Manager's Press Conference | Manchester United v Brighton & Hove Albion | Ralf Rangnick

Hear from Ralf Rangnick ahead of Tuesday's Premier League clash with Brighton & Hove Albion at Old Trafford.

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100+ comentarios:

Matthew Black
Matthew Black:
We see the work you've done Ralf, we continue to support you regardless of media pressure and underperforming players. Let's go! We can make top 4.
Adam Moore
Adam Moore:
Ralf is asking more of these players in everyway.. it's now up to the players to work everyday to improve their understanding of these new asks ..m Rome wasn't built in a day.. passion and talent will only get you so far .. Ralf is trying to create a team and structure I'm fully behind him
Jamil Isimbabi
Jamil Isimbabi:
“Finishing fourth is what Manchester United needs to want” - Brilliant from Ralf here. This man clearly understands the situation, is realistic and it’s surprising people blame the guy. We actually haven’t had a better coach since Fergie. We just have a group of over rated players.
Anirban Samanta
Anirban Samanta:
I don't know what the issue is with United anymore, but Ralf seems, sounds and acts like the manager I want at my club.
Dada Julius
Dada Julius:
Rangnick has done well considering the toxic environment he met on ground. Fans should remember that he doesn't quite seem to have the exact kind of players he wants in some certain positions in the present United squad. It's very obvious that United needs a Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM) and a young striker to start with. Infact, it would be fantastic if United brings in two quality CDMs and a Striker. Unconfirmed reports say that Ten Hag is favoured to be the next permanent Manager. Rangnick favours him too including the Board. I hope United is turned around to challenge for the Title next Season. It's gone so bad that 4th position is presently United's target! 🤔
- [S O F F Y]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [S O F F Y]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW:
Without Ralph, this team would be in shambles. Give some credit to my man for speaking, and acting pure class.
Saidi Rachid
Saidi Rachid:
I think our team will regain its strength, in tomorrow's match, and return to the path of victories Let's go Man.United💪😍❤
This man knows everything. He deserves to be the head coach even in the next season. We all support you Ralph in every way possible. I firmly believe the way we fans support Ralph, if players starts supporting and following his tactics, Man United will be back on track.
denzel mosore
denzel mosore:
I would love to give Ralf a transfer and a full season. I believe he's making significant changes in our tactical play bar the goals which i feel will come with time. I would love to see him bring in his kind of players after identifying our weaknesses. I would give him the Job
Tasie C. Benjamin
Tasie C. Benjamin:
With Ole, it was a very lazy start with a huge come back.
With Ralf, it's a very terrific start & possibly a goal which is later lost.
I await when the players under Ralf can play terrific in both halves (first & second).
I trust the work Ralf is doing.
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
This man is working tirelessly to get these lazy players back to winning ways 😌 impressive to watch.
United have lost 13 points from winning positions this season. City have lost no points from winning positions.

13 more points, even with the hammerings by Watford (4-1), Leicester (4-2), Liverpool (0-5) and City (0-2), would put United on 53 points, 1 point behind Liverpool and in a very strong position for a top 4 finish.
I can feel another draw coming tomorrow
Edit: my comment aged well
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
I blame the Greek authorities for Maguire still playing for us. Chelsea replaced 80mil Kepa with a 20 mil player,the same has to be done.
Joe Shmo
Joe Shmo:
Without Ralph, this team would be in shambles. Give some credit to my man for speaking, and acting pure class.
D A N:
100% confidence in Rangnick
0% confidence in the rest of the club
Probably another draw or even a loss tomorrow
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
I like how honest and direct Rangnick is. You would never hear Solskjaer or Mourinho say these kinds of things.
Scoflied Francis
Scoflied Francis:
Ralf ragnick should be offered the job...he knows our problems and with experience he can help us develop and win trophies 🏆...He really knows what is doing
Faris Chaoubi
Faris Chaoubi:
I have faith in Ralf
vankatsinvestments Limited
vankatsinvestments Limited:
He is the most sincere coach manutd has so got since sir Alex.Thank you Ralf
Hope Ehigiator
Hope Ehigiator:
Ralf rangnick is going to make this club great again, starting from next season, I love how he said he already knows what the club needs to do to compete at the highest level and he also said the decisions at the end of this season has to be carefully taken to make the best decisions, I'm very sure that he truly already knows what we have to do to close the gap on man city and liverpool
Deepak Gautam
Deepak Gautam:
Just keep this man for 2-3 seasons as a manager, he will take Manchester United to new heights
Sabin Shrestha
Sabin Shrestha:
He said united “Needs to want” 4th place. That’s exactly what these players need to learn now.
Paul OConnor
Paul OConnor:
In Ralf we trust!!!
Agaba Tyson
Agaba Tyson:
The board is blocking the decisions of the coach and they don't allow him to express him self
Sa'ad Lahri
Sa'ad Lahri:
I really think that we need to be patient with Ralf and the team. He is busy with a renewal process and this will take time. If your strategy is going to be successful you need to have a robust process that is sustainable and I think this is what he is aiming to achieve. The road is rocky at present and full of potholes. Let us give him the opportunity and time to navigate this path.
In Ralf we believe💪
TaraiasiQaranivalu Koli
TaraiasiQaranivalu Koli:
Ralf is trying his best. We must understand that ever since he took over from Ole, we have not conceded that many goals subsequently we have reduced our losses.
I believe it's the players that needs to step up.
Is anyone else really shocked that this team didn't already have a sports psychologist on board? I thought this was standard practice for all the top teams
Bench Maguire and Rashford, we can’t win anything with those two
Christ Saputra
Christ Saputra:
Just do what you have to do, Ralf. It's always a tough job as Manchester United's manager since Sir Alex. Whatever the results, this season is already over for United. Everything has to be fixed next season.
Miss-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
Miss-- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW:
I think our team will regain its strength, in tomorrow's match, and return to the path of victories Let's go Man.United
«Right now this is exactly what Manchester United needs to want, to finish 4th in league»

A man lost in the desert must take such water as he is offered, no matter who it comes from.
Alcohol Disque
Alcohol Disque:
I like looking at Ralf's face, full of humor, positivity, wisdom and concentration. I have always told people Ralf's presence in this volatile situation was timely, however reckless guys take him for granted for errors committed by players, which is obviously the prob ever since.
Kabutha Gwiji
Kabutha Gwiji:
You can hear the tremble in Ralf's voice,he's under immense preasure from board being told what to do and probably what to say and not say😢
Sid Gautam
Sid Gautam:
6:40 Gary Cotterill hitting the nail right on the head. We need more questions like these demanding answers from the club as to why we haven't, forget winning the league, haven't even been in a consistent title charge and why is a club like Manchester United, who's name has been built on trophies haven't won a single major trophy since the Europa League in 2017.
Splendiferous Finch
Splendiferous Finch:
Simon Stone in every press conference “Hi Ralf I hope you’re okay”
Just Jason
Just Jason:
Can´t wait for another draw after being 1-0 up and for more "world-class perfromances" from Maguire, McTominay and Rashford!
The early goals conceded in the second half keeps on happening and we cant let that happen. Its out defence that is poor we just need to practice with our defence more and try to keep our pace up, and keep in one zone of the game and not running all around the pitch.
Serious Business
Serious Business:
He’s not running a bad race for a man given a car with a missing steering wheel, old brakes, faulty electronics and a shambolic pit crew. Especially considering the last driver totalled it.
joe wesley
joe wesley:
That guy who said is it time to stop blaming the managers 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
dee Nash254
dee Nash254:
The club needs serious standards to get back in any of the competitions and that has to be REALLY demanded!
george ndungu
george ndungu:
Ralf knows what he is doing I hope he stays longer
Avash Sewram
Avash Sewram:
I cannot imagine the fans having to witness another draw at Ol Trafford tomorrow, our home form is abysmal - it’s has to start with THREE points tomorrow!!!
evans boateng
evans boateng:
Sporting director and a coach
Joe Brindley
Joe Brindley:
It will be a rough year but I see this team under Ralf, start to get it together in the spring. It may be too late for the top four finish but at least next season they won't have so many matches to prepare for and learn to work as a team.
Cyrus Virus
Cyrus Virus:
What ever work you did, thank you Ralf. And we need to WIN! Full force squad. Cavani, Rashford and bench Maguire. That will help!
What hurts everyone is how we lost 4 sure points in last two games.
And how the holy hell every player disappears after starting second half.
Casluck Shazy
Casluck Shazy:
I like Ralf... Not as a manager yes since I want ten Hag but as part of Manchester united we need to elevate the ambitions and efforts of this club n he's the right man at this point to add to the puzzle
akeem gotze
akeem gotze:
i have complete faith in Ralph, the board should let Ralph take in charge of everything
Simthembile Mpabanga
Simthembile Mpabanga:
In RR we believe. Make this guy the permanent manager so he can sort out these players...can't be asking to much from MAN UNITED. Player should be giving everything.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
Hate to admit it but Brighton is surely gonna take points from us.
Jones >> Maguire this season so start him and win the match not a Man U fan but I watch all ur game’s I mean pl is addictive! Rm vs psg we’re winning 💙🤍
“We gave away those goals easily”

then goes ahead and play MAGUIRE tomorrow 🤦🏾‍♂️
Ralf is doing everything possible he needs the support of the players and the board
Territorial Hissings
Territorial Hissings:
Great questions today! Keep it up, press people! 👏
Millicent Jepkurui
Millicent Jepkurui:
A draw will be a miracle
Even I'm frustrated as a united fan rn but let's be patient and hope for the improvement guys. Patience is key 👍
Just hope to see Maguire and rashford on the bench tomorrow for a better team shape, Telles should also start.
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam:
Ralf is asking more of these players in everyway.. it's now up to the players to work everyday to improve their understanding of these new asks ..m Rome wasn't built in a day.. passion and talent will only get you so far .. Ralf is trying to create a team and structure I'm fully behind him
Max Romeo
Max Romeo:
Man United is stressing my life 🥺🥺🥺😔😔
Alastair Peat
Alastair Peat:
I respect Ralf Rangnick 🔴
1-1 written all over it but MU will win if he lets lingard in 46-65 minute in second half
Aryand Karimi
Aryand Karimi:
How have we gone from a title race in August to fighting for 4th embarrassing Glazers out Board out 🔰🔰
Top 6 would be an achievement. There is an inflated expectation of a pretty average squad. Looking at the top 4 how many of our players would realistically start in their sides? 3/4?

If United don’t act and fix their glaring major issues in the summer (central midfield and central defence) then top 8 will be the battle against an ever improving Aston Villa, wolves and potentially even Newcastle.

Love Ralph and his honesty.
Christian Ozorio
Christian Ozorio:
I really respect Ralf and his words but he is wrong about these players looking to win something
Look how Diaz has adapted to liverpool team. The selection need to be perfect. You don't always need to go behind mbappes and haalands to win the league
Ames Adamson
Ames Adamson:
Drop Maguire for Lindelof 🙏🏻
Esteban Olives
Esteban Olives:
I think our team is going to begin with victories
rao hannan
rao hannan:
Give this man full power. No iffs and butss. If he doesn't have the power then he should resign rather then being sacked and humiliated.
Bunker Mainan
Bunker Mainan:
And why NO Journalist dare to ask about Maguire's BAD performance ?
Best In Town BIT
Best In Town BIT:
Even a genius is only human afterall
NotSoAvErAgE SaVaGe
NotSoAvErAgE SaVaGe:
Some very poor questions and once again very smart and educated answers I really hope he gets the Utd job and brings his style of play with the power and money to do what he wants hopefully we can get top four and make some progress in the champions league
We can never blame ralf for anything
Dániel Dobos
Dániel Dobos:
How can any united fan not have faith in this man? Let's get footballing people on the board instead of the businessmen, and we'll actually see improvements. Not until then
Rozel Networth
Rozel Networth:
Imagine tomorrow my birthday ending with words like probably not the result we wanted 💔 Anyway happy i will be turning 25
Thembelihle Sigweje
Thembelihle Sigweje:
“Kill the game off” says a lot about this guy🙂
Zinedine Satira
Zinedine Satira:
If we don't beat Brighton then there is real problems
Pratik Hora
Pratik Hora:
This man has depth of his trade
Ian Mathenge
Ian Mathenge:
Maguire out bailly in RR your defence mechanism and attacking is poor......selfishness is in all our forward /strikers tell them to stop this it's costing us team work pays who scores doesn't matter ....the all team win.
naocha sj
naocha sj:
No matter what the result r..i will support this manager....we know manager is not the problem here.... players they need to hold responsible for everything that is happening on n off the pitch
Lumkuparlang Kharshiing
Lumkuparlang Kharshiing:
But still I choose to ❤️ MANCHESTER UNITED 🔥
Nitlavi Psauluins
Nitlavi Psauluins:
A new foundation needs time, it's always a process.
Give him the job. Trust the process
V S:
Your mistake that allowed the teams to score is that we're way to unbalanced in midfield. When we attack, both mctominay and pogba were going upfront, no one to be near the strikers before they go for the last line of our defense. With fred, we can add him to the team and take out one striker : 4-3-3 or 5-3-2. They dont even play together upfront so no need to have 5 of them on the pitch
Flashcam Journey
Flashcam Journey:
Trusting Ralf the way Manchester United playing, amazing tactical transformation,,, Just need to improve on finishing.. all set then
Edgar Arreola
Edgar Arreola:
Ralf is at the wheel ! Only speaks facts no beating around the bush !
cwenga civils16
cwenga civils16:
I will take Ralf seriously the day he decides to bench Maguire and Rashford.
Don’t know what’s going on in squad,but seems that they’re not ready mentally. There’s no connection between the players on a pitch. Rangnick says that our goal is finishing the season in top 4,but that’s not a Manchester United we used to see. Remember those days when SAF won matches with midfielders at a position of strikers
Peter Jones
Peter Jones:
It's a sad situation when manchester uniteds season goal is to reach 4th place in the Premier league
Dharamwanti Sharma
Dharamwanti Sharma:
Maguire takes two days to turn😒. Maupay impatiently waiting for the face-off with him. GGMU🤞
Denish Wahengbam
Denish Wahengbam:
i cant wait for this man to be the sporting director, and clash with the owners.
Jennifer Somto
Jennifer Somto:
There’s hope 😊❤️
Li Qun
Li Qun:
Great coach
But players don’t answer to his demands
This is the true
I'm backing Ralf.
Wesley Rino
Wesley Rino:
We need lindelof and varane no fridge
Linn BoBo
Linn BoBo:
I get lost believing on you gradually Ralf
Amiin Abdulaahi
Amiin Abdulaahi:
If our target is number 4 in the premier leauge its difficult to reach unless you win the majority of the rest games.
lyes haouam
lyes haouam:
I want the players to play as a team and have more possession of the ball
Megan Cundy
Megan Cundy:
Ralph for permanent manager 💯