FC Barcelona were back at work on Monday morning after taking a couple of days off while the bulk of the squad are away on international duty. The big news was the presence at a session for the first time of Luuk de Jong, on loan from Sevilla, and also having Pedri back, who has taken a two-week break in his native Canary Islands.



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100+ comentarios:

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
You can find the Live Reaction to all of Barça's games here 👉
Obby Samahiya
Obby Samahiya:
It's gonna be a challenging season. So, the team needs to fight hard!
I can't want to see Ansu and Dembele get back to full fitness.
Welcome back Pedri! Long season ahead for you ❤️
Shourya Tiwari
Shourya Tiwari:
Even though camera was focused on luuk, my eyes were focused on coutinho and he is looking sharp and confident. Hope koeman plays him in the next match.
Geremy fernando Oconor Miranda
Geremy fernando Oconor Miranda:
Te deseo lo mejor luuk da lo mejor a este club lo que este equipo necesita es un goleador nato se ese jugador luuk buena suerte visca barca y visca Cataluña 💙❤💙❤
The world ain't ready for Lucky Luuk and Goatwaite duo 🔥🔥
Alejandra 19
Alejandra 19:
Força barça!!❤️💙
Android 16
Android 16:
Força Barça❤💙
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇe-Vlog Go to My Channel:
done a lot of work within this short period of time,Barcelona will rise again.
John Blessed
John Blessed:
I finally feel like things are coming together for our team. Yes some departures were sad but it was all necessary for the betterment of our club. Also the wages being reduced is good because it was unsustainable. I feel optimistic about the state that our team is in right now. We will build from here and come together as a team to do great things. Visca El Barça 🙂🔵🔴
Alan Romero
Alan Romero:
Da lo mejor de ti Luuk ᕙ( • ‿ • )ᕗ
Aditya Khare
Aditya Khare:
Ersy V
Ersy V:
we needed this type of 9 . so that we can have a different plan of play style. if ansu and dembele have a healthy season we will do things !
Yazan channel
Yazan channel:
Put Depay and Coutinho in the right position they will do good they have very good skills and they can finish
Yuu Zamora Espinoza
Yuu Zamora Espinoza:
Yo creo que el aportará más en el juego aéreo que es lo que falta también al barca
Laporta has really done a lot of work within this short period of time,Barcelona will rise again.
Afraz Maazi
Afraz Maazi:
The team looks in good spirits 💪🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽
Força Barça❤️💙
Douglas Pereira
Douglas Pereira:
O Barcelona vai longe com um ataque deste 😢
Sakho ibra
Sakho ibra:
Força Barça 💪
Adan Bonilla
Adan Bonilla:
Visca Barça 💙❤️
Thomas Nikolaidis
Thomas Nikolaidis:
Coutinho 's skills 🔥⚡💥😎🎩
bienvenido luuk de jong ❤️💙
puede que no sea el fichaje que queríamos, pero es el que tenemos y hay que apoyarle como a los demás
Joao Guti
Joao Guti:
Visca Barça and let Riqui Puig play !!!!!! 💙♥️
Muhammad Auzan 12
Muhammad Auzan 12:
hopefully all players are 100% fit and can return to playing for the team after this international break, the presence of Luuk De Jong adds an option on the front lines so that the opponent's goal doesn't break easily
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW:
really done a lot of work within this short period of time,Barcelona will rise again.
Gustavo Ariel Barrientos Garcia
Gustavo Ariel Barrientos Garcia:
Good Luck! Luuk!❤️💙
Ansu, depay y dembele no esta mal es una buena delantera, el problema o la duda aqui es que si ansu fati se recuperara al 100 por cien de su lesion y si volvera con el rendimiento y proyecsion que tenia y dembele que deje de lesionarse el barcelona hiso bien en vender a griezmann la verdad
Mel Prado
Mel Prado:
Pjanic: la cosa más grave, creo que es una falta de respeto sobre el grupo, era esto. Los que no juegan después de los partidos hacen un entreno fuerte, bueno, mientras que los titulares recuperan para el próximo partido. Estos que no juegan, la cosa grave para mí es que este entrenador no estaba nunca ahí para ver la actitud de esos futbolistas que no juegan. Es la primera vez que he visto esto. ¿Cómo un jugador puede motivarse o decir 'estoy aquí'? ¿Cómo puedo cambiar las cosas si él no viene a ver cómo entreno o qué actitud tengo? Un jugador lo ha hecho mal en el partido, voy a ver el de esa posición cómo se comporta al día siguiente. Esto es una cosa, una de las más brutas [feas] que he visto, para mí es una muy grande falta de respeto. Estábamos luchando, no estaba fácil para los que no jugábamos, y él no ha estado ahí en toda la temporada.
Younis Khan
Younis Khan:
Congrats luuk on your first training with barca💯🔥
Very intrigued to see his connection with F. De Jong.
Sebastian Joseph
Sebastian Joseph:
Luuke de jong is a good player and he and depay and ansu can be used as weapons in attack. And pedri and frenkie in midfield . In the defence we have eric, minguez , arajo pique, dest . We can win everything . And it will be 🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡
The things that really interests me is that marc ter stegen was on a pitch playing like a player not be on goalkeeper position! And he was so good! That's why he easily use his foot fot passing
At least we don't have paid Griezmann all that money for nothing Luuk best of luck on new journey ❤️💙👍
Pedri Gonzalez
Pedri Gonzalez:
Vamos Luuk DeJong confiamos en ti. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😄
Syed Abdullah aljamalullail
Syed Abdullah aljamalullail:
I dont care..i just want luuk de jong to succeed at barcelona..bring a massive and positive impact..i remember every time he played against us, he was quite a nuisance in the air especially even though he came just as a substitute..
Policarp Domingos
Policarp Domingos:
Esse koman é um louco mesmo !
Espero lhe ver fora na próxima temporada.
Juan Pablo Israel González Carrillo
Juan Pablo Israel González Carrillo:
Visca al Barcelona 💙❤️
Te amamos Luuk el próximo balón de oro
Polycarpe ATCHADE
Polycarpe ATCHADE:
God bless Barca 💙❤️
"De jong passed the ball to de jong. De jong returned the ball to de jong. De jong dribbled one, dribbled two. De jong pushed the ball in front of de jong. What a finish from de jong. De jong running towards de jong to thank him for the assist."
Yuna Love Tidus
Yuna Love Tidus:
El fichaje que emocionó a Steven Spielberg
I only smiled when pedri come back 👊🔥
3:52 coutinho is balling 🔥 ♥
Brandon Mcfarlane
Brandon Mcfarlane:
Hes gonna be help full in set pieces something we definetly need in a no9
Go Haan
Go Haan:
4:16 Stegen showing who is boss😂😂😂😂
Seni Kolecer Sunda
Seni Kolecer Sunda:
Si Koeman sigue siendo el entrenador del Barcelona, ​​no espere que el Barça pueda competir en La Liga, especialmente en la Champions, Koeman está fuera.
𝑨𝒗𝒊𝒘𝒆 𝒁𝒂𝒕𝒉𝒖
𝑨𝒗𝒊𝒘𝒆 𝒁𝒂𝒕𝒉𝒖:
I'd love to see Koeman try 3-5-2 with our new players 🥵
claudio ferrero
claudio ferrero:
Tremendo paquete hemos traído. El suplente del suplente del 9 del Sevilla. Un descarte de los de Lopetegui por un capricho de Koeman. 10 goles en dos años.
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
They should have done a GOAL SHOW
DE jONG finishing with head & foot crosses from balde & co...
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz:
Hoping our players will get all the experience they can get this season. We just need go get ginger man out as coach and then a true rebuild can happen.
Luis Gutiérrez Galicia
Luis Gutiérrez Galicia:
Este camarada siento que va a ser un buen refuerzo
Raph Gaming
Raph Gaming:
Love you so much fc Barcelona you really inspired me so much that I created my own YouTube channel after you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Mel Prado
Mel Prado:
Pjanic: the most serious thing, I think it is a lack of respect for the group, it was this. Those who do not play after the games do a strong training, well, while the starters recover for the next game. Those who don't play, the serious thing for me is that this coach was never there to see the attitude of those footballers who don't play. This is the first time I have seen this. How can a player motivate himself or say 'I'm here'? How can I change things if he doesn't come to see how I train or what attitude I have? A player has done it badly in the game, I am going to see the one from that position how he behaves the next day. This is one thing, one of the grossest [ugly] I've seen, for me it is a very great lack of respect. We were fighting, it wasn't easy for those of us who weren't playing, and he hasn't been there all season.
Best of luck luuk dejong and welcome back pedri. Miss seeing u on the field
Burkitbayev Arman
Burkitbayev Arman:
De Jong is a player who has been needed after Samuel
fighting barcelona!🔥🔥
Glad to see Coutinho back
Eric Vieira
Eric Vieira:
Vamos Ansu e coutinho!💥💥💥
Our Golden Boy is back 😍😍😍
Shpat Shpat
Shpat Shpat:
Welcome to Barcelona Luuk De Jong 💪. 👈
tharak .
tharak .:
Visça Barça 💙❤
tony Valentine
tony Valentine:
Coutinho fatii duo💪, the dutch duo🙌 can't wait...
Yogi Oen
Yogi Oen:
I hope coutinho will bring his magic in the field again
Stefano Bernardi
Stefano Bernardi:
Vamoss barcà 💙❤️💙❤️
Uhmm Luuk is a our player now so Visca el Barça 💙❤️
Daniel Preuninger
Daniel Preuninger:
Luk De Jong 👍😍😊
Covid Gai
Covid Gai:
Hopefully after 2 more season we'll be unstoppable.
Filip Kurleto
Filip Kurleto:
Visca Barca ❤️💙
From Suarez to Luuk de Jong in 2 years
Jessé Silva
Jessé Silva:
Welcome To Barça Luuk De Jong
Coutinho 🔥🔥
abdourahmane Sindidi
abdourahmane Sindidi:
We love Puig❤
Dadiel Falcos
Dadiel Falcos:
VISSÇAAA !!!!!!!!!! BARRÇA ! 🔥💖💖🔵🔴💥
Yonel Wahyudi
Yonel Wahyudi:
Riqui 🔥🔥🔥
ikhwanus safa
ikhwanus safa:
as long as koeman is the coach.. I don't have too high expectation on the team this season
Carlos Javier Vera
Carlos Javier Vera:
Pedri looks taller than last season…
El que estamos esperando es el último entrenamiento de Koeman, a ver pa' cuando...
César Rivas
César Rivas:
Necesitamos AL MEJOR COUTINHO, a ese prime COUTINHO q maravillo en la premier a todos. Y de Jong q este bien físicamente, que el pendejo de Koeman cuente con riqui
Pedri es magia
Yolany Funez
Yolany Funez:
que crack eres un crack de jong
ليث علي
ليث علي:
Welcome luky de young ❤❤❤❤
Bruh Who Support
Bruh Who Support:
Clearly the players love Koeman
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
Koeman a Pedri " Tu no eres Puig a ti si te abrazo"
Rodrodrod Freakish
Rodrodrod Freakish:
Gran Father Gérard Piqué 👏👏👏
Welcome Luuk de jong!
Hay que entrenar duro! No es normal que siempre que suban vídeos parezcan entrenamientos para jubilados
Putra Syah
Putra Syah:
Best Line Up Barca Now
Keeper : Stegen
Defender : Dest, Garcia, Pique, Alba
Miedfilder : De Jong, Pedri, Coutinho
Striker : Dembele, Depay, Ansu Fati
Amit Poddar
Amit Poddar:
Viscà el Barcà❤️
Dlx Masawi
Dlx Masawi:
Ansu and coutinho are the missing pieces right now. Those who know, know
Ntsikelelo Mkalipi
Ntsikelelo Mkalipi:
Scenes when Koeman brings Nigel De Jong out of retirement
Dr Diabolical
Dr Diabolical:
Treble incoming 🔥🔥🔥
Forca Barca ❤️💙
Cabdulahi Cadeys
Cabdulahi Cadeys:
My favorite club❤❤💯
Arnold Vargas Daza
Arnold Vargas Daza:
Luk Van Basten , balon de oro 🤣🤣🤣
Emy Dekkers
Emy Dekkers:
We now have 2 de jongs at barca! Goodluck Luuk!
Kike Jiménez
Kike Jiménez:
Ya está aquí. Ahora a apoyar y desearle la mejor de las suertes.
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
LES RECUEDO QUE VIENE CEDIDO, NO ES FICHAJE!! TODOS SABEMOS QUE SE ESTA GUARDANDO EL DINERO PARA TRAER A "MAJIN BOO" Halaand EL OTRO AÑO. Luuk puede aportar mucho en el juego aereo y cuando juegas el balón en largo porque aguanta bien de espaldas.