Lord Mountbatten interview | Today |Thames Television |1969

The Earl Mountbatten Discusses the controversial 'THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EARL MOUNTBATTEN OF BURMA' programme. First transmitted in 20/03/1969

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seyed Ardashir
seyed Ardashir:
I am from a place called Kashmir where the repercussions of his decisions still haunt us to this day.
Judas Moses
Judas Moses:
Charles dance did a splendid job
Star tracker
Star tracker:
He shares mannerisms of Prince Charles.
Truth War
Truth War:
why reporters don't ask questions like this!?
Debby Really
Debby Really:
Many of my good decisions were lovely accidents. How very, very un-Mountbatten of me.
beasty boy
beasty boy:
The British class system in all its glory ‘
That last episode they were talking about was very sad as it was filmed in Ireland and there was a scene where he called his grandson that was killed with him in that terrorist attack.
Irish Fun
Irish Fun:
He loved Ireland to bits
Interesting to see that even in 1969, there was so much toadying deference and forelock tugging to the big I am swaggering multi uniformed Mountbatten. He had the ego of George Patton and Bernard Montgomery combined. But Patton and Montgomery got down in the thick of it. For my own part I simply cannot believe he did not know he was pompous. I bet his grim wife told him he was a pompous ass. I wonder how he would have dealt with being interviewed by Andrew Neil.
Lu Anne Moran
Lu Anne Moran:
Luke Warmeth ? ?
Lindy Patterson
Lindy Patterson:
Jack Warner
Jack Warner:
It's interesting watching Mountbatten speak.  For a number of years I've noted that some people think he is actually Prince Charles' father.  I'm certain that some of the mannerisms of this man have been passed on to Charles.  Just my thoughts.
Driving Force
Driving Force:
Jesus they just talk in such generalities. Wtf are they even talking about? Challenge him on a specific decision or action!
carol King
carol King:
I can’t help seeing him as pompous and arrogant. It must be nice to be so certain of yourself. His likeness toPrince Charles is probably inherited but Charles is a kindly person with no arrogance.
John King
John King:
1:10 - "the audience enormous" - hardly surprising back in 1969 when there was only two proper full time TV stations in the UK, BBC 1 and ITV and a part time BBC 2 channel - so not much choice for people back then, of course millions would watch.
Philip Withey
Philip Withey:
Looks like he didn't have dandruff then
Jerry Rawlings
Jerry Rawlings:
Psychopathic murderer !!
What ever people think they know about him he’s dead and it’s over good night
Federico Pietra
Federico Pietra:
What a charme
50 years later, and he was definitely right.
Aleem Pervez
Aleem Pervez:
I believe Kashmir issue is/was still haunting Nehru & Mountbatten. Where ever they may be?
Good man, from an age when the Brits had spine.
S P:
LOL The nasal noise that interviewer is making, absolutely terrible LOL....so snobbish.
Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh:
Yah video Hindi mein dikhao
Sebastian Vella
Sebastian Vella:
He was only British officer to receive love from Indians.
He will always be remembered
Ulrich Lehnhardt
Ulrich Lehnhardt:
He was extremely attractive when he was young.
Asep Ramadhani
Asep Ramadhani:
Finally, brothers & sisters, whatever is true.whatever is noble.whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovelv, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy.think about these things.
Truth War
Truth War:
why no one has mentioned the incapability of colonialists to rule properly both before and after the WW's and tat they simply could not afford to have any sort of direct control over their colonies and it was too expensive for such activity what do u mean gave them "FREEDOM" freedom was taken very rightfully never given LOL.
Gerard Mcmullan
Gerard Mcmullan:
what a lovely man he was a decent man. Ira he actually wanted a united ireland
Aspect Memes
Aspect Memes:
The west has a caste problem and it is the problem of class, the untouchable worker and the holy capitalists, the great phenomenon of western capitalism.
It's always hard to believe someone talking so reasonably can be an abuser of children, which is what is strongly suspected of this man. I suppose one indicator of the capability is the cold, calculating, and consummately entitled attitude he exhibited. Our elites are groomed, at public school, for this repressed version of humanity in order that they can wage war in our name, making decisions without conscience that may result in the death of millions and the destruction of the environment. Society as a whole is culpable in creating this psychopathic behaviour, largely through willful ignorance, deference and lack of self responsibility, that allows elites to emerge and to wreak havoc around the world.
Lewis Patterson
Lewis Patterson:
RULE BRITTANIA you must!!!!!
Richard Kirk
Richard Kirk:
This is a truly extraordinary man who was at the center of many great events.
bob garr
bob garr:
A military man from age 16 in WW1 !!! The real deal. As military men from all nations men in a position of command are trained to never admit they don't know, are unsure or are wrong. If one did the men under them would loose faith and question everything. Not good for moral and unit integrity. The remarks about sexual misconduct needs to be questioned due to the source. J.Edger Hoover running the F.B.I and a closet homosexual was the one who said their MAY be evidence showing this. Coming from Hoover who had files and " dirt " on most everyone and was a most disgusting and unscrupulous individual in modern history. I question the allegation. I personally commend, respect and thank Mountbatten for a lifetime of service, and I'm not even British.
jalane perry 764
jalane perry 764:
I went to his ancestorial home
Broadlands in 1982 with my mom
After they televised his funeral
He was killed
By a car bomb planted by the IRA
Such a sad loss he was wonderful
I remember crying after i watched
His funeral on tv
Matthew Stavrowsky
Matthew Stavrowsky:
This is a truly remarkable man. What an amazing life. The carping reporters are typical of the sort that seem to dislike anybody extraordinary.
Harold Kane
Harold Kane:
Shared the same interests as saville and heath, dirty bugger
Stuti Srivastava
Stuti Srivastava:
He messed up the partition of India.... Big big time.... Killing 1 million people just because of his haste to exit India.
Rupesh Pandey
Rupesh Pandey:
I don't feel the British accent in his English. Is it because he stayed out of Britain for a considerable part of his life ?
Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa:
Lord Mountbatten is an excellent example as a statesman.
Journalists disgust me
Mike Smolyansky
Mike Smolyansky:
What a great man he was. I can't believe reporters were so annoying back then. The goofy reporter is trying so hard to find his faults .
Monsieur P.
Monsieur P.:
If you watch video, Lord (uncle Dicky), Mountbatten leaving India, and, 10,000s of people chasing him, happily, as is "somewhat shown" in movie "Viceroy's House" (he was A GREAT Viceroy). My great-great-grandpa and grandma, Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, respectively, II Emperor and Empress of India, are how we're connected. They REALLY vilified him from "doing his job" which WAS TO PROVIDE A PEACEFUL TRANSITION.
How ridiculous that people can't respect that they will not always be right . Human nature is to make mistakes , but the fear of being judged , rejected or so inferior ...can make a person to live with such denial . To be a great man is to be able to accept ones mistakes .
A classic narcissist!
carol King
carol King:
As an historian I can only say he was self serving his whole life. He wanted the Windsor’s to change their name to Mountbatten. He wanted to rule Britain.
Deian Louis Francis A V N G Mountbatten
Deian Louis Francis A V N G Mountbatten:
My late father Louis Mountbatten who by 1945 managed to beat Adolf Hitler's unbeatable Wehrmacht was bashed down and forced into the predicament where he had to justify and explain his strategies and why achieving the impossible victory cost so many lives of Allied servicemen. The lesson learned from having had to land more than once in France's Normandy region after D-Day Dieppe was that if one is expected to be victorious against the strongest army in Europe it can only be achieved with huge sacrifice of soldiers on all sides, not to forget the horrendous suffering of anybody within any theatre of war, because war is evil, because weapons are evil, no matter in whose hands weapons are. The reason for their blame-game was that all those who were sitting at home in their posh livingrooms and deep down in their bunkers while my late father was set up and risked his life and almost had his arse shot off were celebrating Victory Day waving to the cheering crowds and promised that if they were allowed to still stay in power despite the catastrophes they were responsible for all could simply butch on as before with their corrupted bibles in their hands on their speedway to hell and against God's will. My late father was the rightful King of the United Kingdom. Yours sincerely, Deian Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas George Mountbatten, 27 Dale Street, Cambois, NE24 1SB, United Kingdom of Great Britain. www.facebook.com/deian.mountbatten
Sumit Vashistha
Sumit Vashistha:
GDP ( PPP ) - January 2020
UK = $ 3.3 trillion
India = $ 12 trillion
wolf blitzer
wolf blitzer:
Was he gay one wonders or something more sinister
noel gatt
noel gatt:
Sahil H
Sahil H:
Greedy britishers
Getting blowed up by the IRA was his best career move.
John Meyers
John Meyers:
This is the guy who caused the deaths of many French and American soldiers in Vietnam! This way the Supreme allied commander of SOUTHEAST ASIA! HE CAUSED VIETNAM!
jillian horsley
jillian horsley:
Child raper....one evil man.