Macaulay Culkin Netflix and Chills with Home Alone for Girlfriend

Macaulay Culkin admits to having watched Home Alone when his girlfriend asked, and he has Jimmy vote in his poll to legally change his middle name to one of five options, including "TheMcRibIsBack."

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Macaulay Culkin Netflix and Chills with Home Alone for Girlfriend


100+ comentarios:

SB João Abrantes
SB João Abrantes:
Macaulay Culkin should be the next Joker. Think about it. He would be perfect for the role. 'Nuff said.
Nick P
Nick P:
They should do a home alone where he leaves his kid behind
I thought he died wtff glad he didnt tho
He may be almost 40 but he sounds like a teenager
Seethi C
Seethi C:
At age 10, he looked 10
At age 20, he looked 10
At age 30, he looked 70
Now at age 40, he looks 20
Real Commenter
Real Commenter:
You gotta respect this boy he sacrificed his childhood to make our childhood better and enjoyable!
And I'm so glad Macaulay looks better now than before he looks very Handsome here ✌👌
Jessie 제시
Jessie 제시:
Y’all his girlfriend is London Tipton from the suite life of zack and Cody/on deck
Oliver Henaine
Oliver Henaine:
He's not mean
He's so lean
But most importantly
He's now so clean.
Steve K
Steve K:
He looks like Woody from Toy Story.
Disney wants to reboot Home Alone. Why not just get Macaulay Culkin to star as the dad? Makes perfect sense.
Lonely Potato
Lonely Potato:
Macaulay Culkin is proof it’s not too late to get clean.
Home Alone isn't on Netlfix.

Christmas ruined.
Jelio TV Жельомир
Jelio TV Жельомир:
Now is The hottest time to be Macauley Culkin
I would vote for “Macaulay Kevin McCallister Culkin”
J. Gormans
J. Gormans:
Finding out that Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin is actually his legal name is the best thing that's happened to me all week.
I'm so glad that he's doing a lot better now. He seems like such a nice person.
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins:
Macaulay, you survived that horrific childhood at the hands of a controlling, domineering, monstrous and abusive father. And when it was all said and done, came out on the other side relatively happy, in control of your own life, and at peace with the world. That forever makes you awesome in my book. A true survivor. You found something better than fame. You found yourself. That’s something no one can ever put a price on.
He should change his middle name to Kevin
Seeing him looking this good again is honestly inspiring
Michael Hansen
Michael Hansen:
He looks very healthy. I am happy for him
Jen Smith
Jen Smith:
I have always adored macaulay culkin since I was a kid, i'm so glad he got his life together.
Gibron Bachan
Gibron Bachan:
Thank you for Home Alone..... It always takes me back to my childhood when I watch it during Christmas time
Constance Keller
Constance Keller:
"Whatever gets her motor running, I guess" lmao
Bryan White
Bryan White:
The difference of not using drugs.
Marshall FILMZ
Marshall FILMZ:
Lmao I can’t see him as him being 40. I still see him as a kid ☹️😂
He seems healthy now. I’m happy for him
Alo Knight
Alo Knight:
He looks like an adult version of Dash from the Incredibles.
4:14 And I thought I had the fakest laugh....
The Mack once banged Mila Kunis. Dude has always been a winner.
I am really happy for him for “coming back” after such a long time.
He’s seems sweet and someone who would be awesome to talk to. :)
No woman No cry
No woman No cry:
Am 35 years old am still obsessed with Home alone,thank to you bruh
Seth Lim
Seth Lim:
I feel so comfortable watching him speak
Tina Ha
Tina Ha:
“Whatever gets her motor running I guess” 1:45 LMFAO
Michelle Won
Michelle Won:
Can't believe he's almost 40! He looks good for someone his age
Watch EXO
Watch EXO:
We missed u, please came back to the big screen... 😔
Simranjeet Singh
Simranjeet Singh:
I want Macaulay Culkin to be a next JOKER.
I want him to talk about his dark times. There should be a podcast about that.
I wanna see him back at movies.
Krissy S
Krissy S:
I love his sense of humour....he has this sarcastic, dry sense that's awesome
We get it Macaulay you have a girlfriend
Capybara Crip
Capybara Crip:
Culkin is cool but Fallon is lame.
Rob Mai
Rob Mai:
Jimmy looks so uncomfortable and Macaulay speaks like a posh, rich kid. Weird.
Uncle kidd
Uncle kidd:
Macaulay "KEVIN" culkin
Cole Tague
Cole Tague:
“You’re one of my favorites to interview”

*Jimmy to everybody*
Macaulay would make an awesome Joker
I love Macaulays makes me laugh
Angela Hamlett
Angela Hamlett:
So happy he came out of heartbreak from Mila. Now as I heal mine.
Nayops 19
Nayops 19:
This man’s 40 now.
C A R U C H I S W O L F:
*I love MC he is so beautiful and classy*
jakiś tam randomowy kanał
jakiś tam randomowy kanał:
He's 40 years but he looks like a teenager
ghouł veins
ghouł veins:
He’s such a down to earth guy
He looks like what a big mouth character would look like in real life
Maghreb Al 3arabi
Maghreb Al 3arabi:
I love home alone movie, he was so cute as a kid and a great actor at that age
In Europe we watch this movie in class every winter LOL😊
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin:
I'm glad to see that he's doing so much better! :)
Margaretha Novira
Margaretha Novira:
Thank you for giving us a great childhood memories Mack!
Aldamire Mercano
Aldamire Mercano:
Geez! Can’t believed he’s 40 now. He just look 23yrs old
he looks healthier and livelier and honestly that is a good change❤
Megin Marie
Megin Marie:
Sometimes I just can’t handle Jimmy’s sarcastic humor 😅
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh:
He protec
He attacc
He on cracc
But most importantly
He get back on tracc
Ww Yyy
Ww Yyy:
He’s back and is so funny! I’d be turned on by his personality
Yeeeee! Welcome back dude! So glad he's back on track, such an awesome guy.
Hassan M
Hassan M:
Culkin: Hel-

Can never get used to it
RajJ Gaming
RajJ Gaming:
He looks young again, before he pooked like a drug addicg
Justine Janisse
Justine Janisse:
He’s probably SOO tired of talking about home alone
Azaleya Reid
Azaleya Reid:
lol this was on the news in nz XD
Awesome Card Breaks
Awesome Card Breaks:
Glad he’s doing well now. He has a podcast, a website, and now a Heisman Trophy
1:20 Peter Griffin is that you?
Video Nut
Video Nut:
I remember my elementary days in the 90s. Macaulay and I have the same age. 😢
So are we just gonna ignore that his girlfriend is Brenda Song aka London Tipton
Kaci Glenn
Kaci Glenn:
Thank you for Home Alone. Thank you for enduring the stress that no child should have to go through. You look great, keep it up 👍
Kayla MLS
Kayla MLS:
He possesses this strange quality that makes me feel like I need to protect him. Like I just want to give him a big ol hug.
I'm so happy Culkin got his shit together and turned out alright. The early 2000's was a really scary time.
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay:
aaaaaaaand at the end he says, ''wanna hear another joke jimeey?''
Macaulay looks like 20

What kind of food you be eating Mac
sméagÖl nØt gÖllum
sméagÖl nØt gÖllum:
this entire interview was about a person ego of living in his own persona
ruth de casillas
ruth de casillas:
God bless you Macaulay and keep going, please stay healthy:)
We need Home alone Reunion!!!
Witch's Brew Views
Witch's Brew Views:
He looks so much better now. Healthy and full of life. That parasite from Thailand really took the life out of him. Don't touch strange animals in foreign places people
Queen it'sjenny
Queen it'sjenny:
Woww what happened finally wow that’s a recovery that’s good 👌🏼👌🏼❤️😌
Baby Elvis Friends.
Baby Elvis Friends.:
I’m so happy for him
4:18 wtf sexy?
He use to date Mila Kunis for many years when they were young teens.
Ch B
Ch B:
he is mentioning his GF frequently. it seems he is very excited about their relationship, that's heartwarming
opa opa
opa opa:
I like when he was 10 years, verry sweet.
Bud Connoisseur
Bud Connoisseur:
He looks so healthy! Glad he got off the drugs!💯👍🏼
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske:
Mr Home Alone in Chicago Illinois
I like:
Excuse me is your name Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin?
Well Macaulay Culkin is my middle name,
Reis World
Reis World:
Good for him he looks healthy
Is this like a new fetish watching home alone with McCauley Culkin
Nick Boone.
Nick Boone.:
It 's great seeing he 's doing much better !! Personally I 'd like to see him in a '' Horror movie. In a villain role of course.
I'm so happy he's healthier <3 And that he's also with a wonderful woman, Brenda Song
Maggie x
Maggie x:
He's so cute still! I used to have the biggest crush on him in the Home Alone movies idk why hahaha
He would be the perfect joker for batman
R.K. F.
R.K. F.:
“The McRib is back”
Robby LD
Robby LD:
That baby face looked so good up until his 16th, after that it became weirder and weirder.
Paiva Jr
Paiva Jr:
So pleased to see him doing so well. Keep up the good work man!
Megumi Bandicoot
Megumi Bandicoot:
Macaulay’s father is literally home alone now. He suffered a stroke about 3 years ago and none of his kids came to see him.
hey man i know it probably sucks being the kid from home alone and getting recognized everywhere and having your privacy invaded but year after year you bring so much joy to families and generations old and new. so I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the master piece you were a part of.
Tru Th
Tru Th:
Can we get a translation on 1:42 please thank you
Yaya Spamz
Yaya Spamz:
he’s literally so much healthier now !!