Look what Luis Diaz did in his Liverpool debut vs Cardiff City

Luis Diaz's Liverpool journey has got underway after being thrown into FA Cup action just days after landing from Porto.

The £50million winger was named on the bench for the fourth round clash vs Cardiff City on Sunday despite Jurgen Klopp's uncertainty in the build-up whether he would be involved.

Diaz was only in Argentina playing for Colombia on Tuesday and didn't take part in his first Liverpool training session until Friday.

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100+ comentarios:

Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
He made an impact straight away.. He s just damn perfect for Liverpool style!
Diego Sanabria
Diego Sanabria:
en apenas 32 minutos ya mostró destellos de su talento, esperemos a q se consolide en la posicion!!
sihombing marco
sihombing marco:
I love how he's both confident and calm when he got the ball.
Wasley Ramos
Wasley Ramos:
Muito bom jogador, vai se sair muito bem na liga mais forte 💪🏾 do mundo 🌎
Carta Blanca
Carta Blanca:
Capo Luis Díaz estos son los jugadores que necesita la selección Colombia, jugadores que busquen sobresalir pero haciendo brillar a su equipo.
Believe he's gonna be a world class player trust me record my words
Rey Perez
Rey Perez:
Lucho es un monstruo, a medida que se vaya acoplando aportará mucho al equipo. 🇨🇴♥️👏👏👏
Max 21
Max 21:
This man is going to be big
An assist on his debut, pretty good.
david archangels
david archangels:
He opens up opponent defences easily...
Lethal on the left...charges in deceptively..
Hes gonna be awesome !
Mohsin Masood
Mohsin Masood:
Impressed by this lad by just seeing him play for the first time.. Very calm and composed on the ball.. ❤️
Looks to me like he can play all across the front and not only on the left
Sumit Kumar Naidu
Sumit Kumar Naidu:
His playing style is perfect for Liverpool 👍
Noah Ry
Noah Ry:
He will surely be shining in LFC.
Soeradj Narain
Soeradj Narain:
I always said this guy was a talent since i first saw him play in the Cooa America. Soo deadly and a hard worker
B26_Ojas Yadav
B26_Ojas Yadav:
Very good signing by Liverpool 👏(united fan)
Juan Perez
Juan Perez:
Que Orgullo Luchito😍💪🇨🇴
Lenzing Muang
Lenzing Muang:
Mark my words:this dude will be a legend
I think we now have a front 6 that can rival any side including man city. H. Eliot is like a new signing, and the addition of L. Diaz coupled with the return of Firmino. What an exciting end to the season this would be.
Sunera Ali
Sunera Ali:
This man will be going places mark me words
Sandipan Saha
Sandipan Saha:
He is a BEAST..will rock the PL
Shangalu Music
Shangalu Music:
Luis Diaz is the best Colombian playing football, He should have the number10 in the Colombian team.
ammor lammor
ammor lammor:
Guy is fire gotta make teams sweat on rare parts!
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson:
what a signing this is.....so quick footed with both feet wow this has added something special to Jurgens / Squad Yipeeeee
Deepanjan Pal
Deepanjan Pal:
He looked so eager, hungry and ready to get into the field, during the substitution 😎
His next match will be a goal🔥
Isaac Chenkual
Isaac Chenkual:
Wow that double touch🔥🔥🔥
joyce daniella
joyce daniella:
I have never seen him play. My goodness I am excited!!!!!!! Here we goooooooooo
Just arshad
Just arshad:
His assist is very similar to LUIS SUAREZ debut with liverpool..
So obviously his gonna be an upcoming new beast FOR LIVERPOOL!
Bryanna Molnar
Bryanna Molnar:
This man and Diogo jota are the type of players that no matter the opponent they show they’re quality
trappy caught in 4k
trappy caught in 4k:
What a great team player 👍🥇
The Original - Phil Mitchell
The Original - Phil Mitchell:
so much raw potential, one for the future for sure
Welcome! Might need a bit more muscle to cope with _EPL_ physicality, but his skill, guile, work rate and tactical awareness are top-drawer. Will get to world-class in fairly short order under _Klopp,_ methinks!
tesoros ocultos variedades dt
tesoros ocultos variedades dt:
La liga inglesa conocen a Luiz díaz porque todos los equipos y entrenadores estaban viendo el nuevo fichaje y desde las pantallas todos los equipos vieron los vídeos de los partidos de Luiz días para ver cómo lo detienen y no encontraron la forma solo les tocó irse de 3 o 4 para atrás y esperarlo
Vega Winnfield
Vega Winnfield:
That goal assist to minamino..it looks like the guy has been with us for a long time..that IS gegenpressing
Believe he's gonna be a world class player trust me record my words
Kim Moliis
Kim Moliis:
Skilled like Neymar but a real team player. Perfection
Ivan Machado quiroz
Ivan Machado quiroz:
Vamos lucho crack 💪 representado Colombia
fruits mann gaming
fruits mann gaming:
Out future in good hands
Anthony Rojas
Anthony Rojas:
Amazing player!!!!!!
Gede Adia
Gede Adia:
He need to learns more about Liverpool way of playing.. never hold the ball too long by yourself.. find your mate and pass.
Either way, he was a awesome for his debut..
What a dribble. 😲
joaquim jr
joaquim jr:
O see every game in Porto, and i can say this guy will be the best liverpool player
Tariq Mehmood
Tariq Mehmood:
This guy gonna run riot 😳 perfect liverpool player
Ricky Goh
Ricky Goh:
he is like a combination of 3 forwards
Dale Otten
Dale Otten:
Guy can play hope any player at any club does well but think this guy will do very well great player
Alex Karthik
Alex Karthik:
bro, i'm happy for liverpool getting him cuz he's in the EPL. BUT as an Arsenal fan, Arsene Wenger would''ve went for this guy if he was still charge. We got clowns in our club management.. smh
As an Arsenal fan but also Colombian this is huge, very proud of him!
eugen dula
eugen dula:
a New Gem in Towm Let's Go LFC 🔴
Razman Shah
Razman Shah:
Liverpool now really look stylish...luiz diaz is a big impact for the reds...i love this
Brahian Acevedo
Brahian Acevedo:
Washer Temperature
Washer Temperature:
I believe he is looking forward to play against Aston Villa Argentinian keeper..Martinez
Brahian Acevedo
Brahian Acevedo:
Panguat Sekai
Panguat Sekai:
Love that play style ... Remember Torres ?
His pressing is great 1 assist on his debut
Diego fer
Diego fer:
current soccer god
bro he looks so good!
Omar Farah
Omar Farah:
Looks like another Jota the way he runs which is great, i hope they catch City im tired of City winning the league every season.
King LM10
King LM10:
Diaz is the man.he is the future.
Alvin Qordja
Alvin Qordja:
Luis diaz and rafael leao are the best left winger for the moment
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain:
Diaz has never felt cold weather before haha
andrés bm
andrés bm:
That guy is the next super star.
Jessica Bolaños
Jessica Bolaños:
Brahian Acevedo
Brahian Acevedo:
jevonte awesome
jevonte awesome:
Is it just me or almost every january transfer contributing on their debut luiz Diaz assist Adama traore assist dusan vlahovic goal denis zakaria goal like what
Laura Varona
Laura Varona:
Brahian Acevedo
Brahian Acevedo:
Aristides A. Smith
Aristides A. Smith:
Campeão do flamengo
Campeão do flamengo:
Llega mane que salio campeón y lo banquea aunque este man sirve para los segundos tiempos cuando ya los defensas estén cansados puede ser un as en la manga
King LM10
King LM10:
He s gonna be the next Luiz suarez.
karl Erasure
karl Erasure:
What to do with Mane now.... May be Mane playing mostly for CL and Firmino as well.
This kid is gonna be beast telling you
rohith sai
rohith sai:
After the assist see Curtis jones' expression behind Klopp. He's like 'Alright, we've made a bargain of a signing'
Jovany Trujillo
Jovany Trujillo:
congratulations, guajiro, your talent and humility will take you very far, which many players need....now to buy a new red #23 🤷🏼‍♂️‼️
Crack !!!!
Mr. E
Mr. E:
Go Reds 💥
aj Tom
aj Tom:
can’t wait to see 90 mins next match
Jamal A. J.
Jamal A. J.:
i love Uruguay before... now i am loving Columbia...
Rico Manuel Manik
Rico Manuel Manik:
He is dangerous player .
Selvan Pillay
Selvan Pillay:
Super buy, super young man
Selvan Pillay
South Africa
Liverpool supporter
Tausif Ahmad
Tausif Ahmad:
Alcantara was much better in debut, where is he now? I don't think Diaz is injury prone and will do much better than Alcantara.
Todays a Good Day Ryan T
Todays a Good Day Ryan T:
I like how the ending was harvey
P-ter Da Best
P-ter Da Best:
Il a la tête de Diego Costa 🤣🤣🤣
He is the best
Wahib Ahingwah
Wahib Ahingwah:
I'm a Chelsea fan but Diaz is good
He really use physical
К И:
Не очаквах видеото да е взето от българска телевизия :)
Oscar Leyva
Oscar Leyva:
*but in your selection you don't play the same*
Luis Díaz y Ospina los únicos que han sacado la cara por Colombia
Jazzy Cmartz
Jazzy Cmartz:
Andres Sarria
Andres Sarria:
For todays prices. He was cheap!
FiFa 22
FiFa 22:
انا بحب دياز كثيرا صراحة
Sergio Otero
Sergio Otero:
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson:
He's jus waiting for Mané and Salah to come back, then over 6.5s it is lol, some good money to be made ere lol
Tony Bage
Tony Bage:
Attacking Pepe 🕺
Egie Bee
Egie Bee:
Diaz tak butuh waktu lama