Macaulay Culkin Transformation 2018 | From 2 To 37 Years Old

Macaulay Culkin | From 1 to 55 Years Old
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100+ comentarios:

April Chow-chee
April Chow-chee:
"Home alone" is still my family's Christmas tradition
50K Subscribers Without A Video Challenge
50K Subscribers Without A Video Challenge:
*Don't do drugs kids.*
Quacker Cracker
Quacker Cracker:
Legit they should make a new home alone movie, featuring him as one of the parents now
Alvaro Camara
Alvaro Camara:
Who came here just for the fakest photoshop ever??
Anjali Singh
Anjali Singh:
It's sad he had family issues with his parents and got into drugs
He could've gone so far in his career in acting
074tillthaworldbl0w die5
074tillthaworldbl0w die5:
he protecc

he attack

he do crack

but most importantly he got his life back on track
Drugs really changed his looks a lot
Ally_Da Potato
Ally_Da Potato:
I don’t like how he became from an innocent little guy that made everyone laugh and then to someone who does drugs and smokes 🥺😞😑
PikilRick 69
PikilRick 69:
Vaike Kütt
Vaike Kütt:
Who watches this right after watching home alone 2?

Only me?
D'NIEL Kotze
D'NIEL Kotze:
5:10 + 7:14 that's not him that's his brother Kieran Culkin. 😠
Screw Logic
Screw Logic:
They should've maked Home Alone 3 when he was a teen and Home Alone 4 him as a parent now
Χρίστος Παυλίδης
Χρίστος Παυλίδης:
He went from 👱‍♂️--> 🚬 🧔🏼 -->🤵🏼
ky dicaprio
ky dicaprio:
Anyone else realize that they added in a picture when he was 24 when and they added that in when he was 16 to. And they added in a Picture of his brother. This channel is a rip off lol.
jake miller
jake miller:
He literally looks 19 at age 30
Teresa Muse
Teresa Muse:
Everybody’s so big to judge but it’s his life let him live it the way he wants & deserves
iu_ dlwlrma
iu_ dlwlrma:
he's one of my celebrity crush when I was young!
He went from a cute todler to a swedish kid to elegance teen to kurt cobain then to pizza delivery guy t hen to homeless and then to casual man
Blessing Chimamaka
Blessing Chimamaka:
He's now looking like one of the thief's in home alone
Summer Mccall
Summer Mccall:
But it's good that he has cleaned thum self up and it doing well.
TvdUniverse1864 Edits
TvdUniverse1864 Edits:
He will always be known as Kevin mcCallister
Rameen Waseem
Rameen Waseem:
3:52 Hes smoking at 15
Michael jacksonfan
Michael jacksonfan:
Macaulay Culkin are always with Michael Jackson when he was a child and teenager!
But not forever!!!😭😭
Sunset Sunflower
Sunset Sunflower:
In MY opinion, I think he was the cutest when he was 14, 15, and 16
BK Trickshots
BK Trickshots:
It really annoys me the way he started smoking at 15 so now he’s all ugh 😑
Julia Meller
Julia Meller:
He was soo cute🥺🤍 and when he was with Michael🤧❤️
Taipaleti Vaeatangitau
Taipaleti Vaeatangitau:
He was cute when he was young
Tuki 1
Tuki 1:
Same picture again...
So he was the same at 20 and 30 years
Or it is just me.. 🤨
Or it is the same background
Who else watching this watching Home alone
hello there
hello there:
The thumbnail made me laugh coz of how stooped it is.
Why there is justin was hugging macaulay
I like how he went from being a crack addict to that friend that never goes out but once they go out everyone goes crazy
Olivia Jackson
Olivia Jackson:
He had such a good friendship whith Michael Jackson
7:28 he'd make a great joker
I don’t even want to imagine all the abuse this guy went through as a child. No wonder he turned out being a really weird individual. Being friends with Seth Green tells also a lot. Seth got exposed by Isaac Kappy.

Keep your children away from Hollyweird!
4:10 (he is 16) ------- 6:26 (he is 24) same picture ???? xD
h t
h t:
He still living off that home alone money
D K:
9:42 Kid Rock?? ;-)))
Valerie Dioquino
Valerie Dioquino:
I came here after I watched home alone 3 yesterday because the character changed (I'm surprised)
and my dad said that "kevin" is already a teenager that time
Valentino Magallanes
Valentino Magallanes:
he started having a cigarette in almost all his pictures 😣
Marnie Leeming
Marnie Leeming:
5:10 that’s his brother.
Targetaim 99
Targetaim 99:
The reason why In 2018-2019 a lot interviewer interview him is because of his unshave beard
Randomised Commenter
Randomised Commenter:
7:35 Nah I don't really wanna know what that "Awesome Button" really is
Team Tomathoes
Team Tomathoes:
On some photo’s he really looks like Henry hart from Henry danger 😂😂
7:30 Photoshop
MatMat PlayZ
MatMat PlayZ:
He's 16 and 24 years old photo are just same lol😆
5:12 can't be him
Jeon Kookie
Jeon Kookie:
Michael Jackson be like: hello I’m the grinch from the 90’s..
Lindokuhle Wajehova
Lindokuhle Wajehova:
He was really the cutest kid
he's skin is so white like milk 😂
Who music in title ?
A random Person
A random Person:
He was always cute when he was younger. 😐
Jack Kelley
Jack Kelley:
3:53 when he was wearing a kiss shirt
Poor guy,started smoking at 15.
MonkStin Y.
MonkStin Y.:
When he was young I feel old and when now he's old I feel young
Aloe Jergens
Aloe Jergens:
I love watching home alone
My family watch it every christmas year
irem_trk !!
irem_trk !!:
7:32 is justen Bieber 😂😂😂😂
_K E V I N_
_K E V I N_:
5:56 wtf those shoes looks so odd 😂😂 i totally need them tf 🤣🤣
Champion Martha
Champion Martha:
3:27 ITS DRACO 😂
skelki Galatasaray
skelki Galatasaray:
He looked goood...until he was 30
Jayvir Plays
Jayvir Plays:
*"Alone On The Hill"*
Bia, Hora dø jogo
Bia, Hora dø jogo:
Mano ele estragou a vida dele n acredito que ele foi meu crush ;_____;
Iva matulj
Iva matulj:
The thumbnail of him when he had a six pack that was photoshopped LMAFO
gamer plays
gamer plays:
1:19 he looked younger than 9
bruh bruh
bruh bruh:
He looks like a young kid rock
4:56 drugs?
Eken. K
Eken. K:
He was a good friend of Michael (Jackson)
Swixy 1st
Swixy 1st:
It's crazy they grow so fast :(
Daeguji's music 대구스음악
Daeguji's music 대구스음악:
He really changed his life back
rita célia
rita célia:
Super transformacao que bom que ele esta bem!. A eterna fofura do cinema keevin!.
xX-widow- v
xX-widow- v:
1:01 looks like nidal
Don Don
Don Don:
He was on top in his kid years, sorta fell off after his sister died, started coming back on top, fell off again when Michael died, tried coming back up, fell off completely after his breakup, trying to come back up again
Sketch Fox
Sketch Fox:
They replayed one of the photos from when he was 17 to when he was 24 ! 6:28
Ashanthy Toledo
Ashanthy Toledo:
When its Christmas i always watch home alone even if the movie made in the year of 1990
j'liya's x softspot
j'liya's x softspot:
He was cute when he was a kid at 7
Jeremy Calunggay
Jeremy Calunggay:
That smile of his suit for a joker movie...
game Jack's
game Jack's:
3:18 you want to know something that's funny I was just looking up Richie Rich
Moonwalker 20
Moonwalker 20:
1:36 ... michael jackson!!!!!
Macaulay's hair during 14:

Hair requires *O I L*
Hungarian Cristmas: never Christmas with out Kevin
Isaac Wright
Isaac Wright:
Damn this dude is lucky, he got to meet Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan and 11 years old
Ryplax YT
Ryplax YT:
*he was on micheal jackson's black and white video?!*
Chanel x
Chanel x:
2:36 he looked young for 12
Khehsed Ken
Khehsed Ken:
3:50 Wait a damn minute isn't he 15 while holding a cigarette
Some Random Person
Some Random Person:
7:35 I ain't gay but...
He looks like he'd make a good joker in a batman movie
I'm glad he's doing well now. Loved him in Drivers and the Home Alone commercial. I was surprised to see him in one of Lizzo's music videos. And crap, my husband does look like him but with brown, curly hair. Thank you, God. XD I used to have a crush on Culkin. 🤭
Hominy Tastsgoot
Hominy Tastsgoot:
I love how big of an androgynous queen he has become over the years. Do you boo boo.
Joaquin Pizarro amaro
Joaquin Pizarro amaro:
3:50 !Is he holding a cigarrete
Fast Boi productions
Fast Boi productions:

Oh shit i didn't know Mcaulay was a fan of gorillaz. That's Murdoc's death stare shirt right there! Well it makes sense they released one of their most popular songs Clint Eastwood in 2001 didn't they?
Kevon Askew
Kevon Askew:
A couple of the pics when he was in his 30"s I thought he was kid rock 🤣🤣
2:22 my man be rocking some jordan 6s
Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents
Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents:
100 % not his body in the last picture to the right in the thumbnail smh
Sahib Şöhləyev
Sahib Şöhləyev:
4:10 and 6:26
16 or 24 ???

7:36 8:30
28 or 31!!??
Click bait. No muscles
Heriberta Acevedo
Heriberta Acevedo:
No mas drogas please 🙏🙏💖
Philip Cenir
Philip Cenir:
Kids in drugs
Michael jordan:stop it,get some help🤣
Bobby Beyer
Bobby Beyer:
So proud of u my sons loved home alone and im glad u r still alive today overcome everything my sons love u xxxxx
Cris Manrique
Cris Manrique:
Victim of Hollywood.