Manager's Press Conference | Manchester United v Sheffield United | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he speaks to the press ahead of Wednesday's return to Old Trafford as the Reds face Sheffield United in the Premier League with both sides eyeing a place in the Top 4 and next season's UEFA Champions League.

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100+ comentarios:

Didik Saputro
Didik Saputro:
Play greenwood as a starter, he has more creativity than james
Dave Brookes
Dave Brookes:
I like how the gaffer protects his players from criticism
Y’all keep talking about DeGea , The man set his standards so hard that every mistake he makes is magnified. The guy been our best player for the past 5 years!
Eminent Mnzavas
Eminent Mnzavas:
Like for Eric Bailly should start
Alex Keenan
Alex Keenan:
The questions were quite bad ngl
Most dead questions ever!
Sean Chilima
Sean Chilima:
I hope pogba and fernandes start tomorrow
William Macedo
William Macedo:
I'm a Brazilian supporter of São Paulo Futebol Clube and I come here to wish Manchester United luck to go to the Champions League ❤️
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Sheffield: No Henderson, no Egan, no O'Connell....United have to get 3 points, Pogba and Bruno to cause a big upset, we can do it
GGMU 🇾🇪🇾🇪

Edit: (to cause a big upset for Sheffield don't get it wrong)
Alano Links
Alano Links:
I hope we make a few solid signings
Shreekant R Nair
Shreekant R Nair:
DDG created a benchmark many years ago for GK's around the world. Now he did a few silly mistake. And all of a sudden he is criticized as a bad GK!
James Wright
James Wright:
Roy Keane
Roy Keane:
I am not De Gea's biggest fan but his stats don't lie, David conceeded 2 goals in the last 7 games and one of which was the defense's fault ( 1 on 1 with bergwijn) so he is still a top goalkeeper imo
Kushal Mulleea
Kushal Mulleea:
British journalists with the dumbest questions ever man! 🤦‍♂️
Aaron Wan Bissaka
Aaron Wan Bissaka:
like if we should sign sancho and jack grealish this summer
Kamran 7
Kamran 7:
Like this if we can get top 4?!
Kritagya Ansh Bhatnagar
Kritagya Ansh Bhatnagar:
Love how well he stood behind David De Gea. This is a good manager. This is someone who can take this squad to Glory.
Lts Chhaks
Lts Chhaks:
Ole never speak ill of his player,i love that about him
Easwara Moorthy
Easwara Moorthy:
The way Ole backs De Gea is just awesome...!!! Full respect ole ❤️
Becoming a journalist must be easy
Bazookating 15
Bazookating 15:
ups and downs, but i have to say i love this guy the most since SAF left. positivity, and protecting your team, honesty and humility as well. Humility is important, according to maupay
Sancho Will come if we get CL
Nikolas K
Nikolas K:
Love how Ole always backs his players, he loves this club🔴🔴 ❤️👊🏽
English media Trying to blame de gea for the goal when maguire was clearly culpable....
jordan curley
jordan curley:
Ole has done a fantastic job really impressed with him
Thomas Colasante
Thomas Colasante:
Ole is the best thing since Sir Alex - knows how to run the club, great transfers and has the backing of the board for a rebuild project instead of a quick fix
Nijas Muhammed
Nijas Muhammed:
Should start Pogba against Sheffield
Hope we could destroy sheffield tommorow☺😊☺
Mohd Nabeel
Mohd Nabeel:
i hope sancho comes in (like if u agree)
Ernie F
Ernie F:
Wish someone would just say is angel staying or leaving
Yasin abdi
Yasin abdi:
Mc Sauce Our future captain
If yo agree hit the bottom 👍🏽
Chahat Modi
Chahat Modi:
It’s ok Ole we’ll be cheering you on from home!!
Daya Singh
Daya Singh:
We have to remember that it’s been 3 months so David was bound to make a mistake
Kailu Orton
Kailu Orton:
mikel Christopher
mikel Christopher:
Ole at the wheel is coming back just watch
srinivasan s
srinivasan s:
My Score Prediction
Manchester United 4 - 0 Sheffield United
martin chihota
martin chihota:
David De Gea has my vote anyday........HE IS THE BEST GOALKEEPER IN THE WORLD!!!!!
Lunasmoke Zim
Lunasmoke Zim:
Well said Gaffer! If your life depended on a goal keeper saving a goal, i would choose David 100% of the time. His skills will decline with age, no doubt. But for now his my number 1!
Ole is on the right way we playd fantastic lately , if we could buy 3-4 players in the right spots we could challenge the best .
Sancho, Ndidi, Jimenez will be perfect this summer... 🔥🔥😍🔥
Mufc Racer
Mufc Racer:
I love de gea but he should be dropped for this game, errors at watford,liverpool,everton home and away and spurs
Matt Quinn
Matt Quinn:
‘He’s conceded 2 goals in 7 games’ yeah and they were both his fault and both cost us two points each
Ibrahim M
Ibrahim M:
We want Jadon Sancho
(Like so that Manchester United know what we want)
Golden boy
Golden boy:
David is the best goalkeeper in the world 🙏❤🙌🔥✌
Aditya Gachkal
Aditya Gachkal:
David is the best we have❤️
I thought I got click baited for a second 😁.
ummu salma
ummu salma:
happy for Scott contract signing
When u guys mock about David de gea's mistakes then just think about class of saves he had that we shouldn't forget..he s d best GK😍😍
Clayton guedes
Clayton guedes:
David De Gea♥️
aburemen akhimien
aburemen akhimien:
What mistake has D Gea made? This is the problem with British journalists always trying to bring players down
Scott shows his quality on the pitch everytime. I'm verry happy to hear the scott's news
Raw Toast
Raw Toast:
"After a disappointing loss to ah *chuckles* Newcastle"
Cmon United, if we want these UCL spots, we gotta keep working hard, hopefully we can keep our undefeated streak going for at least a little while
Keith Reynolds
Keith Reynolds:
Why do you English people always add a “y” on to people’s names to make them sound like 4 year olds? Rashy, Scotty, etc
Mnks SnowZy
Mnks SnowZy:
Even though I’m not a man united fan I really respect where they’ve taken the club in the last few years. Respect
Henry Bukasa
Henry Bukasa:
Need to sign LEON BAILY!!!
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool:
😍 GGMU 💪 OLE ♥️👍
Brian Dylan
Brian Dylan:
start asking real questions , at least talk about the game
Days with Mia
Days with Mia:
My dream club let's go united
mboka khalid
mboka khalid:
Why are there less questions about Maguire's silly mistake of allowing Steven Bergwijn pass as if they were in the same side????? Why too much on Degea??? Maguire should have done better both physically and technically. Goal keepers gain proper confidence after seeing seriousness from defenders.
Wu Fam
Wu Fam:
The boss
Talkin boss stuff 🔴
Mohammed Abeid
Mohammed Abeid:
I would like to see Pogba and Bruno play together on the shiefield match
Nathnael Tesfa
Nathnael Tesfa:
We need atleast 2 worldclass signings to compete next year
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man:
Even if you dont like his recent perfomances (De gea) and its clear for everyone to see, what Ole did as a manager was the right thing to say in public
James semaJ
James semaJ:
Club needed to continue to build around the likes of McTominay
💪💪 mañana tenemos que ganar, saludos desde Argentina ✅
Dan Gough
Dan Gough:
The one reporter at 5:33 saying Spurs were stronger😂no u clown, they’re good at parking the bus.
aden abdihakim
aden abdihakim:
3:43 what an answer
I love how Ole has progressed in the way he speaks to the media. but the interview itself was pretty basic. they didnt even ask about team news/ injury updates etc
Last Rep
Last Rep:
Mctominay has transformed from an academy player to a bit part player to a regular to a starter what a beast he is im delighted for a guy with such a great attitude along with the warrior style he brings ..... so happy hes here long term
There’s only ONE ☝️ UNITED 💪
Camara Negue
Camara Negue:
Start ighalo , Martial on bench!
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco:
Delighted for Scott ❤️👍
Huzaifah Laher
Huzaifah Laher:
de gea is a great keeper and is ouur no1
Love seeing ollie defend de gea still want Henderson next season cash in on de gea
E, Ceesay
E, Ceesay:
Bad question, perfectly answered...
No question about Paul playing alongside Bruno, no new signing asked, fight for top four, etc.
I hope u ask better questions next time...
Rohan Kuril
Rohan Kuril:
3.45min ❤️
Jay Roberts
Jay Roberts:
Play Greenwood, Matic and Pogba.
Webby & O'Neill
Webby & O'Neill:
Here we go, three points please 👊
Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football
Classics Rohan 5555 Top 6 Clubs 5 Limbu FC Football:
Manchester United 5-0 Sheffield United
Rashford ⚽️ Pogba ⚽️ Bruno Fernandes ⚽️ Greenwood ⚽️
Martial ⚽️
3-0 Manchester United!
Must win game....GGMU!!!
Rachid Khamlichi
Rachid Khamlichi:
Imagine if we could always work from home. Wouldn't that be bliss
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Lindelof just isn't smart he always see maguire going and he doesn't drop off to cover him
De Gea needs competition as simple as that
Hope we make some good signings!
Chetan Bangera
Chetan Bangera:
Bring in Sancho nd our team vl b complete
kimoni moses
kimoni moses:
I like what Ole has done in this Big club and how he has restored confidence in our squad.De-gea is still United No 1 and he wasn't at fault for the goal we conceded at Tottenham coz the defence exposed him.
E, Ceesay
E, Ceesay:
Pls upload the press conference as early as possible....
Uchenna Azih
Uchenna Azih:
3 - 0 United
Śââďãq otto
Śââďãq otto:
Ole alwys protect his players thats why I like him
Get behind your team
Sub 4 Sub
Sub 4 Sub:
Start Matic CDM plz...
Yess we cant ignore that paul is a big time player, keeping him at the club would be so great. Even tho, paul's career in 2/3 years from now might not be much greater if he join Real or PSG.
tekkerz kid
tekkerz kid:
My prediction : Manchester United vs Sheffield United 2-0
Ssultan Buay Andrew
Ssultan Buay Andrew:
We need more new players this season
Ton Tanakrit
Ton Tanakrit:
Recall Our Goal Keeper
before kick off 😊
Omi Wan
Omi Wan:
My membership just renewed...I cant wait to go back to OT...
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury:
Manchester united 🔴⚪⚫👊
Chitsanzo Changa
Chitsanzo Changa:
I hope he starts Pogba, Greenwood, Matic & Ighalo from the line-up from the Spurs game!
Aidan Hills
Aidan Hills:
2-0 United.