Man United's Sancho deadline EXPIRES! 'Dortmund are serious about keeping him!' - Fjortoft | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's the Gab and Juls show returns with special guest Jan Aage Fjortoft. All three deep dive into the news that Borussia Dortmund's self-imposed transfer deadline for Jadon Sancho expires today, August 10. Sancho will leave for Dortmund's pre-season tour with newcomer Jude Bellingham and striker Erling Haaland and the club have stated that if Sancho was to join the tour, he will not be sold. Manchester United are yet to bid for the Manchester City Academy graduate but it is believed that personal terms have been agreed. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remains tight-lipped about the transfer but Fjortoft believes a summer move back to England could still happen for Sancho.

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Jim 83
Jim 83:
Has any club in history conducted transfer business so badly and openly as United, proper amateurs that board of clowns are...
RJ 7863
RJ 7863:
I'm only gonna listen to the words of frabizio Romano
Falcon Ranger311
Falcon Ranger311:
Lol. the sodium from ManU fanboys in the comments astonishes me. Hating on BvB for doing the business the way it should be done and the way their incompetent board has never been able to conduct. There is no Alex Ferguson anymore nor the players are fooled by the club's history as some epl fans seem to think. Players buy into project, prospect of trophies and the exit opportunities. Man U don't tick any of the boxes atleast compared to Dortmund at the moment. If you think Sancho is stupid enough to pull a Dembele and having horrid time in Germany (which I don't think is the case), he would also know the fate Dembele suffered in pursuit of playing for his 'Dream' club and still Dortmund was able to milk 145 mil from Barcelona. Some are giving example of Lewandowski and Gotze, fyi that was pre Neymar transfer era and Lewandowski only wanted to go to Bayern and Bayern had known it. They are fucking predators and normally don't bulge when they are players are coming to them. Gotze was a mistake as they didn't expect one of their academy stars to put in transfer request who knew about the imminent arrival of Guardiola and wanted to play under him. We all knew how that turned out but still 37mil wasn't a bad deal.
Dortmund know what they are doing whilst Man U can go on and keep pretending like they have got it. Still haven't learnt anything from losing so many transfer battles against Dortmund, haaland, Bellingham and now Sancho. When history, project or prospects can't attract players to your door then only money can. Though, I still believe this transfer will happen but Man U will be the one to come out and look bad.
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
As a Utd fan, I’m really happy with the board for the first time in a while. £108 for a 20 yr old is steep under normal circumstances let alone in the current environment. Knowing that young British talent is ALWAYS a tad overrated, I’m happy to see the board show some cajones and not be ‘forced’ into a deal that doesn’t make sense as currently constructed. If we have to wait a year or even lose him to someone else, so be it. In any case, I honestly think we have more pressing needs
Arijit Pandit
Arijit Pandit:
English media hyped Sancho to an extent that English clubs can't even afford him.
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow:
Adama from Wolves would do the Job even sarri from Watford could be a backup to Greenwood.
Jack O'Sullivan
Jack O'Sullivan:
Nice of David Bowie to give us the update over the phone.
Between The Lines
Between The Lines:
Dortmund beat out Man U to Bellingham and Haaland and now it keeps Sancho. Feels like one, good front office taking advantage of one, bad front office.
JA Gamer Boy
JA Gamer Boy:
Hey guys good morning from Jamaica 👍👍👍
For the ~100M they want for Sancho you can replace most of the bench. Maybe we should try doing that instead.
Øyvind Aanderaa
Øyvind Aanderaa:
The question is how much is 1 season of Jadon Sancho worth to Dortmund. Next summer he will only have 1 year left on his contract, no club is going to pay more than 30/40m for him then, and Dortmund would be desperate to sell otherwise they lose him for nothing.
If Sancho was the difference between winning the league or not I'd say keep him, but Dortmund won't win the league with him but they won't finish outside top 4 without him, he doesn't make that much of a difference, there is no way one season of Jadon Sancho is worth the 60m they risk losing if they don't accept united 90m bid.
Lexie Corder
Lexie Corder:
I was being cussed out by United fanboys all last week who were telling me “He’ll be a United player by Friday.”😂. I’m a United fan but I don’t get caught up in transfer rumors. It’s useless. I start drooling at new lineups when the players literally step through the doors.
Erik Litsenius
Erik Litsenius:
Dortmund just issued a statement saying that the deal is off
If Bayern wanted sancho, Dortmund would sell him for £40mil to them
d e l e _
d e l e _:
Have you guys seen BVB's social media pages they are serious about keeping Sancho. It's like everyone in Dortmund knew that Monday was the deadline
Dr. Tadashi Zhang
Dr. Tadashi Zhang:
The premier league clubs destroy dortmund year for year but start crying when dortmund want money for it
Bayern bought 2 players in the last 10 years.
Premier league: Aubameyang, Pulisic, Gündogan, Sokratis, Mkhtaryan, Yarmolenko, kagawa, Merino...
Jim Red
Jim Red:
as an agent:
1. Declare that your player has been contacted by Man U
2. Gain 100% value raise for your player
3. Profit
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway:
What would be crazy is if united buy him and he has to fly back to England
ofw BJ
ofw BJ:
This is great! This high transfer fees in football should stop. There are definitely other players who are cheaper with the same quality.
Keep Moving
Keep Moving:
Sancho needs United more than United needs him. It’s not like he delivers trophies. He is still developing and has the best platform at United at his level.
Abel Mutshinya
Abel Mutshinya:
My mans needs to pull his door. I'm struggling to concentrate on what he's saying, mahn
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan:
If Maguire is 80 million, then Sancho is worth at least twice that.
Sancho dont force a move, you dont wanna become a coutinho if you flop at united. His still young he can stay at dortmund for another season if woodward wants to rob dortmund covid or not
Officer Phill
Officer Phill:
Idk if the whole deadline thing was real so they can control media but if we don’t get Sancho then defo use the money to strengthen midfield and defence.
Junior Mynos
Junior Mynos:
Sancho this is yuh biggest Trini fan.
At least for 2 more seasons my brudda! Your going to be the next biggest star after Messi and Ronaldo, trust meh, but you need to develop and get a little more experience and DORTMUND is the most supportive team for you in that regard.👍🏿👍🏿
The good thing about Dortmund is that they develop players, however when they have an opportunity to go to bigger clubs, do they always have to strike? Aubameyang, Dembele, Sahin, Lewa?
Ezal Zahari
Ezal Zahari:
If I'm at sancho's place, I'll wont even play a game for BVB in order to force a move to United
Terab Ali
Terab Ali:
Lol if united had david gill. He wouldve got it done in 2 days. Typical Woodward.
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist:
i would love to see Mephis Depay at Dortmund but that is pretty unlikley now because they probably won't have the money
Yo Dortmund sporting director said he’s staying next season, this deadline might acc be legit
Lol Woodward is such a joke. Every single year it's the same thing. He pretends like he is some master negotiator but then in the end he just ends up paying whatever the club wanted originally and wastes a ton of time in the process. United need atleast 5 signings this summer to have a chance at a title and yet we're not even close to the first 1.
happily eggs
happily eggs:
Meanwhile Liverpool spend a mere 13 million on a fullback, Tsimikas. A rough diamond that Klopp will polish. He will twinkle like Beyonce's ring. Yeah, I said it. Laugh and the world laughs with you.
Arnav Sajan
Arnav Sajan:
United better not screw this up. Or it'll be Woodward sacked in the morning!
Doneto Watson
Doneto Watson:
Cowman from Bayern that kid is really good also have a lot a speed
happily eggs
happily eggs:
Man Utd's Sancho deal gone south. It's the equivalent of a diarrhetic horse spouting all over your front doorstep.
Ayooluwa Owolabi
Ayooluwa Owolabi:
Dortmund is trying to play hard ball but I doubt it will work. If Utd drop the bag rn they will gladly give you Sancho and you can't blame them cos they need to replace him.
Martin Ngcobo
Martin Ngcobo:
United should walk away from this deal. 3 players could be brought in for 120m
grrt jffhgjg
grrt jffhgjg:
over 80mil for Sancho is overpriced in these days
Anup H
Anup H:
Lol people didn't believe this at the time of upload. Now even Fabrizio has reported the same. Well done Jan 👌
I would love Sancho at United. But this should be over, we could get two-three players if we go for someone else.
Aghj Alikh
Aghj Alikh:
I am as big of a critic of Ed Woodward as the next United fan, but this might be the only window (or two) that I would give him a pass. None of us know how the pandemic has hit the club's finances - sure they haven't openly spoken about any serious financial impact, and the fact that they are willing to pay 108 or whatever Woodward's willing to pay itself shows that there is cash to spend, but I think we still do not know what the true financial impact of COVID has been. What I am more worried about is if 120 million is too much to spend on one player in these times, him being unable to close out on 2-3 other targets quickly with the 100-odd that he is willing to spend. There sure are other positions to strengthen, but I dont see anyone linked to the club as strongly as Sancho. I hope this isnt a repeat of the 2013 summer where we ended up with Fellaini on deadline day.
Augustus Glupsch
Augustus Glupsch:
jan aage is wrong. contract expanded until 2023. will definitely stay this season and next year he won´t get cheaper! guys, please make a video and discuss how this will effect on pulisic ;-)
Just like the case of osmane dembele...
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan:
Dortmund wont spend money to fly and train him... just to give him up...!!!
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
Great keep him
Poison Dwarf
Poison Dwarf:
The so called deadline is just a joke
tom brown
tom brown:
They negotiated hard with barca for dembele and united arent that great at negotiating if they want him they may have to meet the fee - theyll get a good 80 to 100 mill for him next season if hes as good or better and hes worth alot just to play for another seasom either way he only cost what 5? Dortmund win whatever happens here
happily eggs
happily eggs:
The Jaden pain is finally on the plane. The Jaden pain is finally on the plane. I think he's got it. By George he's got it.
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra:
So what's gonna happen to Bellingham?
Mike Kind
Mike Kind:
Some people will blame Dortmund for not selling, but if Sancho really wanted to go to United, he would have been a lot more vocal about it. Maybe Sancho is willing to stay at Dortmund for another year because he wants to wait and see if other clubs will make any offers in the future.
Seán Fitzgerald
Seán Fitzgerald:
It'll happen . Sancho will be a Man United player within 2 weeks probably before that actually to be exact maybe this Thursday. It's all a game now a game of chess. Man United need to pay the the first lump sum though. They can't barter much longer.
Mano Davidson
Mano Davidson:
Jan pulling of a "Hindustani Bhau" here 😄🤣
Jflohan Tv
Jflohan Tv:
Bro they EXTENDED the deadline the other day 😂 nice clickbait
Athul Sha
Athul Sha:
Pirlo and Sancho parallels, I have seen everything
Wilberforce Ofosu-Dankyi
Wilberforce Ofosu-Dankyi:
Where from this nonsense of August 10th by Dortmund? The transfer deadline is officially off sometime in October. Dortmund don’t have any power to set their own transfer deadline
Sancho deal will be complete soon
Tymko C
Tymko C:
It's all about the price tag. United are bad hagglers. It's possible that in the end the player will demand the move and Dortmund will have to sell for much less than they're asking for currently, United are counting on that. Is Sancho worth all that money? Not sure.
Ben L
Ben L:
Way over priced and over rated. Might end up being only as good as Greenwood or Rashford. Not saying thats a bad thing cos those 2 are superb players, but for 120m? lol ... In this current economy? Meh ... ... Still wondering if Martial can be the Man Utd number 9 or if they will need someone else.
Navanidhi Umayan
Navanidhi Umayan:
120m... Nowadays money has no value.💯
Lee Matthews
Lee Matthews:
BS headlines as usual.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person:
They can try for oyarzabal.
Jamie Bushby
Jamie Bushby:
Don't want him if utd buy sancho then we will have 3 players very similar in style it won't work I'd rather utd spend big on a striker or a CB or a GK
Man United needs to just get the deal done F it.
Glenn F
Glenn F:
What about Martial, Fernandes along with Rashford Greenwood Pogba being exciting players keep up with who is playing for Utd JAN if you going to report on them
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser:
There will be a drive-by shooting tonight at Ed Woodward’s house, so this deal can be done by tomorrow.
Comparing this drama to Ousmane dembele's is idiotic. Dembele forced a move from Dortmund to Barca. Why would Sancho force a move to United. It will be a step down.
Piyush Joshi
Piyush Joshi:
The boy is 20 yrs old. If he has love for untied he will join when his contract expires which will take him to 23 I guess. That too with a lot less to pay in return. I say lets improve the mid and back line as our forwards are still world class yes less in number but I don't know If they don't want to sell than we cant get stuck in this deal.
I feel like Sancho finna drop in price. Probably because of Reyna coming through. Should have sold him.
Keion Garnett
Keion Garnett:
That united board should be removed the Fans should start a petition to get rid of them they're completely clueless
Dupe T
Dupe T:
Good Afternoon from South Africa
Steffen Ljosheim
Steffen Ljosheim:
nah this is just a fasade
Alan Lee
Alan Lee:
Walk away if BVB is too greedy and Sancho wants to break the wage structure... utd cannot afford another season on Sanchez drama ...
They should of sold him and got Memphis depay
Zakaria Hussain
Zakaria Hussain:
Money talks. If United just be a little assertive and pay what Sancho is worth then all deadlines go out the window.
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan:
Woodward the fool....sleeping again!!!!
We all know money talks. Man U will go forward and offer the amount and add ons towards the REAL deadline for transfers. Dortmund are a selling club, they will TAKE the deal.
charles moodley
charles moodley:
Sign him now
Robel Tadesse
Robel Tadesse:
I don't get what Woodward is doing. I hate how our transfers take soooooooo long! Just get it over the line and let's focus on other players. The board are acting like we don't need other players in the squad. We still need a CB, a CAM, and maybe a LB so what's the point of dragging out this deal for so long. They ruin the joy from our transfers
There is no Deadline 🤦‍♂️
United are the worse with transfers . Take too long to get it done .
B Hew
B Hew:
Sanchos not a £100m+ player without a bidding war. Greenwood will be better. United should spend the money on a def mid and cb. Wait until Sanchos wins things then maybe he can be seen as worth that much. As it is £80m is expensive, I hope United call Dortmunds bluff and improve the starting 11 so we can win things.
saravan shan
saravan shan:
Dortmund never win anything anyway, what the fuss?? Klopp is the only one who can do it with Dortmund.
E Fr
E Fr:
Who cares, Man UTD does not this player along with his price tag. Man UTD has Greenwood and James. Man UTD can get a great young RW for cheaper if they want. Now Man UTD can go get 3-4 players with quality to help strengthen the team/bench..
Bibby Roboso
Bibby Roboso:
Fjortoft Chats a lot of speculative nonsense tbh.
Bobby Hartanto
Bobby Hartanto:
Never understand why young players are so eager to quickly take the step to bigger clubs after just 1-2 seasons. Dortmund is fine as a club, they play in UCL and biggest competitor to the mighty Bayern. Unless if you want popularity and money, but look money and popularity had done to Alexis and Dembele.
De Tsu
De Tsu:
Is it worth buying him for 120 million euros. If the club asked high price, we better go for other players.
Sancho it seems wants to be the best paid young player in the world. 340k is too tempting for his family and crew and no club apart from MANU would shell out such an exorbitant salary for such a young player.BVB has no power to keep him cos he is only driven by Money.
Rip to all the united fans
cory Gaza gunz
cory Gaza gunz:
Why players price have to be so high whenever United want them???????
Nomadic Zak
Nomadic Zak:
ManU deadline, LOL
Oliver Townsend
Oliver Townsend:
Guys please brand your own show that we can subscribe to
Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football
Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football:
I knew this wouldn’t happen
why would he not go? he's not kolasinac..
Bradly bBelle
Bradly bBelle:
Cant blame UTD if they dont want to pay what Dortmund is asking. Sancho is not worth 120mil in one whole payment. Lets move on to other targets.
Jesus u guys hate Man U lol it’s comical
luke crampton
luke crampton:
Sancho will just act up n get his move anyways its all just greed
Jadon, welcome to old Trafford.
Fresher than the Fresh Prince
Fresher than the Fresh Prince:
Of course, they are asking a lot because time has shown that Ed and Cronies are a bunch of muppets and have no negotiation skills. Everyone saying how good Fernandes has been but he could have been bought last summer! Nothing will change unless there’s a change in the executive level. Two seasons to decide whether we need a director of football, ridiculous. If we fail this time, Ed needs to go