Luis Suarez - ALL 198 Goals for Barcelona

Luis Suarez scored 198 Goals and gave 109 Assists for Barcelona in 283 games... What a statistics! For me, he belongs to the Barcelona legend list!

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I've made a tribute video for Luis Suarez: Check it out, and let me know what you found of it!
Sriram Santhanam
Sriram Santhanam:
Probably the best player Barcelona bought in recent years.
Wizard 10
Wizard 10:
Suarez's worst season stats are still dream for many world class strikers, LEGEND for a reason.
Luis Suarez scored 198 Goals and gave 109 Assists in just 283 games for Barcelona! What a stats... Barcelona LEGEND for sure!
TalkMicro MTE150UY
TalkMicro MTE150UY:
I'm sick of people disrespecting Suarez.
The pace, the skills and the finishing: He had it all. He may have lost some of that recently but I will always remember him for being an extremely talented footballer. It was a joy to watch him and his connection with Messi was out of this world. Definitely one of the greatest strikers ever.
Loukas Bampalis
Loukas Bampalis:
307 goals contributed in 283 games WITHOUT BEING THE FOCAL POINT OF YOUR TEAM (that was lio). The guy is a total beast, by far the best striker we have seen since the brazilian ronaldo. And he gets so much disrespect from our fans and from fifa awards. He is our 3rd scorer all time. He has been crucial in all titles and big matches against bayern, real madrid, juventus, atletico, city etc. And he did it with so much style. Volleys, bicycle kicks, lobs, corner shots, nutmegs and other dribbles, speed, headders everything!! Out of his 198 goals, more than half are stunning and have a high difficulty grade, while most elite strikers score 7/10 tap ins and penalties. Suarez, aguero and benzema are the most underrated forwards of our era.
Alen Dangol
Alen Dangol:
Suarez was one of the best player of barcelona 😢
Give Suarez a chance for his 200th goal.
Welp He's going to Atleti, Goodbye Luis! 🔴⚪
Mikaele Spath
Mikaele Spath:
He has been going downhill for the last 2 years, but his numbers have still been world class. He is one of the greatest strikers ever, his numbers and trophy collection speak for themselves. The finishing, assists, work rate, skill and will to win are legendary. Much love to Suarez. YNWA
Nishan Neyohang
Nishan Neyohang:
One word - L E G E N D

Keeping my heart in my mouth it really hurts to say with time Pistolero’s era has finally ended. What a warrior he has been to this proud club.
You will forever be a Culé Luis.On the day, hell no one even comes close to you! the best 9 out there. PERIOD!💙❤️
Can't believe that I was there on Camp Nou when he scored his 188th Goals against Mallorca, one of the most beautiful goal that he scored. Thank you Luis!
Messi Peter
Messi Peter:
Luis Suarez -Like
Archisman Chakraborty
Archisman Chakraborty:
Best signing for barca in last 10 years
In his prime season at Barca I think he was the best player in the world
R Production
R Production:
Seriously they w'ont get a better striker than suarez
Random Dood
Random Dood:
Man, Messi's visions + Suarez's finishers , they're on top of the world
His finishing are satisfying and perfect
He was the best sticker we ever hoped for
The Real Ronaldo, Eto'o and Suarez are the best nr.9 strikers I've ever seen
Luis scored his first and maybe last goal in the ucl🔥 LEGEND!
Infinity Academy
Infinity Academy:
One of the best "9" ever.
I’m a Madrid fan and man he’s finishing and his special ability that nutmeg to other defender was such a amazing striker. It’s a shame that The coach just tell him to no longer play Barcelona. Have some respect Suarez and he the only player who scored to Bayern Munich and it was a fantastic goal
Best 9 in the last decade. no cap. Legend.
Agni Bhattacharyya
Agni Bhattacharyya:
I am going to miss el pistolero... For quite some time he was the best striker in Europe and he will always have a place in my heart
Nathanael Pessemier
Nathanael Pessemier:
I don t understand why Barça don t want to keep him
He's amazing and he can score again many goals....
this should be watched by luis suarez and posted on FC BARCELONA youtube channel !!!!
Andrew Billy
Andrew Billy:
His last 3 seasons aren't the standard of Luis Suarez
In his first n second seasons at barca, he is mobile, he can position with messi n neymar so fast. I love that Suarez's version
Kamil Malina
Kamil Malina:
I remember calling him a beast and a tank. What a legend. I appreciate him so much.
Иван Гусев
Иван Гусев:
Suarez is a master at scoring beautiful goals!!!👍🏻🔵🔴
Starvin Marvin
Starvin Marvin:
It annoys me that he couldn’t get 2 more goals too finished with 200
Xanders 88
Xanders 88:
The best No.9!! Hope the best in the world for you! MSN never die in my heart! Respect!!!
M. R. M
M. R. M:
the first player who scored quatrick 2 times in a row in the history of laliga

Beast 🔥 🇺🇾
melodious rhythm
melodious rhythm:
He is one of the best striker of barcelona... he will always be the best striker of the ball for fcb🙂😪
Correl Gamers
Correl Gamers:
198 goals and 109 assist in 283 games and he doesn't ( I mean he isn't the usual taker) take freekicks or penalties and also isn't the vocal point of the attack, Suarez is really a deadly striker. The best number 9 this decade for me.
S J:
At times he can be sluggish but the guy knows how score goals for sure.
He's the player who broke the deadlock of leo and cr7 in winning European Golden shoe.
The fact that his 198 goles looks less then Leo's monstrous 634 but before leo became Barça's highest goal scorer the record stood at 232 goals by ćesar. Now it looks more.
One of the best strikers in football history
Jacob Sauers
Jacob Sauers:
Truly is end of an era. Almost feel like crying
Mohamed Xheiry
Mohamed Xheiry:
Suarez is 2 goals away from 200th goal for Barcelona and he'll leave
Messi is 10 goals away to break pele's record as most goals ever for one club and he'll leave
What a player, won two golden shoes in an era with Cristiano & Messi and outscored both of them in that 15-16 season where he topped la liga for both goals and assists. Uruguay's all time top-scorer, will be remembered as a legendary number 9
Worst season of suarez 2019/20....21 goals and 10 assist.... Dream of some in form striker
Peetar Ster
Peetar Ster:
I remember back in the 2016 champions league against ATM he was single handily carrying barac
zuti limun
zuti limun:
6:06 that penalty was brilliant
Nisam kp
Nisam kp:
Suares, The el pistolero.
The best NO 9 of alltime only behind R9.
The player who have pure wild manliness in every move.
Atahualpa López
Atahualpa López:
The best 9 now!!! 👏🏻👏🏻
Salahuddin Minto
Salahuddin Minto:
Who is here after,Suarez leave Barcelona!??
It very sad that he leave.
Good bye!Legend!
His start to the 2019-2020 season was very convincing. He was very decisive even in the Champions League but unfortunately his injury ruined the end of the season
Lionel Messi next? 🤔 😔
Aww. This makes me really sad. So many wonderful memories since his arrival. The first goal showed us what he was about to produce.
Никола Миловановић
Никола Миловановић:
Its hard to say goodbye to this legend...
Yunus Karaaslan
Yunus Karaaslan:
The legend striker pistelero 👍
Saif Imad
Saif Imad:
He is a killer inside the box! He will be a great add to Juventus!
I don't mind pineapple on a pizza
I don't mind pineapple on a pizza:
What a great player.. when he left liverpool I stopped watching football for a while but came back for highlights
may janice nario
may janice nario:
they will regret selling suárez for atletico madrid
Everyone remembers the first 84 goals - when he won the treble with them in 14/15 and outscored CR7 and Messi in 15/16.
Then, somehow, he was underappreciated while scoring 114 more goals.
Karel Muyenga
Karel Muyenga:
U'll be missed Suarez , u are immortal.....
Lm10 The legend
Lm10 The legend:
He adapted so well and that is why he is the Best no.9(25 goals) in his first season.
TheAnax 11
TheAnax 11:
2 goals just 2 goals away from 200 come on now 😂
Fahad Iniesta
Fahad Iniesta:
im fan of him since 2010 when i watched first time his play in world cup
Mohamed Xheiry
Mohamed Xheiry:
198 Goals + 109 assists in 283 games 🔥
He always played with so much passion! Scoring unbelievable goals, assisting. One of the best strikers ever!
Krishna Nayak
Krishna Nayak:
Messi's penalty assist 😍♥️... missing those days.. life has been changed in every aspects 😢😢😢😢
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
Thank you Suarez for all the happiness you gave to Barca fans.
༼༒Mslm Official༒༽
༼༒Mslm Official༒༽:
Luis Suarez new legenda of barcelona
Anxo Fernandez
Anxo Fernandez:
It's time for him to go but we'll always remember him and his goals. He's already a legend. 4 league titles, 4 cup titles, and a Champions League title in 6 years is a success hard to match.
Suárez's and Messi's last goals for the club ,were two very distinct but beautiful goals. Thank you for everything El Pistolero and La Pulga, you will always be Barça legends.
All the best for your futures!
Sanjog Pradhan Official
Sanjog Pradhan Official:
And what Barca is doing to him :(
Ciel Cating
Ciel Cating:
Did you see this, Koeman? I think not.
Anand Mallick
Anand Mallick:
Most complete striker I've ever seen in my life he is a barca legend 😭😭😭
Virtually all of these goals are beautiful, breathtaking, or makes you shake your head in admiration. Gracias, Suarito—you will never be forgotten.
El Antonito
El Antonito:
You missed the goal when messi assisted with a bicycle kick
WaterPlease Tv
WaterPlease Tv:
Gerardo Carella
Gerardo Carella:
Excellent archival work, research and editing, as always !!!
Crimson Lewis
Crimson Lewis:
He is the One of the Best ...Farewell Legend ☺️😢✋
Letlotlo Sebbale
Letlotlo Sebbale:
As much as they got baptized by bayern, that finale goal will always be my favourite
Should've sold him after 17/18 but this board kept him & overused him.Suarez was never a problem,the problem was he was never used properly.Now when he scored 25 & assisted 15 even after a 3 month injury,they're terminating his contract.Barcelona has become a total clown club..
Jastip Sambarata
Jastip Sambarata:
He can score with any part from any angle. He is the one of the best forward so far
Agent. K.
Agent. K.:
I can’t believe it’s been 6 years! I remember some goals like it was yesterday !
Hassan Jumma
Hassan Jumma:
absolutely the best striker the running actions he makes are amazing and he is so cold bloody in front of the goal one of the most confidents striker he is amazing ❤️💙
Paul McNamara
Paul McNamara:
Great player me being a Liverpool fan i cried when he left when he was his best unplayable. I watched him for Bara and he amazing for them as well no wonder Messi is going to miss him when he leaves i read they are great mates you see that on the pitch as well because their link up play together was out of this world.
Luis „The Legend” Suarez 🎖
Goal 188 masterpiece😱
A Barça Legend. 💙♥️
#Top 10
#Top 10:
Barcelona made a big mistake they should have kept him an amazing player he was the only one who managed to score against Bayern
Welcome to Juventus!!
Greatest striker for two legendary clubs in modern times 👏👏
Janie Ali
Janie Ali:
Goal number 189 back healed, was the most beautiful goal ever seen in the football ground. Every lover of the beautifu game should agree with me. We wish Suarez all the best 👍 💙 ❤ 🙏 ♥ 🙌 👍
As a Madrid fan I respect him but watching this video it made me a bit emotional actually simply because he was such a player. Truly sad seeing players even on the rival side I saw change the game growing up are leaving their best years behind
Puro crack este es respeto de mi parte pistolero
Johny Dillinger
Johny Dillinger:
We'll be missing you, Luis❤️
Barcelona's Greatest Ever Number 9! I'm Devastated!
rafael Foratori
rafael Foratori:
was beautiful 💔....gracias Luiz, you will be Always in my heart, one of my chilldhood heroes ❤🥰
Hamza Sjekirica
Hamza Sjekirica:
we will never forget you.. thank you for everything el pistolero <3
Haidar Ali Jawadi
Haidar Ali Jawadi:
Thank you Luis, if you leave the club I wish you luck for the future. We will never forget you LEGEND. ❤💙❤💙
Saqib Islam
Saqib Islam:
Gr8 legend of Barcelona.. after Messi, he has been the best outfield player for Barca... salute to you... with Eto, Suarez will remain as all time gr8 in Barca.
Inel Ovnord
Inel Ovnord:
We just remain speechless in front of this artist, wow Amazing ! Respect . 🙏
Swapnesh Mitra
Swapnesh Mitra:
What a legacy this man has left behind at this club!
Welsh Lad
Welsh Lad:
Loved him at Liverpool. Plays on the edge and sometimes over it, but boy oh boy is he quality.
One of the Greatest No.9 of all time.. Good Luck El Pistolero 🔵🔴
zuneeq liaquat
zuneeq liaquat:
El pielestro💔💔. We love you. Wish you a great journey ahead
Remember when Barca actually bought talented players?
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal:
Legend of the game. best 9 i've ever seen play. thankful i was alive to watch suarez tear defenses apart.
Mohammad Musleh
Mohammad Musleh:
Thank you for everything pestolero🔫🔫🔫❤️