Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Watch Mac Miller play "Small Worlds", "What's the Use? (Feat. Thundercat)" and "2009" at the Tiny Desk.

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Aug. 6, 2018 | Bobby Carter -- There was a shift in Mac Miller's boisterous demeanor as he started the third of his three-song Tiny Desk set. It's the first time he's performed tracks from his new album, Swimming, in front of an audience. On "2009," he rubbed his chin with clinched eyes, looking like a young man who's beginning to crack the code. Backed by a piano loop and a string quartet, he reflected on his journey's peaks and valleys thus far.

I ain't asking why no more
I know I'll take it if it's mine
I don't stay inside the lines
It ain't 2009 no more
Yeah, I know what's behind that door

With nearly a decade under his belt at 26 years old, these words ring like an artist twice his age.

We were introduced to Mac Miller via 2011's XXL Freshman Class, which featured a special crop of MCs such as Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and YG, all of whom are now considered in the upper echelon of hip-hop. After his big splash, he's been able to find a groove and consistently release quality rap records, ultimately keeping his name in the conversation with the other young greats. His 2011 album, Blue Slide Park, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the first independently distributed debut album to do so since 1995's Dogg Food by Tha Dogg Pound. These consecutive triumphs amassed plenty of fame, fortune and insurmountable obstacles, causing a stumble here and there. Throughout the years, however, Mac has brushed himself off and put it in the music.

For this performance, Mac Miller invited frequent collaborator Thundercat, who graced the Tiny Desk last year and will join Mac on tour this fall. Thundercat put on a dazzling shaker routine and played the deep centerpiece bass line on "What's The Use?" These Swimming iterations don't veer far away from the recorded versions, but here, his lyrics seem easier to interpret under live instrumentation.

Set List
"Small Worlds"
"What's the Use? (Feat. Thundercat)"

Mac Miller (Vocals), Thundercat (Bass), Justus West (Guitar), Klynik (Keys), Joe Cleveland (Bass), Kendall Lewis (Drums), Robin Fay-Massie (Violin), YaShauna Swan (2nd Violin), Lelia Walker (Viola), Melanie Hsu (Cello)

Producers: Bobby Carter, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Beck Harlan, Khun Minn Ohn; Production Assistants: Catherine Zhang, Téa Mottolese; Photo: Eslah Attar/NPR.

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Highlight Heaven
Highlight Heaven:
still coming back to this
Thank God Mac left this for us 😭
I’m back again... not a surprise, not disappointed, life’s as good as it can be rn Mac. See you in another couple months.
Alexander Stevens
Alexander Stevens:
YouTube should feel ashamed that they interrupt this masterpiece with ads.
Urbain Delva
Urbain Delva:
The greatest thing about Mac was how he evolved his music into a more personal, introspective look inside the man himself. God love his soul forever
FaZe Teeqo
FaZe Teeqo:
Every day. Every day I come here <3
This video makes me cry sometimes. Not every time, but sometimes. We lost such a beautiful soul. R.I.P. Mac ❤️
Emmm S
Emmm S:
Doesn’t matter how long it took you to get here, it only matters that you did. Life with Mac’s sound in it was so necessary it seemed... Thanks for giving him love, dead or alive. Music is a beautiful thing.
Tatts By Eric
Tatts By Eric:
It's like his soul had already crossed over but his body was here for us all to see.Talented dude and very missed
Randall D.
Randall D.:
Learning that Ariana used crickets in the background of “Positions” to honor Mac brought me here
my mind still cant accept mac's passing. miss u forever dude.
Crazy how I came back to this and everyone seems to be doing the same the past few days, something upsetting but equally calming about this
Look how mac miller was enjoing the moment, without knowing he will die a month after. This video makes me think that life can end in any moment. So enjoy life, enjoy the moment, enjoy music, like mac miller did here. Such a very good artist, R. I.P mac miller.
Murdo Macgregor
Murdo Macgregor:
I’m gonna be watching this video until the day I die. Long live Mac Miller, we miss you man.
Chorrell Piqué
Chorrell Piqué:
“2009” is a beautiful piece of his soul he’s left behind. And I’m sure many people can relate to it. Hope he found his peace.
Third High Productions
Third High Productions:
i listen to this almost daily
Dotty 84
Dotty 84:
The bass line for 'What's the use' is unreal.
Will always regret when I had tickets but didn't go to his show. "I'll catch him next year" I said...
"Music is a beautiful thing"
*Violins for 2009 start playing*
Dont make me cry dog
Annette Rhoads
Annette Rhoads:
I'm 68. And I love this. I never forget to come back to it. He had/has some sort magic...Stay safe, Everyone.
Whoever put ads in this vid needs to be fired
robbie 642
robbie 642:
Who’s coming again for the millionth time?
Dang It
Dang It:
Whoever put a ad in the middle of 2009 don’t trip it’s good i forgive u but come on we gotta do better
Cheerio Jack
Cheerio Jack:
The vibe in the room is EXTREMELY positive, love the way everyone is smiling at each other and enjoying their time together. :)
Anyone that’s been that high knows just how low he is by the look in his eyes
my man thundercat is a god on that shaker
erick holmberg
erick holmberg:
Rip mac. Never to be forgotten in this household.
Tyler Willard
Tyler Willard:
I almost forgot to watch this today
M K:
it's a weird feeling to miss someone you never actually knew
I really wish someone helped him. Even here he doesn’t look happy. Rest easy Malcom hope he’s living it up in heaven.
Davy ten Hove
Davy ten Hove:
The way he connects with the band and Thundercat and just makes everyone smile. I miss this dude man...
I really like "What's the Use?" especially that strong, funky bass line.
Good Vibes
Good Vibes:
Everybody is now finding Mac, I’m grateful for it just don’t play out the only music he left.
2 years since you are gone , tomorrow i will be 2 years sober .
i'm still here =/
Gavin Mc Cabe
Gavin Mc Cabe:
A sensitive soul. The modern world has destroyed many. RIP
Did they play "2009" at his funeral? Every time that first piano line drops I feel like I'm hit with a train of emotions.
Guus Verheijen
Guus Verheijen:
Listening to this honestly just became part of my daily routine
2009 is such a masterpiece. Who at YT HQ thought, hey lets throw in an add midway of the song?? This his legacy for crying out loud. Where is the respect?
It’s crazy seeing all these comments from “2 days ago”... everyone’s always coming back to this

Edit: what do you know I’m back again seeing the same thing...
Brandon D
Brandon D:
This rendition of 2009 is the most beautiful song that I’ve ever heard. I wish it was available elsewhere.
I still can't believe he's dead. As long as I listen to his music he's still alive to me.
Brooke Marieann
Brooke Marieann:
It hasn’t even started and I’m crying
Maynard Payumo
Maynard Payumo:
Even though he was 26 when he died.... I consider him apart of the 27 club. Weird comment I know. RIP MAC
Snoozed Grace
Snoozed Grace:
Mac fans always find their way back to this performance.
Sara Spruth
Sara Spruth:
"The world is so small til it ain't"
whats new
whats new:
November 2020 still rocking a good man, rest in peace ... The world so small ....
michelle valentin
michelle valentin:
Crazy how I came back to this and everyone seems to be doing the same the past few days, something upsetting but equally calming about this
Vanessa Frazier
Vanessa Frazier:
Mac was as humble as musicians get. He has taught his listeners so much.
Collin Abroadcast
Collin Abroadcast:
Why is this so soothing
kenan lynch
kenan lynch:
So I’m currently 6000 miles away from home. In a foreign city, working 12 hours a day and this video makes me feel calm.. and at peace. Wish I found this years ago.
Mariapaola Maggioni
Mariapaola Maggioni:
I'm 56 and coming here every single day.
Nil Camprodon
Nil Camprodon:
I wonder what's the reason behind the 14000 people who disliked
Hi to everyone who comes back here everyday to appreciate true artistry.
Rampage Studios
Rampage Studios:
Let's be honest, it isn't your first time here.. and it won't be your last 😔😤
S V22
S V22:
keep it up people, corona ain't easy, life neither, talk to your friends. <3
Yung Streams
Yung Streams:
mac and thundercat smiling at each other as if they both smoked a fatty before the show
Bryan Purcell
Bryan Purcell:
Listening to macs discography is a bitter sweet experience. Staring from his early stuff where everything is him having a good time then going further and further down this sad path where drugs and bad relationships ruined his soul. R.i.p
daniel montavo
daniel montavo:
For real, NPR music blessed us forever with this video
Dawsan N
Dawsan N:
sitting in qaurentine wishing this video never ended man still can't believe he's gone.
Natalia Rico toro
Natalia Rico toro:
quarantine made me addicted to mac and I wish I could had listen to this before, still remember the day he died and I had no clue how much I was going to listen to his songs at the time. Anyway, life works in mysterious ways
Philipp rdawg
Philipp rdawg:
09:02 best part of the whole tiny desk - love it
Ian Winkler
Ian Winkler:
Props to whoever put Thunder Cat on Songsterr, fun bassline.
I listened to this, knowing beforehand he passed away, being surprised that he died. OW!!
Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto
Paulo Nideck - Inglês direto ao ponto:
Deeeeeeeeeeeep bass
Stanley Pitts
Stanley Pitts:
I love you Mac, I've watched this video close to 1,000 times. Rest In Peace Mac Miller the BEST musician of all time
i recommended Mac Miller's 'Swimming' album to my gf earlier this year, she was going through a really bad time and she absolutely loved his music. Been 2 months since she left forever to join Mac. Rest In Paradise <3
I'm 58 years old and I come from another musical place, but this performance moves me, the emotion in Mac Miller's voice is about the most real and authentic story telling I've ever experienced. So glad.
Emilio Ramirez-Guanche
Emilio Ramirez-Guanche:
this live version of 2009 is better than the original... Rest good Mac. Your legend is still alive, and will be for much longer..
Fantastic Music
Fantastic Music:
RIP Malcolm another legend disappear, you inspired ton of persons.
Coming here every day to listen to this masterpiece. Surprisingly, the thing that always gets me most is his laughter in the last few seconds when the screen already turned black... Shows how much he loves what he was doing. RIP Malcom
Jason Bennett
Jason Bennett:
I feel like Mac was a freak of nature and was the 1 out of million anomaly that occurred on earth, I seriously can’t believe he passed from human fault
Roy Amkies
Roy Amkies:
Every time I come here I'm amazed by Mac's guitarists professionalism
So subtle, precise doesnt steal focus yet adds alot of character to the track
Guitarists, take notes!
Jacqueline Harris
Jacqueline Harris:
he's still alive through his music..
“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.” – Alan Watts
chenel samuels
chenel samuels:
I wish I could go back in time and pull him out off the dark place he was at, just like he did for me with '2009'
Sydney Alese
Sydney Alese:
You’re so incredibly missed, Mac. It’s an amazing gift to continue to help people through your art while you yourself are no longer here. You’ll never really be gone.
Katherine Snyder
Katherine Snyder:
Ah November 17, 2020. Miss you
I love how thundercat flew to the US in the middle of a Europe tour just to perform with Mac. What a guy.
Thunder cat is like the perfect dude back there just chilling grooving. Man this was so dope! Rip Mac
Manuel Bonilla
Manuel Bonilla:
it still doesn’t feel real he’s gone. such a beautiful soul and musical genius. i miss when swimming first dropped. i miss when GO:OD AM dropped, it got me through high school. rest easy mac
Seande Sandos
Seande Sandos:
I find myself coming to this when my anxiety is high and by the end of the video, I feel happiness. I love you Mac, thank you for helping and touching so many peoples hearts throughout the years. 💐
Trace Mayer
Trace Mayer:
Hey Mac, me again, as much as I miss you I’m so happy you put out things like this that can be a bright spot in a lot of peoples lives. I come back to this quite frequently because I find the energy is unmatched. Love you forever Mac, rest in paradise.
popular opinion: this is one of the best tiny desk concerts ever.
I just wish we could see him happy again
B. SuperB
B. SuperB:
Shout out to the man with the salt shaker! Its like a flavour enhancer, just for music.
Finn George
Finn George:
Just dropping in for my daily listen. Also only just noticed that the bassist for Small Worlds is playing with Thundercat literally looking over his shoulder lol talk about pressure...
Joe Wo
Joe Wo:
Can‘t thank you enough for this Project.
Hunter Rose
Hunter Rose:
Whoever put an ad in the middle of 2009 should be fired.
Jose Jaramillo
Jose Jaramillo:
Mac Miller : *Breathes*
Room: *Erupts in schoolgirl laughter*
Agustin Campo
Agustin Campo:
09:14 is my favourite part,
that genuine smile <3
Simire Foulks
Simire Foulks:
First time watching this since he past. Fighting back tears of joy. Miss this guy. 💙
I find myself coming to watch this video every time I feel lonely. I miss you Mac
Ali B
Ali B:
Me trying to sleep at 4 am...
My brain : Go watch Mac Miller’s tiny desk concert for the ten thousandth time.
edwardo Dejesus
edwardo Dejesus:
Like alot of fans here, I'm still coming back and tear up everytime. Just to remind you. we miss you and we love you.
Gera Cortés
Gera Cortés:
“I don't stay inside the lines
It ain't 2009 no more
Yeah, I know what's behind that door…”

Good News:
“I heard they don’t
talk about me too much no more
And that's a problem with a closed door…”
Wesley King
Wesley King:
It's crazy to see how Bootsy had such an impact on today's bass players..
Santiago Díaz
Santiago Díaz:
This version of "What's the use?" it's one of the best songs i've ever heard. I trully love it! Thanks man!! You left this world to soon.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob:
We are all growing old, and look at him staying young forever.