Maira Sepulveda v Valentina Acosta – recurve women gold | Medellin 2021 World Ranking Event

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100+ comentarios:

99% of comments are about how beautiful Valentina is.
Only 1% are about actual archery 🤣
She should've kept the Hat on.
It gave +10 Accuracy
The moment we've all been waiting for boys, valentina!!
eL eS
eL eS:
Shame about the poor camera work. The shadow makes it very difficult to see where the arrow lands.
En Archer
En Archer:
Valentina is really beautiful!
They are both beautiful and talented.
Colombia has a lot of beautiful woman I’ve noticed.
Jeff Kaz
Jeff Kaz:
how does valentina resist shooting into the crowd? incredible
I’m only here bc of Valentina. She’s so darn cute.
Megan Tabilin
Megan Tabilin:
I love how Maira has a little stitch on her chest guard. I should put a little plushie on my chest guard when I compete to keep me calm!
The Amazing Channel
The Amazing Channel:
I wish they'd put a light reflector under the targets or something. Those shadows make it so confusing to see were the arrows land.
Vid 13
Vid 13:
Mariana Pajon, Caterine Ibarguen, Valentina Acosta... Todas deportistas colombianas muy lindas y unas grandes en sus respectivos deportes, de admirar estas chicas.
rabin murmu
rabin murmu:
Maira was unwaved still water calm-concentrated on her performance.
She is pretty enough too.
Andres Mendoza
Andres Mendoza:
Maira is so beautiful too, I hope see her in Tokyo 2020
Imagine being litteraly among the best in the world, but no one cares just because of your looks.
Sounds fun
Bryan Andres
Bryan Andres:
adoro el tiro con arco desde hace 13 minutos
Rak Kup
Rak Kup:
Maira shoots a 3 second shot time. Valentina shoots a 3 second shot time. Can’t believe how fast Maira shoots. 😂
Kenny Sandoval
Kenny Sandoval:
Valentina es todo lo que está bien en este mundo 😍
Francisco Heredia
Francisco Heredia:
If Valentina asked me to rob a bank, honestly… I probably would.
Lj Graphics
Lj Graphics:
Valentina is the reason why I fell in love to archery
Martin Kirik
Martin Kirik:
When will archers discover sun diffusors? They diffuse shadows so that you can tell where the arrows land.
Quien vino a ver esto solo por a Valentina acosta?❤️

Cadena de corazones para valentína 👇🏼❤️
Fritz Fondona
Fritz Fondona:
The swing, relaxes the muscles in exactly the same way for each shot.
Bryan Diniz
Bryan Diniz:
A Valentina é a melhor, tá de parabéns
Soul Body and Mind
Soul Body and Mind:
Blizzard : “we just found the perfect cast of Sylvanas the Windrunner.”
เดี่ยวมอเตอร์ไซค์ SoloBikeTrips
เดี่ยวมอเตอร์ไซค์ SoloBikeTrips:
Valentina still so cute in black hair
Cecilia M. S
Cecilia M. S:
Me encanta como dice sEpUlvEiDa JSDAJDSJAJ
Nanonano Nano
Nanonano Nano:
Valentina looks like a goddess 😍😍😍
jeff b
jeff b:
Silver Medal in Archery. Gold Medal in Beauty.
marco salcedo
marco salcedo:
Valentina es de las únicas que he visto que cierra el ojo para apuntar, que no todos apuntamos así ? 🤔
Manuel Peña Ruiz
Manuel Peña Ruiz:
Hasta con la botellita de agua se ve hermosa.... Pero su cara cuando apunta el arco.... OMG
Bubs Krz
Bubs Krz:
In the ancient days, colombian warriors are master of archery.
Kai Anttila
Kai Anttila:
Valentina is good at what she does.
You can see it on Valentina's face when she shoots the 6 in Set 4. She grimaces and I was expecting her to have missed the board completely
Yo Soy
Yo Soy:
Las dos me an flechado el corazon! 😍 💘 😄
Bob Idris
Bob Idris:
Came for Valentina. And got Valentina's wink. I'm happy for days! 🙃
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara:
This event was quite poorly managed and its kind of shocking from Medellin.
Bad camera angel, very slow scoreboard update
Sergiojuan Martinez Espindola
Sergiojuan Martinez Espindola:
I just fell in love
Albert Baranowski
Albert Baranowski:
Im really fall in love to valentina
michael turner
michael turner:
Damn, that bow string is so lucky to have Valentinas lips on it!😍😍
Hassaan Lightstone
Hassaan Lightstone:
Bow do all the work by itself, Valentina just kisses the string.
Xork Santamonica
Xork Santamonica:
I like more recurve than compound, and Valentina is great, lets go Pereira...🏹
Andrés V.R.
Andrés V.R.:
Valentina es la hija de Athena y Seiya.
Kerem Yolcu
Kerem Yolcu:
valentina already hit me from my heart ..
After watching the whole video, I finally recognize it's not from Tokyo Olympics.
OniPlayz !
OniPlayz !:
she should be wearing her hat to avoid so much light hitting her eyes, i think that might've help
Apai Sitodak
Apai Sitodak:
Sepulvida shooting form looks better than Valentina, but I'm respect both. Good fight.
Is it just the viewing angle or is Acosta's elbow well outside the bow?
Wangket Wangsa
Wangket Wangsa:
Most women archers are beautiful as heaven..
Sandi AF
Sandi AF:
And maira, you are so perfect girl❤️
Pius Petschen
Pius Petschen:
Valentina : most beautyfull face in archery. What a beauty 😍😍😍💕💕💕
que grande youtube con estas recomendaciones, las mini Katniss Everdeen jajajajaj
BlackmackoyTV Mack
BlackmackoyTV Mack:
Very pretty valentina and very talented also..
Humble Bumble
Humble Bumble:
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez:
Hermosa Valentina!
Valentina silver princes.The best level.Good lucky in Love😍😙😙
Gabriel Cacsire
Gabriel Cacsire:
Que hermosa que es amigo :3
Quicky Reviews
Quicky Reviews:
I wish i was valentina's bow string
Sergey Fin
Sergey Fin:
It was high pressure, Axosta was amazing
Pareen Nehal
Pareen Nehal:
Valentina is very beautiful ❤️❤️
Jan knight
Jan knight:
7:26 is totally me
Sharp, beautiful eyes that has eagle like precision
Yahir Muñoz
Yahir Muñoz:
Wuu Valentina :D❤️
Eskarid Más que letras
Eskarid Más que letras:
Valentina bajado un poco su nivel ,pero es super joven es toda una promesa.
What is the point of watching this is you cannot see where the arrow hits the target - because of the camera angle....?
Jorge Morales
Jorge Morales:
nadie le aplaude al Juez T_T
𝒟𝒶 ρøЯ✞ℯ𝓇 ʝЯ
𝒟𝒶 ρøЯ✞ℯ𝓇 ʝЯ:
Dos bellas paisanas Valentina y Mayra 😍🎯🇨🇴✊🏻
Maik P
Maik P:
Everyone here is on simp mode over a 23 year old girl, smh.
kuya hedzon Gutierrez
kuya hedzon Gutierrez:
you shot my heart.. 💘💖💗💞
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav:
Maria so beautiful my heart ❤️
carloz design
carloz design:
love youu valentina!!!! ♥
Snapfire Anime
Snapfire Anime:
Shoot my heart valentina acosta 😍
Esteban J.G.
Esteban J.G.:
9:42 Se derritió mi corazón. Que hermosa mujer.
Caffettino Time
Caffettino Time:
Acosta is my crush from 2019 <3 <3 <3
크 6점 뼈 아프네 ㅎㅎ 두 선수다 고생하셨습니다
Review and Buy
Review and Buy:
It's not just me loving her. So I am out of this race. Finding an average girl now
Tibor Rigó
Tibor Rigó:
i would think every archer who goes to olympics shoots a 10 anytime lol
they're both pretty!! but yes good archery very much!! that's cool
Victor Dono
Victor Dono:
Both girl are beautiful and talented👍👍👍
tibia play
tibia play:
I think I've watched them fighting before. Is this a remake?
Николай Турмович
Николай Турмович:
Ничего не знаю. Лучшая лучница это Цзыюй из Twice.
Mariam Shaki
Mariam Shaki:
World's most beautiful archer!! In fact she is one of The most beautiful girls in the world!!! Valentina
Alex ch
Alex ch:
rostro tan lindo que tiene valentina.
Fatality Gaming
Fatality Gaming:
She is so beautiful and also a champion. What else do you need in life 👍
Zhake TV
Zhake TV:
Inspiration ♥ 😍
A B:
Can you guys recommend me other matches to watch? I'm really enjoying archery
عبدالله بني عبّاد
عبدالله بني عبّاد:
Waw Agen valentina acosta geraldo ❤️😍vovo i love you so much good player 👍🎊
Acosta is slimmer than the previous match we watched. she could be e gamer presentor in her free time. she has characters .
Jason Kohlmeier
Jason Kohlmeier:
Wow awesome shooting. I bet their significant others don’t give them any back talk lol.
valentina mi amor <3
brandon romero
brandon romero:
Vamos Valentina yo estoy contigo!!!!! animo!!!!
kris lo
kris lo:
is it me or does the shadows not really show me where the arrow lands? also at 3:19 they are both clearly across the line, both should be disqualified!
She didn't win the gold medal. But she won my heart
Jasson Khoo
Jasson Khoo:
didnt know we going back to the early 2000s here...
Luigi Diaz
Luigi Diaz:
those who date one of these two.. should probably think twice before cheating 😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣
나 양궁 좋아했었구나..
sempreEmFrente sempre
sempreEmFrente sempre:
Valentina Acosta é uma Princesa s2
SweaSpurdo :DDD
SweaSpurdo :DDD:
Gentlemen, we are gathered here once again.
DanRJ Gaming
DanRJ Gaming:
aight i just discovered Valentina and i simp