Macaulay Culkin Finally Speaks On Why He Disappeared From Hollywood | ⭐OSSA

What does Macaulay Culkin have in common with Michael Jackson?
Why did he break up with Mila Kunis?

Was Culkin really addicted to thousands of dollars of hard drugs every month….or was this an exaggeration by the tabloids?

The most popular child star of the early 90s starred in 15 movies before he had even turned 15.

Mac was Hollywood royalty with global recognition on par with Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan.

But it seems that just as quickly, it all came tumbling down.
And the real reason behind the drama?
Mac’s abusive father...

Despite the fact that he was the 3rd kid of 7 children, Mac’s parents never married.
The family lived a pretty poor life in New York City.

Just imagine all the 9 people living together in a tiny apartment!
Because of his parents, particularly because of his father’s wishes,
Culkin was almost pushed into studying acting at the age of 4. Theaters, commercials and small roles on televisions and in movies were Mac’s first steps towards something bigger and it was “Uncle Buck” where Culkin finally hit the jackpot, scoring an impressive $40,000 paycheck which his poor family REALLY needed at that time.

But as well as the money “Uncle Buck” gave Mac something MUCH more valuable: it put him on a whole new level of fame.

All of a sudden Macaulay Culkin became notable as an actor.
The director of “Uncle Buck” John Hughes was so impressed by Mac’s acting talent that he wrote a new script with Culkin specifically in mind for the leading role.
And I’m sure you probably already guessed that the name of the script was
“Home Alone”.

Whatch our video to find out what happened to Macaulay Culkin!

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100+ comentarios:

What do you think about the relationship between Macaulay and his father? So horrible, right?)
Appetite 4 Chic
Appetite 4 Chic:
His parents sold him to Hollywood and took all his money while show business simultaneously molested him. Just terrible !!

The reason he isn’t acting anymore is because he exposed Hollywood. Also, Richy Rich was good as hell. I was a child watching it and loved it, but Hellyweird is trash and that’s an understatement !!
Blind Fold
Blind Fold:
He didn’t end his career, they did when they realized he was exposing their horrible habits
aimee glatt
aimee glatt:
He wears those bunny ears to bring awareness to Hollywood pedophiles. This should have been mentioned in this video.
OK.. You missed the whole Pedo / Satanic creeps that were after him.
Lillie Vibes
Lillie Vibes:
How can a parent be jealous of there children. I don't understand instead of being happy of your own blood
Angel Doll Avakin
Angel Doll Avakin:
I now see why he could relate to MJ cuz Joe Jackson did the same to Michael 😢
Rickie James
Rickie James:
He was chewed up and spat out by the toxic beast known as show business.
The title says... "Macaulay Culkin Finally speaks on why he disappointed from Hollywood", yet I did not hear or see Macaulay say one word!
Becki Williams
Becki Williams:
He's a great actor and he never gets credit for it. He was so brilliant in Party Monster.
No face No case
No face No case:
These parents are crazy, selling their children. Bending over literally to Hollywood stars and execs
Penny Pillow
Penny Pillow:
its kind of sad how millions of kids and adults enjoyed his acting but behind the scenes the actor himself was lonely and sad. hope hes doing better now
Michael Desir
Michael Desir:
Boy was abused by pedophiles and is messed up in the head from the trauma, to much fluff not enough substance tell it like it is
Maitreya Mckinlay
Maitreya Mckinlay:
That little boy would have been sexually abused and all sorts...research people. He will definitely be a victim to pedophiles in HollyWEIRD.
Kelly Kizer
Kelly Kizer:
I always thought he probably got tired of all the pedophiles trying to get with him so he just took off.
Raina Mermaid
Raina Mermaid:
It's funny I am a few years younger than him, and I am surprised to hear ritchie rich bombed. I remember seeing it in theatre and it being one of my most fav movies as a kid and watching it all the time. So surprised to hear that
Snowflakes Falling
Snowflakes Falling:
How this guy survived Hollywood is an absolute miracle. How does an 11 year old child stand up to evil preying adult men? Macaulay, you are an absolute warrior. Love and light my friend. Love and light. 🥰
Anony Mous
Anony Mous:
What's up with abusive fathers hurting their sons: Michael, Mac, Prince...
Blue Planet
Blue Planet:
The movie the good son is damn underrated! He literally gives me the creeps!
Magdalena Santos
Magdalena Santos:
Richard Nyomouf
Richard Nyomouf:
He grew up like Micheal Jackson. Thats why they were freinds.
He was sexually abused, pimped by his father, just like Michael Jackson. It's no surprise that he hasn't been able to get back as people know he wants to speak
Chucky & Stewie
Chucky & Stewie:
I never believed the bullshit stories about Macaulay or Michael.. i remember back when the rumors 1st started about both stars, everyone trashed them.. all of my friends and most of my family believed everything they heard about those guys. in the 90s, people would laugh at me for listening to MJ like it was uncool to play his music. so many people thought he molested those kids and believe it or not, i witnessed a bar owner that wouldn't let her DJ play Billie Jean. there are very few fans from that time period that can say they stayed loyal to Michael and Macaulay.. it took the internet to show the majority of people how fake the media really is before they were ready to give Michael Jackson a 2nd chance, and by that time the poor man died and was only given respect after his death.. lets hope they don't make the same mistake with Macaulay Culkin.
M S:
His dad made him a money machine at his very young age. We cant blame him on his behaviour now.
Bronze Beauty
Bronze Beauty:
Party Monster was a really good movie. He actually did a good acting job in that movie.
Macaulay looks like Kurt Cobain when he has long hair. He should play him in a movie.
Val Ansley
Val Ansley:
What an angelic face = Loved those movies = Disgusting parents = Why does NOBODY ever help these kids ???
Leo Mallard
Leo Mallard:
As a father with two sons born in 1987 and 1990, the "Home Alone" movies were perfectly timed for their childhood and the holiday season. We have a deep sentimental attachment to these films, and never tire of watching them around Christmas time. Like everyone else, we adored Kevin McCallister, but it was easy to forget that the actor, Macaulay Culkin, was dealing with the difficulties of growing up very famous. Macaulay seems to be a very kind and likeable person. He'll always be dear to us, and we wish him a happy life.
Terry McCay
Terry McCay:
The demons of Hollywood has always robbed kids from their childhood. Greed greed use them and throw them away
Richard Smith
Richard Smith:
At four years years old his dad sold his son to one of the most wicked people on earth, Hollywood for 40 thousand dollars the root of all evil! Money will make some people kill their own families. Now that is stranger than fiction!🤷‍♂️👹's🤬✌
Petrina Bennett
Petrina Bennett:
I have this strong feeling he was rape multiple times.. That's why he start using drugs to hide his pain
Kerri On
Kerri On:
He certainly was a cute little guy!
Mac's career suicide was when he tried to expose the pedophile nature of hollywood afther being harassed by hollywood producers. There is an interview where he talked about it and then he was ostracized by american corrupt media. Go ahead, search it and you'll finally see why he dissapeared from Hollywood and why the tabloids blemished him.
He's father was a narcissist! So sad poor Macaulay
Moon Bitch
Moon Bitch:
"What does mucaulay culkin have in common with Michael Jackson"

That's was unnecessary...
to G
to G:
Wow,and here i thought he was just screwed up.all the time he had a screwed up dad.we under estimate our roles as parents
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid:
Macaulay beat all the odds he is intelligent and just a good guy. I loved seeing him on Joe Rogan he is such an intellect.
Rapture Ready
Rapture Ready:
Sounds like he had a Narcissistic Father!
lora 1111
lora 1111:
This young man said how at 11 yrs of age, he knew who to avoid as they were pedifiles.. so many kids abused.. what about little Heather?? Was torn up from rape. Yet no one arrested?? Sickening! 🙏🙏
Mark Simons
Mark Simons:
This kid was put through mk trauma most of us haven't got a clue about and was a huge cash cow for a lot of nefarious characters culminating in him escaping to Europe,but you cant escape yourself even through drugs.God help him🙏
Jeanette Osh
Jeanette Osh:
I wish him success in alk future movies he acts in. Brilliant actor.
Raina Mermaid
Raina Mermaid:
He's gonna be amazing in AHS
Gaia Goddess
Gaia Goddess:
Macaulay is a good man in my book. Much love to you my friend xx
Sad how the public looks down on people unless they are making millions and millions of dollars for the industry. Only in America is 38 million dollars a fail for a movie. It's the person not the age. I have met people of all ages and back grounds who were immature. At least he is trying and small success is still success. If you haven't acted you can't understand how difficult it is to do just one movie. Respect for the efforts of Macaulay at his efforts to have a normal life and work at his talent of acting. We all suffer. He hasn't given up. That takes guts to keep going. MM arr
One Up
One Up:
He gt sexually abused at some point n started acting out as he gt older he started showing obvious signs n wearin nail varnish n weird pizza videos
Philip Tucker
Philip Tucker:
Well he’s back in American horror story
Jen Joseph
Jen Joseph:
Tina Hachey
Tina Hachey:
He's a sweet heart I hope he finds what he's looking for good luck 😀❤️
C S:
Maybe Mac didn't want to return to crazy super stardom. Maybe he just wanted to be apart of cool/creative film projects? I hate when ppl measure success/happiness with numbers and charts. The movies hes made as an adult are awesome.
Electro Gamer
Electro Gamer:
Poor baby boy. Breaks my heart. My son still loves his films.just sad. We love you Macaulay. Xx
Tamara Michael
Tamara Michael:
I just want this man to be happy no matter what he does he deserves it.he made millions of people happy with his movies .He's earned this chance despite all the ugliness he suffered
Sushi Ojo
Sushi Ojo:
This sounds just like isaac kappy, when he found out all the dark sht behind Hollywood and all the rich ppl, he wanted out and called out some of the biggest pedis, sadly he was killed...

And the friendship he had with MJ is just like the friendship Sia and maddie have, kind of
Natasha Umar
Natasha Umar:
I met him in real life I'll never forget when my house burned down and I stayed at the residence inn downtown across the street from the Drake Hotel he was running in the hallway to the vending machines and I said oh my God oh my God is that the kid from Home Alone I asked the desk person they said yes I said oh give me a piece of paper I want his autograph I still have that paper today in my picture album wow he was being abused huh poor guy.
zero 0000
zero 0000:
i thought that he did an excellent job in party monster & i'm rooting for him in over coming his addiction - you can never understand what hell that is until you walk in those shoes.
Fran Cawdron
Fran Cawdron:
Most parents would be proud of their children not jealous
Freddie Shreddie TV
Freddie Shreddie TV:
so many actors leave hollywood or acting in general due to the seedy nature of people in the industry. i've been a look a like for years and some of the offers i get from women and men are full on i dread to think what it's like with more drink and drugs on tap and pervs everywhere
David Mehew
David Mehew:
I've a very strong suspicion that the subject of pedophilia and child trafficking figure in his story. But it's just the "conspiracy theorist" in me.
E S:
It would be nice to see him reach success again.
Carina Visschedijk
Carina Visschedijk:
What happened to him ?? M.C was raped of his innocence at an early age, like my son, who was not famous like M.C, but feels the same emotional anxiety as a result of being corrupted by older men at a very young age, i am sure
Look what happened to Orlando Brown. They ruined that kid.
Jen Jen Who
Jen Jen Who:
Omg MAC in American horror story!!!! Yes!!!!!!
jailynn fitzgerald
jailynn fitzgerald:
honestly, Macaulay Culkin is such a sweet looking guy. Like through ages 4-8-10-18- whatever, he’s always just had such a sweet look to him and when i watched some videos back a few years ago when the rumours about him doing drugs were fresh, i couldn’t believe it. And i’m glad i didn’t.
Elias Romero
Elias Romero:
Michael Jackson was his ' good ' friend, Michael Jackson is in heaven now. 😂😂😂🤣
Amy Evans
Amy Evans:
I loved him in party monster. I thought he was incredible in that role. He's a wonderful actor and I enjoy his latest work.
Mindy West
Mindy West:
Im sorry but Party Monster is one my favorite movies. He plays Michael Alig so well
Roberto Legaspi
Roberto Legaspi:
Actually macaulay is gay. It is his greatest problem on how to contain it.
Allen Manning
Allen Manning:
Culkin playing Kurt Cobain would be a movie I want to see
Dell Scotten
Dell Scotten:
"Macaulay Culkin speaks" we d idnt get to hear him say a thing! WTH!
Oita Georgiana
Oita Georgiana:
Him was abuses in Hollywood of cult secrets illuminate
lisa monroe
lisa monroe:
He never fell from fame... he eased himself out when he realized his dad was pimpin' him. He's smart...and we LOVE HIM!!! I watched this so I could hear his story... LOL... little misleading in' it?
Carla Costa
Carla Costa:
He is appearing in the next AHS season. He is not down or out yet! His dad was real jerk! Wishing him the best. I can't wait to watch you in AHS!.
Hyprotoons Productions
Hyprotoons Productions:
I enjoyed Richie Rich as a kid and still as an adult.
He was molested like all the other child stars of Hollywood.
Linda Galloway
Linda Galloway:
He stay friends with michael Jacksons!
AJ Maynard
AJ Maynard:
Thanks! Wondered what ever happened to him..
Glad to know the rumors of drug addiction were untrue
William Fisher
William Fisher:
I’m routing for the guy. He is responsible for some many good memories. Hollywood needs to give him a break!
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell:
I thought Party Monster was a great choice for him- something to shock, something of change, an F you world...if you will
Let add him being involved w pedophiles and admitting he was molested and how it was worth it because it got him to where he’s at smh on the joe Rogan show
clayton sandland
clayton sandland:
He’ll get back up there. I wish him well
I'm so happy he landed a role in AHS! I'll always support this actor!
Leslie Robinson
Leslie Robinson:
I just hope he’s happy. I loved Saved. That movie was hilarious (own it) and I will continue to watch his films. I’ve only watched Party Monster once a long time ago but I remember liking it but I wish him success in his own right (as in not shared with his father).
Cesar Calderon
Cesar Calderon:
He basically lived michael jackson child hood.
Nivek Williams
Nivek Williams:
10:36 you did a slow-up of Randy Jackson not Michael Jackson.
aimee glatt
aimee glatt:
I love he and MJ’s friendship. So pure. ❤️
Zoof Rstson
Zoof Rstson:
The music at the back!!!😱😱😱😱 are u out of u mind??
Elijah Tate
Elijah Tate:
Fun fact: his youngest brother plays in scream 4 🙃
Johann Swart
Johann Swart:
I really wish him well and hope he makes it. He was my hero when I was growing up.
Because Hollywood is sick and a problem molested him and his brother viciously bouts with depression I live in watch this video yet
Angelina Trotter-Udechukwu
Angelina Trotter-Udechukwu:
You were always my favorite. I watch Home Alone at least once a month. I am so very sorry this happened to you.
Trousersnake Pliskin
Trousersnake Pliskin:
I got half way through and McCauley hadn't said a word to anyone. 6 minutes of my life gone forever.
Giaiel Pace
Giaiel Pace:
I was so in love with him, such a beautiful dreamy boy
1ne's 7L7
1ne's 7L7:
Don't forget he lost his sister Dakota , she was ran over in
D Redman
D Redman:
Plz don't quote critic score on rotten tomatoes audience score is more accurate
Lola SweetLola
Lola SweetLola:
Macaulay brought happiness to a lot of people with his movies. It’s sad that he had no real childhood, like many so child actors before him, and since him. I wish him well and hope he finds what he needs. Thank you, and bless you Macaulay❤️
rodolfo puente jrrodolfo
rodolfo puente jrrodolfo:
I think he deserves a second chance this time all his wining are his a have better manager honest one, wish him the best in life
He's actually being casted in American Horror Story
Finally? ^^ he did already about, 2 years ago? Aynway...i am glad he is fine!
T Meister
T Meister:
Would love to see him in movies again
b unangst
b unangst:
Hollywood SRA turned him into a broken soul
Martin Christensen
Martin Christensen:
I’d love to see another Home Alone movie with him in the lead role again even though he’s 39 now 😁