Manager's Press Conference | Manchester United v Manchester City | Carabao Cup

Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ahead of Tuesday's Carabao Cup semi-final first leg against Manchester City at Old Trafford.

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100+ comentarios:

I’m a fan for 30 years but I have never seen such a wafer thin squad to pick from. With the lack of new signings, it worries me that Ole talks about trophies but in reality it’s not going to happen until the board and CEO wake up and see what has happened to my club in the last 7 years.
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB
Abhirakshit Nawani IITB:
"No one runs as much as Jess "
Well, my pet Dog keeps running all day.... So can he be the next signing please?
Julian Dawid Czura
Julian Dawid Czura:
Imagine we win against City and then lose against Norwich... I wouldn't be surprised
Jamil Shahbazov
Jamil Shahbazov:
We need Sancho, Neves, Maddison!
Kojack's Footballshack
Kojack's Footballshack:
Get the old boy down with the hairdryer, get Greenwood and Rashford on fire. Flawless AWB performance, Williams over Shaw. Lingard out
Caleb Nyakundi
Caleb Nyakundi:
No McTominay?
No Pogba?
99 problems but bottling ain’t one
Abraham Agung HD
Abraham Agung HD:
win this derby and get to the final,please🙏🙏🙏
imagine no more lingard
The Hh
The Hh:
jason johns
jason johns:
This ain’t a marathon ole we need more than just running
Come on United 🔥 Show passion
Our fitness department is a joke, board hierarchy is clueless about transfer markets and greedy with paycheck and we have a manager laughing all the time for unknown reasons and living in the past glory .. perfect ingredients for mid table mediocrity for atleast 4-5 years
so... lingard signed mino raiola as his agent. we can start saying goodbye
Mr Blanc
Mr Blanc:
I’ve been watching Man U since Sir Alex took over when I moved to England for work, I’m not as depressed as others but we do need signings. I was very very impressed how Ole moved players on but more need to leave. I’m Ole in.
Rocky Rampersad
Rocky Rampersad:
I've known him for many years- Ole an Lingardinho draggin United down the drain.
When u only start a player because of how long you knew him well done Ole
Hriday Kaushik
Hriday Kaushik:
First interview after so long without pogbas name in it
Sahil Sahjani
Sahil Sahjani:
Fred is improving but I’d say take out Lingard
Let's get this W!
anthony leach
anthony leach:
i love my team but to win over two games against man city is a big ask....
Trini_ Bang
Trini_ Bang:
Ole .. I’m not worried we have lingie Lukeie Jonesie maticie Youngie fredie etc etc
daan rihardi
daan rihardi:
city would love to see jesse the clown in the first eleven
P Dark
P Dark:
Bruno Fernandez would be a perfect signing!
Sanele Madlala
Sanele Madlala:
No one runs as Jes!! BULLSHIT... we man utd we need goals n assists, if bruno Fernandez signed wed been seating in a much better place
Evan Casey
Evan Casey:
Sign 2 Midfielders, A CDM and CAM
Sign Sancho
F20C-Fifa content
F20C-Fifa content:
"No ones runs as much as jesse"

My pet dogs runs all day can he be the next Signing plz I'll give him for free just get Jesse out😂
Святой Маскимус
Святой Маскимус:
2:1 home; 2:1away : penalties 5:4 MU win
힘든 경기가 될 것 같지만 응원해요.
B.M. Libertas
B.M. Libertas:
It would make sense to offer 100 million plus Lingard to Wolves in exchange for Jimenez and Neves. That's a big deal from the perspective of Wolves.

Adding Bruno Fernandes at this point would be a bonus. Just pay the release clause by using the Lukaku money and 10 more millions and give him close to Lingards wage. Simple.
Get them doing a bleep test Ollie!
Alfred Mrema
Alfred Mrema:
Ole praising lingard in other words the club is not signing any new player and lingard will be given a new contract
our songs
our songs:
The press impress me in this video showing professionalism with the questions put across.
I love the answer Ole gives when he asked about social media. But lets be honest, with all these injuries and illness we will bottle this game :(
Haroon Nadim
Haroon Nadim:
I wouldn’t be surprised if we hammered City and then lost to Norwich
Ruhul Amin
Ruhul Amin:
We ain't gonna win anything this season if we dont sign reinforcements in January
TSAL_ Me me
TSAL_ Me me:
17 years of being a man utd fan and jeez I feel we getting exposed by city
Lázaro Pinheiro
Lázaro Pinheiro:
Vamos Manchester United
Love Love Love Love
Man.United glory glory United 🖤😈
Carlton mujem
Carlton mujem:
Ole has his highs and lows like any man, but he will only improve.
I love the fact that he is willing to improve and is indeed improving(as shown in these press conference responses). Call it learning in the job, but this man is a Manchester United man, and that’s all we need plain and simple
Christoph Ntjathi
Christoph Ntjathi:
Though we all think Lingard is crap, Ole won't speak bad about his players. He's an optimist.
Maswari suriandi Mahdzir
Maswari suriandi Mahdzir:
dembele +
adama troare(supersub)

Right winger:

Grealish, Madisso,
Sean longstaff
iel avilos
iel avilos:
There he goes with that unbelievable smile again. Funny because He considers Lingard highly, Run? we also need assists and goals!
Gerald Mirakel
Gerald Mirakel:
Ole look smug in this press. I think we'll see another masterclass by him.
yakov harris
yakov harris:
We need a milinkovic savic Bruno Fernandes zyeic
Nandi Collector
Nandi Collector:
Same classic answers over and over again; he speaks like he has the best formation in the League and want to keep everything secret.
Everybody knows that you don't have the players, even Pogba & McSauce (our 2 best mid) won't play for a long period. just some clowns that don't justify their millionaire salaries.
sachin devprasad
sachin devprasad:
Man utd 3-2 Man city

Mahrez 7
De bruyne 25
Rashford 81,85
Mata free kick 90+5
Mystic Man
Mystic Man:
We need to beat City, period!!
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
best manager in the world 💪
Antonio Anio
Antonio Anio:
United need 3 in the midfield for this one
Nasser Krikba
Nasser Krikba:
Manchester United goal rasphord Pogba martial 👏👏🔥🔥💊💊❤️💛🇬🇧👍⚽ allez Manchester United 🔴🔥
Tony Darbyshire
Tony Darbyshire:
I'm only here to hear about pogba by the interviewer
John Doe
John Doe:
We might see a repeat of what happened to Van gaal come the summer lol
Nive P
Nive P:
I call a defeat against city and a draw against Norwich. City have learned. We haven't.
Katende Hazaharu
Katende Hazaharu:
A friend to all is a friend to non. Ole is great coach.
Dodi Saleh
Dodi Saleh:
Semifinals is one more step to final to get the trophy
Youtube Adventurer
Youtube Adventurer:
'City have raised their game so much since Pep came' - yeah domestically they have, though they've gone backwards in Europe. But was that Pep or was that because they spent another £700M since he's been here? Also, it's not like they had amazing managers before Pep, so the bar wasn't set very high.
Horatio Redgreenblue
Horatio Redgreenblue:
MacTom gonna be a big miss for this one. For God's sake buy some players.
Slapped Noodle
Slapped Noodle:
This whole club from top to bottom is a walking disaster just waiting to happen. From owners, CEOS, manager, fitness and goalkeeping departments, players, boring counter attack football, talking about future with no vision. It's a calamity waiting to happen
Wonder Muwawu
Wonder Muwawu:
Let ole have limits on how to befriend players.if u fail to deliver according to what he wants, u get benched..
Fire Ole!!!!!!!
Dody ozawa
Dody ozawa:
Jet Cleveland
Jet Cleveland:
We need 1 quality striker and 1 quality midfielder to help the young talent we got
Ganden Aelah
Ganden Aelah:
Love you Solskjaer..miss you sir alex
prasanth babu Raju
prasanth babu Raju:
I would wish united in championship rather than ole as a manager next season...As a united legend he is literally burying the club
LOL video lucu
LOL video lucu:
Buy Ruben Neves from Wolverhampton Wanderers, get him and bring him to Old Trafford, one players enough to bring this team at the top.
Sassysushimi 007
Sassysushimi 007:
I really like ole but the results ain’t showing 😫 we really need to sign 2 players or heck even 1 is fine in January window or top 5 is going to be unattainable. Sell the crappy players bring fresh ones in 😭😭😭 pls United no more emotional abuse. Ole u need a Plan B please please please.

P.s imma not watch this match (too much anxiety for my feeble heart)
Bobtalks Series
Bobtalks Series:
For real as Pep said,we just have running players. The running Man utd.
Did we find the right players at the right money or not yet ?? 🙏
Arvind Ram
Arvind Ram:
Ole is rite, there is no one who runs like Jese, just run around 😁
Lingard is back to his best by 0 goals 0 assists lol
Go go go Ole at the wheel ☺️❤️💟
We need attacking midfielder, one real striker and one leader defender
Myah 2020
Myah 2020:
Remember when utd use to call this the mickey mouse cup, now they want to win it oh how the mighty have fallen 😅😂
Ashiq Abraham
Ashiq Abraham:
Watch us loose at old trafford and them win at man city stadium
LOL video lucu
LOL video lucu:
Get Ruben Neves from Wolverhampton Wanderers, if it difficult promote Dylan Levitt to the team. And release Pogba if its not give you time to rest and enjoy your life as a coach of Manchester United. And, talk to your squad team as a father talk to his son, if he not consistensy than speak to him on your room four eye with him, talk as a father to his son, like father always give spirit to his son to be better and better. If you could do it, they will play and be a strong man for his father and make him proud.
Peaceful World
Peaceful World:
trying to stay positive... its tough been a United supporter
Agus Saang
Agus Saang:
He will chose lingard over greenwood lol
John Doe
John Doe:
1 hour until United get the fist
Kheii Gallang
Kheii Gallang:
Rip Ole..Rip MU
Not fair!! the young player play the all competition.
AFNAN Studio
AFNAN Studio:
I hope Jesse Lingardinho is playing. Chances of winning increases by 110% when he's on the pitch.
Texas Steve
Texas Steve:
Always the same type of loaded questions from that guy. At least he stopped faking the struggle it was to spit that crap out.
RETRO Petro:
Sign havertz and can
tanmay chopra
tanmay chopra:
MUFC till I die
"From the fans and.. wider" You mean the media?
Ananth Ram
Ananth Ram:
If running about is what you want why don't we go out and sign Mo Farah
Nurdin Zheng
Nurdin Zheng:
our most talented youngster: Jesse Lingard.
andi achyar yaya
andi achyar yaya:
Ole love lingard 😁😆🤣
Abhinav Loomba
Abhinav Loomba:
SO Basically Jesse is more of a Mascot. Jesse is a bubbly character. exactly what we need in the team at the moment with so many bad performances. A MASCOT
Ethical Electrical Group Ltd
Ethical Electrical Group Ltd:
So Jesse has signed Mino Raiola as his new agent...that either means he’ll leave united or end up staying and getting more money for it!!!
Ev boi :0
Ev boi :0:
Come on Man U ! I think Man U 3-1 Man City ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
James 023
James 023:
It says a lot about he club that our aim is to catch up Man City...
I think over 2 legs with a bit of luck City can be beaten
PAREY Sixtynine
PAREY Sixtynine:
Anybody can RUN... OLE! OH COME ONE
Cia Augustian
Cia Augustian:
MU need new player, Raul n Maddison.
Abdulahi Hassan Kadir
Abdulahi Hassan Kadir:
Demolish united ole on the wheel I can't wait this poor players 0 short on target againist wolves
Satria Kelana
Satria Kelana:
Please sign Bruno Fernandes
Lingard, Martial, Mata, Pereira, Matic, Pogba, Jones, Young = Out ! Get the money for the new squad, squad with the new character (United Character) and mentality (United Mentality). Let's do that's Ole !
Adams Ad
Adams Ad:
let Gomes and Garner play in first team.. no need to stay loyal to certain players..
Rashid Soko
Rashid Soko:
Fond of beating big sides here comes 1
My utd cheat sheet to get away with a close win is to play Romero over Degea, play Williams over Shaw and Mata over Lingard. I dont think we have much of a choice with other positions. Tactic advice is to attack and counter attack otherwise if we make mistake of defending we will be punished brutally. If we can hold to penalties we might pull through against all odds. Come on utd! We need at least one Silverware celebration.
If martial or Pogba was playing like jLingz the media would be onto them put now it jesse u hear nothing