Man Utd Miss Out Again! Man Utd Transfer News

Man Utd are set to miss out on another January transfer target as their quest for transfers gets harder. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here

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100+ comentarios:

Za_in 3
Za_in 3:
If we sign longstaff I will cry
Ethan Buchanan
Ethan Buchanan:
How much deadwood would ed Woodward sell if ed Woodward would sell deadwood
Damian Clarke
Damian Clarke:
This club is finished. Woodard and the glazers have to go !!!
Vidal snubbed UTD years ago so if hes interested now then its only because hes surplus to requirements and is after a fat pension
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn:
Manchester United is literally killing my brain cells every month😭
Paddy Last
Paddy Last:
Liverpool had a player bought before there were even talk about signings different standard on and off the pitch!!
abdoulaye ba
abdoulaye ba:
Yesterday, it was Soumarè Grielish and Jimenez now these! 😂
There will be *NO JANUARY SIGNINGS* !! Simple as that!!
My Beloved Club is a JOKE!!
Let the sponsors back away and then the *GLAZERS* and *WOODWARD* will panic!!
shubh negi
shubh negi:
The thing is very simple, woodward has found a perfect puppet in ole, who will never question him. I love manchester united and I hate to admit we look decades away from the next PL title with how the things are going.
Ginger Ale
Ginger Ale:
The Milanification of United continues
Darren Mccann
Darren Mccann:
Nobody's stupid . This is just mind games from Woodward No club are going to sell there best players in Jan.
Sainava Modak
Sainava Modak:
Solkjaer's a puppet! He has no opinion of his own and he has no idea how to improve pur we all know woodword ain't gonna sign anyone...TOUGH TIMES
K C:
Yo, have you slept at all? 😂😂 uploading content like crazy. Appreciate it though
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit:
We're not signing anyone!!!
Kenneth Grant
Kenneth Grant:
Thanks Steve Bruce, just keep Longstaff.
Nahom Jemere
Nahom Jemere:
i expect nothing, yet, i am let down.
Femi Odukoya
Femi Odukoya:
With every bad decision the club makes, the more we keep declining as a club. Linking us to so many players shows the club lacks direction. Even a blind man knows the kind of players that suits United, not players like Longstaff.
The Great Bambino 999
The Great Bambino 999:
Cavani is world class mark be a great signing get 2 great years out of him hes a beast
Ryan Higgins
Ryan Higgins:
Man united are finished until ed and the Glazers are gone.
Jordan Dodd
Jordan Dodd:
What a shocking list of players... this is what it’s becoming. Horrendous!!!
Creddy Fruga
Creddy Fruga:
Newcastle apparently desperate for a midfeilder aswell.... shows how good Longstaff is doesn't it
Long Iron
Long Iron:
Hakim Zijech is avaiable for £43M
Patrick de Kretser
Patrick de Kretser:
How everyday works at the United Stand -
Early in the day - "Let's talk about our new potential transfers"
Later in the day - "Looks like we screwed up again"
MJL 1106
MJL 1106:
Every time I hear the name long staff I want to throw up
Adam cox
Adam cox:
We are nearly a third of the way into January and if we had anything about us we would have signed 2 players already 🙄
zlatanthegoat 17
zlatanthegoat 17:
Lollll! I see the first 3 names on the screen... this has got to be a joke! 🤣🤣
Manogran Gopalan
Manogran Gopalan:
The Glazers and Edward Woodward are a curse to a great like Manchester United.
Graham Doulton
Graham Doulton:
Now would be the perfect time to get Paco Alcácer from Dortmund now that they’ve signed Håland. Also if we’re going into Serie A for players we should take a serious look at Luis Alberto at Lazio
Nigel Green
Nigel Green:
And before you know it I’ve waited another 23 years until we win the league again
Izdihar Ali
Izdihar Ali:
I think angel gomes is good. He shud be given chance like greenwood been having. He can be the future
Dave Sundra
Dave Sundra:
Why would any player move to
Man U now ?!🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Be real bro !!

Team is in a mess
No proper captain
Pogba can’t wait to get out
Chances are no CL Football next season ...
Transfer trash talk as always
Mark Cooper
Mark Cooper:
Edward woodward would never buy a quality player in his lifetime
jackin juice
jackin juice:
The great united fob off..Glazer's/ woodward out
Lee Soulsby
Lee Soulsby:
Hahaha this is priceless man u signing oap's agent ogs your doing a good job keep up the good work
Our expectations this January is Horrendous! We need to be Hungry for Signings and this talk about we are building a future, yeah in 7 years time, this team is awful and we are doing nothing about it! WE STILL DONT EVEN HAVE A D.O.F!!
Bonny Kariuki
Bonny Kariuki:
We are no longer attractive, manutd reaction is always knee one of those small clubs
Stewart Gilburt
Stewart Gilburt:
January Window is 4 weeks, Woodward takes 6 weeks to make a decision. In a perfect universe we would rather get a DOF, get a proper manager and coaching staff and then get players. Club has no direction at the moment.
adebayo oregbemi
adebayo oregbemi:
the experience players we would have said they are too old for English Football
so what else do you want?
Trini_ Bang
Trini_ Bang:
Imagine we are target with 3 different players Everyday. 😂
Rebuild FC
Rebuild FC:
We didn't miss out on ANYONE...
We were never in for them accept it
Reece Dillon
Reece Dillon:
It’s so early in the morning
Grealish seem to fit in Ole's profile & he has the physique & stature of a united player
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn
Hvrlem Jvmvicvn:
Cavani always remind me of Falcao idk if it'll work
Ole made a big mistake by saying he was happy with the squad in the first place & if we don't sign 2 or 3 brilliant midfielders who are in early 20s we aren't building anything and in addition we will not go anywhere.
VAR Check
VAR Check:
All the clubs are signing players and we’re still talking rumours!!!
Jonathan Pegram
Jonathan Pegram:
Vidal? Not a chance he is still key to Barca's midfield
Adam cox
Adam cox:
The United time machine is taking us back to the future...Time time we're back in 89! 😅
James Stokes
James Stokes:
It seems like it’s one step forward 20 steps back I don’t think they no there ass from there elbow to get things sorted out top 4 is there if the players come in now this transfer window if not maybe europa League again next season 🤦🏻‍♂️
Xola Sidziya
Xola Sidziya:
"We can win that" no chance😂😂😂😂😂
We won’t sign anyone!
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010:
Cavani has signed a pre contract with Athletico Madrid. He will move in the summer.
Cassidy Holliday
Cassidy Holliday:
It’s gets to the point where it goes in one ear out the other... 😕 We won’t sign and anybody
Miss out again?

They were never in it to begin with.
Paul Deasy
Paul Deasy:
Hahahahahaha longstaff 50 mil I wouldn’t pay 5 for him
Sure u need players now but very few clubs would release quality players in January...... unless u pay a ridiculous amount for them
We should swap Lingard and Periera for Saul Niguez 😂
Call me when the deal is done. Am going to look at ww3 memes instead
Kha_lis 53
Kha_lis 53:
We are going to wait a very long time if we want to win the PL again
Jin J
Jin J:
I have no confidence that any signings will be done, let alone a "good" signing.
Ashley Jenkins
Ashley Jenkins:
Too reactive no planning ahead

Oscar Molinero
Oscar Molinero:
Liverpool always sign their players before the transfer window open
Serious Lee
Serious Lee:
The board also have a lovely ready made excuse for the summer too, the Euros. I'll be stunned if we get two first team signings in both windows combined.
James Holt
James Holt:
These deals are falling through because they know he'll be sacked at the end of the season and Potch will come in. This is the reason and the only reason!
S M:
We need some experienced players, but I'm getting the feeling that ole and Woodward want youth because a player like cavani will see right through our crap and ineptitude
Bolex Eruku
Bolex Eruku:
How can you try to sign LONGstaff in a SHORT window.... he wouldn't fit anyway... get someone better
James Hancock
James Hancock:
Vidal is literally one of barça most important players always gives 110 percent great player
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit:
Goldfish, the one armed bandit!
Longstaff is worth more than Cavani and Vidal🤯
Also Fabian is a great player he is a player we should try to sign
Anthony Tomln
Anthony Tomln:
Your talking about has beens again mark we don’t want any of them, how far down are now nearly rock bottom,
hart patel
hart patel:
Breaking news : Messi refused to sign .
Pharis Mukui
Pharis Mukui:
We needed to look into players November
Manogran Gopalan
Manogran Gopalan:
The rivals all over the world are laughing at M U.
Cant wait till Lingy gets his 10yr extension. ItS lIkE a NeW sIGnInG
S A:
Best transfer this month is to sell woodward to Leeds UTD!
ian skeete
ian skeete:
when are we gonna get it that no one wants to come to united the way we are now
George Cameroon
George Cameroon:
20 million for longstaff?Even in this crazy market hes a 5 million pound player at most.
Soumare could be a perfect player for united this January
Official Dj Eswift
Official Dj Eswift:
United close to Signing Messi and Ronaldo for a swap deal for Lingard and Pogba.
Tomorrow never comes. Look at Liverpool who have already made two signings in January. What are we doing???
Douglas Roehling
Douglas Roehling:
All this player make me sick I we get anyone
sachin S Raj
sachin S Raj:
seeing Longstaff in transfer news is making me really sick...😠
Toks Kazeem
Toks Kazeem:
I will replace my toilet paper with my man utd Jersey if they sign longstaff
I have said and continue to say eriksenn!!!!!!!!!!
os fab
os fab:
Football business doesn't work with a smiling face. Ole needs to grow up.
Ed Woodwards smoke screen then last minute longstaff panic buy
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo:
How bout a wildcard Scott sinclair upgrade on lingard
23rd 😁
Do you play guitar, Mark?
Daniel Collins
Daniel Collins:
I literally want 0/3 of the players across the bottom haha
Riz Hamsik
Riz Hamsik:
The summer will be even more difficult due to the Euros. If a particular player perform during the Euros, their value or market will skyrocket.
Kenneth Grant
Kenneth Grant:
Vidal and Cavani great woodward signings. This will help woodward with his next sponsorship deal with a zimmer frame company.
First brexit fc now retirement fc
Ian Baldock
Ian Baldock:
We really need to at least sign one decent midfielder. One more injury there and we're done. Cavani and Vidal? Old guys? Jesus.
Aaron Lopez Lopez
Aaron Lopez Lopez:
Other clubs have already made moves before January and then there is man utd hope the glazers leave
raushan sieed
raushan sieed:
I will b happy if we sign only poch in January think United deserve a new playing style
Siapa Saya
Siapa Saya:
OLE Out😭😭
keith pearson
keith pearson:
It's never going to happen united are doomed untill we get a new owner's there's no ambition it's like running an old car into the ground and at this point we need towing to the scrap yard
chuck lombardo
chuck lombardo:
Utd have always had an issue with signing midfielders
bulbul yare
bulbul yare:
Mark u act like someone who knows football but it's clear u talk alot of rabish cavani will be a good signing because he will be a back streaker u don't want martial to be on the bench yet u want young streaker who will cost 75 million and will probably start every game in the next 2 transfers we can sign 2 experience players like cavani and Vidal and 3 younger players like Sancho maddison chilwall
Jordan Finley
Jordan Finley:
We are getting longstaff haha