Luciano Pavarotti, James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World

Luciano Pavarotti - The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack
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In Decca's 90th anniversary year, the historic label releases the official soundtrack to the film, continuing Pavarotti's musical legacy and celebrating his extraordinary life. See the greatest like you've never seen him before, and listen to the performances that thrilled audiences all around the world.

Luciano Pavarotti - The Greatest Hits
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Decca are also releasing an incredible greatest hits album, comprising an impressive 71 tracks and over four hours of music, featuring great opera arias, favourite songs and sacred arias, and iconic duets with some of the biggest names in music, including five previously unreleased tracks. A definitive collection for the true Pavarotti superfan.

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Music video by Luciano Pavarotti, James Brown performing It's A Man's World (Stereo). © 2002 Pavarotti International s.r.l.

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Where have I been all my life??
Every feminist a gangsta until James Brown start singing
Samet Şahin
Samet Şahin:
The luckiest people in the world are the ones who listen to this duet live.
Alex Horn
Alex Horn:
When finally all algorithms make sense and direct you to this masterpiece.
Two giants of music. And the world still misses both of you.
Jeffer Lopez
Jeffer Lopez:
When you see a Ford Mustang and a Ferrari racing together
Star Star
Star Star:
I rather watch this than the Presidential debate!
Horse Friend
Horse Friend:
We’ll never have this kind of atmosphere again. These stars have gone. These times have gone. And, man, it were good times. Best of our lives.
Raphael Soulage
Raphael Soulage:
The vocal contrast in this song is pure art.
road to 1k
road to 1k:
Im sorry to be the one to tell you that YOU HAVE A IMMACULATE TASTE OF MUSIC IF UR LISTENING TO THIS
paula paola
paula paola:
I discovered it just today!!! Its amazing! This is the real deal... who is listening in 2020?
Jamell Jones
Jamell Jones:
I'm curious what made a great opera singer wants to do a duet with the legendary James brown 🤔 😍 😄 😀 😅 😎 🤔 😍 😄 😀 😅 they are fantastic together ❤ 😀 😋 😄 🤔 😉 ❤ 😀 😋 😄 🤔 😉 ❤ 😀 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏may, both rest in peace 😇 😇.
V Labar Productions
V Labar Productions:
Whose idea was this to bring these giants together? It's brilliant.
My Frequencies
My Frequencies:
This is the kind of colab that usually only takes place once they get to heaven.
Christophe Barclay
Christophe Barclay:
thes voices, the class, the respect for each other... The level is legendary !
Don Ramon
Don Ramon:
James brown teeth are brighter than my life
Jas Rider
Jas Rider:
J. Brown's part:
Imagine you're on the street againts all odds with your head down

Pavarotti's part:
You look up straight and embrace yourself againts it
A Big RESPECT for this two wonderfull World class Singers and the MAN how make this duo possible !!!! 2020 and still rising !
This is one of the songs you can play in 100 million years and people than will feel the vibe.
Alisson Amilcar
Alisson Amilcar:
Duas feras da música.
Arif Akyuz
Arif Akyuz:
This isn’t a clash between American soul and European opera, this is them working in harmony.
Choff C
Choff C:
OMG........Amazingly Out of this WORLD..!!!!!!!! Outstanding..!!
Kent Wilbourne
Kent Wilbourne:
The moment when two stars shine so bright one cannot discern the brighter.
Классно !
Khabane Makhaola
Khabane Makhaola: just hit me how well Chadwick Boseman immersed himself into James browns character..Rest in peace to both of them.
The king of opera and the king of soul. This performance is gold. This performance is history. Never again shall we see the likes of James Brown, Luciano Pavarotti, Elvis or Micheal Jackson. Thanks for the memories, but most of all thanks to god for lending them to us for a while.
2:25 James Brown: "You are cool my man" Pavarotti: "I know"
Claudinir Fernades
Claudinir Fernades:
Vozes inesquecíveis.
John Doe
John Doe:
I've seen this video and heard this song many times but for some reason *this* time...i actually applauded. Absolutely f******g amazing. This is an experience you remember when you depart this reality.
Deborah Rigby
Deborah Rigby:
It’s 2020 and I stumbled across this beautiful masterpiece wondering how it was going to unfold and DANG IT 😱was like the year before the quarantine❣️💯❤️😳Wow🌎🤗Thank you for uploading❤️❤️🤗❣️💯
My man James got the teeth, and Pavarotti got the 'brows.
E B:
The greatest tenor of our age & the godfather of soul. You can't beat that!!!
Kaki Wayang
Kaki Wayang:
RIP to them both. I think we will never see another James and Pavarotti again. Legendary voices that will forever be evergreen.
Fanis Arvanitis
Fanis Arvanitis:
One of the greatest moments in music history... UNDOUBTEDLY!
All the comments are pretty recent. We were brought here to see this gloriousness together.
Me with the boys: Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang
Me alone:
keshav bundhoo
keshav bundhoo:
When two legends come together, history is created...
Smaine Belhadi
Smaine Belhadi:
James brown, ray Charles, fats domino, check berry, and so many others. We miss them all.
Rosy C
Rosy C:
Beautiful beautiful tremendous brilliant
Howard Tse
Howard Tse:
Brown: *Starts singing*
Audience: *claps*
Pavarotti: *Starts singing*
Brown and audience: *waIT wHAt NaNi?*
The_ Joker
The_ Joker:
Back in the good old days, when those who couldn’t sing, didn’t.

Two Legends 👍
Ahmet Şen
Ahmet Şen:
Brown: This is a man's world, this is a man's world and
But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing, nothing
Without a woman or a girl

You see, man made the cars
To take us over the road
Man made the trains
To carry heavy loads
Man made electric lights
To take us out of the dark
And man made the boat for the water,
Like my bible says Noah made the ark

This is a man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing, nothing
Without a woman or a girl

Pavarotti: L'uomo rincorre il potere ma lui non sa
che il grande limiti ad essere come si parrá.
Nel palmo stringe un ‘idea
che non vive,
che nella sua fantasia… volle
se non si accorge che poi
nulla ha piú senso se
si vive solo per se.

Brown: Man thinks about a little bitty baby girl
And a baby boy
Man makes then happy
Because man makes them toys

And after man made other things he can
Man makes liras, pesos, dollars, rupees
To buy for every good woman and every man

This is a man's world,
Pavarotti: Nulla ha piú senso se
si vive solo per se.
Brown: But it wouldn't be nothing,
Without a woman or a girl.
Pavarotti: Solo per se.

Brown: He's lost in the wilderness,
He's lost in bitterness.
Pavarotti: Se non si accorge che poi
nulla ha piú senso se
si vive solo per se,
solo per se, per se.
Brown: This is a man's world, yeah.
Sand Rider
Sand Rider:
Whoever decided to put these legends on stage at the same time is a bloody genius
James Byrne
James Byrne:
There's over 6k idiots on this planet who down voted this video
Tony Montana S
Tony Montana S:
This duet is gangster
Aycha Bullets
Aycha Bullets:
Problem is: after listening this one, it's really hard to choose something better!
Lisa ran
Lisa ran:
Now this is real music!!!
Enter the Bruce 01
Enter the Bruce 01:
Love the way James Brown said 'I feel good' at the end of the video, I knew that he would! 🤣
Sandy Fausone
Sandy Fausone:
The Father of Soul Rock & Roll with the Worlds Best opera singer. Love this. Can’t get enough
Evaristo Hudinilson
Evaristo Hudinilson:
This is a master peace
Man made a YouTube,
to bring you this song.
BLM Burn#Loot#Murder
BLM Burn#Loot#Murder:
James Brown just kills it!!!
He's untouchable
DJ BX and SBR:
2 true artists and masters of their craft. Being a fan of both, I love everything about this calabo.
Seulean Calina
Seulean Calina:
I listen to this song every morning. It gives an incredible good energy.
Thank you masters!
Two of the greatest. I first saw James Brown in the late 1960s in Baton Rouge La. I've never seen anything like it in my life. A marvel. I saw Mr. Pavarotti in NYC at the Metropolitan Opera in the 1980s and 90s a few times. A joy indeed.
Marian Cobuz
Marian Cobuz:
Just discovered this now in 2020, a masterpiece, immense talent. THIS is music!
Anthony Tiburon
Anthony Tiburon:
I've been living a meaningless lie before today
Ольга Хуснутдинова
Ольга Хуснутдинова:
Как они уважают друг друга,Браво!!!
Brahim Di Vincenzo
Brahim Di Vincenzo:
I imagine those two in heaven.. Even god would sing with them 😍
jorge vilas boas
jorge vilas boas:
jorge vilas boas
jorge vilas boas:
Jake iplier
Jake iplier:
This brought tears to my eyes
alan lynch
alan lynch:
This is without doubt one of the most perfect beautiful things I have ever heard. Bravo!.
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson:
BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! I could listen over and over and over again!!!
Gonçalves 04
Gonçalves 04:
Sensacional,demais 🎶🎷👏👏👏
This song is perfection! I discovered it years ago and have played it every day since!
Tolga Hancı
Tolga Hancı:
0:54 Brown has a built-in Equalizer tools.
Ron Peace
Ron Peace:
This is so epic on so many levels
One of craziest collaborations. This one kept a smile on my face.
Алексей Алексеев
Алексей Алексеев:
Феноменально!!!!!!!!!! Браво!!!!!!! Браво таким людям!!!!!!!!!!
When you gather Giants you got spectacle
Thinking Tech
Thinking Tech:
I've just witnessed the best show ever!
Jacob Elyachar
Jacob Elyachar:
The King of Opera + The Godfather of Soul = a phenomenal historic performance!
Gil Ribeiro
Gil Ribeiro:
Seloko, duas lendas👋🏻👋🏻abraços do 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Gil Ribeiro
Gil Ribeiro:
James Brown monstro 🇧🇷
Omg how divine ..just perfect
Dr.Laren Ali
Dr.Laren Ali:
I think a lot of people are looking for old songs in 2020 because they miss the past.
Aleks Kozirevs
Aleks Kozirevs:
Это что то великое.👏
L S:
What a masterpiece! 01:35 gives me goosebumps...
The most bizarre, but perfect duet ever seen
Gian Ramirez
Gian Ramirez:
Simplemente hermoso.
Vako Bediashvili
Vako Bediashvili:
Pavarroti’s eyebrows are thicker then my girl and Browns teeth is brighter then my future
Duas feras' massa demais!👏👏👏👏👍✌️
Devon Lee
Devon Lee:
BRAVO Legends! A masterpiece! 🔥🔥🔥
Edna Meire Pinto
Edna Meire Pinto:
James Anastassiou
James Anastassiou:
The fusion is indescribably successful. How eclectic. Love it.
Arturo Richaud
Arturo Richaud:
Clase mundial! Que voces!
The C&R Travel.Love.Adventures
The C&R Travel.Love.Adventures:
Thanks to youtube that we can go back to any year and hear to this beautiful legends.
Bar down Edits
Bar down Edits:
I haven't heard anything better in my life
Who in the hell disliked this???
Mister Carlton
Mister Carlton:
James Brown's Teeth Are Brighter Than My Future 😁😁😁

(Re Edit ) Thanks Everyone For Your Likes & Commments
Junito Punto Comm
Junito Punto Comm:
The way I felt when I listened to this masterpiece !!
😎👉🏼 4:49
James Vescio
James Vescio:
Pavarotti was awesome but James Brown stole the show. He is out of this world.
my grandfather is older then both of them and he is sitting in the LIVINGROOM
Dean Lukman Majid
Dean Lukman Majid:
The battle of the titans. Holy!
04stheh 04zamoh
04stheh 04zamoh:
We see those teeth James :)
What a performance this is
LAUREN Monama:
My Heart Is Just Melting🎶

I really appreciate EARTH 🙏
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald:
Mutual admiration of 2 vocal genius’s
Vítor Máchilas
Vítor Máchilas:
Marvel: we will make the greatest crossover in the history.
Pavarotti: James, did you hear that?
James Brown: hold on a minute