Man City scrap past brave Cheltenham | Cheltenham 1-3 Manchester City FA Cup Show

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36 comentarios:

He has literally been quality Cancelo . Tell me who has been better this season? Nobody. He is one of the best right backs. He was class today.
Alberto Marcano
Alberto Marcano:
Literally none of the goals today were offside you crying weirdos 😭😭😭
Shashwat Rao
Shashwat Rao:
And against villa, city won by the rules and those rules werent made by city.
It’s funny how city have 1 bad performance despite the fact in most of their games they play brilliantly but terry wants to ignore the result and focus on the performance. I distinctly remember terry saying after the Man U 3-2 against Brighton game to be happy about the result. This energy terry has to scrutinise city’s performance should be the same for Man U cah Man U don’t perform well enough over 90 mins but it gets Ignored all the time.
Good to see Terry in pain🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Mclean
Ryan Mclean:
Im a city fan We were poor today didn't turn up at all a few moments of brilliant to win it no celebration just move on to next game all credit to Cheltenham played class today
Shashwat Rao
Shashwat Rao:
City were outplayed? Are you mad cheltenham defended exceptional and i totally agree city were not good but not outplayed.
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue:
im pretty sure now that the team feeds off all the haters, keep it coming!
Kuro Savagee
Kuro Savagee:
This guy is so funny 😂😂
Mate how do you have followers
mike heap
mike heap:
Cummon City this is our cup, CTID 💙.
zenkosi nkosi
zenkosi nkosi:
I hope Terry keeps the same energy today as they will get smacked by Liverpool
Bayern LEO
Bayern LEO:
Man City didn’t have their first 11 by the way
fuzzy girl
fuzzy girl:
You guys are absolute comedians. Just came here to comment this. Good bye jokers
Kah Heng Lim
Kah Heng Lim:
Let's get to city now as debruyen is injured..
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉:
Incoming city/Liverpool fans.😂😂
Mcfc Dan
Mcfc Dan:
Serious note why are you so salty titled it scraped a win , also name a rb that’s been better then joao cancelo
Lawrence Ngumbah
Lawrence Ngumbah:
And United getting penalties after game over and sit at the top of the table.
Hanif 14
Hanif 14:
Gem trynna find a way to chat shit about another team cah arsenal humbled Chelsea
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas:
Scrap? They won 3-1. You guys won 1-0 against watford. Stop the bias.
Brendan Stephens
Brendan Stephens:
City smacked Cheltenham all you are doing is ranting, that's what's the fa is about shit teams playing good teams , who bet manu in the league cup haha
Oo oO
Oo oO:
Fool you ain't getting past Cheltenham defence. 😂😂😂 keep 😢

Oi oi CITEH 🔥
mike heap
mike heap:
Terry don't be so salty, City had a few players coming back from Covid. Cheltenhams MOTM was their goalie and defenders. City had 3 cleated off the line, hit the post, had 2 one on ones with the goalie, on another day we could've won 1-6. Dry your eyes mate 😀👍 CTID 💙.
Dominique Christie
Dominique Christie:
Praise some of the players not the team
Edwin Waweru Njuru
Edwin Waweru Njuru:
You just have a huge agenda against City. We won the match. Your so salty
Xavi King
Xavi King:
Lmao eat your heart out man u and Liverpool fans lol
Chad Schneider
Chad Schneider:
Bruv Cheltenham gave City more of a fight in the FA Cup bruv than United did in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup bruv. Bruv. Bruv. Bruv. Bruv.
Gales Chin
Gales Chin:
This why your channel cant grow
Football&Stuff Podcast
Football&Stuff Podcast:
They have no fans
malika malika
malika malika:
How is 3-1 scraping?? Because it was in the last 15 min? Smh these united fan boys. Liverpool will violate u tomorrow .
U are joking. Arsenal are TOP.
Hassan A
Hassan A:
Only English people like FA cup
Where we came from FA cup is shitt man is boring
Jesus is just a Brazilian Abraham
Manchester City have zero fans 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉
N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉:
City fans even they don't have fans celebrating against Cheltenham is embarrassing. 😂😂
Jesus is a poor mans Benjani