Louise Glück: "It's too new … it's too early here"

"My first thought was 'I won't have any friends,' because most of my friends are writers", says Louise Glück, having just heard the news that she had been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature. "But mostly," she continues, "I’m concerned with the preservation of daily life, with people I love." Longing for an early morning cup of coffee, she spoke briefly to Adam Smith from her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She suggests new readers start with any of her works "because they’re very different, one from another." But not her first book, she says, "Unless they want to feel contempt!"

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Respect Louise Gluck. But the most enchanted is the voice of the interviewer.
Edita Ševčíková
Edita Ševčíková:
Let the poet drink her coffee!
Julius Maingi
Julius Maingi:
The interviewer is lucky he wasn't interviewing Doris Lessing, she would have probably hang up.
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega:
Ohhhh God......such a delicate and yet such a delightful conversation.
Lucas Diniz
Lucas Diniz:
That was really funny. I hope she buys a nice house with the money.
Dirk Lutter
Dirk Lutter:
This is a beautiful interview.
apple's lover
apple's lover:
She must be really Glücklich right now 😁
New Americans Voice
New Americans Voice:
Louise Gluck is so cool. :) A fearless independent thinker, a true writer :) Congratulations, Louise!
She’s incredible. A true master with the fragrance of skepticism and austerity trailing unmistakably around her. Running full-speed in New York’s cold rain just to sneak into the auditorium in time to hear her read was one of the greatest joys I’ve had as a poet... and I still carry the poetry collection I purchased that days in my bag all the time. But haha she’s probably going to cringe when she listens to this interview after she’s had her morning coffee!
Małgorzata Brzezińska
Małgorzata Brzezińska:
😊😊😊Oh, Madame - Congratulations for Your beautiful laurel. I am really better today's evening hear so good and delicate talking about this ,,a total disaster" as Wisława Szymborska had said many years ago.
Best wishes and much strengths for deal with unusual situation.
With sincere greetings,
Margaret Brzezinski
Negru Corneliu
Negru Corneliu:
I wish that one day Adam smith will also call me.
Santiago Arizti
Santiago Arizti:
It feels so good to witness history as it happens
Congratulations... We Respect you Ma'am🔥
Eric Chen
Eric Chen:
Mo Yan said exactly the same when asked what he'd use the prize money for -- buying a house.
Gloria Mitchell
Gloria Mitchell:
Yes, its too soon. Congratulations, so deserving.
LOL, yes you can purchase a home.
Vivek Raghoonundun
Vivek Raghoonundun:
Seema ,
Right on the dot !!
It was THE tone to deal with what comes across as a mix of obliging civility, & a hint of may be grumpiness, in my view !! Some would feel an austere tone too !!
Of course...we respect the Lady , she is being uncompromisungly and typically herself!!
And we congratulate her !!
Brenda C Mohammed
Brenda C Mohammed:
Awesome. Congratulations Louise Gluck. You have a friend here. We are proud of you. I am a writer too.
Manik Jana
Manik Jana:
Congratulations for winning nobel Prize mam.
Theodore Hui
Theodore Hui:
two minutes are really two minutes.
നമസ്തേ English
നമസ്തേ English:
Congratulations ❤️
Sil A
Sil A:
Congratulations 🎊👏👏
Ayesha Faiz
Ayesha Faiz:
Congratulations Louis ...love from India ❤️❤️
SCIENTISTS experiments
SCIENTISTS experiments:
*SHE is the first USA women get Nobel Prize in literature after 27 yrs!*
Junaid Dar
Junaid Dar:
Congratulations Louise.... Love from Kashmir.....
Sofia sound, nature & walks
Sofia sound, nature & walks:
Congrats! 😊💐💐💐
Mollik Kumar
Mollik Kumar:
Congratulations Lady Louise. Thanks From Bangladesh.
Lakshmi Narashiman
Lakshmi Narashiman:
Congratulations madam
Gurudev Kushal
Gurudev Kushal:
Many Many Congratulations...
SCIENTISTS experiments
SCIENTISTS experiments:
Anyone know !! *For which book, she is given Nobel prize for literature?*
This is the difference between a science guy and a literature guy. When I ask a science guy how’s your day? “ pretty good you?” When I ask a literature guy “you know well life is just the way it is oh my the flowers the sky let me grab a cup of coffee and tell you my day” lol
not a morning person lol
Hylke g
Hylke g:
It was 3 minutes
Vidya Gundim
Vidya Gundim:
Viyet Roy
Viyet Roy:
Mufasir babu
Mufasir babu:
Jadav Music Studio
Jadav Music Studio:
Jyoti S
Jyoti S:
SCIENTISTS experiments
SCIENTISTS experiments:
*I AM HAPPY ,THIS YEAR NOBEL PRIZE GIVEN TO WOMEN'S .I hope from next year onward, Always have balance ratio men:women will be equal like this year.*
kapil jain
kapil jain:
Sense arrogance in her tone
M S Dhoni fan
M S Dhoni fan:
How pushy and desperate to insist on an interview like that.
Smiths Williams
Smiths Williams:
Why African authors are not recognized please find our chimamanda Ngonzi
Smiths Williams
Smiths Williams:
Seriously no black women writters