Man United top 3 players of the decade: No Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes? | Premier League

ESPN FC's Shaka Hislop continues on with picking his top three players from each Premier League club from the past decade. Hislop chooses his top Manchester United players from the list of: Marcus Rashford, Wayne Rooney, Nemanja Vidic, Paul Pogba, Ryan Giggs, David De Gea, Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes, Robin van Persie and Rio Ferdinand.
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73 comentarios:

Giggs and scholes combined for 19 goals for Man United in this decade, both way past their prime only playing a few seasons
Dylan James Chang
Dylan James Chang:
I agree with putting in Michael Carrick. Criminally underrated. Regularly starter for United from 2005 to 2017
M R:
For a change, I completely agree with Shaka this time around.
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV:
Has to be De Gea @ number 1 even before I saw this. Man U Would have finished well outside the top 6 a few seasons without him
Big Mike
Big Mike:
first time I’ve agreed with something he’s said
Sam Clark
Sam Clark:
We all love carrick he was world class Rooney was still class in 2010 & can’t argue we de gea tbh still think scholes Giggs Ferdinand an visit was class in 2010 2011
Jacob winspear
Jacob winspear:
Should do the top 5 most underrated players
J haych
J haych:
I'm a United fan, I completely agree
Worth A Look
Worth A Look:
Best united players of All time then yes they could make top 3 for sure but not this decade
This is shockingly bang on from Shaka 😂👏
cormac malone
cormac malone:
Spot on 👌🏼
Suriah Selvam
Suriah Selvam:
I know he only played 4 seasons. But his impact was insane. So I'll have to say 3rd place would be hard to call between RVP and Carrick.
David JS
David JS:
I like van persie
Max_Sparta Spectre
Max_Sparta Spectre:
That's fair for me. You can change their positions as you want.
Had it been about a decade or 2 earlier then it was debatable for not mentioning the duo.
Zi Solo
Zi Solo:
shaka on fire with these decade top 3 player's list
Samuel Gizaw
Samuel Gizaw:
With all these youngsters like greenwood and rashford and James making good progress I cant wait to see mufc of next decade.
Zach McCarty
Zach McCarty:
Can someone link me the video they're talking about?
Neil Lynch
Neil Lynch:
Definition of a 'flogging a dead horse'. "Top 3 players of the decade of a club that was finished six years ago."
Colly Buddz
Colly Buddz:
Shaka is great!!!! Spot on!
LEGACY 2001:
I don’t understand how Pogba is there but Valencia isn’t
King Hasel
King Hasel:
zlatan deserve a place there
Satvik Kolla
Satvik Kolla:
Carrick rvp Rooney. Scholes and giggs were just getting in some nice workouts.
That top 3 was so obvious it was unreal. You literally couldn’t justify putting any of the other players in there
That top 3 was so obvious it was unreal. You literally couldn’t justify putting any of the other players in there
548 Nilesh Tiwari
548 Nilesh Tiwari:
It is just unbelievable to see RVP in top 10 list thank God they remember the legend
Samir Chauhan
Samir Chauhan:
Guy on glasses is high for sure.
Wayne Rooney, David De Gea & Robin Van Persie!
Jake Bannon
Jake Bannon:
Rashford and pogba are you joking haha
A M:
Sol habesha Vines.
Sol habesha Vines.:
100% I Agree.
Stephen John Persarth
Stephen John Persarth:
Cr7 took alot of time to be polished
Kunal Sen
Kunal Sen:
De Gea
Arell Mathias
Arell Mathias:
Where's RONALDO? ???
Teleko Zeleke
Teleko Zeleke:
Van Persie should have that number 1 spot
Where’s Tom Cleverly?
Ahmed Kazi
Ahmed Kazi:
Paul Scholes retired and we lost the 20th title, and then he came back and we won the 20th title.. And then we never won a title... So putting us, not the same but on top of Liverpool Is THE reason he should be no. 1
tznn 4
tznn 4:
I think phil jones
Ky Mathew Teixeira
Ky Mathew Teixeira:
Chaka needs to stop doing drugs
Rishav Giri
Rishav Giri:
Rashford at 4
Rodrigo Camacho
Rodrigo Camacho:
Pogba and Rashford over Chicharito?!
tznn 4
tznn 4:
U man are forgetting about Ronaldo
Nikolaj Madum
Nikolaj Madum:
Carrick were good but imo not at all as vital for United as Giggs or Scholes. Especially the last mentioned should be there.
Abdallah Mansour
Abdallah Mansour:
RVP won them the title single handily
Luke Samerson
Luke Samerson:
Teleko Zeleke
Teleko Zeleke:
Sir alex once said: Michael Carrick is the best midfielder in the prem (back in 2013). And the most underrated midfielder in the prem plus the national team
Marketing james
Marketing james:
I don’t get it haven’t David been decent this season but as he did what he did against wat ford everyone is on his back
Dalton Woods
Dalton Woods:
As a Manu fan I agree with this one. I think most people would put RVP on here but the reality is that he just didn’t produce for very long
Hank Storm
Hank Storm:
(4th) Van Persie
No Ronaldo?
Van Persie,Rooney,De Gea.
Man Utd fans are funny, the lists I'm seeing is all frills and me, Giggs and Scholes can't make this list they had one foot in retirement (one actually had to come back from); for the body of work over the ENTIRE decade his list is correct

Dylan James Chang
Dylan James Chang:
I don't think many people realize this but as legendary as David De Gea is, one of the best keepers of the 21st century he hasn't accomplished much with the teams he's been on. He's won one league title in his entire career, 7 years ago and has never won the champions league or a senior international trophy despite playing at the euros, Olympics and 2 world cups. I think he should move on from United tbh
Veron Sinclair
Veron Sinclair:
I’m first
Uilliam Dante
Uilliam Dante:
Scholes over rated never hit double assists in a premier league season played mid his whole life, there's Wee Kid called Trent not even 21 yet and he's going beat scholes assists record and at full back to.
Horse Sense
Horse Sense:
Lingard's ability to unlock stubborn defences is truly Iniesta-like. He deserves to be in the top three ever.
Marc Reid
Marc Reid:
Felaini, Depay, Pogba
Falcao 1 pogba 2 di maria 3
“I don’t think the game has seen [in this decade] a passer of the ball like Carrick”

....uhhh, Paul Scholes, Xavi Hernandez, Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas...
De Gea
David Benson
David Benson:
De gea rio ferdinand vidic
in the dark
in the dark:
De Gea 3x.

Now on a serious note:
1. De Gea
2. Rooney
3. Van Persie
Ashutosh Sampat
Ashutosh Sampat:
Martial isn't even considered? The disrespect (Way better footballer than Rashford). Currently more important than Rashford.
Why is Martial not in the top 10? He is so much better than overrated Rashford. English bias is strong.
MF Aphex Heads
MF Aphex Heads:
From the top of my head

1. De Gea
2. Rooney
3. Ferdinand
Siraaj Uddin
Siraaj Uddin:
1. De Gea
2. Rooney
3. Scholes

Like I’m a Liverpool fan but come on Fergie brought Scholes out of retirement rather than get another midfielder. That says summa.
Johnie Nunns
Johnie Nunns:
He’s almost right but for me Robin van Persie is top of the list
Brian Stones
Brian Stones:
3.Rashford 2.Rooney 1.Super Dave
Seun Adetola
Seun Adetola:

Carrick was good but RVP should be recognized for his supremacy, even if it was for a season.
Michael Carrick 💩
Jo Nightwing
Jo Nightwing:
Rashford there? Lol.
Lennie Williams
Lennie Williams:
1 rooney
2 giggs
3 scholes
Meyyapan Thiruppathi
Meyyapan Thiruppathi:
DDG has played even with a very very avg set of defenders and midfield players so he deserves to be no 1 for this decade... he has made so many unbelievable saves that has gave us the chance to survive some games in the past few seasons... his form is dropping but maybe its cuz of the current inconsistent form of the team... he's not the only one to be blamed for not having a clean sheet... the defending has been very bad this season... Maguire was nothing like Van Dijk besides the expensive price tag... hope DDG regains his old form and gets more clean sheets like the game against Burnley last night