Louis Hofmann & Lisa Vicari | Netflix Dark Season 1 Exclusive Interview

HeyUGuys interviews Louis Hofmann & Lisa Vicari for their brand new Netflix TV show Dark - the first original show to come out of Germany for the online streaming channel.

Plot: When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. The mystery-drama series introduces an intricate puzzle filled with twists that includes a web of curious characters, all of whom have a connection to the town's troubled history -- whether they know it or not. The story includes supernatural elements that tie back to the same town in 1986. "Dark" represents the first German original series produced for Netflix.

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100+ comentarios:

Grayson Haynes
Grayson Haynes:
Jon Snow: My family tree is complicated...
Jonas Kahnwald: Hold my jacket...
This should be more popular than Riverdale and stranger things
I didn't expect Louis to speak such good English. Hope he gets cast in more big roles after Dark ends.
Silke Orlowski
Silke Orlowski:
I don't personally think the show is anything like Stranger Things. In most reviews I have read they are all saying that it is highly similar. This is totally different in tone and much more serious.
trashy tiegs
trashy tiegs:
Louis' German/English accent is adorable
2:43 She whispers 'experience' to help him remember the word, so cute lol
Asha W
Asha W:
The show is a slow burner. At first i was like what the hell is this but by episode 2 i was totally hooked
Jack Greaves
Jack Greaves:
“I have only seen up to the third episode, do you think the missing child will bring you closer together?” lol lady you have NO IDEA.
*Lisa Vicari IS SO GORGEOUS!*

*~ Alfredomatta*
Kevin Young
Kevin Young:
Stranger things is for kids. Dark is for smart people.
I always find it amusing that most people in the world can speak English rather well, but Americans in general don't speak any other language than their own (with the exception of those of immigrant descent). Imagine a press tour where they're invited to speak in other countries, it's very rare that the interviewers get to speak to the actors in their own native language. They always have to try and accommodate the actors by speaking English.
Carlos Cortés
Carlos Cortés:
Dark is one of the best series of all time. It's was beautifully done and written.
Urtė Sireikaitė
Urtė Sireikaitė:
People stop faking ,we all know were here just because of Louis Hofmann :P
Flora Crestanello
Flora Crestanello:
damn he is cute
Young Germans speak English way better than older generation. Globalization perhaps!
L M:
I feel sorry for Michael/Mikkel.
Notorious Bellzy
Notorious Bellzy:
Use me as a “I love her” button
It's so weird (for english speakers like me) to watch almost an entire series of not hearing the actual actors' voice until watching this video...
Sugar Passion
Sugar Passion:
"We're a perfect match. Never believe anything else."
This show is better than Stranger Things. Good on Germany for making a great show.
Carly Allen
Carly Allen:
Dark is by far one of the best series of Netflix.
Kanishka Wijesekara
Kanishka Wijesekara:
I was impressed at first by how light the German accent is in their English but my god, their vocabulary, is amazing for non-native speaker of English from a European country.
ira bajpai
ira bajpai:
Developing a major crush on Louis. He looks adorable
Jon snow: My family tree is complicated...
Jonas kahnwald: hold my yellow jacket
Elizabeth : "signals in sign language"
H. U.
H. U.:
*1 minute silence for those who thought DARK is like Stranger things*
Nolan: Inception is mind bending !!!!
DARK: hold my Apparatus.
Rgn X Drp
Rgn X Drp:
Anyone here after watching season 2 in two days?
Just amazing, mind-blowing and fascinating.
Grüße 🇩🇪
Luis talks so much with his hands one would think he's Italian instead of German 😂
Anupam Roy
Anupam Roy:
It has gained huge popularity in India at recent times.
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal:
It is 33times better than stranger things! : "Facts"
So weird to see Jonas being normal and smiling.. the entire show he spent looking sad, depressed, devastated and near death..
Gavin Greenhorn
Gavin Greenhorn:
Couldn't help noticing that German teens look just like they're supposed to. Young actors from amercian TVs somehow look older in 16 than these guys in their 20s, like they've been subjected to a growth accelerator or something. %)
Luis Lamf
Luis Lamf:
If Jon and Dany could, they could too
THEY BOTH SPEAK INCREDIBLE ENGLISH ???? I am literally so impressed with Germany in the fact that they value learning other languages, Scotland needs to get its fkn act together!
Dripper Ben
Dripper Ben:
The writing, the directing, the acting, everything about this show is PERFECT!!
I already forgot Game of Thrones ever existed..
Sydney Brewster
Sydney Brewster:
Okay but, where did he get the jacket? Cause I have been looking for a while and I need that jacket omg
Max Kier
Max Kier:
I think these two actors are very impressive and articulate. I've just started watching Dark and they both really stood out to me as talented.
New Lol
New Lol:
their english is amazing, and so was the showww :)
Why they let a person who doesnt fully watch the first season interview them? Zzz
2:45 when she helps him find the word he was looking for, with just a whisper, is so unbelievably cute.
It's so funny how English native speakers are so baffled by their English
Very Nice
Very Nice:
It's not all over the media in germany. As expected no one here really cares. Germans just continue watching the same boring crime stories as always. Sad but true.
Does anyone else feel that Dark makes stranger things look like a wetpad story
Coda Greene
Coda Greene:
Jonas and Martha vs Jon and Daenerys
pexels landscapes
pexels landscapes:
Dark should be number one show than anyother in netflix
5:33 "sorry, my tummy"
HarindeR SaharaN
HarindeR SaharaN:
The fact that this show is ending after 3rd season is good. I believe good shows end in 3-4 seasons.
By her body language she really likes her co-star and it's so cute!
Avanish kumar
Avanish kumar:
Stranger Things - I'm the best show
Dark - Hold my raincoat biyatch
lisa is so shy and it’s too cute
You're interviewing them and only seen 3 episodes....
Louis character is so charismatic!
Coda Greene
Coda Greene:
Mood of the day is Louis' hand gestures
Jonas is the glitch in the matrix, if he wouldnt open the wormhole, then Helge wouldnt be in year 1986 to switch places with Jonas and then Noah wouldnt be able to manipulated Helge to kill all the Kids,then Erik would be alive and Jonas,Mikkel and the others would never go to the cave, where mikkel gets lost, then mikkel wouldnt be in the year 1886 and could never create Jonas ,who would never open the wormhole,because he never existed. Hahaha my brain is a huge spoiler. ..
Black Cat
Black Cat:
This show blew my mind. Highly recommended. I don’t speak German watched it with English subs and just LOVED it!
Needs season 2!
Anne Ly
Anne Ly:
Louis... You're very handsome!
Tormund Gaint
Tormund Gaint:
I'm gonna buy a Yellow rain jacket lol. Loved this show...👏👏👏
Hannah idc
Hannah idc:
why is everyone so excited about their english, im from germany and it’s kinda normal to talk english like this lol
my best friend and i were so confused that we made an entire family tree
Josh Bishop
Josh Bishop:
I didn’t even know they could speak English
All the Kids who said Stranger Things in 2017 had no idea what this show is about. By Episode 4 it turned into TimeTravel.
By Season 2 it was Parallel Universe.
By Season 3 It was Something Else

And Stranger things got Mediocre every passing season.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! The series was AMAZING!! Honestly, the best of wishes for all of you guys! So stolz auf diese fantastische deutsche Serie, hoffentlich können wir dieses Niveau aufrecht erhalten!!
Dhanesh Menon
Dhanesh Menon:
Lisa vicari fans like here❤️👍
Tropical Gemini
Tropical Gemini:
I came here wondering if the hottie Louis spoke English and OH MY GOD the British accent 😍😍 my poor ovaries rn
Tropical Gemini
Tropical Gemini:
“Does the missing child bring your characters closer together?” HAHAHA they’re trying not to spoil it
Lisa kind of looks like Jennifer Lawrence to me. I'm really enjoying this series. Can't wait to season 2.
2:45 when she whispers "Experience" to him .. cute lol
Jon Snow- My girlfriend is my aunt.
Jonas - My girlfriend is both aunt as well as great great great granddaughter.
silent radical
silent radical:
Best series ever seen. I mean I haven't watched anything like this is my life.
The performance of all the actors on Dark is simply impeccable
Raina Shea
Raina Shea:
This show is awesome and more peopleshould know about it, it deserves as much, if not more praise than stranger things
varun ghosh
varun ghosh:
Germany ❤️
life is beautiful
life is beautiful:
Kids- stranger things
Adults- Money heist
Legends- Dark
Ysidro Bello
Ysidro Bello:
Yo estoy aquí para ver gesticular a una angelito llamada Lisa Vicari.
White Heart
White Heart:
Louise is looking for that English word

Lisa Marie: *whisper* experience
He could run me over with a semi truck and I’d be honored
Ay,son tan lindos 😍
Jakub Tarasewicz
Jakub Tarasewicz:
Amazing series !! good job germans
Jimmy Gan
Jimmy Gan:
one of the best series of all time
Kyriaki ii
Kyriaki ii:
Louis is so smart, I admire him in a lot of levels.
Arun AK96
Arun AK96:
I want Martha and Jonas get united again. Damn they are such a good pair.
Kaye Hemming
Kaye Hemming:
Loved Dark although it was hard to follow with the characters being different ages in different time zones.
Amazing English from these fantastic 2 actors.x
This German show Its amazing I really recomend it
Krystal Morrow
Krystal Morrow:
Loved the show better then strainger things.
Magic Official Channel
Magic Official Channel:
7:52 smooth XD
MiRthi Rogue
MiRthi Rogue:
Other :i have a lot of family issues.
Jonas: hold my beer😅
leave no lines
leave no lines:
The way Martha looks at Jonas ❤️
mike kenneth
mike kenneth:
this show is legit one of the best sci-fi series ever made.. such a mindfuck..
Shahid Ali Sayed
Shahid Ali Sayed:
I want a movie only on jonas and martha
watched the first two episodes and I was bored and confused....By episode 4 I couldn't stop watching. This show is addictive, so complex, and I've truly never watched a show like it before. It's honestly AMAZING.
YouTube Hoe
YouTube Hoe:
I watched last episode of season two..
My girlfriend and I were like wtf when it abruptly ended
Jesus wtf
Can't wait for season 3...
Maitreya Kanitkar
Maitreya Kanitkar:
lisa vicari looks beautiful
Govind Menon
Govind Menon:
These people have a very bright future. I hope they get the recognition they deserve
Sven Kampen
Sven Kampen:
Does the missing child bring your characters closer together... yeah, its a... eh... missing link so to speak.
Aditya Tiwari
Aditya Tiwari:
She is damn beautiful!
Sal VW
Sal VW:
Is it me or does Louis sound like a Brit doing a German accent? 😂 His English teacher must have been British
Mr. Advance
Mr. Advance:
Unpopular opinion : Stranger things is one of the most stupid and overrated show.
Rishita Faiza
Rishita Faiza:
Loius is so adorable and his English is soo good wanted him to dub his own voice in dark pleaseeeee
Triky Briky
Triky Briky:
Best series ever created in the world .