Lyon have a 20% chance to beat Manchester City in Champions League - Frank Leboeuf | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Julien Laurens, Frank Leboeuf and Craig Burley look ahead to Manchester City's quarterfinal UEFA Champions League matchup vs. Lyon. Leboeuf says anything is possible but he would be crazy to believe Lyon will upset Man City. Laurens explains that all the pressure is on Pep Guardiola and Manchester City so Lyon can relax knowing they are the underdogs and just play their game. Burley adds if Man City don't blow the game on the defensive end they should be able to move on the semifinals.

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John Andersson
John Andersson:
Who’s here after Lyon won? Completely over the disrespect of English people saying other leagues are ‘farmers leagues’ especially coming from the country that created football but can’t win a World Cup (or come close)
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan:
Never underestimate any team, especially across one game.
Tisito Saidi
Tisito Saidi:
The disrespect and hate of this English people and is just nasty. Seeing Lyon winning was soo satisfying 😊
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave:
I love how people keep questioning City’s defense. I didn’t hear the same worry about Barca’s defense, who have been garbage all season long. Pep is not an idiot and adjusted his tactics against Real Madrid. The reason Real never really got behind City’s defense is because Pep played with Rodri and Gundogan and flooded the midfield, with no natural CF playing up the middle for most of the two games. Sometimes, I just wish these pundits would give more nuanced analysis than just the typical, “he can’t the ball over the top...they’re well organized.”
PIXEL Wolfeman
PIXEL Wolfeman:
They took 4 points from the two games against City last year and just knocked out Juve, I'm sure Pep won't be taking them as lightly as a 20% chance
At this point I can see Lyon going through this champions league has been crazy
ds sanders
ds sanders:
This post quarantine Champions League string of games has been a world cup!!
W. Kamara Njoku
W. Kamara Njoku:
Then tomorrow: "I have always known Lyon could beat Man City"
LN 1112
LN 1112:
This isn't the type of game Pep should be overthinking, City need to approach the game with respect to Lyon, but also with respectful belief that they are the better side on paper and have performed better by their own standards, if Pep goes in overthinking it and playing some unfamiliar formation and player selection it could backfire and just ruin the team's rhythm, he should just take it easy and play a very similar team to the one against Madrid and trust the fact that he has better players all over the place and trust that they dont have an off day.
Leno M
Leno M:
Lyon unpredictable team never underestimate them. They always show up when no one expect them.
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah:
ESPN said 20% chances for lyon.....

Lyon - oh yeah 3-1 with 20% chances was a great score....god knows what would happen if ESPN gave them 50% chances.🤣🤣🤣
10 years ago Lyon made the CL semifinals...and matched with Bayern Munich
Naki Tupou
Naki Tupou:
Apart from the prediction of City going through, in all fairness they weren't really as harsh on Lyon as I expected them to be. Just pointing out the facts. Nothing but mad respect for LYON 👏🏽.
PriinceBrvce - Ralf Rangnick is my father 🇩🇪
PriinceBrvce - Ralf Rangnick is my father 🇩🇪:
That 20% is mighty asf 😂😂😂😂😂
Rahul Prakash
Rahul Prakash:
20% chance 80% faith
Fair play Lyon
Swohm Chattopadhyay
Swohm Chattopadhyay:
This would be so interesting if Lyon win, because it will be German vs france face off or Germany vs Germany ir France vs France. Just like TOT vs LIV
Manna Don
Manna Don:
Lyon 3-city 1 😂😂. They call themselves pundits.
City Is Red
City Is Red:
Exactly as he predicted 3-1 but other way around 🤣🤣
M. D.
M. D.:
always rooting for the underdogs & Lyon can always surprise!
(City fan) dont ever underestimate any team especially in a one legged ucl
in the City dressing room: "we have to do something about this Cornet guy... ok, let's buy him"
20 percent in a two legged tie against city. One lucky penalty and they can somehow get away from this. But If they enter the pitch thinking of no chance of winning they may end like Barcelona
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV:
Lyon can do this. I hope they don’t only on the fact that I don’t wanna see Bayern walk to the final cuz Bayern isn’t gonna have an off day against Lyon but City definitely could
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez:
Lyon will go through mark my words💯
Nick Chemist
Nick Chemist:
Put some respect on the so called “ farmers league”
City should play Lyon the same way they did real, with high pressing and playing over the top when Lyon pushes up.
Awaken The Greatness Within
Awaken The Greatness Within:
Why does everyone think Lyon are out 🤔😂 Lyon are like Andy Ruiz, there may be a shock in store
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington:
I support Lyon and my heart is in my mouth. But City is City
Begatim Bytyqi
Begatim Bytyqi:
I think Bayern's last night performance can harm City's mentality tonight because they will be thinking about Bayern and so forgetting first to focus on beating Lyon, Lyon has a big chance to go through.
This is what people said before the England-Croatia game last wc, the result slapped them back.
DJ Liquid
DJ Liquid:
On paper Lyon will most Likely get thrashed. But I won't rule out their chances of pulling off an unexpected win. City's attacks are deadly if not lethal so Lyon players will have to play to save their careers if they wanna upset City
Puskás Is a god
Puskás Is a god:
People often forget that Lyon are one of the only teams Pep hasn’t beaten at City. Last season Lyon beat City 2-1 in France and drew 2-2 in Manchester (but Lyon we’re unlucky not to beat City away).
j. Franklin
j. Franklin:
I think lyon will win 3 : 1 😀😃
This aged well
incel brah
incel brah:
the bookies agree and I agree as well. Regardless whoever wins has to face Bayern next round so it's kind of end of the line. PSG has a slightly better chance than City in my opinion if their squad is 100%, something that wasn't the case with Atalanta.
x DT
x DT:
This aged well
Well I guess that was a huge 20percent,it just shows what a great game football is,Lyon deserve huge congratulations.
If i were lyon i would just give city a nice 1/2-0 win. I wouldn’t want to meet bayern after what they did to barcelona
sasmita pradhan
sasmita pradhan:
Lyon's players are physically very strong
Te Nko
Te Nko:
Lyon 3 - 1 City
How on earth did City not win. OMG what a game.
Gabe G
Gabe G:
Need city to win so I can watch Bayern v. Manchester City match. That'll be a great game, Bayern-Lyon just doesn't sound as interesting at all
Ademola34 Adeniran
Ademola34 Adeniran:
Almost all their predictions have been wrong. If Man City chokes, hmm... let's wait and see.
Jarrett Thomas
Jarrett Thomas:
Espn fc says 20% chance, so that really means an 80% chance.
People were like Yeah ATM will beat Leipzig but what happened next?
So i wouldn't underestimate Lyon against Man City
Anything can happen in world of Football
Joshua Prince
Joshua Prince:
With the way this champions league year has gone anything this year wouldn't surprise me
kelechi umeodinka
kelechi umeodinka:
this guys have finally learnt their lessons. They have learnt never to totally underrate anything. They are now giving Lyon some chance.
Yeah Lyon had ndombele and fekir who were class against city. That was last year
MerZenary Don
MerZenary Don:
It would be iconic if lyon vs psg in the finals...2020 couldn't be more unpredictable
Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz:
Lyon made 100% out of 20%
Jacques G
Jacques G:
I'm here after. Never write off a team like that but they are playing Bayern next so.😬
Dila Folay
Dila Folay:
Allez Lyon!!! :)
Gianfranco Puglisevich
Gianfranco Puglisevich:
This didn’t age well
kanishk kashyap
kanishk kashyap:
City will beat Lyon in my opinion without much issues, they are preparing for Bayern and they should win that match as well. City are a better team for me when it comes to making chances, KDB is the best player out of all those 22 players for me.
Frank Was right 😂 😂 😂 Man city is out!!!!!
Arshad Ali
Arshad Ali:
Imagine a final between leipzig and lyon
Orlando Velastegui
Orlando Velastegui:
So Lyon only has 20% percent Chance 🤔 💭. I guess 20% Lyon wins 2-1 against 80% Manchester city.
Suprah K
Suprah K:
Well, well, well... this didnt age well... Lyon, City 3 - 1
pawan patil
pawan patil:
And lyon won. Nothing more than dedication.!

Miracles do occur
Rahul Ramachandran
Rahul Ramachandran:
20% ??
Haha. 😂
Champions League magic!
Burley was pretty spot on though.
Lamar Wright
Lamar Wright:
Am a big man city fan am not underestimating any team, city need to be at their best if they want to win their first ucl trophy
Men Of Culture Club
Men Of Culture Club:
20% chance, 100% win!
Marko Andonovik
Marko Andonovik:
Not a single one of you that are commenting after the game have watched the video, and if you thought that it was a 50/50 match then congratulations you are better than 99% of the people on this planet or you root for Lyon
Nick Agger
Nick Agger:
And how much % would Juve have to beat City? 50%?.. Lyon were far better than Juve for much of the 2 legs so 20% is a flawed argument
MAH Football HD
MAH Football HD:
LMAO 20% - 0.2 - 1/5 😂
Ricky Vishwa
Ricky Vishwa:
One of those rare occasions when you agree with what Craig,s said 😅😅
At this rate the UCl Finals will be Lyon vs Leipzig!
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
No they have a 50% chance. 2 teams 1 outcome=50% easy maths.
Justin C Marsden
Justin C Marsden:
It was 20%, well it is 2020 and I can clearly now that Pep has gone... It's going to be a bright bright semi final.
Salman Khan
Salman Khan:
Let end this conversation.
I'm sure Lyon deserves to win 3 - 1 today anyway.....
Soon you gonna be crazy Frank trust me. I believe for this surprised being.......
Come on Lyon second club right there 🔵⚪️🔵💥2-1my prediction
Nima Labrosse
Nima Labrosse:
Who is watching this after they trashed them 1-3 😂
See, coutinho wasn't used properly at Barcelona that's why he was a flop what happened in Bayern Munich he scored a brace and got an assist. So Barcelona are buying players but don't know how to use them
1:47 Did he realy said 3-1 for man city....if reverse it
Declan O Keeffe
Declan O Keeffe:
The English media were also very dismissive of Atalanta against Man City earlier in the season, they too would probably have beaten Man City tonight.
JJ Henry
JJ Henry:
Lyon has equal chance to beat city
Anime Recaps
Anime Recaps:
City vs Bayern in the semi final would be perfect
I knew Lyon would beat this bratty City; these premier league teams regard themselves too much.
Guess who it is in the SF's.
Two Farmer leagues:
France vs Germany.

PSG vs Leipzig
Lyon vs Bayern.
Tuesdays Child
Tuesdays Child:
Craig was spot on!
kumar gaurav ray
kumar gaurav ray:
& now Lyon beat city not just they win they humiliated city 😌😌
NOVICE elite
NOVICE elite:
I swear if lyon turn up a notch. Ain't no team stopping em' but that's always not the case sadly
UEFA should consider switching the knockout format to one-legged ties. A lot more exciting like the World Cup or Euros
20% chance to surprise. Well 3-1 to Lyon actually
Ronald Rain
Ronald Rain:
Come next season most of these pundits will be disappointed cause they've always counted man city and Liverpool as the contenders of the premiere league. Time will tell when surprises fall on some people's faces.
Manda Roncon Dlima
Manda Roncon Dlima:
20% loading _ _ _ _ _ 100% win 🤣🤣🤣 Frank & Julien were saying City is favorite but on the inside were rooting for the french club 😁😁😁
Justin Llamas
Justin Llamas:
the team that finished 7th in a FARMERS’ LEAGUE did the 20%
Man City v Bayern is going to be 🔥🔥🔥
Abdirahman biology
Abdirahman biology:
Julien is always the one to listen
He is just honest
Tymko C
Tymko C:
Lyon have 6% chance in my book. City has the great Frenchman in the back-back, namely Leporte. They are not as vulnerable as they used to be before the Covid break. Guardiola is a fantastic tactician, and unless he's lost his mind, he will go 4-3-3, with Sterling Jesus up front (and the 3rd guy), as well as De Bruyne and Rodri in the middle. Watch out for KDB. Olympique Lyonnais are a solid side, but their brightest star may be Depay, player who couldn't cut it in England. My pick: Man City 3 - Lyon 1.
Joseph Nganga
Joseph Nganga:
Yeah,,I agree with your analysis,, Lyon have 20% chances but 80% in faith
Patriot BD
Patriot BD:
50-50 chance for both should nt underestimate them and play good
Raees Irfan
Raees Irfan:
Almost every time they get their predictions wrong 😂
This didn’t age well 😂😂
Vipin Simon
Vipin Simon:
These so called experts have no clue.. 😁 fantastic team is out
That 20% chance translates 3-1 on the pitch.
Smile :)
Smile :):
Well that 20% turned around didn’t it?? MANCHESTER IS RED ❤️❤️❤️
Nick Barakat
Nick Barakat:
I want bayern to face the best to win the title. That means City needs to go thru here.
Videh Satyadarshi
Videh Satyadarshi:
20 is the new 80 😂💯
Cristcha Esarehg
Cristcha Esarehg:
Atalanta almost beat psg, rb Leipzig beat atletico madrid, well who knows...
In this manner the cl final will be between RB Leipzig and lyon
Yh and City have a 80% Chance to beat themselves.
Satwik Basu
Satwik Basu:
Go Lyon!!!