Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | August 10 | NBA Restart

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MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights:
Box Score: https://stats.nba.com/game/0021901296/

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Joemarie a
Joemarie a:
Who's here after nuggets beats clippers in game 7
D’Antoine LeVert
D’Antoine LeVert:
Who's here before the Lakers & Denver WCF series?
Yosua Febro Gunawan Limbeng
Yosua Febro Gunawan Limbeng:
What the? The game just literally ended man. Appreciate it
Swanky Pants
Swanky Pants:
Who's here after Choking G7 for the Flippers?
Rae Lindzey
Rae Lindzey:
Green got in his feelings and finally made some impressive threes this game 😂
Kuz finally picks up his 3 and D. Glad to see him grow as a Laker.
Hernan Pantolla
Hernan Pantolla:
LAL: 28 Assists
DEN: 27 Assists

So that one more assist by Davis to Kuzma was the difference.
Fear me Not
Fear me Not:
Good game, but poor defense from the Lakers, hopefully they improve that on the next game
Watching Danny Green play defense makes my ass itch smh but Kuzma was balling tonight on both ends of the floor #LakeShow
Hofni Amwaalwa
Hofni Amwaalwa:
Love that kuzma scores unapologetically...others wait & look around for lebron 😂
James Hillary Balonda
James Hillary Balonda:
Who's here after denver nuggets won to wcf
J Vega
J Vega:
I’m really happy for Kuz this guy is playing with the greats and becoming one of them!! Let’s goooo
Powered by Pen
Powered by Pen:
Love the Kobe disciples doing these fadeaway jumpshots: Booker, Kawhi, Kyrie, Murray, PG, etc.
Roaming Fulani
Roaming Fulani:
6:23 LBJ broke the screen brav...
Wa Y
Wa Y:
MPJ & Bol Bol..... Nugget has really good eye sight on picking prospect
Nuggets starters took the lead in the 3rd the the bench almost closed out against the lakers starters. Good game
9:32 i like Lebron there. Just walking off, knows it doesnt matter if the guy makes it :P in-bounder forgot they were down 3! #woops!
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday:
Mpj looked like kd today it was scary. Good call on coach for not letting him get so many touches lol 🤓
Ricky El Diablo
Ricky El Diablo:
Waiting for Skip to proclaim that Kuz saved LBJ's career once again
Taran Cheema
Taran Cheema:
That LeBron block was so hard it broke the advertising board😭😭
La Tansa Fatwa
La Tansa Fatwa:
4:59 AD showing he is a beast!
Melissa Jackson
Melissa Jackson:
I'm only here because of the western conference finals 🤣
Sid Tay
Sid Tay:
Here after nuggets make it to western conf finals.
Juwan 242
Juwan 242:
Who watching after nuggets vs clippers game 6
David Arsenyan
David Arsenyan:
Like this if you came to watch this highlight after Denver beat the clippers
2020 Western Conference Finals.
Mike Redd
Mike Redd:
sounds like a broken speaker
Andy Jokker
Andy Jokker:
Recall one time for West Final
Malik Thomas Music
Malik Thomas Music:
Here before the Western Conference finals I got Lakers in 6 this should be fun #bubble
Kuz traind his body and got more physical within a year. What a hard working man.
Reyanrho tabares
Reyanrho tabares:
who are here coz Nuggets vs Lakers in WCF
"That's right, 10:30 in the morning!"
Delija Momak
Delija Momak:
Kuzma was fire this game...
Perfect Blue
Perfect Blue:
Denver literally let them win, second string until the end
Kudzanai Shadreck Musarurwa
Kudzanai Shadreck Musarurwa:
The SECOND string baby Nuggets got the full LA sweat 😂😂
Elias S
Elias S:
I love how bol bol a friend of bronny is now playing his friends dad
Onkel Kurac
Onkel Kurac:
Dr Zurb
Dr Zurb:
Well you know the conference finals are gonna be good!
Robin' Your Hood
Robin' Your Hood:
My boy Kuz coming back to his usual form 🔥🔥 Love to see that, especially when he been my favorite player ever since he got drafted.
Zdeněk Kolář
Zdeněk Kolář:
4:58 that earrape tho
Who’s here after Clippers loss 😂
6:22 the physical representation of "get that weak stuff outta here"
Sale CNC
Sale CNC:
Tough game, Western Final will be fun.
Spreadder Gang
Spreadder Gang:

LeBron breaks the screen. No biggie, though, as the screen is covered by State Farm.
mf Starboy
mf Starboy:
4:58 RIP headphone users
When Jokic, Porter and Bol Bol give LBJ, AD, Kuzma a run for their money you know both teams are going to be a lot of fun in the post season. Bol Bol had some dam nice looking passes in this game
you are faster than Lebron's aging Bro
Mytro Seventh
Mytro Seventh:
LeBron is my guy but maann, watch his reaction every time the other team scores lmfao. gaahh damn man
Chirayu Rana
Chirayu Rana:
My boy Kuz on fire🔥
biz Stu
biz Stu:
The nuggets been playing like 2k players real life
Laysing Asher
Laysing Asher:
Whos here after nuggets win vs clippers hahaha
Dipendra Bohara
Dipendra Bohara:
5:03 ref missed the call👀
Mon mon Grubbs
Mon mon Grubbs:
Kuuuzmaaaa you are literally 6’13!
Luka GOATcic
Luka GOATcic:
Kyle Kuzma stole MJ form from Warren lol
Lebron with the range extender 🔥🔥
henry benaro
henry benaro:
The new court couch of lakers helps and contirbuted a lot from what nuggets deffense/offense and crucial moves on court really flip.
That was one EXCITING game!, loved it!!!!
Kael Zeus
Kael Zeus:
73-9 Warriors having PTSD this year's playoff.
Shall Winchester
Shall Winchester:
OMG that was really tight till the end! What an amazing match
5:42 lmao. love ya, Javale :P
Tomaquin reynan Pabalate
Tomaquin reynan Pabalate:
Lakers vs denver sa Final sa west 💪💪💪
Phillip Davis
Phillip Davis:
I’m here watching film like I got a game tomorrow or something 😂
Vance Darville
Vance Darville:
I know y’all miss kuz in the starting line up
Ian Isenburg
Ian Isenburg:
1:45 watch out Bron KD is coming
Piolo Menia
Piolo Menia:
who's here because of the playoffs
Genetic Freak
Genetic Freak:
shannon sharpe wearing his GOAT mask today 😁
Almiighty Ant
Almiighty Ant:
Who’s here after the clippers just lost lol
Marvin Emaas
Marvin Emaas:
New Subs Idol MLG 😁 , From Philippines 💕
We need 3 points to tie 0.4 left on the clock... I know, I'll throw it to a guy who can only score 2 points at most
SGB Life
SGB Life:
AD went off 🔥!!
Mehdi K
Mehdi K:
LeBron finally found his rythm
LePass and move out of my way king chicken 🐥..I got this! 🤣
Kurt Llanos
Kurt Llanos:
went here just to see the preview of the WCF lakers vs denver!!!
Alexis De Leon
Alexis De Leon:
Since NBA restart, Kuz's defense and consistency has been born 🔥🔥🔥
Dirk Mensch
Dirk Mensch:
Who did the first steal of the game?
That was a great inbound play for kuz..good to see the Lakers get that dub.
jason Mendez
jason Mendez:
eastern conference finals!! for these teams
Traveller Freedom
Traveller Freedom:
Thank you so much.
Marvin Emaas
Marvin Emaas:
What the three bangggg , Kuzma is on fire 😁🔥💪🎉
Roderick X
Roderick X:
That last inbound... just why?! No logic
christian jay santos
christian jay santos:
AD got carried
Maasai Maasai
Maasai Maasai:
Loosing streak. How will these manage finals men!
Joe Perkins de detroit
Joe Perkins de detroit:
Lebron and Ad beat the second team of Denver 😕
shane ramus
shane ramus:
What a game!
Zack Anderson
Zack Anderson:
6:23That screen is Made in China lol😂
henry benaro
henry benaro:
Lebron james king gonna show until game7, for this such come crucial jammal murray, harris, jocic!
Kuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzmaaaaaaaaa!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ramos jomar
ramos jomar:
0:54 😂when bigger brother takes away your favorite dinner
Ángel Mtz. A.
Ángel Mtz. A.:
Bro, Bol Bol has such a smooth shot
who watching this waiting for the western conference finals?
who else is watching this after that clipper loss
Damauri Retro
Damauri Retro:
🔥🔥🔥el Rey
Nuggets played their bench in the 4th and Jokic didn't even play hahahaha, Lakers fan are blind man. They're in big trouble this year.
Now they are in conference final omg
christian gray
christian gray:
Who's here after nuggets beat the flippers
emir Yenere
emir Yenere:
Finally Vogel understood that we cant trust our PG's
Ivan Romero
Ivan Romero:
6:23 Eat that StateFarm!
Viktor Kostov
Viktor Kostov:
Killer Kyle Kuzma, never thought I'd say that
Marthe Nkenfag
Marthe Nkenfag:
Kuzma is on fire 🔥