Louise Glück, Reading, 11 May 2016

Louise Glück was introduced by Peter Streckfus, then read from her work. This was a Lannan Literary event.

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ashlyn whittington
ashlyn whittington:
9:00 Glück begins speaking
10:15 Mock Orange
11:45 The Red Poppy
12:45 The Wild Iris
14:32 Telescope
18:27 Landscape
30:58 Before the Storm
34:34 First Snow
36:43 A Village Life
41:57 Crossroads
46:13 A Foreshortened Journey
49:43 A Work of Fiction
Who's here after she became a NOBLE LAUREATE? ❤️
Todd Lovett
Todd Lovett:
Having taught college English for more than 30 years, I have long been aware of Louise Glück and have taught her work in American literature courses. The announcement of her Nobel Prize was less a shock than it was a moment of great satisfaction to see something awarded that is so well-deserved.
Capt. Binoy Varakil
Capt. Binoy Varakil:
Sofia sound, nature & walks
Sofia sound, nature & walks:
Congrats!! ✨👏✨Nobel Prize winner 2020
Tanvi Sharma
Tanvi Sharma:
Voice like flowing water, into the sea of peace❤️
Congratulations Nobel Laureate Louise Glück
Dana Stone
Dana Stone:
I would have loved for Louise to begin speaking one minute into the recording.
Cheryl Raywood
Cheryl Raywood:
I love the way her profound observations are cloaked in nature ,yet, shared within the intimacy of a friendship....
wonderful! thank you!
Dana Stone
Dana Stone:
Wonderful! Powerful! I love her voice, slow and deep.
Simply Devine!! Thank you for the upload.. I have Louise’s books, but I enjoy her interpretations so so much!!
Masud Raja
Masud Raja:
Her citation's so clear that I could feel her reading of Village Life...
jayshri kannan
jayshri kannan:
Congratulations indeed!
foad ghavami
foad ghavami:
You way deserve it, congratulation our generation POET!
Tom Talboom
Tom Talboom:
Well deserved, congratulations. 👏
Her devotion to her craft is really inspiring and admirable.
Prof Sailendra Narayan Tripathy
Prof Sailendra Narayan Tripathy:
Greatpoems so beautifully written and read..
strong and lovely words!
Dwayne Brue
Dwayne Brue:
My All Time Favorite Poet! Very well Deserved Ms Gluck!!
Hussain Jebarah
Hussain Jebarah:
Wow, Amazing,,, she has very wide imagination.. Unique lady
She is mixing nature changing with emotions huminity changing.. Describe material things with deep feelings.. She has a very wide vision... With huge suffering as human beings
Bangla Vibe
Bangla Vibe:
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍 Nobel prize winner 2020! Congratulation! You worth it.
sonny corbi
sonny corbi:
Her demeanor resonates ART
uberdriver & scratch-poet @rashaunps wuz here: mfa candidate 2019 @usfmfaw (silicon valley-sf, ca) 1 8 0 3 2 3
Kempton Lam
Kempton Lam:
16:31 "This began when my son was born ..." And then Louise talked about "answering poem" and proceed to set up for the reading of Landscape.
18:27 Landscape
P.S. Congrats to Louise Glück for her Nobel Prize. And big thanks to ashlyn whittington for adding all those wonderful timecodes (see her comment below) to the poems! #awesome
Muhammad Syed
Muhammad Syed:
Excellent! Her ideas and emotions will remain alive after her physical death. Just great poetess. Many many congratulations to her for receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. We are honored to listen to her recitation. Thank you very much for sharing it. Mujahid Syed, Lucknow
Ghalib Iqbal Sheriff
Ghalib Iqbal Sheriff:
The wistfulness in Louise Gluck's poetry challenges the ambient superficiality.
- G. I. Sheriff
John K Lindgren
John K Lindgren:
*”I am a Poet - I know it - hope I don’t blow it” Who said that?*
Lyman Maddox
Lyman Maddox:
Glück begins speaking at 9:00.
Sasidhar P
Sasidhar P:
Congratulations to Louise Glück for winning the Nobel Prize 2020 for Literature.
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer:
I quite resonate with The Landscape with it's time motif as neither here nor there yet Everywhere.
I like her languorous voice"Where is Home?"
In Death you will die;
Resurrection in Life Again.
Winter,spring and what next...
Nancy Keith
Nancy Keith:
Nicolas Tabuteau
Nicolas Tabuteau:
Merci, vraiment merci
Badol Islam
Badol Islam:
Jude F.
Jude F.:
Very few poets are good at performing their work. This is very flat and droning.
Caterina Dn
Caterina Dn:
le cose, i fiori che parlano a cui parliamo che bella poetica
Mondeep Madhurya Das
Mondeep Madhurya Das:
Congratulation mam
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer:
Poetry for Us.For People,us you and me.
No exclusivity here.
Come,join us,we are all in IT together.
Zohaib Hassan
Zohaib Hassan:
Congrates Nobel Prize 2020
Dj D
Dj D:
congrats for Nobel.
Hazem rashoka
Hazem rashoka:
I didn’t know that there is a great poets who write in English until I saw this after getting noble prize congratulations and any suggestions because I want to read some English poems
prashant mishra
prashant mishra:
Nobel prize winner 2020
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer:
This man kept droning on on on when will I hear the Nobel Prize Winner 2020.Dialectic his favourite word.
Mary Louise Abadines
Mary Louise Abadines:
at what part she started reading all hallows?
Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan:
Mystical easy read doggeral
Ken Chawkin
Ken Chawkin:
Just saw a tweet by The Nobel Prize: The 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to the American poet Louise Glück “for her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal.” Wonderful news! This explains why her poem, Telescope, posted on my blog, had so many views today. I just updated that blog post with this announcement. https://theuncarvedblog.com/2019/04/28/after-looking-through-a-telescope-louise-gluck-identified-with-the-silent-enormity-of-the-stars/
sreenivas sree
sreenivas sree:
Who is here after she won Nobel prize 2020
Mi Chi
Mi Chi:
Non trovo che questa poetessa sia da Nobel. Non ci siamo proprio. Trovo le sue poesie veramente mediocri sotto tutti i punti di vista e di una banalità sconcertante. Mi dispiace perché credo che ciò farà abbassare ancor di più il livello culturale, che, invece, dovrebbe esser tenuto molto più alto. Spero che anche questa non sia una operazione commerciale, atta sempre di più a massificare i consumi, ad appiattire le menti, ad allontanare i giovani dalla Bellezza. Penso che questa poetessa abbia avuto il privilegio di annoiarsi molto nella vita e di avere molto tempo a disposizione. Tempo che non ha un operaio o chi deve guadagnarsi la vita. Tradotto : poesia borghese, vuota e stucchevole, priva di una qualsivoglia originalità, ricerca e impegno. Mi dispiace, ma questo è il mio pensiero, con tutto il rispetto per la signora.
Amparo Casas
Amparo Casas:
Háganme el favor ! Premio Nóbel ? Es una pobre mujer enferma y resentida y acomplejada.
leonardo maurya
leonardo maurya:
As Heaney pointed out, the Nobel is a lottery. LG is this year's winner. Congrats to her! That said, can't help but feel there are bigger and better people out there they could have chosen. A meritocracy it is not! Enjoy reading her poetry in any case.
Uma vergonha! A ridícula academia sueca já deu prêmio para o fraco Bob Dylan, que só publicou um livro na vida. Agora dá o prêmio para uma patética poetisa. Horrível! Devia dar o prêmio somente para romancistas. Esses é que fazem realmente um excelente trabalho à literatura. Ao mesmo tempo, devia criar o Nobel de música e o Nobel de poesias.
Uma vergonha! A ridícula academia sueca já deu prêmio para o fraco Bob Dylan, que só publicou um livro na vida. Agora dá o prêmio para uma patética poetisa. Horrível! Devia dar o prêmio somente para romancistas. Esses é que fazem realmente um excelente trabalho à literatura. Ao mesmo tempo, devia criar o Nobel de música e o Nobel de poesia. Louise pode merecer o Nobel de poesia e não o da literatura. Lamentável...