Maguire Scores Late Extra-Time Winner! | Norwich City 1-2 Manchester United | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Harry Maguire's late extra-time goal helped put Manchester United into the semi-finals of the Emirates FA Cup. Timm Klose was sent off for a foul on the edge of the box, after Odion Ighalo and Todd Cantwell had each scored in the second half.

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Jared Buchanan
Jared Buchanan:
I feel sorry for Tim Krul, he’s a world class keeper who deserves to play at a team with an actual defence.
J. Alexander
J. Alexander:
Krul needs a better club
Pluralisme IND
Pluralisme IND:
Krul vs Manchester United
Eduard Banu
Eduard Banu:
Only thing I feel sorry for is that goalkeeper. He needs a better club
TY Denniz
TY Denniz:
Martial's reaction to Maguire's goal 🤩🤩🤩🤩
M Munthashier
M Munthashier:
Even man utd won the game, i think tim krul was the true Man of the match
Shahzab Sohail
Shahzab Sohail:
Tim Krul again turning into prime casillas against utd
Aaron Rawago
Aaron Rawago:
This match is exactly like an FM20 match, the whole team vs the overpowered goalkeeper blocking all the shots, and then they pop up with 1 shot 1 goal.
Evra: Maguire do you want me to drive you home
Keane: No he allowed back on the coach
Ighalo is easily the most underrated player on MU squad. He scored, he made defender sent off and he participated in the last goal too.
Reece Newman
Reece Newman:
This was such a frustrating match to watch 😂😂
Rakib M
Rakib M:
Why is Lingard the thumbnail - they do it on purpose so people can insult him
Ibrahim Hegazy
Ibrahim Hegazy:
Lingard dissapoints again, idk when is he gonna improve. TBH he's better at editing his YouTube videos than editing his football mistakes.
PS: This is the most likes in a comment I've ever gotten. Thanks!
Slabhead could've had a hat trick
Tim Krul was keeping it cool until Maguire showed his moves
TheRealPepe Trump
TheRealPepe Trump:
9:02 that pass from pog won the game
connor panso
connor panso:
cantwell is so underrated, a bigger club needs to pick him up, who agrees?
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt:
9:42 Pogba "the little dummy" XD
5:07 no way that he's onside lol
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz:
Watching Tim Krull reminds me of Brad Friedel of Blackburn Rovers who always turned into Super Saiyan against United.
Fanchester United
Fanchester United:
Lingard is a fly he moves a lot but is so annoying.

Credit to Mark Goldbridge

Thanks for the likes
Kinky Pyro
Kinky Pyro:
Its simple......i see lingardinho on the thumbnail and i click
Jude Arrowsmith
Jude Arrowsmith:
Look, United won and that’s what I care about
Rush Wars
Rush Wars:
2:20 amazing shot by Fernandes but even better clearance by the Norwich defender
HPF Flare
HPF Flare:
5:10 "he was onside" he clearly wasn't
Solskjaer - How do u feel after got a red card
Klose - I don't know what to say anymore, please leave me alone
I didn't know Norwich has a woman player, and she really scores great goal
Norwich fought well today and played their heart out.
jibao ceesay
jibao ceesay:
Lingardinho looks frustrated on the thumbnail, perhaps because of all the abuse he gets on social media.
Wong Dr
Wong Dr:
Many goalkeepers turn to black magic to be possessed by Oliver Kahn and Peter Schmeichel when they play Man Utd.
5:05 says he’s onside when he just clearly isn’t 😹
Marcus Mountain
Marcus Mountain:
Y Man Utd being boring everyone wanted pens😂😂
TakeA Chillah
TakeA Chillah:
Krul turn into prime van der sar
Why do man united players hate giving ighalo neat pass? I think outside the coach they are all pretending to love him including the BBC match commentator who kept asking the coach to sub him prior to his goal.
Isihaq Abass
Isihaq Abass:
What happened to the voice at 0:12 😂😂
Prabin Bimali
Prabin Bimali:
Lingard is in the thumbnail. The Emirates FA Cup recognizes the legend.
Broks Kii
Broks Kii:
Pogba's pass at 9:02 majestic, captain's well finish
Logan Coffey
Logan Coffey:
Where’s Brandon Williams goal saving tackle
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool:
😍 GGMU 💪 OLE ♥️👍
Donald Blake
Donald Blake:
Love Martial's reaction when Maguire scores. Priceless
the great axe
the great axe:
I wonder where norwich would be without krul 🤔
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
The FA Cup is coming home 😂
But frt GGMU
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
9:42 Pogba "the little dummy" XD
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
9:42 Pogba "the little dummy" XD
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
9:42 Pogba "the little dummy" XD
Free Lunch
Free Lunch:
possibly the lowest energy 1st highlight of all time
Gr3y North
Gr3y North:
8:33 Nice build up
John Smith
John Smith:
And it's a red card to Sir Killalot for engaging the attacker outside of his CPZ
Great Uniter
Great Uniter:
3:16 after that strike he changed his name to Can(&)will
Legend Incredimata
Legend Incredimata:
Boy, Krul looked like peak Casillas at times
Society paGhetto TV
Society paGhetto TV:
Cantwell's strike was spectacular
Genuinely feel United should be doing whatever they can to keep hold of Iggy.
Hayelom Hadish
Hayelom Hadish:
Man united vs tim krul
Irfan Kunhi
Irfan Kunhi:
“Story of the season”
Fauzan Hilmi
Fauzan Hilmi:
That rabona from pogba 🔥
Norman Comerford
Norman Comerford:
Tim Krul - Man of the Match!
bbc sport uploaded the day before the actaul competition did...
BladeZ IV EH
BladeZ IV EH:
I see the thumbnail has Lingard on the so i think he’s actually scored😂😂
gregster B
gregster B:
The thumbnail🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Porter
Matthew Porter:
9:43 i thought he was just being rude about pogba instead of commentating 😂😂
howdy zaky
howdy zaky:
2:35 What A Defend
Samuel Ezuo
Samuel Ezuo:
Who else have watched this highlight more than twice?
yassin Romanoski
yassin Romanoski:
Bruno Fernandes is something else 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Maximiliano Atencio
Maximiliano Atencio:
8:58: Harry Maguire was on #APModeON! (my 2nd niece's and 5 female friends of mine's pose when they see me) !

That GOAL celebration (#APModeON!) must be available on eFootball PES 2021 Season Update for PS4 in the edit mode, lads!
I always support Man United ❤️
I have realized Maguire tends to play as a midforward when dealing with these "bus-packing" teams
Mlu Michael Mbambo
Mlu Michael Mbambo:
Pogba ghosting the Ref 5:24
Kelvin Opoku
Kelvin Opoku:
That thumbnail killed me 😁
Odion Ighalo one of the best loan signings ever ❤️
DF Mazi
DF Mazi:
What happened with the thumbnail:)
Harry Holmes
Harry Holmes:
This result was so unfair on Norwich I know they have done well to get this far but even so it’s a achievement too as they haven’t got to this round of the fa cup for years so credit where it’s due
Colby Rollins
Colby Rollins:
Harry Maguire shouldn’t be Captain imo
Zainul Arifin
Zainul Arifin:
Amazing assist from Martial.
9:00 👍
Elvis Chakuti
Elvis Chakuti:
Pogba's pass for the last goal 😍
Ronaldinho D10s
Ronaldinho D10s:
Cantwell have a very bright future ahead
Maguire the greatest CF ever!
ron 23
ron 23:
I feel sorry for Tim Krul, he's the only world class superstar Norwich city has. He deserve a team with better defence
Mohamed Shire
Mohamed Shire:
We need Sancho
5:05 offside
The thumbnail hurt me
Adam Buckley
Adam Buckley:
He was miles offside, wth 😂
John Munro
John Munro:
We've failed to break down teams like Norwich of late. This is as important as beating the top clubs.... Now if we can only achieve both.... in the same season.
Goals: United- 1:28 8:52
Norwich: 3:13
Sam Ellery
Sam Ellery:
What happens to the commentators voice at 0:12 😂
Louie Smith
Louie Smith:
The amount of ads on this video 😂😂😂
Tim krul absolute keeping
Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers:
they really took lingard of the thumbnail
i dont wanna norwich to be relegated :<, id rather want bournemouth, aston villa and watford to be relegated
gg to both teams, a great match for 2 great teams
Kamran 7
Kamran 7:
Imagine it went to pens 😬
Dirtiest picture of Harry I've seen in awhile
OSSS Boys:
Pogba was a game changer... Norwich goalkeeper was awesome
J R:
Harry Maguire reminds me of a modern day Gary pallister 💪
the islander
the islander:
Krul was amazing
Ketevan Okruashvili
Ketevan Okruashvili:
YeA know what Pogba looks great at thes season
Raahim Zuberi
Raahim Zuberi:
Lingardiho on the thumbnail
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
9:42 Pogba "the little dummy" XD
bilisha coli
bilisha coli:
9:42 Pogba "the little dummy" XD
2 4
2 4:
A 'Krul' defeat for Norwich