Major Update ahead of Liverpool vs Bournemouth!

In this video, we provide you with a update ahead of Liverpool vs Bournemouth!


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27 comentarios:

bob bobby
bob bobby:
Rumours swirling around at the moment are that we're looking to sign Milners nan.
Allen Goes
Allen Goes:
We go win by 5 to 0 I have trust in my loving liverpool club. Be strong 💪 and beat the option and win .
Football content
Football content:
Wait am I thinking into this wrong he said we’re working on transfers or am I missing something? I mean he said it might not happen but I’ll take it over the usual I’m happy with the squad we aren’t looking to sign anyone
Not really when you have 5 absolute stone wallers for being injured through out the season
Chris Chan
Chris Chan:
Need to really get behind the reds tomorrow and get some positivity going YNWA
Frank Ennis
Frank Ennis:
I think people forget that we.played more games last season than any other club, as a result of this with the season starting early we have a lot of injuries, de Yong.would be great, also feel firmino would be brilliant in midfield, need to get rid of Henderson ,Keith and Millner, trent should also play midfield, constantly playing the same system , we have to change, ynwa, always a red.
i hope we can get A point off this, goodluck tho liverpoool
Lee Thursfield
Lee Thursfield:
It's 2020-2021 season all over again 🙄
we should win this easily, but I said that about man utd as well, so I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut for now lol.
Kenroy December
Kenroy December:
Need some LFC transfer update
John Leahy
John Leahy:
Is oxlaid not a better option than elliot hes a kid good player but dont think he should start but what do I know
Al Silver
Al Silver:
Is any of the players OUT OUT? 😂
The Egyptian King
The Egyptian King:
i think it will be 1-0 to liverpool and it will be scored by mo salah
James Martins cornor
James Martins cornor:
Buy sane , tielemans and de jong
Kenroy December
Kenroy December:
What the rumors about fankie de Jong to liverpool is it true
Jeniffer Wright-barrett
Jeniffer Wright-barrett:
Liverpool 3-0
Sherlock Ed
Sherlock Ed:
Am smelling a dark season for us. Conferences league here we come!!!
Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith:
Bournemouth 3
Liverpool 0
Liverpool will be lucky to get 0
Frankie De jong
Johnny Brix
Johnny Brix:
Sell Chamberlain man...
Ramy Bachoo
Ramy Bachoo:
Liverpool 2 Bournemouth nil
Onuh Rita
Onuh Rita:
So..... No good news
Leslie Goodfellow
Leslie Goodfellow:
this is all klopps falt for not buying more players can't believe how stubborn this guy is thinking he can get bye the season with the oldest midfield in the Premier league I think we are not going to win anything this season
Kenroy December
Kenroy December:
Do liverpool what a swap deal and cash involving Nabi Katia and Jude dellagum
Swara Jaya
Swara Jaya:
Buy midfielder player. Tielman, de Jong, Paredes is ok
k tom
k tom:
What I make of this injuries update is that it's shocking and worrying. How likely is it to have 10 or even 12 players injured within a few weeks?! They must be doing something wrong at the club, be it the training methods, recovery or diet. A majority of these injuries are self-sustained, there has to be something wrong that the club is doing. A pretty pathetic situation, if you ask me, as if Liverpool were a club in one of the lower divisions.
Tanya Khisna
Tanya Khisna: