Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Tongue Kiss At Billboard Music Awards

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are feeling the love! The couple celebrated a milestone accomplishment for MGK at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, where he took home Top Rock Artist honors. The musician was overcome with gratitude for the recognition, noting that it was a new landmark in his career and he couldn’t be happier to share it with those who matter most to him, including his “twin soul,” Megan! The pair couldn’t have looked more smitten during the show, but they also showed off major PDA on the red carpet, where MGK put his black painted tongue on full display while sharing a playful moment with his ladylove, who made a bold style statement of her own in a revealing cutout number and matching sheer skirt.
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Machine Gun Kelly Tongue Kisses Megan Fox On Red Carpet Before Calling Her ‘Twin Soul’ At Billboard Music Awards


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100+ comentarios:

They seem to be a good match according to their look and rebellious attitude. However I'm pitying her children bc they must be thinking, "Mom, can you please be less embarrassing?!" XD
Her body is incredible
His acceptance speech was beautiful and sincere. Happy to see him win
Hey she had been so suppressed for so long in her old relationship that I LOVE that she can be free as much as she wants. People forget moms are not just moms. We can be the best moms but we also are women, love sex, passion and dammit freedom. So good for her!!!!
Lotta Karens here 🤣🤣
ashley guzman
ashley guzman:
i dont know if i wanna be megan fox or mgk😭
Somewhere Shi Leboeuf is screaming, "just do it!"
Nikkei Pvck
Nikkei Pvck:
so happy for him ESTfam where yall wt??
Thanks to Eminem for making him relevant
Daniel Day
Daniel Day:
Congratulations MGK. Great Album you deserved to win. They look great together and they seem very happy.
Stephanie Graf
Stephanie Graf:
Megan fox will always be a damn fox . Cause 😳 😍
Eat With Loring
Eat With Loring:
Nothing with that! ❣💯
Nick Jenkins
Nick Jenkins:
What a great person and father! They are supper hot together! I hope it's the real thing for him! This guy deserves it! Mgk!
Fadoua Macke
Fadoua Macke:
man looks at mgk thanking chelsea for introducing him as a weaner
Eu tava escutando bloody Valentine agr kkkkkk
Shan Shan
Shan Shan:
Beautiful couple, wish them the best. Hey, you guys have children. Probably hard enough for Megan's children to see her with someone else but to see this would be absouletly heartbreaking.
donna whitt
donna whitt:
So proud of him!!!! #est!
Sato Sayoshi
Sato Sayoshi:
Everyone gonna ignore how they've cheated on someone
Lairies Lascano
Lairies Lascano:
Bi panic...🥵🔥I need megan fox workout routine asap!
kooolllkats cat
kooolllkats cat:
Congratulations ❤️
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
Mgk , and megan are the most hottest couple now it about time MGK get a award for top rock artists well deserved😊❤.
I am fine with them being happy together. I am just kind of creeped out by their publicity stunts.
Achingly BEAUTIFUL couple! 🤩😭
They are so cute 😍
Addy Sohell
Addy Sohell:
Big fan since 2012 & I always thought why this Man is not in big award shows. And today he is here in bbmas with award, Megan fox n lot of opportunities comin towards him. Cheers 🤘🏼 EST 4 life
Thanks to Eminem ❤️
Jasper kitty
Jasper kitty:
These are my favourite reptilian couple , beautiful ♥️
Spider Rocket
Spider Rocket:
Well we all know those outfits got thrown off fast once they got home
Davids Wife
Davids Wife:
So adorable together
In my own little corner
In my own little corner:
Megan Fox is so happy...good for her 👏
Redj Montana
Redj Montana:
my parents ugh 😔❤️
Amanda Ray
Amanda Ray:
Dana Roberto
Dana Roberto:
Her body is sick
The decline of Western Civilization right before your eyes.
Crysley Xavier
Crysley Xavier:
Megan is even hotter than in "Transformers". Wow.
Stephany Q
Stephany Q:
Finally, been a fan of this guys music since 2016 . He deserves it
gearlock trinity
gearlock trinity:
Jennifer Huerta
Jennifer Huerta:
Jacob Sibert
Jacob Sibert:
Top rock artist? Wow.
Jackie Carmona
Jackie Carmona:
I think she's using him to get her back in out there
Eden Garden
Eden Garden:
I love them together ❤️ Megan stole my heart ages ago.
Gold Killah
Gold Killah:
She aged so fast
I’m in love with them wow
Felisha Kay
Felisha Kay:
I expected him to mention Modsun
Nayeli Salad
Nayeli Salad:
Sense kim and Jayne aren’t together it’s Megan and mgk and I’m here for it🤌🏼✨
Terry Oma
Terry Oma:
Finally!!!! Colson deserve it!!!!
Blazen The Amazing
Blazen The Amazing:
hey they kinda go together i like seeing real people
Rda Chhakchhuak
Rda Chhakchhuak:
I lost so much respect for megan🤢
christal pérez
christal pérez:
Love them!
Kevin Hitzemann
Kevin Hitzemann:
Did you read the parts about the fox and the machine gun?
K i r t a n a
K i r t a n a:
Omg i love u 2 so much. Hope yall stay together forever
Am I the only one here that thanks Megan’s tongue looks extremely long and so does her chin?
Natalia Mbenzi
Natalia Mbenzi:
Yayy he won I love it
Two men, who knew. The prettier ones are men and Fox admitted it, she got caught. Worship it now.
LEGEND gaming
LEGEND gaming:
Dude got obliterated by eminem,remember dat.
Ellie Cox
Ellie Cox:
I thought they broke up lol
Iva Žvigač
Iva Žvigač:
They must be desperate for attention
03 AI
03 AI:
She's hot.
I think that Corey Taylor is really glad...
Animal King
Animal King:
This is our “men” today
paraffin leaf
paraffin leaf:
Her kids watching them and be like: Go mom go
demetria brown
demetria brown:
See u when see you you better be ready that all I got say you're eyes 👀 or roll 601west Allen
Crime Scene
Crime Scene:
Love megan
Sharann Bray
Sharann Bray:
Angelina Jolie already went there, old news!
Zane Purmaliete
Zane Purmaliete:
How did he get the best record he’s music as a rockstar is sssshhhiiiiiiiit
Danielle Gawek
Danielle Gawek:
Go boy love you both hotties
Glitter Baby
Glitter Baby:
They try too hard to be over the top.
Nick Voss
Nick Voss:
I sometimes mistake Megan Fox for Jessica Alba
Sundara Moorthy Sk
Sundara Moorthy Sk:
Megan Fox heroine Very Beautiful 😍
Arkaditya Yadav
Arkaditya Yadav:
The amount of cringe 😬
Y his tongue pitch black? Smh
Landon Jackson
Landon Jackson:
Wow he is so cool 😒
The clock is ticking . . . .
EMINEM > mgk
Itz Madison Duh
Itz Madison Duh:
About time!!
Won’t last long. It’s gross and embarrassing. Once in awhile a celebrity women, wife and mom will get bored of her life thinking she’s missing out. She’ll give up everything she’s built for a weirdo. Then either he will dump her for someone younger or she’ll figure out she’s still not fulfilled and the life she had wasn’t so bad after all. By then it’s too late.
Daniel Day
Daniel Day:
Megan Fox dress is like just 😳😳😳😳😳😳
Lazy Q Biscuit
Lazy Q Biscuit:
Is she ever home with her kids?
Airika Sneve
Airika Sneve:
Megan Fox and MGK, fornicatin' it up!
less is more
Dyna A
Dyna A:
Lol the 30 year olds millennials in the comments acting like boomers and Karens. As if judging a person from their act in red carpet is mature. These karens think life ends at 30 and u can only be allowed 10 years (20-29 years olds ) to do what u want. Ageist and judgemental,yet they claim they are mature. You all praise Kardashians for their body but slam Megan fox,maybe cuz ur jealous.
L J:
Lol anyone wanna guess how long this relationship is gonna last?
Sundara Moorthy Sk
Sundara Moorthy Sk:
Megan Fox heroine Very Beautiful I'm Big Fan Megan Fox heroine😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Abor world
Abor world:
Top Rock artist...??
Rapper MGK receives top rock artist of the year 🤡
drug type
Notgona Telia
Notgona Telia:
Sheer Satanism....jeez
SK KaRtHi:
jessica pattinson
jessica pattinson:
Rock? "Rock" surely has changed.... Ozzy? No awards for him... His latest music will kick machine gun Kelly's ass
Alina Ehtesham
Alina Ehtesham:
she's SO hot.
Rizwan Yusuf
Rizwan Yusuf:
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL
Jack & the Headbangers EVIL:
I hate Arsenal and Tottenham..
Roses are red and violets are blue
S F:
Some Anime shit!
Some Anime shit!:
That's a big black ..*coughs *coughs..ahh tongue..
Joanne Hguoneerg
Joanne Hguoneerg:
Top rock album and artist....umm what?! 😐
Adrian D
Adrian D:
She left her loving husband and family for this bad boy..