Louise Glück awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

American poet Louise Gluck has won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature. The Swedish Academy said they chose the poet for her "unmistakable...voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal." It comes as the historic literary body seeks to repair its reputation after several years of scandal.

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10 comentarios:

Adrian Rice
Adrian Rice:
Awesome news. Great poet x
md jawed ansari
md jawed ansari:
James Rushton
James Rushton:
You can’t report that this is a step forward for womens’ recognition in the Arts when you’ve just said that the academy wanted to ‘go for a woman’ this year. That implies it wasn’t awarded completely on merit (although I’m not saying she’s not an amazing writer) and that totally undermines the award itself!
Jo Ou
Jo Ou:
Wow. That's cool. SOMEone is having a great day, today, and it's nice know. I've never read her stuff, but I'll take the Nobel Prize committee's word that her stuff is AOK. That's the up side of going along with awards, especially the MOST prestigious one. If you disagree, you have to read Gluck's stuff or you know you're opinion is gimpy. If you wish you HAD read Gluck, you can keep reading Marvel and DC graphic novels and know someone was awarded for writing the stuff you don't have time to read any more. It's win win. I wish I could walk past her, on the street, and see what the happiest person on the planet looks like. I just had a Whopper with cheese. I'm happy about my choice for lunch, but probably can't compare to winning a Nobel Prize for literature.
Well deserved. I have all of her books. "The WInged Horse" from VITA NOVA is a favorite.
Justin Lee Miller
Justin Lee Miller:
Most Americans have never heard of her. I haven't. Looks like they're continuing to keep the award irrelevant. (ditto with the Pulitzer)
Jonroy Yu Beleno
Jonroy Yu Beleno:
An atheist poet is hard to read. Her lyricism is a put on. .I much preferred Jane Hirschfield.
Otilia Kloos
Otilia Kloos:
Nobel prize is Nobel prize. No matter how many controversial smells within the society that wraps up the value of the winner. Gluck is definitely trying to translate for the reader the voices ( immaterial) of the poetical language. What is this language? On what level, compared to the other languages of the Homo Sapiens? What archetype does Gluck uses? We won't know unless we have our own experience ( untold and unspoken yet to our inner selves).
Trash infantile journalism. I will duly disinfect my ears :(
The Alchemist Daughter
The Alchemist Daughter:
Awful dumbed down politically correct choice.. Nothing means nothing anymore..
Just consistently embarrassing weak inoffensive “correctness” this generation is just hideous mush..