Man City have a NEW signing + Messi makes Barcelona return! ► Daily News

On Today's Daily News - Manchester City agree new defender deal, football is all but ruined, Messi makes Barça return and Emoji Mondays!

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100+ comentarios:

OneFootball English
OneFootball English:
EMOJI MONDAYS: 🔥Best Players: Jamie Vardy and Ansu Fati
💩Worst Player: Benjamin Mendy
➕3️⃣Best Result: Sheffield United 0-1 Leeds United
Let us know yours below!
Leon Omondi
Leon Omondi:
This has been one of the weirdest gameweeks,Dortmund bayern and city recording significant losses. Oh and also what happened to power rankings plz bring them back
Travis Godfree
Travis Godfree:
Ansu Fati looked *deadly* in that game.
Can't wait to see more of him this season.
anir s
anir s:
What a week of football
Chelsea drew against West brom
Man city lost conceding 3 penalties
Man U won and scored after the final whistle
Bayern lost 4-1
Spurs drew against Newcastle for a controversial penalty in 97th min
Barca start there with a win (Ansu is a star in the makin)
But this is the reason we watch football
If our respective teams always what's the point in watching
Hugo De Matteo
Hugo De Matteo:
This episode is so well done thank you Matt
Sick of Mendy now. He's never contributed anything. Get Ake at left back ASAP.
Samuel Carter
Samuel Carter:
Have y'all noticed when Mendy starts for City, the probability of they loosing is very very very high
Wheeljack Kablam
Wheeljack Kablam:
Why is everyone taking in out on Ake. He was great in that game, it's the other 3 in the back-4 that was disastrous...
What City need is a CB with a leadership qualities... They have good CBs, but all them looks like they are doing there own thing with no communication.
They need someone like VVD or Kompany who commands the back-4 and how to set up positionialy
How good was Kamaric and Hoffenheim in general against Bayern last night?
Abha Agrawal
Abha Agrawal:
Penalty rules ruined Serie a last season and now it’s pl
Matt I watched the City Lectier game Ake was amazing the penalties that were given shouldn't have been.I will admit Walker grappled Vardy but I think Vardy dived
Sonnic Gamer
Sonnic Gamer:
Barça fans during Bayern game against Hoffenhiem: So the tables have turned.
Ivar Voorel
Ivar Voorel:
you are right about the penalties, now lower teams can make strategies/tactics to just smash the hands of opposite players in the box... and 10 penalties in a game, easy.
Isn’t Rodri the same guy that used to play for Atletico Madrid? 🤔
Godswill Osagie
Godswill Osagie:
Love the work Matt
Thanks for entertaining me every weekday
Huma Saleem
Huma Saleem:
EMOJI MONDAYS: Best Players: Joao Felix and Ansu Fati
Worst Player: Benjamin Mendy
Best Result: Leicester City 5-2 Manchester City
Damarla Thushar
Damarla Thushar:
Manchester United's penalty is fair. Maguire's header could've gone in if it weren't for Maupay.
Sanket Pol
Sanket Pol:
I am a Madridsta and I have to say Watching ansu fati play is absolute pleasure to eyes and I do think he will be a serious competition to us in future el clasico's.
Even Watching Benzema and Jovic play together somewhat made me happy but I would Love to see Madrid players pass the ball to Jovic more often as he was in more open spaces and seems left out of the game.

Happy to see PEP take a L and hopefull he will be sacked at the end of this season as he was brought to win UCL and that hasn't happened for them his tactics are good but managers seem to know how to counter them now and big hug to hoffenheim
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury:
Thank you Matt and Onefootball for the Daily News 🔥🙌
Sai Pranad
Sai Pranad:
matt seeing barca's score after recollecting his prediction last week be like...xD
Love you Matt, brilliant job!
Puffin - One Handed Gamer
Puffin - One Handed Gamer:
I've said it at least a hand full of times and I will say it again, I love VAR, I'm a Liverpool fan and before you go "oh of course you love VAR", the first game I saw in, I don't remember what competition they first had it, but it was a game that Liverpool lost, they made 2 fouls in the box and the opposing side was awarded 2 penalties. I wasn't even mad, it was completely fair. But the rule should be changed. ball to hand is not a penalty. that said, if the hand is in an unnatural position and you are just making yourself wider than you are, so you can block a shot, its a foul. I'm not sure if that was the case at tottenham, I'll have to watch that. After having watchewed that, I don't think it should have been given. when you jump like that, you use your arms and there is no way to control any of that. so it was unjust to give a penalty there.
You can see Matt's frustration when he tells about Spurs's penalty decision.....
Roth W
Roth W:
I love to see a new one football video Keep up the great work!😁
Abhishek Malhotra
Abhishek Malhotra:
Longest winning streak in recent years was of Barcelona in season 2017-18 they only lost their last matchday game against Levante
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
Remember when unai emery was saying that he wants to challenge for title with Villarreal lol😂😂😂
Chevaughn Crowl
Chevaughn Crowl:
Great content not happy about the weekend results though 😅
Well done Matt another great video 👌👍
Jad Ghanem
Jad Ghanem:
You deserve the best guys ❤️ keep it up 👍
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV
Tiago Filipe Vaz TFV:
Vamos ter saudades tuas, Rúben 🙂
Jonathan Pereira
Jonathan Pereira:
As a Benfica fan, I have no damn idea how we got to sell Ruben Dias for so high, he is good but he croaks under pressure and isn't really what I would call an EPL centre back.
Wayne Corbin
Wayne Corbin:
The penalty rule means more high scoring games because more teams will go at each other,a positive for a neutral point of view because smaller teams get more opportunities and more drama otherwise keep it solid in your defence👍
Swastik Dwivedi
Swastik Dwivedi:
Man City:- Ake is our new CB
MATT:- Ake is good but not at the level of which City demands!!🙃
Ghisa Octa
Ghisa Octa:
My perfect Backline for City. Cancelo/Ake at LB, Laporte - Dias at CB , Walker at RB
Vishnu Dixit
Vishnu Dixit:
Matt is the best player of onefootball team 😀
Ake is a fine back up to Laporte. But what defender do they use on the right ?!
Who is Garcia back up to? Is he the main man now ?!
Yvan Sainathan
Yvan Sainathan:
I know it's not gonna happen, but can you imagine if united got Kante? We'd have the strongest midfield in the world!
Gavin Shrestha
Gavin Shrestha:
Hi Matt can you please bring back the power rankings it’s the fan favorite and everyone loves it
Rune LB
Rune LB:
I blame the ref for the Free kick leading to the penalty i blame var for not giving the offside on andy carroll i blame the ref for not seeing the foul on Eric dier
Ishan Singh
Ishan Singh:
23 Prachi Mahar
23 Prachi Mahar:
Messi after last night being grateful as he was 4 0 up against Villareal
And not 2 5 Down against Leicester
Yahsan 1911
Yahsan 1911:
come on matt, the manchester united penalty is genuine... it is written in fifa rulebook or something that if there is a handball or if a player fouls his opponent before the final whistle and the VAR confirms it after the final whistle...penalty is awarded... and i am also a bit bias when it comes to manchester united bcoz i am huge fan of theirs....
Advait Parab
Advait Parab:
The handball rule should be changed as soon as possible
Best result surely has to go to Newcastle. Weathered a storm and managed to get a well deserved penalty at the end.
Neeraj Gupta
Neeraj Gupta:
Koulibaly's price should drop next season otherwise they won't be able to sell him
As soon as Matt spoke about the VAR handball decision, all I thought about was Man U vs Crystal Palace problem. Outrageous!
Atungdiwe Asinah
Atungdiwe Asinah:
Good job matt keep it up!
The penalty against Spurs was absolutely ridiculous. I hate this rule, I think it’s unfair and unjust.
In theory it’s supposed to avoid confusion amongst referees and bring more stability in decisions. Then in turn lead to more goals, open up games and tactics and make matches more interesting and avoid slow, boring stalemate.
But in reality it’s gonna look like this unfortunately.
Nikola Koev
Nikola Koev:
Love your videos keep it Up! 💣💥
Ire Adeoye
Ire Adeoye:
Barcelona might have scored 4 goals but we still need a proper striker to score in big games, Griezmann is not good enough
I agree with you matt that pens are getting out of hand I'm a juve fan
rhuds 06
rhuds 06:
West brom got absolutely robbed for Chelsea's second goal there was a foul to us that wasn't gi en and in their equalizer there was a clear hand ball from havertz
Mishael Mweetwa
Mishael Mweetwa:
For me, the best win, I'd give it to the team that destroyed Bayern
Ast Bast
Ast Bast:
If bayern can buy good substitute like they had last year ( coutinho, perisic) they will win the treble again.
Jervis .Witherspoon jr
Jervis .Witherspoon jr:
Not a Spurs fan. But I was more upset at the Penalty given in the Champion’s League final against Spurs than the one over the weekend. When Mane kicked the ball against the Spurs defender’s arm in the Champion’s league final, his arm was in a natural position and it was so close to where the ball’s kicked, there’s nothing you can do to avoid that. it’s so easy for a professional football player to kick a ball against someone else’s arm and get a penalty. This weekend, Eric Dier’s hand was in such a unnatural position, I agree it should be a penalty. The thing about the old hand ball rule is that, deciding what a natural position is or not seems straight forward but players depending on what motion they make during the play, a natural hand position can change and the rule will make ppl upset depending on who you support. So I think people will complain regardless. But the way Eric Dier had his hand up going for a header, he gains a huge advantage by stopping Caroll’s header and I think it would be harsh, even with the old rule, not to give that.
rohit s
rohit s:
Oh if Man City are able to secure the Ruben Diaz deal, will that make it more possible than before for Barcelona to sign Eric Garcia ?
Dandre Ehlers
Dandre Ehlers:
I say that its handball if the player intensionally sticks his arm out or controlls the ball with his arm and if u shoot at goal and it is on targett but an arm of a defender hits the ball then its handball...anything else nope no hand ball
If the defender is making his body bigger with his arms then it is an advantage and is handball
Rohan Purandare
Rohan Purandare:
If the penalties continue at this rate, we are expecting about 253 penalties this season.
23 Prachi Mahar
23 Prachi Mahar:
Hope your issue fixes soon Matt!
This season in the premier league currently there are 18 penalties in total
Razmig Garboushian
Razmig Garboushian:
“It’s just getting out of hand” I see what you did there
Best player of the weekend should be Luis Suarez .came off the bench,score 2 goal and 1 assist. Not those two players who already have good game so far......
scot mac
scot mac:
If Ansu Fati had scored 2,then won a penalty I would like to think that Messi would let him take it so the wee guy gets a hat-trick.
Ben Scott
Ben Scott:
we need koulibaly (CB) and alaba (LB)
Priyanshu Das
Priyanshu Das:
Best result of the weekend has to be Hoffenheim 4-1 Bayern
Muddakir Khan
Muddakir Khan:
Man city will still win prem
Luke Whittaker
Luke Whittaker:
Honestly man that decision against Newcastle it ruined my day yesterday absolutely shocking decision
Dylan Hickman
Dylan Hickman:
I was fuming when this happened to Leeds first game vs Liverpool
Best player : Suarez
Worst player : The rule maker
Best result : 4-1 German FCB losing
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
So now strikers will basically aim at hands of defenders rather than the goal lol
As an arsenal fan it was nice to see spurs dropping points but I agree that penalty was a disgrace
Murtaza Umair
Murtaza Umair:
Ronaldhino helped messi grow a lot and assisted him a lot
It looks like messi is doing the same for Fati
Jefferson Ochoa
Jefferson Ochoa:
😱Craziest moment:
Brighton 2-3 Man Utd
Eileen Dover
Eileen Dover:
the signing will help city get third?
Daniel Kosonen
Daniel Kosonen:
Do you think that pep will push Ake to left-back since he used to play there even though his contribution isnt that good compared to other pep players
Neelein Atanga
Neelein Atanga:
I think Hoffenheim deserved to be team of the week
Enosh Ndafoka
Enosh Ndafoka:
Man City will win there next game with a bang
Luke Hoolan
Luke Hoolan:
Surely hoffenhaim vs Bayern was the best game
I slept and dreamt well after Bayern getting thrashed 😎.
Marty 59
Marty 59:
Tbh I thought Darlow had a better game then vardy
When are the power rankings coming back?
Man United was so lucky
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
Isnt there
Bayern lost their First game in 2020😲😲
K R:
Just pointing out that roy said the same about the handball rule after it went to palace's favor after the penalty vs man u
I knew Matt would talk about Tottenham game, the penalty was unfair .
Wildo 48
Wildo 48:
Even Steve Bruce said the rule was rediculous after the game.
Ire Adeoye
Ire Adeoye:
Matt is furious at var who else enjoys this😂😂😂😂
Not gonna lie, this is one of the best football news I've ever met so detailed and precise. It's so underrated and I hugely recommend u all to sub to this channel.....
Viktor S 11
Viktor S 11:
Spurs: *concedes penalty*

Matt: F0otBALL iZ rUIned

I actually agree with you, but just couldn't resist
David Maina
David Maina:
Good work 👍👍👏
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta:
Mate who do u think would be a perfect Lb for Barcelona???
Jim Stebbins
Jim Stebbins:
West Ham 4-0 Wolves is more shocking than Leeds over ShU
Ramsey Williams
Ramsey Williams:
Matt the best result should go to the team that beat Bayern Munich
And the best player should be Kramric
Mario Cecere - Palazzo
Mario Cecere - Palazzo:
🔥 best player: Jamie Vardy
🤢: worst player: Benjamin Mendy
🤩 best match: Manchester City 2-5 Leicester City
Leonard Ullrich
Leonard Ullrich:
At this point you can just fire a Ball in the Box and get a pen from Var. Still fuming that stuff like this happens. Var has to disappear at all costs or atleast the Handball rule.
Abdul-razzaq Alhamodt
Abdul-razzaq Alhamodt:
You forgot to mention that Dest chose Barca over Bayern, announcement coming soon!
Mark Akoury ꪜ
Mark Akoury ꪜ:
Another good video, like always
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
U Shocked Me with that Thumbnail
I really thought it was Confirmed
But that Picture is Ferran torres But with his Face😂😂
Bardan Basnet
Bardan Basnet:
can you please create a petition to change the handball rules ASAP ? It was disgrace this weekend with Brighton conceding after the full time whistle. Crystal palace defeat was a shame. Spurs draw was ridiculous. It’s not same anymore
Apple Juice
Apple Juice:
It’s so annoying how no body gives credit to Leicester when they beat a big team, but instead talk about the things that the good team did wrong
lance pereira
lance pereira:
The best result was Hoffenheim beating Bayern.