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City Xtra
City Xtra:
Click THIS LINK - to receive an EXTRA 10% off all boohooMAN menswear, using the discount code ‘CITYXTRA’. #boohooMAN #ad
biggamer 991
biggamer 991:
1:13:34 haaland 1st
1:24:20 haaland 2nd

1:39:26 haaland 3rd
2:08:34 cancelooooooooo
2:23:39 alvarez 1st
2:45:21 alvarez 2nd
Ezequiel 25:17
Ezequiel 25:17:
Alvarez’s finishes remind me of Sergio
send it
send it:
I watch every match but always have to watch the city extra watch along afterwards to see the reactions. 🤣 love you guys CTID
2 Strikers scoring 5 goals is something I would never imagine. What a performance by the boys💙
Barry Mcgeown
Barry Mcgeown:
What a Privilege to support this team have been a light blue from the 7os WoW what a team
Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez:
Coming from winning two leagues without striker to know with two beast this team is insane 💙💙💙
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
Pep listens to the fans, with his selection, this time around.I could see he was very excited that Alvarez scored a brace also.
Adam Pickford
Adam Pickford:
I’ve got a funny feeling we may go invincible this season. Imagine.
Jordan Cowlin
Jordan Cowlin:
' when the weather out side is frightful but the fire is so delightful city is the place to go CANCELO CANCELO CANCELO '
what a 2nd goal from Alvarez , left foot bullet from a difficult angle !
Ichabod Crane
Ichabod Crane:
We knew Haaland was fr but now we know Alvarez IS ALSO FOR REAL
Wayne Foromozo
Wayne Foromozo:
I'm always screaming Agüero when Alvarez has a shot
go to the Liverpool lose, I said haaland would always do well. never had a doubt. People spoke too soon. this guy has got match fitness now.
Frank C
Frank C:
Joey mccune the 🐐 no 🧢
Whoever it was who gifted me a city xtra membership, Thanks man
Brian Kin
Brian Kin:
Haaland, Haaland.and oh yes Alvarez too.
Adam Pickford
Adam Pickford:
Rory getting clowned on everywhere.
Siddharth Partani
Siddharth Partani:
Hawar Müsse
Hawar Müsse:
Haaland isn’t human at all
Its wild all the shit we used to get as kids supporting citeh the worst part was going to school after derby day lmao and now here we are with the best team in the world, we're winning the CL this year im telling you
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg:
Halaand exposing prem league and all those people like Rory Jennings who believes its harder to play in prem than other leagues like Bundesliga and LaLiga take that L you buffoons.
Phil foden
Phil foden:
Haaland haaland he’s a blue just like his dad I joke to him on the bench ha ha ha ha land
6-0 is a good beating but not a demolition job like 7 +
Atharva Karande
Atharva Karande: