Man City vs. Atletico Madrid: UCL League Quarterfinal Preview & Predictions | CBS Sports Golazo

The CBS Sports HQ team — Luis Garcia, Jimmy Conrad and Ian Joy — give a full preview and prediction as Man City take on Atletico Madrid. You can stream the match on Paramount+. Coverage starts at 2p EST.

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21 comentarios:

douby mezier
douby mezier:
it won’t be easy for city like most people think,it will be a competitive game
douby mezier
douby mezier:
City has to be careful because atletico doesn’t care when they don’t have the ball , they are happy to defend and wasted time
douby mezier
douby mezier:
Manchester city always favorite to it for 6 years in a row ,they never win it ,anything can happen
Esa Alharbi
Esa Alharbi:
This is the kind of games that digo and love to play.. I give %60
Haitian Kid
Haitian Kid:
As with any deep block, main thing you have to do is Score early and force them to come out their shells or lose the game
Su 10
Su 10:
Anybody with proper football knowledge will know Atletico are not going to man city to win the game...they’ll take a draw easily. Business for them picks up if they are in the tie and playing at the Wanda
Bryan Hernandez
Bryan Hernandez:
Manchester City will win this game. I see a 3-1 victory for City. The main reason why is because City have a lot of big games upcoming, they're fighting for their league, the fa cup, and most Importantly the UCL. I do believe they will like to take care of business at home and score as much goals as possible so when they go to Athletico they can already have it won and can focus on Liverpool. I honestly hope it's a 4-0 or 5-0 but I think it should go 3-1 City wins. Yes I am a City fan blue moon! 💙
Tantan Hazuki Negishi Ai ItouMoeKAyasArisAimiTsumu
Tantan Hazuki Negishi Ai ItouMoeKAyasArisAimiTsumu:
Let's go City we play beautiful we play better with the ball
Sir Isaac cumsalot
Sir Isaac cumsalot:
really want atleti to win, but city will prob find their way
Kenneth Cortez
Kenneth Cortez:
Yes, it won't be Easy for ManCity. Atletico will beat MCI by 2 goals difference.
addilson fernandes
addilson fernandes:
Simeone needs to call Patrick Vieira right yesterday.
Cassandra Herrera
Cassandra Herrera:
Let's go Atleti ✌️🍻
The Count Of Monte Cristo
The Count Of Monte Cristo:
Take Man City to absolutely smash Atleti in this 1st game. Atleti have no business being here, can't defend and Simeone seems lost on what to do with his team tactically. This will be a cake walk for the citizens, trust me on this.
Luis Fagh
Luis Fagh:
Son unos XXXGIRLS.Uno de Losy mejores ❤ Mañas no se la. .
mauna keya
mauna keya:
City must change the coach to win CL. Guardiola is clueless. Barcelona carried Pep for too long
who cares bruh
who cares bruh:
Atletico is not as good as what everyone says. Liverpool has beaten them many times in the past. This proves Simeone is not a good coach.
William Rodas
William Rodas:
coommeee onnn cityyyy!!!!
Jax Jax
Jax Jax:
Atletico win
Angel Ayala
Angel Ayala:
Fans that don’t know soccer only judges by states
philly philly
philly philly:
Pls wic livestreams to watch the match?
W-key Luca
W-key Luca:
I was at the game atletico are dirty players