Man City vs Liverpool 1-1 Arnold Injury馃く Jurgen Klopp And Pep Guardiola Reaction Pundits Analysis

Man City vs Liverpool 1-1 Arnold Injury馃く Jurgen Klopp And Pep Guardiola Reaction Pundits Analysis
Man City vs Liverpool 1-1

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Steven Rabson
Steven Rabson:
I love the Premier League. We get to see some of the worlds best players managed by world class managers.
Miss Tarsh
Miss Tarsh:
Just love klopp and pep鈥檚 dynamic. I also loved how pep looked genuinely worried that Trent was injured. You don鈥檛 need to be arrogant to be the best(klopp and pep)
Klopp tried to please everyone so he adopted front 4. It didn't work for Firmino and Jota playing at same time. Stuck in the middle and no chemistry at all.
Matthew Tham
Matthew Tham:
I love how every manager says we need 5 subs to protect players now taa is broken
You could see how upset klopp was he jus kept it calm n the two guys on panel talking sound weak
Daniel Flynn
Daniel Flynn:
Thanks for God almighty about the team now, for over what happened to them, they still strong enough I which Trent come back, we go miss him well, thanks
Nevin bob
Nevin bob:
Klopp passion just shine off 馃榿馃榿
This guy love football he live every min of it unlike guardiola who sound more like football is just a job i dont know dont like his vibe
Alan X
Alan X:
Did pep just call TAA 鈥淎lexander Trent-Arnold鈥 wtf?馃槀
Trev Mahoney
Trev Mahoney:
Great result FP to Pep being honest
A draw away to city , is a good result , played chelsea,arsenal,city,everton, 8pts is a great return,
Luiz N
Luiz N:
liverpool still on the rise this season
gregorius maria Wibiksono
gregorius maria Wibiksono:
TAA injury is another sign that LFC players need rotation
lepro zero
lepro zero:
Welcome back matip
Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson:
5 subs..馃槀
M.R Raghav
M.R Raghav:
Thiago could have influenced the game in LFC's favour,
Sel Viek
Sel Viek:
This system with 4 attackers with Thiago in the midfield is going to be awesome. 馃榿
james roche
james roche:
5 points ahead of our main rivals I'll take that. And 5 subs they should do a re vote
Kk Jj
Kk Jj:
2 fantastic manager, 2 fantastic team. YNWA.
groupe 7 groupe
groupe 7 groupe:
va repos茅 c'est finis pour tois guwrdiola
just Elena
just Elena:
Omgg early
Tamding Tamding
Tamding Tamding:
This international football break really suck my blood..
袧褍褉械泻械 袗谢屑邪褌褘
袧褍褉械泻械 袗谢屑邪褌褘:
Both are great coaches!
Pep didn鈥檛 play mahrez or foden 馃が
The rest of the league has been short-sighted on the 5 subs issue - they have plenty of international players too who could easily come off with 20 minutes to go if the game is going their way.

There are 7 clubs in Europe which means the vote in favour of limiting to 3 subs was 3/4 short. Petty vote.
what an annoying outro after 12:19 .. cut it!
StuTheBru me
StuTheBru me:
Well said Maca ynwa
brahim ch
brahim ch:
PEP y are nothing wait and see in futur .... now we remembers your history with ibra , etoo , toury
Anjum Shahzad
Anjum Shahzad:
Liverpool been phenomenal today
Colleen Moore
Colleen Moore:
Injuries calf AGONY (p猫rsonal experience) 5 Sub not unreasonable. Wtf: KDB miss penalties......TTA ouch. : good wishes
Trev Mahoney
Trev Mahoney:
J眉rgen 馃憣馃憣馃憣
oluwole adaja
oluwole adaja:
Joe Gomez immense again
Saaid Kadhum
Saaid Kadhum:
Again good performance very attacking style of play but wrong substitute on the second half should be more dominant middle field player
Please get rid of the music at the end.
Abdinasir Mohamed
Abdinasir Mohamed:
My only problem with pep and his boys is deliberate tactical foul against their biggest rivals!
Hate it to utmost
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon:
Why does pep always look like he wants to belch on every difficult question...
Sauda Salim
Sauda Salim:
Klopp shut up that wasn't supposed to be a penalty
Imtisanen Longkumer
Imtisanen Longkumer:
If Man city don't start doing something like they have been past season in the next few games. They won't be a contender. It's not too early anymore with 8 games.
Rhy John
Rhy John:
Trent injury hope not so bad to affect Liverpool attacking fullback. Wish speed recovery within international break time.
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni:
Did this man almost call ou beloved sport SOCCER at 11:57
Ser Kay
Ser Kay:
klopp looks annoyed:(
Ali Kadi
Ali Kadi:
Mahrez ????????
Trev Mahoney
Trev Mahoney:
Yep Peps right too Internationals need to be out of Season not during
Allison Andre
Allison Andre:
I don't care about the winning team or the losing team..but he's both a great coach of the world. In effect EPL is the dream, glamour League and also the best League of the world
Pablo Singh
Pablo Singh:
all that front 4 firepower and they cant buy a goal against city only penalty lol
Bubakarr Touray
Bubakarr Touray:
A backup defender is needed urgently for LFC.
When Mahrez miss a penalty against liverpool all fans critisis him what about debruyne Shame on you!! and the question is Where is Mahrez?
Kbd ruined my bet what a waste馃槶
Mebrahtom Gebremeskel
Mebrahtom Gebremeskel:
Liverpool is a complete team to fight for premier league and chamption league this season. 4 deadly front players.
Hamid Mohamed Adem
Hamid Mohamed Adem:
Jurgen top manager
Joseph Byishimo
Joseph Byishimo:
To day always um number 1 for watching more 馃憤
why you don't ask him about Mahrez shame on you?
Sam N Edu Medja
Sam N Edu Medja:
I know the smaller teams like 3 subs, but do people want a league where the top teams have to fill in squad players because the main stars are injured for overplaying? The quality of football will drop significantly.
Conor S
Conor S:
They make a good point about the injuries and the substitutes. I mean managers were talking about this even before the season started. And it鈥檚 not just a Liverpool thing, it鈥檚 happening to lots of teams. Lfc injuries have just been the most talked about instances because of how a few of them have occurred and because they are the best team in the country. On one hand you can say, well fine, I鈥檓 happy for Liverpool to be injured, what do I care, gives my team a better chance. But the exact same processes are in place with your team, and then you will change your tune when it鈥檚 your own club who plummets down the table. It鈥檚 about listening to sport scientists, not manages, not rival clubs. And all the sports scientists are saying the same thing. Injuries aside, five substitutes would be great for younger players and players who don鈥檛 usually get a go because now they won鈥檛 be the same limit on who you can bring on and off. Which will blood new talent that often doesn鈥檛 get a look in. But hey, keep believing that it鈥檚 just all about Liverpool and city retaining their dominance. You鈥檙e a fucking moron if that鈥檚 what you think
Jaya Thapa
Jaya Thapa:
Liverpool should have won
David Hann
David Hann:
Guardiola can never justify dropping Riyad Mahrez in this game from professional football point of view, except for personal reasons...My explanation is: Guardiola has lost control over his players and he's taking advantage of Mahrez good character and the quietness/shyness nature of him...because dropping him doesn't make any sense at all and let us be fair to Mahrez at least now
Fabio Luisi
Fabio Luisi:
Fair result! Both team could have won the game. I admirer Liverpool so much! At anfield liverpool gonna smooke man city!
H C:
diving mane been like that for 3 seasons.
Neil Fitzsimmons
Neil Fitzsimmons:
Liverpool should have been 3 nil up before City scored. KDB didn't score the penalty because it was a ridiculous decision. City showed no ambition in the second half. They were at home.
Ant Mac
Ant Mac:
Teams/Clubs need to go on Strike. It's ridiculous. I people say 'Ahh they're on so much money', blah blah, but bodies are being overused, injuries will come and the quality of the game, drops tremendously.. These International breaks are killing ALL leagues, while some fat cat is pocketing the cash.
Sophie Mac
Sophie Mac:
Pep Guardiola is cheque book Manager been found out now
David Thompson
David Thompson:
Guardiola pushing for 5 subs because it gives them a massive advantage with a stronger bench than half the leagues best starting 11. Any advantage he can get...
Need to be more clinical. Final-third play was sub-par today. Satisfactory point under the circumstances, but gutted _Alexander-Arnold_ is out. Ironically, we will likely improve defensively in his absence, but suffer more in the creative department. It has become even more important that _Thiago_ recover quicker! Get back on the winning trail, you _Mighty Redmen!_ *_YN馃敶WA_*
Bic Fox
Bic Fox:
I鈥檓 a Red, man do we let some goals in, our defence is rubbish, the goals we have let in speak for themselves. Don鈥檛 bother having a go at me 馃 i go by what I see and the numbers don鈥檛 lie, we won鈥檛 win the League if we keep leaking at the back, and we definitely won鈥檛 win it if we鈥檙e not much for Four so called world class players up front.
prince chaoui
prince chaoui:
Abu Naser Jaman
Abu Naser Jaman:
Liverpool played well in first 25 mins and created few chances and then MC started found rhythm. KDB shudda scored penalty and it was even in 2ND half. Both teams looked tired but i am worried about MC about their lack of goal scoring drought.
Del Singh
Del Singh:
Debryne missed the pen because hes hoping to be at liverpool next season.
Issa Makhoul
Issa Makhoul:
Why doesn't Pep answer question at an arm's length, without this level of arrogance and brevity. Just answer nicely, without looking down on the reporters.. they're doing their jobs.
Everyone chatting about fatigue as if Klopp is incapable of rotating. What鈥檚 unreasonable is to expect likes of TAA and Robertson to play 90 mins every game with the intensity Liverpool play at.
Kudzo Holland
Kudzo Holland:
In the current environment less substitutes benefits the lesser or lower placed teams because they do not have midweek European matches and many of their players or not having to go away for international duty commitments, flying halfway across the world to South America for games. This is going to break the English players and by the season end I don't know which England players is going to be fit or have enough in the tank to take on the Euros. England will have absolutely no chance of winning the Euros.
jamel mtl
jamel mtl:
2016 best player in PL , 2020 is not on the list what happen to Mahrez ..?
alex spencer
alex spencer:
Game of two halves Liverpool dominated made more chances never looked like they cud finish them
Please drop Bobby, he has lost it.
LoL Pro
LoL Pro:
City should have won鈥 that KDB penalty cost them
John S枚derling
John S枚derling:
some part of me just want to say, use your squad and stop complain about injuries or 5 subs. a team got ~25 players to pick from, but still managers usually only makes small changes, if a player has played alot of games recently and they know he wont be 100%, then start with the 2nd choice? I dont see the problem, except that the managers need a result hence why they never play the 2nd best option. I mean we got neco williams as a back up right back, how many games has he played of the last 10 ? if trent is feeling the intensity, just let him rest?. feels like the managers talk alot about protecting their players, but if its anyone who has that power to do its them by not picking them for 3 games in a week. i understand that they want to make a sub after 60 min when their 1st choice is starting to feel the intensity, I get that, but what 5 subs compared to 3 really does is that they will just be able to start more 1st choice players regularly and sub them off when they get tired, and therefor this 5 sub rule would probably benefit the best clubs that got better quality 1st choice players because they would play more minutes. if they keep playing them like they do now, managers risk getting them injured because they simply dont wanna let their 2nd choice players play the full 90...this is the real reason the english top clubs managers are pushing for 5 subs. They dont wanna let enough 2nd choices start enough of games, simple as that.
Let Love Lead
Let Love Lead:
1. i think Pep should make way for JN, the young man is doing wonders with an average RB Leipzig and imao should be considered to bring in fresh ideas to this star-studded Man City team capable of anything.

2. why is Pep not interested in getting a ruthless striking genius who will be converting the numerous chances and penalties into goals? sick and tired of the constant disappointments during important moments.
sorci猫r A
sorci猫r A:
a clown PeP happy to draw ,with major players out of liverpool,when will u win :) puting mahrez out of squad ,you are fool ,i suppose this is your last year at city if u will not be sacked soon,and ofcourse will win nothing
kishan buleeram
kishan buleeram:
Gomez should be dropped and nat Phillips should play instead.
Klopp is a coward for playing firmino. He should played 433 and played jota in for firmino. Firmino did nothing in the game.
Simon Parker
Simon Parker:
Any chance you can not tell us the scores? This came up before I had a chance to see the game. Thanks
kishan buleeram
kishan buleeram:
Wen I see gomez on the pitch, I cant control my anger as he is such a huge burden on liverpool and I even get angry with klopp for always taking gomez as a good player, how could klopp do such a nonsense. Because of Gomez, we could have conceded many goals apart from the penalty which is a bonus to liverpool from Gomez, OMG, we were very lucky, de bruyne missed it.
So why they have 25 players ??? Youth system? Players on loan??? I though they supposed to be best coaches to manage in football ... big clubs have around 30 players at their disposal ... and suddenly 2 more subs ruining their season??? Unbelievable arrogance. Of course everyone would like to play the strongest team but you have to adapt ... can鈥檛 just dictate everyone what鈥檚 best for you.
Sanele Mcetwa
Sanele Mcetwa:
City should've won
cebo ntuli
cebo ntuli:
Good for us Tottenham Hotspur....this result puts them below us....very good
kishan buleeram
kishan buleeram:
Gomez always create chances for opponents and always move away from shots from opponents in an attempt to protect himself, disgusting player and am shocked about how no one is seeing or observing this, even klopp is acting blind. Liverpool cant expect to win the league with such player like Gomez , am not sorry at all to say this.
FootTea Time Official
FootTea Time Official:
Better result tonight for liverpool than city. Thought that handball shouldn't have been a penalty and am very glad it wasn't the talking point from the game. Lovely game of football today. Very open and would say its a fair result.. Here's a fun fact kdb's miss was the first time in the premier league that a penalty shot wasn't on target since .. drum roll.... marhez's miss for city in 2018.
Ifezue Kelvin
Ifezue Kelvin:
Sterling should take that armband from de bruyne