Lyon vs Bayern Munich - Champions League 19 Aug 2020 Prediction

This video is the Gameplay of Lyon vs Bayern Munich - Champions League 19 Aug 2020 Prediction

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34 comentarios:

Your Prediction ???
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Arjun Pratap Das
Arjun Pratap Das:
It will be a tricky game for Lyon. They can't afford to make mistakes against the Bayern frontline. I'll predict a 3-0 win for Bayern
Talk BBMU:
My XI for Bayern :
Goreztka - Thiago

Trust me , these players are the best in their respective positions , no matter what u say😍
Talk BBMU:
Lyon were the underdogs in each & every game they have played this UCL , but this has given them an edge over their opponents. They do press really well , and their attack is lighting fast⚡. Their coach Rudi Garcia is a genius but doesn't come any near to FLICK. If we win , it gonna be by a huge margin.💯💪
Do This More often pls
Bayern scored in 120 minutes
Thank you ,great video as always
Abhishek padhiary
Abhishek padhiary:
Anything can happen.
Gbohunmi Jibrin-Yaro
Gbohunmi Jibrin-Yaro:
Nice vid bruv
Rico Bricardo
Rico Bricardo:
Mahanta Uddinabh
Mahanta Uddinabh:
Bayern 4-2 Lyon
Isaac Ha
Isaac Ha:
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man:
No. Lyon will win 🔥🔥
v somu
v somu:
No way the game goes to extra time... will be finished in the first 30mins
Alex Alex thiumai
Alex Alex thiumai:
Wat ah great video...🤩🤩..btw yy da graphics r soo nice
Lancashire Legend
Lancashire Legend:
It was good but you should at least keep the lineups more realistic (Coutinho in starting 11)
Nahom Workineh GOSHIYE
Nahom Workineh GOSHIYE:
I hope Lyon win. As a Barcelona fan, I want Bayern to get eliminated
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi:
5-2 bayren
General Lock
General Lock:
5-1 for Bayern!
TheCrunchyCookieYT Tips, Gaming, and More!
TheCrunchyCookieYT Tips, Gaming, and More!:
3-3 bayern win on penalties
Alex Alex thiumai
Alex Alex thiumai:
But da graphics r nt dat gud ....
noorali ikhwan
noorali ikhwan:
Lyon will win if they got sterling
MR Jivyy show
MR Jivyy show:
5-2 for bayern
2-1 Lyon
murugan sun
murugan sun:
I think lyon gonna win
Alex Alex thiumai
Alex Alex thiumai:
Me too I play diz game
Dickson K. Davis
Dickson K. Davis:
Lyon 3 Bayern 2
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb:
Lyon 0-3 Bayern Munich
Dickson K. Davis
Dickson K. Davis:
Lyon 3-2 Bayern
Ali Gohar
Ali Gohar:
Bayern 6 0 lyon
4-1 bayern
Anti Sampah
Anti Sampah:
7-1 Bayern win
sports maniac
sports maniac:
Very nice vedio superrr