Lokomotiv Plovdiv Vs Tottenham [LIVE WATCH ALONG]

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32 comentarios:

Ivan Kolev
Ivan Kolev:
I just love it when Lokomotiv Plovdiv scored and they started calling the Bulgarians "farmers". Top class there (clapping).
VAR Room Podcast
VAR Room Podcast:
bale was bout to tell the pilot to turn around . thank you tanguy
Vasko Pohlupkov
Vasko Pohlupkov:
Lokomotiv plovdiv are winning.
The ref: Incorrect lmao
While I am a spurs fan I am also a Bulgarian. Disgraceful refereeing imo considering the keeper was fouled and the second red card was way too harsh of a punishment.
Brenax Quiny
Brenax Quiny:
We need to be clinical upfront hope Bale solves this we were almost punished for it like the Everton game
Perry Stahlsis
Perry Stahlsis:
You guys are life savers. We’re in the USA and Bleacher Report took a dump right before they scored. Thank goodness we could watch along with you for the penalty and the rest of the game. COYS!
Andy Kyriakides
Andy Kyriakides:
Mourinho said yesterday N'Dombele is no where near to playing because he was behind in his fitness due to injury then illness , today N'Dombele gets Mourinho out of the rut with the winner .
Paul S
Paul S:
😂😂 close one but nice subs, gotta be more clinical.
Tottenham are going to struggle this season!
Артем Сверидов
Артем Сверидов:
There was one step to absolute fail
Sunny Ghosh
Sunny Ghosh:
He's magic u knowwww
Jerry McNeill
Jerry McNeill:
You’ve gained a fan today, well done boys! 👏👏 Way to keep the faith! That was too close for comfort. Let’s hope the results come a little easier. Cheers! 🎉
Ke Rem
Ke Rem:
Rhys Devaney
Rhys Devaney:
We are Tottenham please could you send me these prizes please ive was watching the toteham and lokomotive game and ut was great i would like to win the prizes.
Tyron De Villiers
Tyron De Villiers:
How is this a watch along if you are watching and talking alone!?
Paul Ahton
Paul Ahton:
Walk in the park
Me watching you watching a game ..Are you kidding me ? is this an April fool ?
Danny Danny
Danny Danny:
U last won the league before mourinho was born
J Howe14
J Howe14:
Donald Rong
Donald Rong:
Son should have scored that pass from Davies;(😡😡😡
Chegivara BigDick
Chegivara BigDick:
Totenxem lose to this Bulgarian semy profi players🤣🤣🤣
Thomas K
Thomas K:
How is this happening? Loko Plovdiv? WTF. This Spurs team are in an uphill climb 4sure. COYS
Grace Ajibola
Grace Ajibola:
Bunch of losers, Plovdiv took 2 red cards and penalti, if not the game was theirs, but referee should be investigated, 1000000% Tottenham was favoritisms in this game and now they want to bring biggest losers of all time from Real Madrid 😂 Tottenham will finish max 10-12 place
John C
John C:
Joke team. Guess the cabinet trophy still doesn't need to be built. Needs 2 red cards to be farmers LOL
Ivan Radev
Ivan Radev:
#UEFAMAFIA loko deserved the win
Josep Rahawarin
Josep Rahawarin:
Super Maorinho 2020... Trust him..He knows what he is doing
We got lucky and looked like a bunch of Cadbury Flakes. The only good thing is Ndombele might actually get a run in the team now, because no one else is putting in a shift.
ike mankind
ike mankind:
In Jose I still trust. The players look sluggish and out of fit
Wayne Gatfield
Wayne Gatfield:
spurs botling clock. terrible performance
ike mankind
ike mankind:
I don't care if we won against a crap team. If we had lost they would have said we lost to a crap team and we won and that is it.
Perry Stahlsis
Perry Stahlsis:
BTW, I’d be interested in your thoughts, maybe this is even an unpopular opinion - does Harry’s Alpha role unbalance the attack, because Sonny looks better without him? I have a bit of a feeling that Bale is going to rebalance the attack.
Chera BS
Chera BS:
Trash Tottenham, don't be mad, You were soo bad you beat us 1-2 like Kane's finger is more that Loko's team. We got 2 RED CARDS you scored two bad goals, it's funny 1-2, what are you celebrating? Loko's team is worth 2mil, and you're celebrating😂, poor... Don't get offended, this was a easy win, i thinked you will win 0-5 or something like that, only scored 2 goals when we had 9 people, were bad, Just bad football