Luis Suarez in 2019/20 - Does he really needs to leave Barcelona ?!

Does Luis Suarez really needs to leave Barcelona? This is what he did the past season... He scored some incredible goals, and gave some brilliant assists too! Ok, he can miss some easy sitters, but he often is important for Barcelona too... Now is my question after you watched this video: Does El Pistolero really needs to leave Barça? Comment below!


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Munashe Motsi
Munashe Motsi:
Barcelona's greatest striker ever
Abdul Saboor
Abdul Saboor:
Let him score 2 goals he’ll have 200 goals for Barcelona 😔 😭 😭
El pistolero
The disrespect shown to this man is incredible
Koeman should be ashamed: as a former barca player he should understand how much blood and sweat Suarito has shed for us. And to think, the new coach doesn’t even want gordo on the bench? Unbelievable.
C J:
Barca is making a huge mistake Suarez still got 2 to 3 years in him
Willian Guimaraes
Willian Guimaraes:
Messi 634
Cesar Rodrigues 232
Suarez 198
Abrar Ahmed
Abrar Ahmed:
You cannot expect Lautaro Martinez to come next season and bang in 30 goals , so u need suarez to help Lautaro as well as messi
Abhinav Vijayakumar
Abhinav Vijayakumar:
I don't think Suarez really needs to leave. Messi and he share a great bond. And if Messi stays in Barca then it would pe better to keep Suarez than to bring someone who cannot bond with Messi
Narek Movsisyan
Narek Movsisyan:
I would like Luis Suarez el pistolero to stay
chief keef
chief keef:
The answer is no I love Suarez I hope he stay he is my idol and he will forever be.
Firing Suarez will be Koemans biggest mistake. Suarez and Messi are an excellent duo and their chemistry and production is undeniable.
POLL: Does Luis Suarez needs to leave Barcelona? YES or NO?
T Rex
T Rex:
The answer is yes. I love Suarez but everything has to come to an end at some point and, it's better now before he ruins his legacy.
The wizard 10
The wizard 10:
Our legends are getting older😭
fabian porfilio
fabian porfilio:
I wish he signs 2 seasons for atlético and scores against Barcelona both games
Striing B
Striing B:
He needs to leave or take a pay cut and sit on the bench. His time is over and it’s time for fresh blood. These old players aren’t good enough and always get exposed in Europe.
Gamer King
Gamer King:
He is one of the best player i have seen in football history, it was a different thing if he himself wanted to leave,
But Barcelona's coach don't want him to play, and after seeing how Barcelona have treated him in the recent years suggests him to leave the club.
Barcelona don't deserve this legend. He have given everything to the team and helped them in winning the champions league also when he arrived. But he has just been told to leave and that too through a phone call. What a disgrace😭😭
May Juventus treat him better
Alex Dobre
Alex Dobre:
Barca are a team full of legends. Too bad they seem sluggish now
TheWizard TV
TheWizard TV:
If Barca fans want Suarez to leave there crazy he’s easily one of the best strikers in the world he scores the most important goals in the season and champions league only to be let down by the defence letting him go will be a big mistake he’s just as clinical as messi on his day
Salt & Pepper
Salt & Pepper:
Barcelona can keep him if he is a PART time striker. And reduced wages a bit. He is amazing, but lacks stamina for 90 minutes of high intensity.
Top 10 Jackpot
Top 10 Jackpot:
Give him one more season
Play him as a super sub.
Naveen Kedilaya
Naveen Kedilaya:
Suarez is one of the most genius striker I've ever seen. The way he sees the game is something else. But his ball control and technique keeps deteriorating every season. He can still produce genius plays, but thats becoming less and less frequent season by season. We need to find a youth player who can replace him.
Rosie `
Rosie `:
His misses are 10 times more than this. So YES. He has to leave.
Kick this beast out and keep griezmann...tfuuu...welcome to Juve gonna be top scorer in serie a
Defo one of the most affective and important player for barca this season though
Ignatious Bakkiyo
Ignatious Bakkiyo:
Suarez is a legend of barca .. mark my words barca gonna trophyless again with out suarez ...problem is defence not forwards .😡😡
This is a really well edited, well made video.
Clearly it captures Suarez @ his best this season. However it doesn't show the many, many, many times he's off kilter... too slow to give anyone the slip, too predictable on the dribble to beat anyone worth anything, the bad first touches etc.

Having him stay as a sub is going to be pretty expensive.
Josiah Andrew
Josiah Andrew:
We'll need suarez this season too, griezmann is good but he is more of a chance creator than a goal scorer, also the youngsters will create more chance for Suarez to score.
Mahmood Abarri
Mahmood Abarri:
The king luis 😍😍 don't leave 😢
Future Stars
Future Stars:
Gewoon lekker blijven! 🔥
Borowski G
Borowski G:
YES. He gave everything he could, now his time has come.
Moises Remache
Moises Remache:
Yea his time has come to an end he doesnt have the pace and everytime he manages to get the ball to his feet he gets disposesed or he just drops to the floor for a foul. Thanks for everything though amazing player for barca
dyaksa megan
dyaksa megan:
Suarez is a Legend ..i want him to stay ...
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
Looking through the comments I can see who watched the matches from the past and who is a trash hater, Suarez has been Barca’s best scorer for a striker but his time is done, still don’t want him to leave but if he does, he will forever be remembered as a legend
Shane Ali
Shane Ali:
Please Liverpool sign him sign him I beg you 2 year contract put bobby in cam and Suarez st 🙏🤞
Passos Fonseca
Passos Fonseca:
Same situation happened with cr7, if he hadn't left he would help real Madrid scoring goals cause he was still in a good form! He could stay on the bench as he said, thats the way the clubs treat the ir legends, unfortunely !
Swad Bodhy
Swad Bodhy:
If such a beast ,a great player,an outstanding left to be the perfect scapegoat,at boy better leave those ungrateful...
belinho beli
belinho beli:
Showing highlights of only positive contributions makes you think he should stay.
The clear answer is: yes, he should leave. He aint anymore what he was.
Alex Chaveco
Alex Chaveco:
yeah, i think he should leave lol
Future Stars
Future Stars:
Nice video bro😁👌🏻
Espero de tot cor que sigui cert! Desitjo sincerament que us quedeu! Tots estem ferits i us esperem a tornar a casa! Torna als entrenaments! Estem esperant que el cor comenci a bategar de nou!
Si us plau, torni del fons del meu cor! Tots us estimem el nostre estimat fill!

No escoltis mai els benefactors que et diuen que vagis a mcity! Són cucs disfressats! Només volen fer-vos mal a vosaltres i a aquest equip. Queda’t aquí i guanya la glòria eterna! Perquè aquest és el vostre paradís Leo! I sense ell només hi ha perdició!

Tots us esperem per tornar-vos a veure i sobretot per veure aquell gest vostre amb les mans cap al cel! Llavors sabrem amb certesa que ELL existeix i que ens ha retornat la vida.
tevin gitungo
tevin gitungo:
No because he is also a legend
Maulana Wasi Haider Rizvi
Maulana Wasi Haider Rizvi:
neymar at 33, iniesta 33, Messi at 33, Suarez at 33, xavi at 33> Young mobile addict Professionals nowadays
Hussain Alaa
Hussain Alaa:
Bernard Perera
Bernard Perera:
Messi highest scorer and Suarez 3rd highest scorer for Barca. Either both shoul leave or stay at Barca based on their likes. Both must be respected for their contribution. Suarez needs only 34 goals to be the 2nd highest goal scorer
Nina Islam
Nina Islam:
Kaustubh Kamath
Kaustubh Kamath:
For all those who want song name:piercing light
M Bip
M Bip:
Suarez and Messi both need to leave for their club future.
ansu the beast
ansu the beast:
he has to his ball control and technical ability is shocking but we have to respect what he has done for us , man really miss 2015-16 suarez
Kazi Ashfaq
Kazi Ashfaq:
He needs to leave he is slow and misses many chances
The Goat Machine
The Goat Machine:
arjun kumar k v
arjun kumar k v:
He is past now scapegoat..any other striker..who succeeds Suarez.. has big big responsibility..
Rolando J. R. León
Rolando J. R. León:
Answer to your question is, yes.
i hope this stupid fanbase and koeman will realise that letting him go will be catastrophic
Mariyam Bajwa
Mariyam Bajwa:
Hey! Suarez doesn't need to leave nor should barcelona sell him. Barca are going to struggle without suarez, that's for sure!

See Griezmann... how many goals did he score? How many assists did he give? I understand that suarez is past his peak but the man still scores goals. Even when he is playing badly he can still get 1 or 2 goals.

If scoring goals is the problem then griezmann should be the first to leave. The age doesn't matter much, what matters is your dedication to the team and the hardwork that you put in.

Barca should alteast keep him for another year and bring in lautaro or any other stiker. Because you never know if the new player is gonna fit into the system. So suarez should act as a good backup for an year.

Selling him just for reducing the wage is ridiculous.

Just an fyi:
Griezmann scored 15 goals and gave 4 assists in 48 games.
Suarez scored 21 goals and gave 12 assists in 36 games!
Felipe Azevedo
Felipe Azevedo:
This song is incredible
Let’s hope Barca won’t disrespect this Legend if the club. For me one of the best 9 of all time. Don’t just terminate his contract right away keep him for another season. He will give compétition to Lautaro if he joins . Making both better players. El pistolero it will be hard to not see him in starting 11
Matěj Suda
Matěj Suda:
I think, this season was better than in three last years so ??? i don´t know
ehab montage
ehab montage:
Mauricio Velázquez
Mauricio Velázquez:
Piotr Piotrowicz
Piotr Piotrowicz:
Suarez 💙💙
Ye he definitely needs to go.
Dipankar /Gaming Dxt & pardeep
Dipankar /Gaming Dxt & pardeep:
No, last time they left neymar now they want neymar.If they left saurez they need saurez in future.
Sanooj Shajahan
Sanooj Shajahan:
If he really do cares for the benefit of this club he should be courteous for everything he received from this club and leave and we as fans would thank him more than ever for whatever he has contributed for Barca. This is the right moment for him to show his love and passion for this club like Pique said. Messi also should not be backing him to miss 10 chances and score 1 in a game. He could not match the pace of World class players. Too slow for top level competitions.
Random Guy
Random Guy:
Suarez is good player no doubt but his prime period is ended , he should leave for betterment of Barcelona though he loves his wages at the age 33+. I love Pique what he said after Bayern match , plz be like him
Gianluca Rolla
Gianluca Rolla:
grande Hannibal lecter
Sonny B
Sonny B:
Please come to Tottenham Hotspur
Shahzeb Khan
Shahzeb Khan:
Scoting difficult ones leaving easy better score easy one first. Plz.tell the name of this tune . Plz
Big A
Big A:
Luis Suarez should not leave Barcelona because messi and him run the club and Luis Suarez is beast,finisher,skill full,dribbler,passers-by, ass tier, very strong for his age now,ONE OF THE BEST STRIKER IN THE WORLD,THE DECADE and HISTORY OF THE BEST STRIKER FOR FOR BARCELONA HAVE EVER SEEN, ROCKET SHOOTING,FAST, THE SUPER BEAST LUIS SUAREZ 9.
Rajon D
Rajon D:
Ronaldo left madrid for 100 million at 33 ..and u cant do this to suarez. reality is harsh
m st
m st:
Suarez must stay at Barca. his goals and assists are so beautiful.not easy to find a substitute.
Football Fans
Football Fans:
I love you wouva you are not influenced by what everyone is saying ,,, you say football as it is..... And the truth is no cf can give us Suarez's numbers despite him missing clear chances at times
arjun kumar k v
arjun kumar k v:
His killer form is's sad he has to leave this way.. should have left 2 years ago..
Paolo Izzo
Paolo Izzo:
No, non spariamo cazzate
Giuliano M
Giuliano M:
Even though he scored some awesome goals this year and he's one of my favourite Barca players, I think he should go. His prime was a long time ago (2013-2016) and his performances are far too inconsistent for Barcelona expectations, especially in the UCL( his last away goal was in 2015) and in big games in general. It's a though decision, but in my opinion a player like Lautaro Martinez would be the better option for the future.
Great video nonetheless
SmartBryan Guy
SmartBryan Guy:
He does need to go hes old not rlly producing much but in big games he scores but we really dont need him
Yes, he does need to leave for his sake and more-so, for the club's sake. If he does stay, he cannot be a regular starter. The man is a legend but unfortunately, his past few seasons are really doing damage to his name. Much like Rakitic, they offered a lot to us and had great careers with us. But the reluctance of them to leave or improve tarnishes their image. Suarez can score many class goals, but there's more to football than putting the ball at the back of the net. Maybe a season as a super-sub might be the answer to seeing him put amazing performances, but beyond that, he is past his prime.
The Ultimate Marketer
The Ultimate Marketer:
Koeman is a disgrace
chief keef
chief keef:
The answer is no I love Suarez I hope he stay he is my idol and he will forever be.
Ghaleb Abu Hwij
Ghaleb Abu Hwij:
He should leave immediately
Mini Grande
Mini Grande:
I don't think severe kulling of the current team is going to help at all
Should use the 1 year left to have a Youngster play and learn from him. Why they cancelling a contract with less than one year left. It's just a shock tactic to make the Barcelona fans think there's affective action happening. But think first. Yes they have an ageing team that is not fixed by sacking all the old players. It's about transition not heads on blocks. Who's gonna get 30 a season straight away???
messi promise
messi promise:
Someone like Ronaldinho leave Barcelona for messi. So messi have to leave Barcelona for another new young players for with to see, another new young players in Barcelona is not bad for messi to leave now this is the time my brother's This is the time Barcelona can get rid of Messi let him go let new young boys come on in Barcelona and let us have a new Barcelona not too depending in messi one person football is over. PSG play Final with Bayern Munich and the two Don't Have Messi India team and they reach final and one of them win the league so let us leave messi to go Everybody Have forget Suarez now talking about only messi forgot that Messi cannot make a club only him so you people don't, like, Suarez
Kainan Sugal
Kainan Sugal:
Yes he has to leave. He can't perform in big matches.
Yamneh Roncero
Yamneh Roncero:
He needs to leave, asap. Griezmann need to play CF.

Suarez is old, slow and sluggish. He still can score in a flash of brilliance, we saw that fabulous goal vs Bayern when they got trashed 8-2, but then is super ineffective for the remainder of the time. I REALLY don't know how Setien started Suarez over Griezmann or even Fati.

Suarez has been done at Barcelona since last year. He can score, but everything else is lacking. In his prime, he was a workhorse. Making runs, fighting for every ball, being physical with defenders and just being an overall awesome tank. He was the best number 9, by far.

But, age and injuries caught up. He can't keep up the rythm. The fact Valverde and Setien didn't realize it and didn't bench him like they should've is baffling.

If I'm Setien, the first day in office is a chat with Suarez and letting him know he has a bench role and he should look for other clubs. There's a way to say things without hurting egos and clearly, no one told Suarez.

Setien did NOT use Fati enough as winger and Griezmann as CF.

EuphoriaGaming HD
EuphoriaGaming HD:
Its sad to say but he needs to leave.
Kai Gaming
Kai Gaming:
Guys. Please cut the crap by only showing his highlights.
Yes - his strike rate has been amazing - but that's because he only has two modes: Beast mode or Trip mode.
In Beast mode, he scores 5 goals in 2 games.
In Trip mode, he misses chances and trips over himself. This includes important games.
I don't know about you, but I'd MUCH rather have a striker that scores every 1.5 games, than a striker that scores 5 goals over two games and then goes missing when we need him the next few games.
Nothing but love for Suarez, think about all the games we could have won if he was just more consistent.
Gabriel Herdina
Gabriel Herdina:
Ter Stegen, Lenglet, De Jong, Puig, Fati and Messi. These are the only untouchable players.
Ritwik Ghosh
Ritwik Ghosh:
he needs to leave definitely...he cant run.....cant press...poor 1st touch, cant dribble, have not score in UCL away game in 5 years...., most importantly misses all 1 on 1 chances has no composure....but can come with a brilliant goal....which is not needed if he takes easy chances.
We need pace+finishing touch....sorry saurez ..we are in the endgame now