining fight.
Midwestrebel 2
Midwestrebel 2:
Logan was tryna knock floyd out , but Floyd was just doing his thing , putting on a little show in being a business man 💯while you been training to beat his ass ...
Nick Mamicha
Nick Mamicha:
Wasn't really a fight match, it was a business match
Ethan Ethan
Ethan Ethan:
It took my towards the end of the video to figure out that Logan was wearing a Charizard around his neck as a necklace lmao
"He called me to the bathroom and he said as big as this is..." 😱 This is going viral, I hope you're already prepared 😜
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
"He called me to the bathroom and he said as big as this is..." 😱 This is going viral, I hope you're already prepared 😜
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
"He called me to the bathroom and he said as big as this is..." 😱 This is going viral, I hope you're already prepared 😜
kam a
kam a:
And there was actually people who paid to watch a Grandfather fight against a social media guy in his 2nd fight?
Norel Geonzon
Norel Geonzon:
dang i know he really want this fight because of the money
Jus notices he's got the charizard ice
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
2:30 I wouldn't recommend mocking Mike Tyson. There's a few reasons he would come out of retirement, and that could be one of them.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml:
Floyd beat his ass, he's so delusional lol
Jimmy Saenz
Jimmy Saenz:
Logan: Ok coach what drills are we doing today before the fight.

Coach: Same drill we been doing Loagn. Hugging as much as you can.
tushar yadav
tushar yadav:
That was a great hugging match
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Imagine paying for this fight
B H:
I feel like MMA might be more for Logan
PokeHobby Asia
PokeHobby Asia:
Love that Charizard!
x_omarknight 1
x_omarknight 1:
Let's go champ!😂
Gustavo Jaime
Gustavo Jaime:
is he serious floyd was sleeping 😴
Floyd happy he getting paid 😂
rodney wright
rodney wright:
This wasn’t a real fight ffs totally different weights glad I didn’t pay for this!
lil goose
lil goose:
2 45🤣🤣🤣
db Productions
db Productions:
Floyd humbled him for sure
mau ort
mau ort:
I feel like everyone has forgotten the 50lb + weight difference
Northern Pikes
Northern Pikes:
Final Hug score- Logan =96 Floyd =2
Call meh karem
Call meh karem:
"Did he hurt u at any point in the fight?"
"Ummmmmmmmmmm noooooooo 😳"

Like bruh he rocked yo ass w that uppercut
Jack Murry
Jack Murry:
Fair play living the dream logan
Ethan Nisely
Ethan Nisely:
Wow man... you lost man he beat you. It’s his game... to out weight him 50 lbs. Smh come on accept you survived.
Lillian Magee
Lillian Magee:
Lol Floyd clearly gave the people a show 😂
Celebrity News
Celebrity News:
Mayweathers manager wasn’t having this lol
Pete Jones
Pete Jones:
I have way more respect for him now
Logan, Mayweather schooled you. Don't be dillusional. Can you imagine if this guy fought a real heavyweight. Totally showed the difference between a pro and a YouTube thing
ten up
ten up:
Bro said he didn’t get hurt Floyd almost folded him with a body shot in I think it was the 6th or 7th round
olll Blac
olll Blac:
I won 20k betting on Logan 👏👏👌🏼
When he said did he hurt u at all he grabbed that mix so hard
John TheSpartan
John TheSpartan:
'' who's next '' xD try someone who'll fight you for real xD
Does Logan realize that Floyd was playing with Logan?
That's actually pretty cool...
Terry Quintero'Moore
Terry Quintero'Moore:
Well the points said Floyd won
Knight Bot
Knight Bot:
tbh he doesn't look like someone who just stepped in the ring with the best in the world.
SamGaming HD
SamGaming HD:
79 - 73 to Floyd Mayweather. End of
verse vica
verse vica:
Good on ya mate 👏
Martin Normanton
Martin Normanton:
Quote Mayweather "I make a fortune out of my legacy" Well he Sure made a fortune out of this Circus Show.
Embarrassing for boxing.
Ow Ner
Ow Ner:
BBKCF is the Floyd Mayweather 🥊🥊 of Crypto Stocks 🥇
Now Logan’s paul planning next to fight Manny Paquaiao
JoeClean Official
JoeClean Official:
If only my ex could've hugges me as much as Logan Paul hugged Floyd Mayweather she would've won my heart by now😂😂😂
Gabino Barrera
Gabino Barrera:
I really hope a heavy hitter like canelo knocks some sense into this clowns, pay canelo good money and make the fight
Floyd really felt the love from Logan with all the hug he gave floyd
Jonathan Perry
Jonathan Perry:
If we had to judge by who looks the best after that match it definitely goes to Floyd Mayweather.
Floyd did dictate the entire fight he wants there to be a 2nd fight. ''more money''
Joseph Bonenfant
Joseph Bonenfant:
Hey Logan so we’re you trying to go the distance or what was your game plan.
Logan: no I would never
Also Logan: lands 2 half decent punches in the entire fight and was just hugging Floyd the whole fight
At the end of the day, these guys got a good check.
Jalil Lewis
Jalil Lewis:
He really believes that he won. 😩🤣🤣
IEat BootyOs
IEat BootyOs:
Thank god for fire stick cause this whole matchup was highway robbery enjoyed chad getting knocked out though 😂
Tennessee Tang
Tennessee Tang:
Lol coach Milton has a tag still on his hat
Brady Bradford
Brady Bradford:
Anyone else notice how uneven logans beard is, like damn
Mike Rudolph
Mike Rudolph:
Adeem Al Akhlaq
Adeem Al Akhlaq:
Was there a winner in that fight?
Floyd in post didn't even look like he eas in a fight. This dude can't go against young fighter they eat him up
Sensor Toob
Sensor Toob:
What happened to "whether it's me doing MMA?"
The Friendly Beast
The Friendly Beast:
Lord jesus logan please keep antagonizing Iron Mike. He will fight you for the money and then actually crush you lmao i would stop while your ahead
cameron callaway
cameron callaway:
As much as I hate the Paul brothers. I tip my hat for at least respecting one of today's legends
B- Bitter
B- Bitter:
Atleast Floyd admitted that he lost. I bet on Logan Paul for the win Pay me my money.
Man was hugging for his life
Spati Pitem
Spati Pitem:
Mohamed Ali is the greatest of all time until now
reporter: Did he hurt you
logan: nah never
*left eye bruise*: yeah
crypto pathfinder
crypto pathfinder:
mayweather came to fight it out, paul? came to hug it out!